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Posted on: January 13, 2017

All too often, internet shorthand stumps me.  So off I go to the Urban Dictionary, like I did with “tbh” and “to be honest,” until I saw it I had no idea.

You are probably wondering why I’m going out of my way to advertise my ignorance?  Pretty simple:  Actively seeking understanding is power.  We “libruls” understand that.  Those on the other side have retooled their party around the credo of “power through obfuscation and misunderstanding.”trump-blimp-blg

It’s as if there’s a “Parade of Deplorables” being led by a bloated balloon of neediness in the shape of an orange-hued con man and a drum majorette, Khaleesi Conway, a breeder of dragons who makes nightmares come true. To paraphrase Lt. Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds, “You probably heard PeeOTUS and Khaleesi Conway ain’t in the truth-tellin’ business, they in the double-dealin’, deceitful, duplicity business.  And cousin, business is a’boomin’!”

Tbh, their shirtless BFF Putin hasn’t been this happy since he found a use for that third nipple.  Just think, with a set of rubber sheets and a couple of small-bladdered babushkas, half the American public no longer trusts the CIA while the Republican Party is one shot of vodka away from being Putin’s baby mama.



This Kremlin/FSB hacking operation couldn’t have shaken American institutions any more if you had hidden a quart of oil and turned loose a Oklahoma fracking operation.

This operation has brought out all manner of gaseous Russian nesting dolts.  Those people who whine and bray about those 70,000 white guys in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wescottsin who are pissed off that their 72 inch flat screens only have 200 sports and 600 porn channels.


To hear the likes of comrade Bernie and Frau Jane tell it, we need to chase these 70,000 guys out of their deer stands, off their four-wheelers, and camp out at Nascar races to tell them how much we empathize with their economic plight.  We have to tell them they have an NRA guaranteed constitutional right to earn about twice as much as a teacher, have better health care, take four weeks vacay, as long as they worship the good book, Hillbilly Elegy, and pray to a guy named J.D. Vance.

It’s now a religion to accept the child abuse of J.D.’s dysfunctional family as a quaint sociological Uber-ride straight to 1955 without mention of the purple bruising against their lazy lily-whiteness.  This “other side of the tracks” chic is a fixer-upper just like a mid-century renovation without the “open concept” kitchen.

For poor millionaire folks like Bernie, Frau Jane, and J.D. (Just Darlin’), it has to be about the economics because, “They is kind.  They is smart.  And they is important.” But, to be honest, “No it ain’t.”  It is because the Trump voters are hostile sexists and rabid racists.  And in Kentucky, they can no longer have sex with their pets, but they can continue to indiscriminately date other barnyard animals.

Here’s what their sexism and racism looks like before they buy an oven mitt celebrating it at Cracker Barrel.


Even after their tattoos have failed spell check, it is possible to overcome this WWE/MMA mentality.  It only takes 10 minutes of engaged storytelling.  For the 70,000 unibrowed, deep-set eyes crowd, “It places a premium on being smart but is skeptical, even contemptuous, of public displays of the work of getting smart…Ours is a culture of cleverness, not of knowledge, one that is far more comfortable in assessing wit than in assessing evidence.”

This will-o-the-wisp cleverness, written in spasms of 140 characters, is where these political Yetis dwell – sniffing at Proust, but reeking of Breitbart and waxing eloquent from the verbal explosive diarrhea of Alex Jones.  The internet’s public square is littered with the intellectually homeless.


Tbh, collectively we are impressed with a Texas oil guy who was CEO of a gang of international mud engineers who now believes he can master Foggy Bottom in one grand leap of fastidiousness.  Everyone is focused on the bigness of his office, but is missing the smallness of the man.  I have never known an executive who is a lifelong company man – a man who has never been challenged with a new corporate “repotting” – who is kept awake at night by original ideas.

