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Posted on: January 18, 2017


Ok Widdershins, the day approacheth and I can hardly handle it. I think on Friday I’m just going off-line. The only place I’m going to visit is Widdershins, so you’ll have to keep me updated on The Event. But please do it through rose-colored glasses.

Until then, I think we should concentrate on nothing but cat videos and funny memes. At least that is all I can manage right now. And possibly for the next 4 years. Or forever. I don’t know.

Before all the funny stuff let me just reiterate how disappointed I am in the reaction of national Democrats to the whole kerfuffle. They’re MIA. They got nothing to say to the majority of the voters who voted for HRC and watch in horror as Drumpf and his entire Clown Ark roll into DC where they are going to demolish…well, everything. Just everything. Putin’s Puppet is declaring he doesn’t give a shit about Europe or NATO. China is getting ready for a confrontation. ACA/Obamacare is coming to an end. I think ISIS is going to be the least of all of our problems. But, I don’t meant to be so negative! So without further ado, these are some of the funnier things I’ve seen over the last week on the cyber.




















The wisdom of Madonna:



And for you, my friends:


This is an open thread. What has the Tiny Handed Yam tweeted today?


101 Responses to "La La La La La!"

DYB, excellent points all and I’m with you. I’m going to go radio silence on Friday, but, and this is important I think, leave the television on, but have it on any channel except the misInauguration. That way the ratings take a hit. He has nothing to say to me. Put it on HGTV, TCM. or AMC — just not the misInauguration.

I don’t know what that animal is called in the first picture, but whatever it is, it is absolutely perfect.

I’m thinking about tweeting at noon to the Trumpanzee, “Nyet my President.”

I had no idea the murderous Erik Prince was Betsy DeVos’ brother. Things are making more and more sense every day.

Oh, DYB, where do you find such delicious brain candy?

Catscatscats – do you mean about Erik Prince? Someone mentioned it on the previous thread! I would have never made that connection; seems so random. But suddenly, not random at all!

Do you know who’d be a really great performer at Drumpf’s coronation? Pussy Riot! I’d watch that.

I plan to be protesting during dooms day, and doing the same on the next day.

I love the photo of the cracker with the Trump peanut butter on top. Humor is always the best medicine for depression, thanks DYB.

Sorry, I am not into cat videos, not ready to move on. Mad as Hell.

Oh and because I only watched clips from DeVos’ confirmation, but Joe Fucking Lieberman introduced her? They dragged his fucking corpse from under a rock for this?

Hitler’s reaction to the election..

@4, no I would put Prince/DeVos in the ecoli category, definitely not pleasurable! I was referring to all the cartoons you posted. They are really clever as well as on point.

@9> Oh gotcha, LOL. I found that stuff on The Cyber. No doubt made by some 400 lbs guy.

Did you also watch the video of Richard Simmons on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” One of the funniest things to ever air on television.

@10, OMG that video was hysterical! Those guys do the most hilarious improv.

I will be sure to turn on both tvs in our hotel room before I head to the convention on Friday, and the Do Not Disturb so no housekeepers come in.

@2: WHOA!!! Holy crap! What an evil family!

“Things are making more and more sense every day.” Very true.

@6: Yay! Thanks for doing that Shadow. If there is one near us, Laker & I will gladly join. Hubs would if he could.

@7: Despicable. I always thought he was crazy.

@7, speaking of Ho Lieberman, last night on the Frontline report about the Obama years they have spent considerable time, a majority of time, on the health care issue. They have covered the Tea Party and the morally bankrupt Republicans who got together the night of the 2009 inauguration at the behest of Frank Cluntz to plot their evil vindictiveness.

Well, anyway, they spent quite a bit of time on Ho Lieberman. He single-handedly killed the government option single payer plan. If that option had been a part of the A.C.A., it would have been impossible for it to be repealed. It was Lieberman who killed it — of course, there was not one vote to spare. The other person who is a prominent member of the Hall of Shame was Nebraska’s Ben Nelson, father of the Cornhusker Kickback. Fun fact to know and tell, Ben Nelson went on safari to Africa and shot a giraffe. Actually shot and killed a giraffe — that’s like sneaking up behind a cow and murdering it.

