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Lazy Weekend ~ Mourning in America?

Posted on: January 21, 2017


Good (?) weekend Widdershins

What happened yesterday (and I’m writing ahead of time on Wed.) is a travesty and I believe portends a

USA flag button with black ribbon vector

future for our country that may shake it to its roots and possibly put an end to the American “experiment”.  America has elected, and now inaugurated: a liar, a deadbeat who doesn’t pay his bills, a charlatan, a sexist of the first order, and possibly a traitor to the nation.  Further, the electorate has chosen to give him control of the legislative branch and with that will also give him the opportunity to turn the Supreme Court decidedly to the right.

Friends, dark times are indeed ahead of us.  The House and Senate could not wait a even a minute to start the flag-black-mourning-ribbonrepeal and unwinding of Obamacare.  Nevermind that this could truly be a death knell for individuals (like moi!) who have depended on the exchange to get health insurance.  tRump and the Repubtards on the Hill have no concern for those of us in that situation.  Further, once Obamacare is completely done away with, our congress critter will be able to once again get their health insurance through the Federal Employees plans.  So ask them how much they’ll care if you or I have to get health insurance through a high risk pool.

So this weekend I have no happy, sad, regretful, vengeful or any other types of songs or movies.  Instead I’ve got some amusing things I’ve seen across the internet that might give you a little chuckle or two.  And I’ll dedicate these to the Frederick County MD social media coordinator who got fired for correcting a student’s misspellings in a tweet.


sign-language2-excellence1. Yeah, that must be from Frederick County

sign-lang-pirrows2. Do I detect a little anti-Asian blowback here?

sf-sign-spelling-important3.  I occasionally go cray-cray with the apostrophes too!

spelling-important34.  And therein lies the reason someone may not have gotten into Cal.

spelling-important25.  And that is probably why they invented Febreze with Gain scent.

sign-lang-16. Frederick County at work again.

sign-lang-tongue7.  Nope, nope ain’t going to this place.

sign-lang-grapeless_grape8.  Not sure I understand the point of grapeless grapes.

sign-lang-entrance9.  Does this somehow involve the new administration?

sign-lang-porn10.  Yeah, this one does involve the new administration.


Widdershins, that’s all I have this weekend.  Add your thoughts below if you wish.  Naturally it’s an open thread.


152 Responses to "Lazy Weekend ~ Mourning in America?"

SHINNERS!!! So here’s what I dedicate to all these po’white folk who felt they needed for this Soviet asset. OK, I chose an artist who changed his skin color, but it was vitiligo, not lack of black pride:

The women’s march has been so inspiring to me. So many women all over the world showing solidarity with their American sisters and sticking it to Trump.

The march was incredible! At least 500,000 people.

Tons of Hillary gear. Lots of young women and lots of men. It was very inspiring.

MB so happy you were able to go! All of the mini-marches looked amazing also, so many cities in USA, and all over Europe and even Australia & NZ!

Fredster, enjoyed your funny sign pix. LOL!

Excellent finds Fredster. Still laughing about the colon on the sheets.

I went back all the way through my twitter feed looking for a tweet from Betsy DeVos. I found it through google and it had been deleted. Anyway, she said something like, “I am proud to witness this historical Inauguration, blah, blah, blah.”

A school teacher tweeted back correcting it with the historical being turned into historic and Inauguration not being capitalized. The school teacher said, “I thank my public school teachers for teaching me the difference.”

@1, SM, great to hear from you! Glad everything is going great for you and the genius progeny daughter. Steal a minute every so often and brighten our lives up around here — you shine a brilliant light for everyone wherever you go.

@3 & 4, MB, so proud of you! The media are saying at least 500,000 and that it is so large the organizers decided there were too many people to actually march to the orange-hued White House. Be safe and have fun!

This seems like it might be the theme song for the next 4 years — Schadenfreude

Just came in from the NYC march. It was yuuuuuuge! I don’t think the authorities anticipated the crowds because it turned into peaceful mayhem. By mayhem I mean people just spilled out of the sidelines trying to join the march. So many people it turned into a standing rally. So the cops started feeding people from 2nd Ave via any street (so all the midtown streets) to 5th Ave, which was the official route. There were thousands of spill-over people before the march even started, all traffic on the East side completely stopped by people walking. We got to 5th Ave and joined the main route – with the official start of the march (Mayor’s office and a Native American drumming band) actually behind us. The crowd ahead was so large that it again turned into a standing rally. I’ll have more, including photos of some of my favorite signs I could capture, in my post on Wed. I heard one cop on his cell phone saying to someone: “It’s crazier up here than own there.” No interference form the police at all, they just let people shut down the city. Kind of amazing.

