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Lazy weekend music ~ Having regrets now?

Posted on: January 14, 2017


Can I blame it on being drunk?

Good Weekend to you Widdershins!

Well the talking yam has yet to take office but the congress critters have already started their session and naturally the first thing the Repubtards did, right out of the gate, was to start their “let’s kill obamacare” stuff.  Paul “grannystarver” Ryan says things are too urgent and just can’t wait.  Now thatone-mistake may be because he’s afraid of what folks and other congress critters might see.  And indeed they would be correct in wanting to at least find a replace before they decide to repeal.  Still, it’s going to be those angry folks who pulled the lever for Trump who will regret their vote the most.

Across rural America, the Rust Belt, Coal Country and other hotbeds of Trumpism, voters have repeatedly expressed frustration that the lazy and less deserving are getting a bigger chunk of government cheese.

I would say that getting some cheese is better than getting no cheese. What’s the old saying:  Act in haste-repent in leisure?  They’ll have plenty of time now for the new version:  Act in haste-die without healthcare.  So these folks are going to experience regret.

one-day-look-backverb (used with object), regretted, regretting.

1. to feel sorrow or remorse for (an act, fault, disappointment, etc.):

He no sooner spoke than he regretted it.

2. to think of with a sense of loss:  to regret one’s vanished youth.

3. a sense of loss, disappointment, dissatisfaction, etc.
4. a feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault, act, loss, disappointment, etc.
Coincidentally, there are just tons and tons of songs about regret(s).  They may be regrets of the romantic variety or not.  Still, they are songs of regret and all of those folks who never thought Trump or the Repubtards meant it about killing off Obamacare will have lots of time on their hands to experience their regrets.  So, I’ve put together a few regretful (wink) songs below and hope you’ll add some of your own.
black-line divider-no-background-th
(1) Chasing Pavements ~ Adele
(2) Cut Here ~ The Cure
(3) I can never go home anymore ~ The Shangri-Las
(4) I Told You So ~ Carrie Underwood
(5) Regret ~ LeToya Luckett
(6) I’m Sorry ~ Blake Shelton

* * * * *

Now for those of us who actually knew better than to believe a thing the yam or Sanders or anyone else if-id-knownsaid, we have our own special song.  We have no regrets about how we voted in November.

black-line divider-no-background-th

Okay, those are my picks and I hope you will add some below.



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Excellent post!!

I will put in a song later. I tweeted at Chuck:

MadamaB‏ @madamab
@SenSchumer please do something about this inauguration. Trump is the Siberian candidate. We can’t make Putin POTUS.

Good for you madamab! I keep hoping something will derail the whole event. I just thought of a good regret song

@2: Hey contrask! Are you getting any of that ice and mess in your area?

@2: Nice choice! 🙂

This is the one we need to sing to the Rust Belt and angry whites who are so worried about their amount of cheese.

Got a question for ya Trump voters:

Tee-hee, snicker, snicker. Jennifer Holliday backs out of Trump inauguration gig

I believe he still has Lee Greenwood and his “God Bless the Yew Ess Aaaaay”.

@9, three people (Trump. Harvey and Carson) who don’t know what they are doing, what could possibly go wrong? But then Obama encouraged it so it must be a great idea….

And interesting read about how Putin played the Left and the Right.

“Stein presents herself as a champion of the underclass and the environment, and an opponent of the surveillance state and corporate media, and yet she seemed to take pleasure in her marriage of true minds with a kleptocratic intelligence officer who levels forests and arrests or kills critical journalists and invades foreign countries. Their true commonality, of course, is that both Putin and Stein are dogged opponents of U.S. foreign policy.

Indeed, her pro-Kremlin stance wasn’t limited to merely praising Putin’s amicability. Stein joined the Russian president and Kazakhstani dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev in describing Ukraine’s 2014 EuroMaidan revolution as a “coup,” and claimed, bizarrely, that NATO is currently “fighting… enemies we invent to give the weapons industry a reason to sell more stuff.”

Also an interesting critique of NBC News by the Washington Post.

“A rule for the next four years: When the Trump people are touting your reporting, worry.”

@8: Nice choice GAgal.

I’m watching the dirty boids and the Seattle boids in their playoff game. No favorites either way for me.

@10: Nice. I was half expecting a tragic opera selection from you D. 🙂

@11: Yeah, just imagine. LOL

Fredster, great post, very timely.

@12, interesting, thanks for that!

@13, Haha! So true! And we’ve been done with nbc for a long time. During Brokaw years, we watched it a lot.

This song isn’t specifically about regret, but its been going through my head all week and seems topical. I’ve been waiting for Foresters weekend post to share it:

Not a song of regret, but a quite literal fuck you.

Originally written for George W. Bush.

@8, perfect for the idiot dump voters and especially for the lib-leaning voters that voted for one of the Naders (jill, gary or bernie).

@19 LOL!

There’s some bad spelling up in that video…but you’ll get the point.