So Lieberman and Nelson, they should be shunned in right minded society.

The last installment of Frontline is on PBS tonight. It is 9:00 EST. I think it is extremely well done and above all else, it is fair — no candy coating, totally fact based, unvarnished. I strongly endorse it.

Righteous Rant!

View story at

@17> Yes, I read that this morning on the train. It’s fantastic!

@16, ROFLMAO — it doesn’t get better than that.

My pleasure.
Hope the rain stops long enough to protest…it’s pouring now.

I’m not going to stand in the wind and rain when I am still getting over the flu. I plan to rant and protest IT until he is gone from the Oval.

@17, absolutely 100% agreement. Excellent piece of writing.

@23> “I’m going to unite us.” LOL. She couldn’t even unite the people in the room with her.

@23, she was interviewed repeatedly on the Frontline piece last night. Her beef, “Obama was too sure of himself.” Yeah, “So was Cruz, Steve King, and Eric Cantor until he was beaten like a rented mule.”

@24 & 25: Looking at that on youtube I saw this: Chairwoman of House Republican Conference. Meaning I suppose that she is up there with Paul Ryan in the leadership.

If this meeting was representative of her constituents, I hope they still have this fervor in 2018. She represents the 5th Congr. District in WA. Perhaps when Luna comes by she can give us some add’l info on Ms. Rodgers.

@20, DYB, so Comey was acting preemptively in October in an effort to somehow inoculate Hillary from this Guiliani/Prince/Trump conspiracy?? The IG’s head is going to spin with that one! They should never have been investigating her emails in the first place if the investigation was initiated based on the Clinton Cash book.

@28> That conspiracy does make Comey sound noble or something, which I don’t think he is. I can’t imagine they would have blackmailed the head of the FBI into doing their bidding. But I will believe Ghouliani and Prince were involved with the NYC FBI office.

@29, absolutely agree!

@20: Hmmm. I remembered that guy Seth Abramson as a big Bernie supporter. Did some checking at HuffPo and yep he was:

Scroll down from the top and you’ll see all of his pro-Bernie pieces on HuffPo.

A sample:

I believe I have about 14 meetings on Friday 1/20. La la la la la! I’ll be checking in when I can to dispense big giant helpings of Widdershin Love! Then it’s off to DC on Saturday to put my feet on the street. My dad is joining me! My stepmom is not physically able to march, but she will be there in spirit.

@32: I hope all of those meetings will be in one area because otherwise you may need roller skates.

That’s great that your dad is going to join you in the march.

@32 Wonderful, please keep us posted on the event.

@27, oh, Rodgers. (groans) She’s loony, always has been. Nice to see her appreciated so well, lol! Also she’s on the east side of Washington state, the other side of the mountains, where them ranchers and good ol’ rednecks and razzers are. And a few persecuted liberals, I presume.

@35: It sounded like those liberals were at least fired up. Perhaps some of those ranchers and rednecks will lose health insurance too.

@35, Luna, is that like far western Idaho, but in an effort to clean itself up calls itself eastern Washington?

contask — were you asking about this? I finally found it again. Warning for all going to Women’s March:

@36, I spoke too sarcastically. There are signs that the R factor is lessening there. Most of the counties in the eastern half of WA state went for Trump (not thinking he’d axe the ACA), but that could still have meant 40% or so of the voters didn’t. That half of the state has a growing Latinx population too.

@37, probably not quite as bad as ultra-Idaho.

Ah, the freedom to die if you can’t fork over more money.

Oh boy! Just like the Russians!!

He vowed to “show the people as we build up our military, we’re going to display our military.” “That military may come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. That military may be flying over New York City and Washington, D.C., for parades. I mean, we’re going to be showing our military,” he said, apparently unaware of the association military parades have with authoritarian regimes.

Oh I would say he’s very aware of the association.

@39 Luna said: That half of the state has a growing Latinx population too.