Chuck Schumer did a walk-by. I saw Representative Jerry Nadler did as well. Chirlayne McCray, wife of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, was leading the March with the Office of NYC Mayor banner.

Anyway, it was amazing. I’d say close to 50% was men, many HRC signs.

Thank you Prolix, we love all of you and eff these insecure azzes. Like, can these scared, little-fingered white people be more Dolly Parton instead of Robert E Lee? Like, really? We are all in this together, and these white people, and some of these white women, now don’t get it.

This is just one Ave and covering a few blocks. Imagine 5 or more avenues of this, covering about 10 blocks each.

Thanks to everyone for their comments and especially to mb and dyb for their updates about the DC and NYC marches.

{{{SM}}} !!! Glad you came by!

One of my beautiful cousins works for Planned Parenthood in NYC in the Bronx, and she was in DC with all her crew. She reports that it was an awesome parade and protest 🙂 , we have to keep it going. Here’s a song for my prima and all people of the planet EARTH:

I was able to see some video of the marches on CNN. Just going over to MSNBC now and they have some videos from NYC and tape from LA earlier.

Here are some aerial shots from around the country:

Interesting here. Apparently the man has never had an original thought in his life. Oh and Mrs. Veep: those spaghetti straps aren’t doing a thing for ya.


@18, and here’s the kicker. The Inaugural Committee actually brought in a picture of Duff’s cake and said, “Copy it.”

The Philly bakery said, “Okay.” They donated all the proceeds to the Human Rights Campaign.

Here’s the best part — just like the Trumpanzee himself, the cake is fake. Fake cake, fake cake, fake cake. It is Styrofoam except for a little 3 inch piece they cut.

Can you get more emblematic for Trump and what he represents? A fake cake for a real flake.

I’m off to the march in San Francisco…rainy, cold and will be dark soon.

And yes, I am wearing Hillary gear, with a sign.

@20 & 21: Be safe!!

@19: I saw the article after I saw a piece about the original baker and his tweet.

Just so, so typical of tRump. And I do love the way the they donated the proceeds to Human Rights Campaign Fund. I hope they bilked him totally.

I have no idea why I’ve been unable to copy/paste excerpts from articles lately. I don’t know if it’s my computer or the source. Anyway, this is about David Brock’s network plan to raise $40 million for legal fights against Trump and oppo research for upcoming elections.

@24: GAgal, did you try to reload the page you wanted to copy from?

@25 Looks like it will work with this BBC article. Protests around the world.

Organisers of a London rally said between 80,000 and 100,000 people had taken part there. Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol were among the other UK cities holding protests.

Anti-Trump marches took place earlier in Australia, New Zealand and in several Asian cities.

Several thousand women and men joined a rally in central Sydney, with a similar number in Melbourne.

Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Geneva, Budapest, Prague and Berlin were among the European cities that took part.

In Paris, protester Francoise Seme Wallon said Mr Trump was “a nasty guy and he’s dangerous for the whole world”.

We had sun instead of the predicted rain! March filled entire 3.5 miles of route when underway 😀 I wrote a longer writeup over at SkyDancing which I’m too tired to add here too. Hope the x-post is OK.

Pay no attention to the few seconds of Michael Moore.

forgot about the 2 links — I’m awaiting moderation, and I know you mods have other stuff to do besides checking comments every minute! 😀

Oooof, I feel tired. Walked probably an extra 2-3 miles to and from the march. Not very far, but city pavement is much harder on the feet than are hiking trails.

GAgal, that is splendid!

So many wonderful pics of Women’sMarch! Stronger Together.

Atlanta PD estimates 60,000 at the protest today. (may be an auto play video)

Madonna gave a speech at the DC march and said “fuck.” Trumpists are losing their minds over it! But “grab them by the pussy” makes them swoon.

Historic march! I wish I had participated, but had fun taking my daughter to get enrolled at my alma mater. Oklahoma apparantly had about 14,000 marchers between OKC & Tulsa. I saw a twitter from an Arkansan who wanted the workd to know not all of them are red-necks. They had about 7k in Little Rock.

@38, LOL!

Brietbart editor’s fans reveal their true, ugly selves:

The ticket-holding crowd appeared mostly male and occasionally traded barbs with protesters, saying things like “Get a job” and “Get back in the kitchen.” … Yiannopoulos eventually put on his presentation, finishing up around 9:15 p.m., but the half-full crowd that watched him was asked to remain inside while the protesters outside were given a chance to disperse. ….