Tillerson, a man who is a success by fluffing the corporate rung just above him, and the clamorous Yam, whose greatest joy is pissing upon those below him, are uniquely unsuited for vistas of self-awareness and discovery.  You can easily see the commanding vacuity of Tillerson – he’s a man who sends his shirts out to be stuffed.



The lesson we are about to learn is a simple one.  Actions borne of anger are seldom, if ever, decisions celebrated for their clarity of purpose.  The Trumpanzee is uniquely adept at flinging the feces produced by the prolific arseholes of the Tea Party.  He’s a Vesuvius of frothing at the pie hole and a Death Valley of generosity of spirit – the perfect avatar of crippling anger and brilliant ignorance shining from a hilltop as a beacon of impending disaster.

To be honest, the Trump/Putin administration offers vintage rage rarely seen more than once a century.  The Chinese curse of living in interesting times could not be truer if it were printed on a Trump tie and shod in Ivanka boots.

What’s on your mind today?


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tbh, excellent post, Prolix!

Just when you think the reprehensible Republicans can’t stoop any lower, there’s this:

tbh, they truly are a despicable, inhumane bunch.

P.S. I hope your ribs heal quickly! I know how you feel as I had a broken rib as the result of an auto accident many years ago.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Most excellent Prolix!

I’ve been arguing with some Bernie Bros at work who tell me all this Russia nonsense is just a distraction pushed by Democrats who are embarrassed and want to take attention away from all the hearings because they’d be ok with all of Trump’s appointees, but don’t want it to look that way. The document dump (that’s what Shep Smith on Fox called it and that’s what Bernie Bros are calling it) from BuzzFeed is just meant to take attention away from Democrats’ weaknesses. I wish I still had a head, but it’s exploded so many times that I’ve got nothing left.

Also, Sanders’ Facebook group has been posting a lot of posts against Corey Booker. He is their new enemy, they want him gone. They call him a Republican, repost old articles when Ivanka Trump held a fundraiser of him in 2013. They’ve got their sites set on him and say they can’t wait to get rid of him. This is what the Organic Tea Party is all about now.

I’m coining a new term: Organic Tea Party for the Left.

And I think this revelation about Khaleese Conway by Carl Bernstein is a big deal.

tbh, I am breathless from the magnificence of this post. Prolix, you have returned with a roar! My favorite bon mot: “He’s a man who sends out his shirts to be stuffed.” ROFL!

DYB, the brogressives have always been delusional and expected reality to come to them. This makes them vulnerable to con men like Obama, Sanders and Drumpf. They’re actually not ideological. They just want Daddy to tell them they’re special, and the smart girl who won’t date them is probably a demon from hell, anyway. They are just as deplorable as the Drumpfers.

I love your idea of the Organic Tea Party, too! Stein’s supporters could be the Green Tea Party!!

@3, too bad the revelation was on CNN, the “trash” news organization that Donald has black listed from his blue moon pressers.

DYB, are you like that alien in MIB played by Tony Shaloub? His head grows back, hope yours does too! If not, you are smarter without a head than a Bernie bro with one.

Prolix! You are back! Woo-hoo!!!!! How can you be so blazingly funny and analytical whether you are well, ill or in recovery (from being ill not from drugs or alcohol, which is not the case, but would be understandable if you were).

tbh, great post, Prolix.

The Bernie bullies can’t even see that they’re useful idiots for Putin. They should have read the dossier.

Meanwhile, the IC is bigly pissed about Trump and itching to make trouble for him. Hurry up! I say.

OMG! Tbh, more meds and more of the “good” cough syrup for Prolix. I know you are still feeling poorly P, but what a great post-flu piece!

@1, Roz, great to see you. Thanks for your kind words.

I had seen Chait’s article. Can you believe a group of adults would be so despicable as to threaten children’s health care? Simon Legree wasn’t even that bad.

They had better hope there is nothing to the karma thing, otherwise, they are in for a world-class hurtin’!

@2 & 3, DYB, you are a better man than I for trying to bring enlightenment to the Bernie Bros. No wonder the Bros don’t like Corey Booker — he has more melanin than they can tolerate.