Oh hell that would set ’em off too.

Think I’m going to call it a night y’all. Later!

@38 Thanks Luna, That is a good idea for people, regardless. I am still worried about problems. But hopefully things will go well for this march. After this we probably will all be investing in personal bomb shelters. Here in Oklahoma maybe someone will advertise the ultra safe room. “Built to withstand an F5 tornado AND Trump pushing the nuclear code button”

I have the week from hell, working 16 hour days Thur & Fri. I hope I don’t have to see any Trump TV. Please keep me posted. I really hope someone we trust goes to the event so we know what really happens.

Do me a favor when you stop in your local libraries – especially you guys in red states: Ask the librarian if they will consider adding adult civics classes to their evening programming. I thought of this the other day. We are going to have to get voters bette educated if we are ever to get them to vote well.

Then it’s off to DC on Saturday to put my feet on the street. My dad is joining me! My stepmom is not physically able to march, but she will be there in spirit.

MB, did you ever contact me about the march? I never saw your email. As it turns out I can’t go anyway because I have a cardiac catheterization coming up on Monday. However I will be there in spirit too!

@45, Branjor, keep us in the loop with your cardiac cath. I’ll be sending you good thoughts and healing energy on Monday.

@46 Prolix Thanks, Prolix, I am pretty nervous!


Unless I missed something in Nate Silvers piece, the effect of Comey’s interference 11 days and 3 days before the election was omitted.

Hillary was ahead in the polls until Comey and the media hammered the possibilities of Hillary’s carelessness and coverup of the emails sent and landing on Weener’s ‘puter…which turned out to be no meat in the hotdog bun at all.

Hillary won the damn election and we all know it. Where is the intel on the Russian involvement in the election?????

Didn’t Obama ask for the report BEFORE his term ran out????

We all know there will be coverups by Douche and his thugs.

Exactly – wondering the same. Better quit holding my breath

@50, shadow, I thought the unclassified report released a couple weeks ago by the intel agencies was the report Obama asked for, was that not it?

GOP jerk offers a Valium to Ron Wyden during Mnuchin hearing. It doesn’t go over well with Sherrod Brown. Watch Mnuchin’s facial expressions/tics during this . He’s creepy.

@45 Branjour said: As it turns out I can’t go anyway because I have a cardiac catheterization coming up on Monday. However I will be there in spirit too!

Gulp! Well that’s better than a doctor’s note. Don’t know if this is standard procedure but when my mom had those they did give her a bit of some happy meds for it. I’m sure you’ll do fine Branjour. 🙂

From the Slate piece:

The differences between the two figures are many. (For one thing, Stalin actually read his intelligence briefings.)

52 Cats, I thought the one Obama asked for would be released to the public, and this report was only given to Obama and Trump to let him know the intel the MI6 spook found.

Elijah Cummings: ‘If the public knew what Congress knows’ they would boycott the inauguration too.

During an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Cummings explained that he would be attending the inauguration but he defended the more than 50 Democratic lawmakers who have vowed not to show up.

“You’ve got to understand that members of Congress have a lot of information that the public does not have,” Cummings said. “And I can tell you over the last week or two, the classified briefings that I have been to, and if the public knew what members of Congress know…”

“Why don’t they?” Cuomo interrupted. “If it’s that important that it’s going to make people not go to the inauguration… shouldn’t people know?”

Cummings argued that Congress needed to move forward with an investigation into the role both Russia and FBI Director James Comey played in influencing the U.S. election so that more information could be released to the public.

“It seems as if the Republicans are sort of letting President-elect Trump sort of just move forward with regard to the conflict of interest issues [and] this whole hacking issue,” the Maryland Democrat noted. “And I’m really concerned that we as Democrats have to push harder on Republicans to do something so that our standards are met and that he gets rid of these conflicts and he also deals with the hacking.”

Cummings said, however, that he would be attending the inauguration.

I was angry…today I am supper depressed about tomorrow.

The Russians really love them some Trump; to the tune of a $10k gold coin.