@12: I long ago lost interest in The Nation and Katrina vanden Hoover (yes I meant that); a spoiled rich brat who, imho, dabbles in politics.

@23, exactly. Can’t stand katrina whatsherface and have boycotted her and her crappy website for a long time.

Love the “Hoover” bit! Heh heh.

@13: Gawd! Talk about splitting hairs! I gave up on NBC a long time ago. Seems they’ll do anything to strengthen their version of things.

@24: Yeah, because she and that magazine suck. 😝

“Fuck you, fuck you very very muuuchhh”. 🎵 🎶

@18: I like that song.

Sorry I’m late to the party.

Fredster, great theme — perfect because this whole week is a prelude to four years of regret.

As for Kristine van den Heathen, I expect one day to hear of a massive smug bomb explosion. The epicenter will be wherever Ms. Heathen is currently droning on about how everyone else is a miserable failure at whatever they are doing.

Immediately before the smug bomb explosion, I expect Ms. Heathen’s nose, already turned up in the general vicinity of all things on the earth, will of its own accord, whip itself into such a turned up frenzy, it will crawl itself over the top of her head to the nape of her neck.

Here’s Ms. Baker

You knew tRump wouldn’t be able to resist John Lewis’ statement.

And then we “Don’t Apologize”:

Then “Why?”

@30: I would pay good money to see that nose thing.

And a very appropriate song that is probably 50 years old.

The Texans are getting ready to sacrifice themselves to Tom Brady and the Patriots. This one should be over before the half.

@35: LOL! Purrrrfect!

Note to all: If you want to add emojis to your comments go here:

We got a thin coat on our trees, but fortunately no wind today. Driving has been fine – we were lucky. When our big pecan trees and others go – it sounds like guns going off. I’d be sure UNPOTUS had stated WWIII if I’d woke up to that!


Years ago my Mom would turn on the TV and say, as a joke, – “I’m just gonna check to see if the world’s on fire”. Not so funny now.

Hoover/Heathen and Huffington – two billionaires who decided to get into the news business.

On Drumpf and Lewis – of course he’d never let it go. He is incapable.

Regrets for some, anger for others…


Fredster, hubs says to tell you that USC ended up as No. 3: Clemson, then Red Tide, then Trojans. Who woulda thunk it?

I thought someone posted a link to emojis for blogs – can’t find it now. I’ve been cleaning my hijacked computer since trying the download, so I’ll stick with 🙂 keystrokes, I can’t get TV to tune into SNL – hope it’s good

@39 & 47: Glad y’all didn’t have much with the ice. That can be just nasty.

Here is the link for emojis on a blog (they show up bigger on my screen also-another good point)

I’ll put a link up on the side that will open in another tab and then it’s a simple copy/paste. It will paste the code in.

@46: Congrats to USC! The gumps have been n mourning ever since the game. There’s one bama fan who always would show up on the LSU articles at Have not seen him since the game; completely disappeared.

@40: It works!

@45: I hope she is bombarded with that tweet!

Wanted to share a post done by Lamar White at CenLamar. He did an excellent post on Bernie and he took Bernie down.

I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know, please don’t say you’re sorry. I’ve heard it all before and I can’t take it anymore.

Great SNL open tonight.

Hail Mary suit seeks to stop Trump, elevate the popular vote and make Hillary president.

A series of emergency motions filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington on Thursday seek to postpone the presidential inauguration by arguing that the Electoral College is unconstitutional under the post-Civil War amendments that ended slavery and gave blacks and women the right to vote. ….

The suit was filed by Bret Sablosky, a paralegal who moved from Chicago to Washington to satisfy federal court filing requirements. He is hoping lower-ranking judges on the court, mostly appointed by President Obama, will be receptive to the historic nature of the case and will order the inauguration postponed while the suit is heard.

….Procedurally, Sablosky is appealing a District Court decision that rejected a suit he filed after Election Day. In that case, a judge appointed by George W. Bush did not comment on the constitutional issues. Sablosky’s brief notes that before 1960, presidents were inaugurated in March while Congress continued its business. There’s no reason why a federal court cannot delay that process again, he said.

NBC is awful, but the Drumpf parodies are spot on.

My regret song:

The stupid, it hurts!

He’s not getting large amounts from donors based on what you’ll do for me later.

Just one of the nauseating quotes in ‘You Focus on the Good’: Women Who Voted for Trump, in Their Own Words.

@56, that article looks vomitous. Don’t think I can.

@56> They are still chasing these people and asking them how they feel? Argh! Who cares! It’s the same bullshit over and over and over and over. Basta!

I love the word “cabal.” Such a great word. Never gets used!

@58> Uhm, Joy Reid needs to get her head out of Barack Obama’s ass. “…damning if true?” We know it’s true, but don’t take HRC supporters’ word for it. Rudy Voldemort told us NY FBI office wanted to take down HRC. Discussions about the NY FBI office took place before the election. Where was Joy?