“Hate speech is just a silly myth,” he [fan] said of Yiannopoulos’s offensive statements. “Even if a view is hateful, it should still be allowed.”

Senior Truman Plaisted agreed. “I like that he’s offensive for the sake of being offensive,” Plaisted said, also wearing a Make America Great Again cap, as well as a “Token’s Lives Matter” T-shirt. Plaisted does not particularly like Trump but is a fan of Yiannopoulos. He said he liked that Yiannopoulos was less about politics and more about outrageous style. “He’s hilarious,” he said.

Our Governor marched too!

@27, Luna, you are free from the jaws of Spammy. What a wonderful experience you had today! Thanks for marching for me when I couldn’t.

@39, congratulations contrask on the matriculating spawn. It makes me happy when our young’uns are off to great things. Tell her we are proud of her.

@38, DYB, LOL, that is great. Did you actually see him fighting with that poncho — to think that man also had the nuclear codes.

I just got back from the San Francisco march. It was massive, for SF. One of the most peaceful marches I’ve been to in a long time. About 2/3rds were women and girls, the other third were all supportive men and boys.

It frickin’ rained the entire time and most of the march was after sundown with just the big street lights shining. It was kind, wild and wonderful.

Congrats, contrask!

And thank you, Prolix.

Women’s march in San Francisco before the march had started. I got there just as the sun went down and it went on for hours.


My comment at 50 is in moderation, can someone please release it????

Shadowfax, glad you had a safe and kind march! Sounds like you had a good time in spite of the rain.

@46> Prolix, yes, hard to believe. Seems like such an innocent time, doesn’t it! Even cooky Cheney doesn’t seem so bad by comparison! SAD!

Thanks for the congrats – is this for the impending financial crisis we are now in with 2 in college, lol? We have the best debt, marvelous debt. No one gets in debt like we do..
Shadowfax – your march sounds fantastic – even with rain. Luna, glad you got out there. I do wish I had gotten to march – everyone seems to feel so mentally energized today. Hope we’re ready to take the rethugs on!

Shadowfax, you’re out!

The March sounds wonderful! The weather in NYC was excellent, not too cold. And the March was so much bigger than the city anticipated. And there were zero arrests made, so everything went as smooth as butter.

@50, Shadow, what a wonderful day in spite of the rain! Thanks for sloshing through for us. You know your comment about how peaceful it was has been echoed by everyone from other cities, including D.C. and NYC. Since Breitbart and Fox have become Russian TV, before we know it, the marches will have been Mad Max marching toward Thunderdome.

Thanks for pulling my comment out of the dumper DYB! Same situation in SF, no cops that I saw and it was massive. Took public transportation and it was packed and kept sitting on the tracks while they dealt with the crowds unloading the cars. Uplifting for sure. Glad you had a wonderful time in NY too.

Thanks Contrask and Prolix.

Thanks NW Luna, sounds like you had a great time and good weather in your march too.

Living on the best coast is a blessing with Rump so far away.

@61> I guess all the other women were marching?

In NYC they were expecting 100,000 marchers. Over 400,000 came out. In NYC alone.

Very peaceful, yes, and the cops standing at the intersections to keep the cars blocked off even got thank-yous said to them by many people.

Oh, there was a small family on the side, with posters of non-anatomically correct fetuses, with a male screaming about how our promiscuous lifestyles made gawd hate us. We started laughing at him, then broke into a “God Is Love!” and “Love Thy Neightbor!” chant.

Oh my. Estimates for my town’s turnout, low to high: 120,000 – 175,000!

@63> I saw one old guy holding up a Russian flag that said “Russian Lives Matter” on it. He kept whistling. But people drowned him out with “Ho Ho Ho Trump and Putin have to go!”

64 NW Luna

Thanks, your link has the totals for each city. Hooray!!!

Thanks for #16, 54, 61- just great

This morning on MTP, Khaleesi Conway said, “We were offering ‘alternative facts’.” Oh yeah, it makes sense now.

Alt-right = Alt-facts like, Trump’s hands are large and beautiful, Pee doesn’t turn skin orange, Conway has a beating heart.

I understand now.

btw, Fredster, love the title of this post! Perfect snark!

@68> I’m reading that at least Chucky Todd responded “alternative facts are falsehoods.” (why won’t they use the word lies?)