Check out the other gold coin they minted and for whom.

Gulp! Well that’s better than a doctor’s note. Don’t know if this is standard procedure but when my mom had those they did give her a bit of some happy meds for it. I’m sure you’ll do fine Branjour. 🙂

Thanks, Fredster. They called me with the instructions today and I got up the courage to ask, and yep, it’ll be happy meds. Glad I’m not going to be put out.

@60: Branjour I think for my mom they gave her a push of either valium or midazolam (Versed) into the line they started. I went into the cath lab with her when they rolled her in but had to leave right after. However I was right outside the room and could hear them talking to her.

You don’t have any dye allergies do you?

He gives Obama a bit more credit than I’m willing to do, but Mr. Pundit has a good post today.

@62, Fredster, another homage to Obama but he made some good points about repubs and voters. No mention of Hillary of course, but I should be thankful he didn’t slam her for being a poor replacement for the transcendent one.

You don’t have any dye allergies do you?

No, not that I know of.

@63: Cats3, he was initially a Bernie supporter but had no problem accepting HRC as the nominee and being for her afterwards. He had some serious words for the Bernie folks who would not back Clinton.

I think with this piece he was just trying to say that the things that Obama did accomplish are now going to be wiped out…expunged by the Republicans.

@64, okie doke. I know some people do have reactions to the dye they normally use for contrast. That happened with a friend of mine. I think it’s iodine they use and he had a reaction, itching like crazy. It passed though. 😉

@67: You see this is why I hae no respect for the writers at The Hill:

It’s not clear whether Trump’s first budget will include reforms to Social Security or Medicare, two major drivers of the federal deficit.

Uh, no and hell no, they are NOT drivers of the deficit.

@65, thanks Fredster, I didn’t know his history.

@67, Shadow, those are some pretty cold and brutal cuts. I can ‘t even imagine what life is going to be like under this regime. Beam me up, Scottie!

@69: I think he got a lot of flack from people who know him IRL when he supported Clinton as the nominee. He wasn’t like some of the bernie supporters who stamped and kicked their feet.

@67, 68, seeing those called “entitlements” or “drivers of the deficit” or any such BS makes me grind my teeth! (Which I’d better stop doing or all my teeth will be fractured soon.)

Fredster, LOL, you are asking all the right pre-procedure screening questions!

Branjor, may all go well for you!

@73: (grinning) Well I’ve been through that procedure with mom a few times and then the friend who had the reaction to the dye. The fun part with mom was she had an artificial heart valve and was on warfarin. So naturally we d/c the warfarin before hand and then as soon as possible afterwards they use heparin on her until we could resume the warfarin. It was such fun!

Shadow, those are some pretty cold and brutal cuts. I can ‘t even imagine what life is going to be like under this regime. Beam me up, Scottie!

I agree, our worst fears are that the rethugs will finally cut big holes in America’s safety net. I am so fearful of this group of thugs, all that are in the 1% making life more difficult for those of us that work hard and never will see the good life. All we can do is fight in the best way we can.

Sorry for posting that and making you anxious NW Luna, we are waking up in a nightmare…

@74, One of my mentors said to never prescribe coumadin/warfarin to anyone you wouldn’t trust with your car keys. Oh, if it’s carefully monitored the risks are minimal, but if not…..

@Shadowfax, nightmares when we try to sleep, nightmares during the day.

“there must be some way out of here!”

And it has an infinitesimal effect on Federal budget. Figures.

Trump reportedly wants to cut cultural programs that make up 0.02 percent of federal spending

…If you were at Thanksgiving and demanded a slice of pecan pie proportionate to 2016 NEA spending relative to the federal budget, you’d end up with a piece of pie that would need to be sliced off with a finely-tuned laser. Put another way, if you make $50,000 a year, spending the equivalent of what the government spends on these three programs would be like spending less than $10.

Oy. The reddest red state.

“Trumpomania has taken hold of the country: the media, politicians and political analysts, astrologists, and housewives, none of them can calm down and mind their business,” Gennady Gudkov, a reserve colonel in Russia’s domestic intelligence agency, the FSB, said in a post on his Facebook page. “In RUSSIAN news the main actor is His Majesty Trump.”