@59, yeah, why are they giving space to these delusional suckers? And Reid seems unable to see any flaws in Obama — any Dem successor just can’t measure up. Hills, as we all know, would not have bothered making nice with the Rethugs — something Obama never learned.

mb, check email when you have a chance. Thx.

@58 & 61 & 62: I recall Reid being a pretty staunch Hillary defender in the Prez debates both in the primaries and the general. That is, as much as she possibly could while sitting as a post-debate commenter around the table on MSNBC .

I have not seen her weekend show and that’s because I normally don’t call it a night until around 430-5 a.m. But I have watched her when she has subbed for the other talk show hosts.

Of course, just my opinion.

@56/57/59: Totally agree. I could not care less why these women voted for tRump.

@64, oh, she’s overall a Hillary supporter, but every once in a while can be surprisingly unenthusiastic.

@66: Okay, I can go along with that and especially when I consider Chris Hayes and even Maddow at times. There were times Hayes just had me wanting to throw things at the tv.

Oh Joy Reid did defend HRC during the debates. She defended HRC so well against Tweety and Madcow that they quickly took her off the panel. I remember one debate (who knows which one at this point) and Reid only appeared on the panel once and made a single comment saying something nice about HRC. She wasn’t seen again the rest of the night. But her obsession with Obama (I follow her on Facebook) is tiresome because she makes about 50 posts a day about him. And this information about the FBI and the NY office broke when Comey’s letter came out and some people started questioning Rudy Voldemort’s knowledge about the events. A handful of people – including Bill Maher, for example – were freaking out about it. I remember Maher – and I agreed with him – said on his show the Friday before the election that politicizing of the FBI was one of the scariest things to have come out of the contest. Not enough people were paying attention.

@53: You know he’s going to go cray over that.

Also instead of Beavis and Butthead they should have used Uday and Qusay, Saddam’s sons’ names.

@69: Ah I see now. I don’t use facebook anymore so I’m not aware of what she does on that.

Guess what’s trending on my twitter line tonight? #fuckbernie

Something else about the NY FBI – their investigation into the CIinton Foundation. I actually did a flow chart of relationships today because this needs to be remembered too. I can’t even attempt to do this by time line. Bare with me and excuse typos:

Peter Schweitzer and Roger Stone write the bogus book Clinton Cash accusing Hill and Bill of grifting through the SOS office. NYT and WSJ pay for “exclusive” and run with it. Schweitzer does media blitz. Kept repeating over and over he has no proof – he just thought “someone needs to look into it“.

Media can’t find shyt but love to talk about it for days. All but FOX (and whackos) realize he’s full of it and drop it. We learn later NY FBI has opened an investigation based on the book. WHO ordered that investigation? Later, when politically expedient, (either Hill’s #s go up or Trump does something super stupid ), it’s leaked that THE FBI IS INVESTIGATING THE CLINTON FOUNDATION!!!! Only, no one is told until much, much later it was because of this book. (FU FBI and FU media) Again, who’s the leak?

I’ll continue below…

@72: Good! Need more of it.


Oh, Der Douche is gonna be really pist about that SNL skit. Can’t wait for his meltdown.

@75: Oh his little stubby fingers are gonna be working overtime.

@73: Keep that idea going.

Roger Stone is, then isn’t, a part of the Trump campaign. (IMO he was told to go do their dirtiest work on the down low ) He tweets that his non-disclosure with Trump is invalid. Later, he says he’s spoken with someone who met personally with Assange. After DNC hacks become public, he tweets ‘Podesta is next’. Soon after, Podesta’s emails are released, media goes crazy, reports them, reads them aloud, speculates, and calls them leaked instead of stolen by hacking and the BirdieBrains fly into a bigger tizzy. (Putin rubs his palms together with a Bwaaahahah!)

Ghouliani spills the beans that something is coming. (Idiot) Comey releases letter (knowing Chafftez will make it public) because he knows his own agents are going to leak and doesn’t want to look like an incompetent FBI director who can’t control his own men. (Yes, MEN)

So my chart is something like this (looks better on paper)
Schweitzer/Stone (book)
Schweitzer–>NY FBI (probably Schweitzer–>Ghouliani, then Ghoul–> NYFBI)
Ghouliani–>NY FBI
NY FBI–>Comey

The only direct lines I have to Trump are Ghouliani and (let’s not pretend otherwise) Stone. And Trump and Stone both were taught to be shysters and scum at the feet of Roy Cohn – Trump’s KKK father’s good buddy. Speaking of “buddies’… Roy Cohn and Roger Stone. Just saying…

So there’s one piece to add to this puzzle. Draw it out. It’s a lot easier than my explanation. Oh. Hate ’em all and if it exists, may they all rot in hell.

Thanks for the fun emojis Fredster!
Trump is a

Ghouliani is a

Stone is a

and Comey is about to be -ed!!

@78 & 79, LOL — Roy Cohn and Roger Stone. Talk about the last two losers at closing time hooking up. Just sayin’.