One of the alternative facts they are now providing are claims that photos of Drumpf’s inauguration were taken early in the morning, that’s why the Mall is empty. In fact, they were taken right before the ceremony, so the times are the same for both pics. But ALTERNATIVE FACTS are now a thing.

Here’s an alternative fact for you. Vlad looks lovely in blue.

We could’ve avoided President Donald Trump. Now, we must learn the lessons

….I turned off the radio after Obama said, in his final speech: “In 10 days, the world will witness a hallmark of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected president to the next.” I yearned for a leader who would say something like: “Hey, there was foreign intervention in this election, along with voter disenfranchisement, so maybe it wasn’t free and fair. If there was collusion on Trump’s part, that’s treason, so we’re putting it all on hold and asking the supreme court what they think about all these unprecedented problems.” Obama’s statesmanly grace was, in fact, needless acquiescence.

So many awesome comments! I’m so proud of all of us. @73, that is exactly how I feel.

I am glad Hillary went to the inauguration. It was her way of saying that he didn’t defeat her, she wasn’t going to stay home and cry like most of us would. She was there to look him in the eye and say, I am still here, you orange turdball!!

@68 & 70:


@69: I thought the takeoff on Raygun’s statement would be perfect. After I had written and scheduled the post I saw it used elsewhere so someone else was thinking along my lines. LOL

This is going to drive tRump absolutely crazy. He’ll come up with some “alternative facts” to counter this.

@70, the WSJ started the “embargo on lies” — they said that using “lies” connoted a motivation that has not been proven.

The news agencies now are caught between a rock and a hard place. The Trumpanzees can lie all they want and “neener, neener, neener” if they are called liars, the automatic response, “You are not a responsible news agency like the WSJ.” Of course, what they won’t say, “You are not one of Rupert Murdoch’s toadies.”

So “falsehoods” have become the new Bush “evil doers.”

Tomorrow’s press briefing will be a regular Battle of Hastings — who will get the upper hand in the conquest of the truth.

Dayum! Even the coach of the San Antonio Spurs isn’t happy with tRump.

Somewhere in the tweets I read this morning (from the few good journalists still out there) was one report that Trump whined “why didn’t they vote? — didn’t we just have an election?” about the marchers. Yeah, you tumeric-skinned imbecile, we did, and you lost the popular vote. These are the people who outnumbered your voters.

Let me know if I’m overwhelming you with Seattle stuff. Article also has short video, with woman w/Hillary sign quote (and attribution!) at 2:16.

@84: What a righteous rant that guy had!

@75> She is a master manipulator. Take any scenario, any at all, and turn it against the other person. It’s stunning. It ends with her bashing Todd for “laughing at her” and saying she will gracious ignore it. OMG. She is evil.

@85: Thanks Comey.

That should be new phrase to replace “Thanks Obama”.

Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton Jan 21
Thanks for standing, speaking & marching for our values @womensmarch. Important as ever. I truly believe we’re always Stronger Together.

@75, cruella is not looking well. Did someone destroy her hidden portrait?

@ 84

This is spot on!

@92: Oh that should be retweeted…a lot.

Some info on the march/protest held in nola.

“Traditional media outlets exhibited the same value-free mentality, pumping out Trump stories and airing his rallies because they got hits and high ratings. At some point over the summer, it struck me that the greater part of the media wanted Trump to be elected, consciously or unconsciously. He would be more “interesting” than Hillary Clinton; he would “pop.” That suspicion was confirmed the other day, when a CNN executive, boasting of his network’s billion-dollar profit in 2016, spoke of “a general fascination that wouldn’t be the same as under a Clinton Administration.” Of the clouds and shadows that hung over Clinton in the press, the darkest, perhaps, was the prospect of boredom.”

@97, that has always been my opinion of the press. They knew there was nothing, not a thing that had not been investigated — numerous times — Trump was fresh meat. An endless, bottomless pit of scandals. Pulitzers to be had. Hillary’s competence wouldn’t sell as well. Now they have a constant source of controversy. Country be damned.

@91, that is awesome! I agree with it 100%.

Once again, CNN is dishonest in it’s reporting…

Doesn’t give credit for the march outside of DC as being the ‘Women’s March’, and doesn’t credit all of us that particated as having 2.5 or 3+ million US marchers as other more reliable sites.

These are the same reporters that kept saying, “No one likes Hillary”, during the election.

F them!


More than 1 million marched against Trump in US — and that’s without counting DC

More than 1 million marched against Trump in US — and that’s without counting DC

This made me LOL

@102: Hahahahahaaaa!