[Republican] Lawmaker Fires Aide Behind Fake News Site

A Maryland lawmaker has fired a legislative aide who was behind a fake news site that accused Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of election-rigging.

Media outlets report that Del. David Vogt III said Wednesday he terminated Cameron Harris “on the spot” after learning that Harris was behind Christian­ and a fabricated article that reported the discovery of tens of thousands of “fraudulent Clinton votes” in Ohio. Vogt is a Frederick County Republican.

If you haven’t yet seen it, here’s another must-read from Sarah Kendzior:

@77: She and I were so used to working on her dosage. She would run along just fine for a few months and then all of a sudden go completely whacked. There was one time when her levels were just bouncing around like crazy; too low-make adjustments…wait a few days and test it again-uh-oh too high now, adjust again. At one time I think I had prescriptions for Coumadin in three different strengths.


“Russia has to support Trump,” Markov wrote on his Facebook page. “We have to help him publicly, with a campaign of Trumpomania.”

Thank you but no. To put it plainly: KEEP YOUR FUCKIN’ RUSSIANS HANDS OFF OUR POLITICS

@84, Much too late. (goes to investigate the liquor cabinet)

Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates

The continuing counterintelligence investigation means that Mr. Trump will take the oath of office on Friday with his associates under investigation and after the intelligence agencies concluded that the Russian government had worked to help elect him. As president, Mr. Trump will oversee those agencies and have the authority to redirect or stop at least some of these efforts.

These are inarguable facts: There were two investigations within the FBI during October 2016. Comey chose to disclose one and not the other. He must answer why. The media must admit his decision, for whatever reason, had an impact upon the election. And there must be a full investigation, disclosure, and prosecution of Russian intervention.

@86, the story above mentions three Trump associates under investigation — Manafort, Carter Page, and Roger Stone.

There is a fourth not mentioned. My bet is that person is Nutjob Flynn, National Security Advisor at 12:00 noon today.

@85: Much too late. (goes to investigate the liquor cabinet)

LOL! I stopped drinking a number of years ago.

From the link at 86:

Mr. Sessions said at his confirmation hearing that he would recuse himself from any investigations involving Mrs. Clinton. He was not asked whether he would do so in cases involving associates of Mr. Trump.

Investigations-Mrs. Clinton? Why???

Well **this** will certainly make me have regrets about not going to the coron Inauguration.

@86, “not clear if….” transl.: “move along, no emails involved, nothin’ to see here.”

@88, fortunately, I have such a low tolerance that a little goes a ridiculously long ways. Plus I keep thinking “people actually like how this stuff tastes?”

@90, Urgh. Some people will do anything for a buck.

@91: At the rate things are going we’ll all be doing shots of of this and looking for a friend who could donate a lobe of their liver.

I keep forgetting to watch Samantha Bee. I’ll have to make a note of when it comes on and definitely try to catch her show.

From the first part of November.

Well I just took a ride to LGA. My driver was a full on Trumpster. It was such a bizarre experience to hear the specious arguments coming out of his mouth. We were polite and he was willing to listen. He kept saying,”But my station says….” I told him, “You need to listen to a different station. This one is not telling you what’s really going on. ”

The only time ,I got heated with him was when he started talking about how Drumpf loves women. He didn’t believe the 12 who came forward and said Drumpf molested them. I fought back pretty hard on that one, I can tell you.

He asked for me to request him on the return trip. I think I might. Maybe I can help change his mind a bit.

mb are you going to be able to grab any photos at the March? (hoping mb is a whiz with the cell phone camera)

Oh hells yeah! Will post on social media and will put them in my Monday post.

@95> You are a lot more patient than I would have been…

I’m off Facebook and twitter today. No TV. Ya’ll have to tell me what’s going on if it’s worth mentioning.

New post up.

It passed though. 😉

Thank heavens.

Branjor, may all go well for you!

Thanks, Luna! 🙂

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