What is the emoji for Stone? I like Ghouliani, I will have to steal that. That emoji is in Deadpool by way of T.J. Miller thinking it was chocolate ice cream. LOL

Stone is a snake emoji, Prolix.

@81, thanks Cats. That is so appropriate.

Nice flow chart GAGal! The VRWC is complex, but actually, not that vast. It’s always the same rich, evil f@ckers who fund it, and it’s always the same evil toadies who executes their orders. Somewhere in there is the Kochtopus, I’m sure.

@83, speaking of the Kochtopus, let me relate one of their tentacles that has been stuck up Kentucky’s bum this month.

With the Yam corralling every rabid racist and insane sexist, the KY House of Representatives flipped, giving the Rethugs all the levers for the first time since the early 1900s. Of course they campaigned on jobs and ending the War on Coal. What they have done is making abortion vastly more restrictive and ending unions through “right to work” RTW — legislation and repealing “prevailing wages” for public projects.

KY has a short legislative session in odd years (many of us think they are all odd years in the Commonwealth) — only 30 days. They put all this legislation — abortion restrictions and RTW — on emergency basis. So the morning they had the hearing for RTW, the KY Kochtopus group held an early morning free breakfast for businessmen and paid flunkies. It started at 6:00 a.m. The hearing didn’t start until 9:00, but since they had been there since 6:00 a.m., they had every single seat in the hearing room.

So the biggest piece of legislation affecting Joe and Jane Lunchbucket had not one worker in the hearing room and all the witnesses were business owners, corporations, and Chamber of Commerce types.

The Kochtopus squeezed the workers out of the process. Since it was the legislation most directly affecting workers, the Kochtopus scored a victory without a whimper from a public demonstration.

@84> More abortion restrictions? But what will the men do when they impregnate their sisters?

@85, I’ve found it most interesting in this go-around. In all the editorials against these regulations, they make a point of saying that the Legislature’s wives, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends will have no problems, but the poor women will.

The point I think they are making is that wives and girlfriends are not mutually exclusive. Or for that matter, sisters and girlfriends aren’t either.

78 | GAgal

Good job.

Trump did have a private conversation with Comey about the Russian hacking…yet he would not disclose that same information to Congressional Democrats. So if this is public knowledge, there is more behind the scenes that we haven’t been told by our horrible media that thinks the American public are on a need to know position.

@78> Great assembly GAgal.

Here was another someone put together on twitter:

1. In light of the fact that we’re supposed to be skeptical about the latest Trump allegations, I want to tell you a story.
2. A long time ago, there was a man named Paul Manafort. Paul Manafort was a GOP operative who exported his political expertise.
3. He and Roger Stone ran what was known in DC as The Torturer’s Lobby. They worked with warlords and despots.
4. Paul Manafort even worked closely with Russian oligarchs and kleptocrats with ties to V. Putin.
5. Manafort was one of the operatives who worked in Ukraine to elect a pro-Putin government. This is a verifiable fact.
6. At one point, Manafort went missing for 3 weeks. Roger Stone joked that he had been kidnapped by the Russians. This is about 2010
7. According to some members of the intelligence community, around the same time, Russia began cultivating Donald Trump as an intel asset
8. Timing, I’m sure, is totally coincidental. Just giving you a sense of where we’re at in the history.
9. In 2011, Donald Trump starts the birther movement. Remember that whole thing?
10. In 2012, Donald Trump flirts with a run for President, but he doesn’t run.
11. At some point, Hillary Rodham Clinton runs afoul of Vladimir Putin. She and Obama both take aggressive stance toward him.
12. Then in 2016, Donald J Trump declares his Presidency. He starts as a long-shot managed by Corey Lewandowski.
13. As Trump grows in prominence, he fires Lewandowski and hires…Paul Manafort. Whose last job was in Ukraine. On behalf of Putin.
14. Paul Manafort, who owned a lobbying firm with Trump confidant Roger Stone.
15. Paul Manafort, who had been kidnapped (presumably) by Russians at one point but survived unharmed.
16. Trump’s positions on Russia softened under Manafort (re Ukraine specifically). Manafort’s in charge over summer.
17. It comes out that Manafort received 12 millions dollars in an off-books ledger from the pro-Putin party in Ukraine.
18. Wait back up. Before this comes out, the DNC emails are hacked. Wilkileaks releases the hacked emails.
19. Why did Assange do this if it was an intel op by Russia? Possibly for the promise of asylum, but that’s speculation on my part.
20. Maybe because he hates Clinton and Obama, but, again, speculating.
21. Regardless, these leaks hurt one party and helped the other.
22. So now Manafort resigns after the Ukraine thing comes out. Trump hires Steve Bannon, ANOTHER one of Stone’s friends.
23. Manafort probably keeps advising Trump. Regardless he lives in Trump Tower, so they see each other periodically.
24. Incidentally Roger Stone officially resigned in December 2015. So now Stone and Manafort are unofficial advisors, strictly speaking.
25. Two of Trump’s new policy guys are Michael Flynn and Carter Page. Both of whom have ties to Putin and Russia.
26. Galas with Putin, RT dinners, speaking engagements, etc. So Manafort, Flynn, and Page. Remember the names for a bit.
27. Now Wikileaks starts leaking John Podesta’s emails. Mostly harmless stuff, but Hillary Clinton and emails is just a bad look.
28. We know they were hacked, we suspect by a state agent, and if you’ve been paying attention, the answer’s pretty clear.
29. So the election happens and Trump wins. Then the intelligence community confirms what most of us knew or suspected.
30. That Putin had launched an intel op specifically to hurt Clinton. Then it came out that he wanted Trump to win.
31. That he was behind the DNC attacks, that he was behind the Podesta hacks, all Putin from the get-go.
32. Curiously PEOTUS refuses to accept the findings of the intel community. Claims it coulda been anybody! Defends Assange. Curious.
33. In response, POTUS Obama kicks out 35 alleged Russian spies posing as diplomats. Pretty big move.
34. The intel community seems pretty certain as to the facts at this point, and Obama is doing stuff he wouldn’t do otherwise.
35. So today this new trove of background comes out. BUT IT’S UNVERIFIED. Yeah, so what?
36. What do the documents say? That about 6 years ago (around when Trump started birtherism), they began cultivating him.
37. That they conspired to get leverage over him. That they preferred him to HRC.
38. That they had Russian spies in the US posing as go-betweens.
39. That there was high-level cooperation with Trump’s campaign. Via Paul Manafort and Carter Page. Remember them?
40. So we’re supposed to SUPER SKEPTICAL about all of this. I mean, I guess so?
41. If you didn’t know who Paul Manafort was, or what he did, or who Carter Page was, etc.
42. If you didn’t find it odd that Trump’s SecState-Elect won the Order of Friendship from Vladimir Putin.
43. If you ignored all of these things, I guess it’s healthy to be skeptical about this.
44. I’m not an intelligence professional; I have the benefit of being able to make unqualified claims.
45. I dunno when it started or what the end game was, but Russia wanted Trump and cultivated him for years.
46. Paul Manafort offered Trump the Presidency if he played ball with Putin. That’s what Flynn and Carter Page were for.
47. Manafort and Page were the go-betweens. The 35 expelled diplomats were in on it. The IC is clear on exactly how it happened.
48. You can say this is all circumstantial, that Manafort and Putin and Trump and Stone and Page and Flynn all met in a locker room one day.
49. But to me this has been clear as day since Manafort signed up. He was working for Putin on Trump’s behalf. Or vice versa.
50. He quit when he became toxic. He didn’t GO anywhere.
51. So here we are, a week out from inaugurating a compromised asset of Russian intelligence President of the United States.
52. I don’t have some cool conclusion to the story because it’s a scary story without a good ending. This is the new reality.
53. Donald Trump appears to be beholden to a foreign power, and now we know the specifics. There’s nothing to be skeptical about.
54. This is just filling in the outlines of stuff that people have been saying since last summer. You don’t need CIA clearance for this.
55. I dunno who leaked the new info, but very little of it was surprising. And it probably won’t matter. Welcome Comrade Trump.
56. And God help America.

Bill Maher in the NY Times.

“Mr. Maher was particularly focused on reports that several F.B.I. agents were agitating for more aggressive examination of Hillary Clinton, which Democrats feared was politically motivated to help Mr. Trump. (The Justice Department’s inspector general has announced a broad investigation into the F.B.I.’s election-year performance.)

“It is a very troubling idea that the F.B.I. is politicized,” he said. “When the internal police department is politicized, that’s a place I don’t want to be on the wrong side of — I mean, that’s fascism.”

GAgal, loved the flow chart and the emoji’s were perfect!

@79: No problem GAgal. I’m glad I found those that are a bit larger. These old eyes sometimes didn’t see the others very well.

@88, thanks for that excellent piece. Hubs wonders where our military is with this new reality?

Hubs works in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, Culver City area and he says that there are billboards everywhere with Bill Maher’s face and the caption “Let’s Make America Sane Again”.

There’s now a link over on the right for adding emojis into your comments if you wish to. When you click on the link it will open in a new tab/window and you can view the emojis. All you have to do is click on the one you want to use and it will be copied. Then just paste it in your comment.

Now, I’m going to watch

Hahaha. Sob.

@95: Sorry GOP constituents. No do-overs. You got exactly what you voted for.

@88 DYB Yep. I just didn’t want the Clinton Foundation investigation by NY FBI forgotten in all this mess. I was really upset how everyone denigrated the Foundation. When I have time I will add the Manafort, Page, Flynn, Putin etc. info to my flow chart I’ve drawn here at home. I would love to include timelines and the irresponsible reporting by ALL media to this, but that’s too much for me.