I like what Carl did to Kahleesi Conway. Have you noticed she has become more “testy and angry” of late? I think the pressure might be getting to her.

Oh, did you see the interview about Mike Flynn already on his way out? This crew is not ready for prime time.

So the cheaper medicines bill… A lot of people on Facebook are posting about it and attaching Democrats who voted against it, including Corey Booker. Anybody know what the bill was and why they would have voted against it? I haven’t really seen it discussed except for the very reactionary “Get rid of them all” memes.

@11> Oh I don’t know if I’m better. It may be the anti-anxiety medication I’m taking…

@4, thanks MB. Sending your shirts out to be stuffed is an honorific to be reserved for those special guys who are way passed being called an arsehole.

How about Stein’s crew being called, “Jillococcus and the Staph”?

@5, Cats! Great to be back — walking, rather shuffling, and wounded. But the drugs, they are good. Last I remember, I was trying to figure out that “tbh” thing and before I knew it, I was hitting publish.

From that C.J. article:

Alabama, which three years ago made it a misdemeanor, exempted acceptable veterinarian and animal husbandry practices. Indiana made bestiality a felony in 2002, after a Hammond man had sex with a chicken, then killed it, and could be prosecuted only for animal cruelty.

Only a misdemeanor huh? And in Indiana apparently the man from Hammond was into snuff things.

@6. Luna, thanks. Can you imagine pissing off the IC? It’s almost like, “Well, the IRS was too busy and I wanted more of a challenge.”

It does show what a fool the Trumpaloupe is to pick on the CIA. Someone is going to just happen to run across his tax returns, they might be under those rented Russian rubber sheets. Wouldn’t it be funny to be a waiter and ask the Yam, “What would you like on your salad — a little Russian Undressing?”

@9, thanks Fredster. You and DYB did the heavy lifting whilst I was in my purple haze of good cough syrup and 7.5s happy pills.

@16, LOL — I guess in Indiana, “Hoosier Chicken?”


Good job Prolix…we are all going to need a boatload of anti anxiety pills while Der Douche is in the Oval.

@1 and 10: Of course the other thing is that by going after CHIP it’s a sideswipe at HRC since she was involved in that.

@13: DYB, Prolix and I were emailing and I mentioned we may need to resort to our chemical safety net to get through the next four years. Join the club! 😷

@19: I wonder if the Indiana guy was required by Pence to give the sexually abused dead chicken a burial?


I see you’re back in fine form, Prolix!! Can we put the BirdieBrains in the basket of deplorables along with their comrades now? Suckers…

@12 DYB About the prescription drugs bill – if Booker’s critics want to know why he and other Dems voted against it, instead of screaming at him, why don’t they just politely ask him? Here’s one persons opinion and this describes what the amendment is about. If it was political, just to stick it the Repubs, at this point I’m good with that. 🙂

What they voted against was the above amendment to the Budget reconciliation bill. The Budget reconciliation bill is not a normal bill because it never becomes law. It never goes to the president for signature or veto. What it does is set out the framework for spending money that the committee chairs must work with when legislating and appropriating.

The Klobuchar/Sanders amendment would have given Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming, the chairman of the Budget Committee, the discretion to pass a bill on the importation of prescription drugs or other means of lowering the price for American consumers, even if that required him to adjust how monies were allocated to his subcommittees.

For starters, Sen. Enzi voted against giving himself this discretion, so he clearly had no intention of taking advantage of it. In truth, though, this amendment was just one of several amendments the Democrats introduced to cause political pain to the Republicans. None of them would have actually become law, but all of them could be used to attack anyone who voted against them.

Don’t forget the Indiana chicken guy is also a pedophile. No way that chicken could be at age of consent… (groaning at my own joke)

So the head of the ethics committee comes forward, practically begging Trump’s peeps to come work with them to use their expertise to Trump’s advantage, and what does Chaffetz do? Threatens him with a subpoena. I’d love to it see that. Judging from the video posted here yesterday, he would leave Chaffetz swimming in his own sweat – just like Trey Gowdy was after questioning Hillary for 10 hours.