@92, I suspect Comey’s job now is stalling. Heckuva job there.

@96, kewl

@106, that’s great! I love how the Russian woman puts on a pussyhat in the background.

What an amazing thread, enjoyed all of the comments, pix, and videos. What an amazing event yesterday, and all over the world no less. I see that Los Angeles’ march was also massive. I so wanted to go, but we went to our friends funeral instead. I think there will be many more protests for us to attend. We are home from the NAMM Show, unpacked already, but still waiting for the house to warm up, it is freezing. btw, the NAMM Show was supposedly very light on attendance on Saturday. Usually it is jam packed with people on Saturday. The weather may have had something to do with it (pouring down rain Friday and today), but I bet a lot of people went to the march instead.

@108: Hope y’all had a good time at the NAMM show annie.

@108, annie, there will be more marches. A helluva lot more. With even more barbed, righteous signs!

Agree with Annie above about this amazing thread! I’ve been down with a cold since Friday and haven’t felt like scouring the internet for the latest, so I came here – where you all have done it for me! Thanks!

@111: GAgal, did you have any bad weather in your part of the state?

@112 The thunderstorms have come through at night. But the rain is so hard, it’s “deafening” at times.

Interesting point (NY Senators attended the marches; Schumer was in NY and Gullibrand was in DC.)

DYB, which candidates?

Well, the Granny Starver got a little chubby tonight. It looks like the Trumpanzee is going to propose block granting Medicaid.

Ryan and McConnell will cover up Trump’s treason as long as the old fool can sign his name. Their dream of dismantling the New Deal is within sight.

Thanks Comey.

@100, LOL!

@117, Ryan & McConnell cover up Trumps treason, can’t they be taken down with him?

“Their dream of dismantling the New Deal is within sight.” This is so true, and it frankly paralyzes me with fear.

@119, Amen! I want lawsuits for everything! We need an army of liberal lawyers, they can be our new heroes.

From the link at 117:

The GOP health-care plan is the teenage nerd’s mythical girlfriend who lives in Canada — the one nobody has ever seen.

@113, GAgal, I know what you mean. I was just getting ready to go to the market and all of a sudden, the rain is pounding down. I remember many years in my life when we had lots of rain here, but we haven’t had it like this for some years, due to the drought. Supposed to have thunderstorms tomorrow.

OMG, Secret Service is investigating Madonna’s comments at the DC March. This is money well spent.

@DYB, link?

This is for you Fredster, to fit with the theme 😹


Shoot! It won’t put that picture in contrast. If you don’t mind I may try to play with that to get it to display.

This makes me feel so much better — he won’t start a nuclear holocaust until the commercial break:

One person who frequently talks to Trump said aides have to push back privately against his worst impulses in the White House, like the news conference idea, and have to control information that may infuriate him. He gets bored and likes to watch TV, this person said, so it is important to minimize that.

Like your new gravatar contrask.

@133: Sorta goes back to that short attention span people have talked about.

I suspect it’s one of those “alternative facts”:

A spokesperson for the Secret Service has allegedly said …
The conservative blog Gateway Pundit claimed that it contacted a spokesperson for the Secret Service …

@130, I applaud your avatar!

@136: Yeah I think we’re going to have a lot of those alternative facts in the next 4 (only 4 puhleze!) years.

Well I’m seeing the image in contrask’s embedded tweet so I’ll take my comment down. I couldn’t see the image before but it looks like it’s okay now.

LOL! Everyone is getting into the act on the attendance thing.

From the Politico article:

“One thing we know about Donald Trump is he generally does not use prepared notes. He does digress from time to time. It makes it a little more folksy. I love it, and many of his supporters do,” said Rep. Chris Collins, a New York Republican.

Good! Let him be folksy and digress for you and not the rest of the country.

Oh I’m sorry but this bitch is something else.

“We really would prefer the intelligence community that’s going out the door to be much more respectful toward the president and his vision in moving forward,” Conway said in an interview Sunday on ABC News’ “This Week,” calling Brennan’s remarks “spectacularly disappointing.”

@141, I know, I hate her. Wish her and dump would run away together and end up on a real jurassic island.

@139, I saw that earlier! Good one!

@132, Just finished reading your link. Puts me back in my brainless mode of “how did this happen?” And now they’re going after Madonna?

@143: Let’s say allegedly going after Madonna.

Lawyers are going after trump:

“The case, reported earlier by The New York Times, is part of a wave of litigation expected to be filed against Trump by liberal advocacy groups. It will be filed in a Manhattan federal court, Gupta said, and plaintiffs will include Richard Painter, a former ethics lawyer in Republican President George W. Bush’s White House.”