Once again the media is missing the point. CNN panelists jabbering on and on about the Lewis/Trump thing without mentioning WHY John Lewis said he thought Trump is not legit. Hint, hint media. It has a little something to do with James Comey…

I’ve come to really like Eichenwald. And of course I’m very sympathetic about his epilepsy. In fact, I’m starting to be concerned about this horrible troll trick of using something online to trigger an epileptic attack in someone, for my kids sake and even my own. Laker got his muscular dystrophy from his Dad’s side, but he got the epilepsy from mine, and I’ve always had weird neurological problems like dyslexia, ADHD, and debilitating headaches and weird auras, so I’m afraid I could get a seizure myself someday if all the conditions were there. One of my great-grandfathers had a seizure in his early sixties and died right after it. I’d like to see the trolls that do this kind of thing be prosecuted for attempted murder and given the appropriate jail sentence.

(In case anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about, Eichenwald is epileptic and a right wing troll sent him some weird light thing that caused him to have a grand mal, and now he can’t drive, etc. He knows who did it and supposedly is going after the person somehow. I think this is like terrorism)

@GAgal: Don’t even try to do an actual flowchart of that stuff because it might end up looking something like this.

Headline on Huffpo front page:


A bit fascist, no?

@100, LOL!

@99> Yes I remember reading about the “virtual attack” on Eichenwald. Someone sent him either a virus or a message that had flashing lights in it, intended to trigger a seizure. And it did.

@93> “Make America Sane Again” is the slogan for Maher’s new season of “Real Time.” In the past Maher has said some questionable things about women and HRC. But during this campaign he really stepped up and was one of HRC’s biggest defenders during the election. (He supported Bernie in the primaries, but switched when HRC won.) He called anyone who refused to vote for her or attacked her “a fucking idiot.” Including people like Colin Kaepernick, who said that there was no difference between HRC and Drumpf. On the final few episodes of the series, which were right before the election, he was really alarmed that Drumpf would win…

@101: I saw that the Ethics guy’s term overlaps Pres terms of office

The Director of OGE serves a five-year term, thereby overlapping presidential terms, and is subject to no term limit

but, I guess tRump could replace him, who knows?

@105> He’ll probably replace him with Chris Christie.

@104: Yes that’s one of the things that makes me uncomfortable with Maher, his sexist statements at times.

Bernie said on ‘This Week’ today that he WILL be attending the inauguration. Hope all the BirdieBrains will be okay with that. Not.

@108: Bernie is

@107> He does have a reputation for saying anything. His thought on Islam are a bit whacky as well. But I guess it’s hard to find someone you agree everything on.

@111: That’s true. I wonder if maybe that’s just him wanting to be a “bad boy” at times.

@104, 111, agree. I have disagreed with Maher plenty of times over the years (I used to watch Politically Incorrect in the 90s) but since I like the way he cuts through the bs on so many topics, I keep watching him.

One of my favorite shows on Politically Incorrect and Al Franken and Skunk Baxter (formerly of the Doobie Brothers) on and it was hilarious. Baxter is a know-it-all rethuglican and Franken ate him for lunch. I could never stand Skunk, he’s an asshole in real life as well, which I can personally attest to. He’s going to be at some event at the NAMM Show that we are supposed to attend next week. I will avoid him.

“One of my favorite shows on Politically Incorrect and” oops, should have said “Politically Incorrect had…”

#104, ah, thanks for clearing that up.

@112> Being a “bad boy” may be true. He’s an entertainer and a comedian, so he’ll say things… But as socalannie says, he does often cut through a lot of BS and doesn’t let his conservative guests shut him down. In that regard, he’s one of the few liberal people on TV who doesn’t let conservatives get away with BS. In fact, I can’t think of another one…

Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with Maher too because of the sexism.

You know #thebernout is attending the inauguration because he doesn’t want to be upstaged by HRC. So completely pathetic!

@118, exactly. I’ve noticed a lot of anti-Bernie stuff on twitter the past couple of days, which makes me happy!

@103, Some Trumpist p.o.s. send Eichenwald a tweet with a strobe, which triggered a seizure. Eichenwald filed charges, now knows who the jerk is, and is continuing to press charges for cyber-assault. More power to him.

I check his Twitter feed frequently, and saw that strobe myself, which was extraordinarily nausea-inducing and painful to view for the split second I did before looking –and clicking –away. I know seizures can be triggered by certain frequencies of visual disturbances. Eichenwald’s feed stayed silent for a couple of days, and then he was back on and told the world what that p.o.s. did.

@121: I hope Eichenwald is able to get a judgement and nice sum from the jerk who did that.

I really love that Daily Beast article that is linked to upthread. Its obvious Bernie has been played by Putin when you hear Bernie the Collaborator spew stuff like we have to give dump a chance.

One of my close friends here in my town is supportive of the far left (I think because of her kids influence), so yesterday, I asked laker to post the Daily Beast article to his FB page, because she loves FB and her and laker are “friends” on it. Last night she left a comment under the article link (on FB) and said “unfortunately, I think this is true.” So, I am very glad about that, and thanks again to DYB for posting the link.