I can’t quite picture how one has sex with a chicken–you know what, never mind.

I want to know WHO is making these decisions. Flynn, Bannon or Putin. It can’t be Trump. He is too ignorant – literally dumb – so WHO is it? Removing the head of the DC National Guard during the inauguration. Who is that stupid?

Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz’s departure will come in the midst of the presidential ceremony, classified as a national special security event — and while thousands of his troops are deployed to help protect the nation’s capital during an inauguration he has spent months helping to plan.

“The timing is extremely unusual,” Schwartz said in an interview Friday morning, confirming a memo announcing his ouster that was obtained by The Washington Post. During the inauguration, Schwartz would command not only the members of the D.C. guard but also an additional 5,000 unarmed troops sent in from across the country to help. He also would oversee military air support protecting the nation’s capital during the inauguration.

“My troops will be on the street,” said Schwartz, who turned 65 in October. “I’ll see them off, but I won’t be able to welcome them back to the armory.” He said he would “never plan to leave a mission in the middle of a battle.”

@28, an investigation of chaffetz is long overdue. He doesn’t even bother to cloak his bias and hatred of all things democrat. The people of Utah should be ashamed of this muck raking witch hunter.

Hillary Clinton’s Former Campaign Spokesman is Now Openly Casting Doubt on Whether Trump is a Legitimate President

One week from the Inauguration, and Democrats across America remain indignant and outraged that Donald Trump is about to become America’s 45th president.

“Justifiable” reasons for discontent and hand-wringing abound, as many Democrats see it.

First, it was the alleged Russian cyber attack that revealed damning emails sent to and from Clinton staffers.

Then, it was FBI Director James Comey’s 11th-hour announcement that he was “reopening the investigation” into Hillary’s email scandal.

Now, it’s Thursday’s announcement that the Justice Department’s Inspector General is launching an inquiry into whether both the DOJ and the FBI followed “established policies and procedures” in the investigation of, and public comments about, the scandal.

With that whole backdrop, former Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon suggested during a Friday interview on CNN that Trump’s presidency is not legitimate.

“I think those tweets are just the latest indication that Donald Trump is someone who is very insecure in his victory, and I understand why.

Every day there are new developments, new shoes dropping so to speak, that call into question the legitimacy of his win.”

@26> Thanks Gagal! Very interesting. A bit more complicated than Bros make it seem. Right now instead of consolidating power to fight Drumpf, they are trying to pick off people like Booker… As Bill Maher would say: “Fucking idiots.”

@GAgal, another interesting question concerning Flynn is why did he make all of these calls to the Russian Ambassador when Obama kicked out all of the Russian diplomats?

Evidently there was a major brouhaha when Comey and Clapper came to brief the Democrats. Debbie Wasserman Schultz ask, what I consider, a legitimate question, “Why didn’t Comey pick up the phone and call her like he had done with other hacking victims?” After the meeting, it seems lots of minds were changed about Comey — something is being withheld that we are likely to hear about in a few days.

Here’s the other question no one is asking, “They had the laptop for weeks before he sent that letter. Why did they wait three or four weeks until 11 days out to send the letter and ask for a subpoena?”

@31, that is just totally nutz. It is beyond explanation. What are these people thinking? These are not products of a hygienic mind.

@37: From the WaPo article:

Another military official with knowledge of the process said the Trump transition team receives lists of political appointees and can decide which resignations to accept. Army officials declined to comment on that part of the process. All resignations are effective at 12:01 p.m. on Inauguration Day.

I can imagine someone saying “yeah, can them all” not realizing what the hell they were doing.

@36: And here is the dilemma you have if you push for Comey’s ouster:

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) said he’s also not calling on Comey to step aside, largely because the opening would force Trump to tap a replacement.

“You know what you got, you don’t know what you’re going to get,” Pascrell said.