I’m glad you all like the new gravatar 🤡 Maybe you can add this widget to the site so this English major doesn’t have to do the math everday?

Or, maybe the Yam will get an analcyst and leave office early, who knows

If any of us doubted what we are seeing about the Yam and his thugs:

You know I live in conservative Oklahoma. I didn’t get to march due to other plans, but a pantsuit nation offshoot I’m involved with took a bus to the OKC march because it was going to be bigger than Tulsa’s. According to them, the OKC march was 12,000 and was historically the largest march in Oklahoma. It got a scant mention in Tulsa an little more in the OKC press. They only expected around 3k marchers. I truly hope the conservatives underestimate the move that has started. I got some hope from this for America that we won’t capitulate completely to the fascist regime that is in charge. We have to keep moving forward!

Oh more developments on the Madonna situation: Newt Gingrich, appearing on Faux News, called her to be arrested. Seriously. This is now a thing.

@130> OMG Hahahahahahahahaah

Hillary Clinton plots her next move

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In a series of private meetings and phone calls at their home in Chappaqua, in New York City and in Washington, Bill and Hillary Clinton are slowly starting to puzzle through their political future, according to over a dozen people who have spoken directly with them, and nearly two dozen other Democrats who have been briefed on their thinking.

The recently vanquished candidate has told some associates she’s looking at a spring timeline for mapping out some of her next political steps. Still recovering from her stunning loss, a political return is far from the top of Clinton’s mind, with much of her planning focused around the kinds of projects she wants to take on outside the partisan arena, like writing or pushing specific policy initiatives.

Just as the Democratic Party feels its way through a landscape without either Clinton looming over its future for the first time in nearly a quarter century, Clinton herself is working through the uncertainty surrounding how to best return to the fold.

There have been no conversations about starting her own political group but Clinton has spoken with leaders of emerging Democratic-leaning organizations about their work, and has discussed possible opportunities to work with Organizing For Action, former President Barack Obama’s initiative. Among the potential political priorities she has mentioned to associates are building pipelines for young party leaders to rise and ensuring that a reconstructed Democratic National Committee functions as an effective hub that works seamlessly with other party campaign wings.

The one-time secretary of state has been in contact with a range of ex-aides, studying presentations as she tries to better understand the forces behind her shocking November defeat.

Included among those presentations has been a series of reports pulled together by her former campaign manager Robby Mook and members of his team, who have updated her not just on data and polling errors, but also on results among segments of the electorate where she underperformed, according to Democrats familiar with the project.

Trump struggles to shake his erratic campaign habits
Trump struggles to shake his erratic campaign habits
“She understands that a forensic exam of the campaign is necessary, not only for her, but for the party and other electeds, and for the investors in the campaign,” said a close Hillary Clinton friend in Washington who, like several others, declined to speak on the record because their conversations with one or both Clintons were private. “People want to know that their investment was treated with respect, but that their mistakes wouldn’t be repeated.”

For his part, Bill Clinton has spent considerable time poring over precinct-level results from the 2016 race while meeting with and calling longtime friends to rail against FBI Director James Comey’s late campaign intervention and Russia’s involvement, say a handful of Democrats who have spoken with him.

“Many Democratic politicians have been personally influenced or share direct ties to President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, or both. That history goes back decades,” said Mack McLarty, Bill Clinton’s first White House chief of staff and a lifelong friend, predicting their eventual return to the scene. “And, despite the grave disappointment, resilience is in the Clintons’ DNA. So, while I certainly don’t expect to see them trying to assert their authority, I think there will be natural and welcome opportunities for them to engage.”


Many supporters of Sanders, for instance, are still licking their wounds from the bruising primary, and have seized the post-election moment to gain power in local Democratic party committees across the country — often by dismissing the more establishment-oriented Clintonian way of doing business.

And some Clinton supporters in the states are irritated by the lack of a formal, public-facing autopsy from her campaign since the absence of even a preliminary acknowledgment of fault has made it harder for the party to raise money on a local level — donors feel burned.

“bruising primary”??! In which a faux Democratic with a 1-topic agenda got soundly beat in the primaries, even though his belligerent followers could intimidate caucus-goers?

And WTH is with this expectation of “acknowledgement of fault” — they weren’t aware of Comey, Putin, the Electoral College, or voter suppression through CrossCheck?

Poor babies — do they really have to blame the woman who won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million?

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