@121, that strobe light is still on twitter?!? Good god, why don’t they remove it? Twitter shouldn’t allow anything like that. It could damage kids fgs.

@122, agree,

We go to a lot of concerts and laker always covers his face with a hoodie or jacket when the lighting gets too “strobe-y”.

Gotta get some work done. Catch you all later! Fredster enjoy your

Meh. Was trying to put in the football emoji. Was never good at those things!

@126 Annie click on emoji – click back in to comment box – then hold down Control and type v (for paste) Try again! It’s fun!

@124, no it’s not still on there. I must have viewed it sometime after Eichenwald’s seizure was triggered and before the sadist jerk deleted it.

@127 I forgot to add put a space between text and emoji.

126: Just click on the emoji and you should see a msg above that says (emoji) has been copied. Then over here all you should have to do is the mac version of a rt click and it should paste in.

…and it had “you deserve a seizure” flashing on and off right in the middle of the other flashing graphics. Sounds right Christian of ’em, eh?

@120, in other words, the chief of the CIA just called Trump a dangerous and unstable idiot.

@123> I’m glad some are recognizing the truth. None of my friends who are Bernie Bros are. They think the whole Russian thing is just a distraction, nothing to see there, moving along, yay Bernie!

@132> Yep, Brennan pretty much called him an idiot. There’s no way Drumpf is going to let that slide. There’s a tweet storm coming folks!

Phew! Green Bay beat Dallas literally in the last few seconds!

Clarence Thomas will be swearing in Mike Pence. Sure, why not? Maybe they can channel Scalia’s ghost for Trump.

@134: Someone should play this film for tRump and remind him it’s never a good idea to piss off the C.I.A.

@133, funny how Bernie is not talking about the Russian connection. But after all, how often does he talk about the important stuff?

Keep tweeting Drumpf…you’re losing approval points by the day! Honestly, how can you spend a minute listening to the Yam and not realize what a psychopath he is?

I feel absolutely horrible for Eichenwald. He almost died because of that slimeball on Twitter.

The people of Atlanta are not taking kindly to Trump’s tweet about Lewis. But look at this scumbag’s comment. (don’t even know if he lives in Atlanta.)

Conservative talk show host Erick Erickson responded this way: “Just a reminder that John Lewis thinks Republicans in power are worse than dogs and water hoses in the street.”–regional-govt–politics/atlantans-say-trump-wrong-about-their-city-and-john-lewis/wAzEyW9wpbzo953flxx5mO/

Y’all are going crazy here with the comments these days. On the front page of the paper today there was the headline Georgia tells Trump NO!! Because of his idiotic tweet about John Lewis’ district.

I’m just at a loss as to what to do about a Russian agent going into the white house. I really can’t blame the Dems because we have no power. And we’re supposed to rely on the craven and cowardly GOP to defend the country? We’re screwed. They’re all tied in with Putin too with the exception of McCain and Graham.

GA gal great minds and all and no, Erickson lives in Macon not Atlanta and if the GOP would quit acting like a bunch of idiotic segregationists maybe Lewis would quit saying it.

@131, my god!!! What a horrible f*cking person!

Remember when I went to the rally here in OK and there were Trump bikers intimidating us? I didn’t realize they are a group “Bikers for Trump” From their Facebook page:
“Please help support- Bikers For Trump- at Trumps Presidential inauguration. We have the only pro- Trump permits for the inauguration. Anti Trump groups have gobbled up all other areas and are actively preparing and advertising for people to join their effort to cause chaos and mayhem. Remember the Bikers For Trump standing toe to toe against black lives matters and shoulder to shoulder with law-enforcement at the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio. We need financial help for the folling things: ……” – Typical, they can’t spell FOLLOWING, lol. Peaceful, my ass – I’ve seen them in action.

But it is funny they hold the only permit for a pro-trump organization at the inauguration. The only pro-Trump group at his inauguration? Seriously?? That is hilarious if true.

@142: And we love the going crazy with the comments.

Eichenwald is good. I like him and David Fahrenthold

@145: I hope they get zilch.

@145> I’d find the idea that they are the only ones to be rather surprising. I think the leader of that group was just profiled in WaPo. I saw a headline on Facebook, but didn’t read the article.

I am curious to see how well this inauguration is attended.

88 | DYB

Absolutely and a good long list of that has been going on…comes as no surprise to most of us.

Just because El Douche, KellyannCrackpot and his team of losers say all this is unsubstantiated, doesn’t make it so. Getting the video of TRump paying prostitutes to pee on a bed in Russia might be difficult to obtain, but the fact that Douche has many ties to Russia, besides all the money he owes in loans, is fact.

Why does Wikileaks do something useful for a change and exposed Trump’s taxes so we can see his recent financial dealings with Russia?

Because Assange is getting his info from the Russians and they have no interest in seeing those returns released.