Prolix, love the post and so happy to you back on top of your game. I also loved all the comments, but unfortunately don’t have time to comment on them. Will not be able to get back til late tonight or tomorrow.

@39, I think that is a false choice. What the Trump voter voted for was to blow things up. If Dems allow hobbled agencies to limp along without Trump being accountable for outcomes, these “idjit voters” will never learn the consequences of their votes. These stories of Obamacare bad, ACA good mean that the “idjits need to get a little on them.” If they want to blow stuff up, they should have some of the debris in their hair.. They want to blow up government, the same government that writes their Social Security checks, pays the Medicare bills, and keeps an army armed and fed. They need to feel it.

@31 GAgal I was on a thread where someone fears the DN National Guard removal is so Trump can have his own man there to rough up the protesters at the march on 1/21. Or maybe, they will just put stories out of the horrible destruction the protesters do? The beginning of his own militia? Imperial troop march song begins……..

Okay, tweetie just said, “Hillary’s numbers didn’t look good today, I guess people don’t like a loser. Her numbers will look better in a few years.” I have hated Matthews since 2008, this reminded me why. Anyone know what he was referring to?

@41: But I don’t see how whether to replace Comey or not will affect the (less than) avg Drump voter. His being replaced or not won’t affect their health care, Soc. Sec. or Medicare.

@43: Cats3: I would have to watch him to know about it and the last few months I’ve made it a practice to just stay away from tweetie.

Mr. Pundit asks a good question today. Where the Fuck Are You, Democrats?

Tweetie can die.

I agree with Prolix at 41. Problem is that if things just hobble along, the only people who suffer are people like us, who understand what the hell is happening and are powerless to stop it. Those rust belt folks need to feel it. Elections do have consequences. If we’re going to suffer, they must suffer too. I’m tired of being a better person. I’m just not. They wanna burn it all down? Ok.

Of course one can argue that the majority of the voters did not vote for Drumpf, and they will suffer as well. So…


Yes, the blowup meeting with Dems and Comey is another big story right now…

A number of House Democrats left Friday’s confidential briefing on Russian hacking fuming over the actions of FBI Director James Comey and convinced he’s unfit to lead the agency.

“I was nonjudgmental until the last 15 minutes. I no longer have that confidence in him,” Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.), ranking member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, said as he left the meeting in the Capitol.

“Some of the things that were revealed in this classified briefing — my confidence has been shook.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings (Md.), senior Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, delivered a similar condemnation.

“I’m extremely concerned — extremely,” he said.
“I’ll just — I’m very angry,” echoed Rep. Mark Takano

The intelligence community believes Russia hacked Democratic groups in an effort to help elect President-elect Donald Trump, claims Trump had publicly cast doubt on before this week.

Comey has been under fire since several weeks before the Nov. 8 elections, when he announced a new leg in an FBI investigation into the use of a private email server by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — a probe that, as with the first round, resulted in no criminal charges. In response, many Democrats have accused Comey of altering the course of the presidential race in favor of Trump.

Friday’s briefing, featuring Comey and the heads of the other top intelligence agencies, was classified, restricting the freedom of lawmakers to reveal details.

The Justice Department’s inspector general on Thursday announced a new investigation into the agency’s actions leading up to the election, a probe that will focus on Comey’s public statements as well as FBI leaks and other relevant correspondences.

Republicans have largely defended Comey, and many left Friday’s briefing with their minds unchanged.

“The FBI director is a good man who was placed in a very difficult position,” said Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.). “His boss [U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch] made life very difficult for him in the last year when she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac.”

Democrats have a markedly different take.

“I want to [have faith in Comey],” said a visibly annoyed Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.). “I have concerns. Stay tuned.”

Yet there’s also a powerful sense among the Democrats that, while their faith in Comey has plummeted, they’d rather have him atop the FBI than roll the dice to see who Trump would tap as a replacement.