This is gooood. Here’s another thing our inept media failed to follow – the one and ONLY change to the Repub platform about arms to Ukraine. It was barely reported and when it was, no one knew exactly who pushed it and how it got changed. Big mystery. I might have a new name to add to my flowchart! J.D. Gordon


I was being facetious.

@151> Because Assange and Greenwald wanted Drumpf elected. They’ve been defending him even as the Russian dossier got dumped. The irony of them criticizing a document dump…

Assange also criticized the Panama Papers because it exposed Putin and many Russians. Again, irony…

@155> Ahhh, gotcha. 🙂

Randy Rainbow is really amazing! The best thing to have come out of our national nightmare.

Randy Rainbow was brilliant! Thanks Contrask.

Thinking about the fact that MI6 Steele & Co. began working for the Dems after the Repubs lost to Trump – it was reported that was financed by a Dem Super PAC (deep, dark money) The only one I can think who is willing to fight as dirty as Stone & friends is David Brock. That’s my guess unless I learn otherwise. It might explain why his eyes looked a little crazy when I saw him on TV. He knew about this and couldn’t do anything about it but wait. He (or somebody) waited a little too long. Someone should have by-passed Comey.

@156 Also because Assange thinks he and Snowden have a better chance of getting out of their Russian and Ecuador embassies with Trump and Hill would have said hell no.

@160> Is David Brock that rich? Maybe Bloomberg? He certainly attacked Drumpf nicely. There were a couple of billionaires who were openly hostile to him.

Bernie Sanders, talking about Comey, on a Sunday morning talk show:

“I think he should take a hard look at what he has done. And I think it would not be a bad thing for the American people if he did step down,” Sanders said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Really Bernie? He should “take a hard look at what he has done?” That’s the best you can do? Do you want to send him to bed without his cookies and milk also?

Bernie, I remember your hateful, commie old ass railing against Hillary all during the primary, but when it comes to a corrupt public servant that colludes with the rethug party to steal the American election, AND WHO HAPPENS TO BE A MAN, you’re more gentle and forgiving than my grandmother.

Fuck off Bernie.

@162 David Brock’s Super PAC. Citizens United made sure no one could know who donated or how much, so he took advantage of it. Even though Bloomberg knows tons about Trump, I don’t think he knew of the Russian connection. I’m sure the righties think it was George Soros! *drink!*

@163 From a link here today I saw Bernie called Slanders. Since that’s all he’s done to Hillary and the Democratic party, that’s my new name for him going forward. This is pathetic:

“I think that Comey acted in an outrageous way during the campaign,” Sanders said Sunday. “And, you know, no one can say that this was decisive and this was what elected Trump, but clearly his behavior during the campaign in terms of what he said in the week or two before the election was unacceptable. And it is interesting that he is not doing investigations about the possible ― possible ties between Trump’s campaign and the Russians.”

It’s not only possible Slanders, it happened.

@165 Dang it. It happened again. Last sentence mine, not Slanders. Weird. I know I put the after the quote.

I can’t stand Bernie. Where are the other Dens? Is everyone keeping mum for a good reason? I’m so discouraged sometimes

I can’t stand Bernie either. He inspires bad people. Glad to hear he’s finally talking about the Russian moves, but too little and too late.

Keep on at your Congresscritters (assuming they’re not Rs) that you don’t want a non-Democrat as head of Dem Outreach.

@164: David Brock’s Super PAC. Citizens United

Oh no, definitely not Citizens United, but he did start these:

He has since also founded super PACs called American Bridge 21st Century and Correct the Record, has become a board member of the super PAC Priorities USA Action, and has been elected chairman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)

@169 Fredster, no I meant the Citizens United Supreme Court decision is why super PACs can collect so much money from “shadow” donors. There were several super PACs for Hillary so it could be any one of them. I’m just guessing it’s Brock’s.

Bernie is genetically incapable of saying something strong. Everything he says about Trump and the GOP it’s like he’s afraid criticize them and soft pedals it. I don’t know but it’s probably related to Bernie’s own ties to Russia. If he gets too loud it’s all going to come out.

@170: Ah okay. Misunderstood, my bad.

Oh goodness, gonna call it a night or rather morning.

See y’all later in the day.

@171> Slanders and his Bros reserve all their rage for Democrats.

So, every single time I’ve stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a bagel. Every. Single. Time. This happens.

Me: Plain bagel to go please.
Dukin Donuts Employee: Plain bagel?
Me: Plain bagel.
DDE: ????
Me: ……
DDE: Plain?
Me: Yes, plain bagel.
DDE: Toasted?
Me: No, just plain bagel to go.
DDE: Just plain? No butter?
Me: No.
DDE: No cream cheese?
Me: No, just plain bagel to go.
DDE: [Looks around at other employees for confirmation]
Other DDE: [Blank stare]
Me: ……
DDE: Plain bagel to go?
Me: Yes.
DDE: [silently places plain bagel into a bag]

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