“Do I have confidence in him? Not really. But I think he’s probably going to be better than the guy they’d put in,” said one Democrat, who spoke only anonymously to discuss a sensitive topic. “It’s like a rock and a hard place, but I think that’s pretty much where a lot of people are.”

Walz, for one, is not in that place.

“I’m disappointed, outraged — many of us are right now,” Walz said. “I’ll wait to pass full judgment, but the exchange that just happened in the final 15 minutes gives me no reason to have confidence.”

Shortly after the meeting, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — a sharp critic of Comey’s actions leading up to the elections — spoke broadly about the FBI without weighing in on Comey specifically. She suggested she’s waiting for the results of the DOJ’s IG report to pass a judgement on the FBI director.

“No, I haven’t lost confidence in the agency,” she told reporters in the Capitol.

“My concern about the FBI is the timing and their not signing [the broader intelligence document on Russian hacking]. And that was the judgment of Director Comey, unless it goes deeper, and that’s what the investigation will find out,” she added. “Let’s find out how they thought this was a good idea to make the judgments they did, and understanding — weighing full well — that the Russians were actively engaged in disrupting our election.”

@46> Mr. Pundit is all kinds of right. I think we have all been wondering: where the fucking hell are Democrats? I mentioned it once before, but that includes HRC. Ok I get it, she’s tired and disappointed and the woods near her house are lovely. But holy shitballs, Democrats and people who did not vote for Trump – which is the majority of the electorate – are freaking out. They are watching Trump go ape-shit on a daily basis and pick all sorts of deplorables to run the country with/for him – and Democrats are just going “la la la.” The meeting I attended in NYC with Corey Johnson is the only thing that seems to have happened. Even the Marches around the inauguration are not organized by Democrats. Democrats have just died and are allowing Bernie Sanders and Glenn Greenwald dictate all the news about them, as they are doing today with Corey Booker. No seriously, what in the actual hell? Where is the leadership? When a hundred people assemble outside of Chuck Schumer’s house and he does not come out to speak to them – where is the leadership? Whatever we think they have planned later on (based on HRC’s holidays e-mail which said absolutely nothing) – it’s not enough. People need reassurances NOW. Not later. Right NOW.

John Lewis is the only one who has said anything so far. Today he said he does not consider Drumpf to be a legitimate President.

@43, Cats, from your time stamp it looks like it was around 7:15. It is right about that time when Tweetie starts his belching and acid reflux. I just can’t watch him — daily he’s like a cat with a bad hairball problem. For the life of me, I don’t know why someone doesn’t tell him, “No belching on camera — your spitballs are smudging the lens.” Or maybe they need to change his suet — that might be it.

Tweetie is such a star f*cker, I bet you could find his DNA on the Hubble Telescope.


I think we have all been wondering: where the fucking hell are Democrats?

I agree that it seems like they have forgotten how to fight. I see more fighting coming out of California than I do in DC. Obama is about to get 8 years erased and goes to meet the Dems and tries to inspire THEM to fight for him…but why isn’t he fighting and leading an example?? He is used to playing Mr. Slick and letting others fight for him.

It really ticks me off that Hillary had to defend his bum for the entire election, at the cost of her own voice. She wanted his supporters, and many of them didn’t show up on election day, like they did for him.

As far as Hillary and is she fighting…I think without her party putting on their big girl and boy pants…she will be fighting all by herself, again…as she has done for years.

John Lewis, what a brave, principled and honorable man. May he stay safe. Rachel has a great show so far, started with the Lewis/Todd interview.

@52, Prolix, I didn’t watch long enough to see if he produced a hairball. When he made that comment about Hillary I got apoplectic and went to my usual destination: On Demand. Rachel is like a dog with a bone on the impending trump autocracy. Definitely worth watching in its entirety these days.

Think back to the 90’s when First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton said she had no intentions of staying home to bake cookies and have teas. Now for Melania: (Dammit – it won’t let me copy to paste the first couple paragraphs!)

@56: But where will they put the golden showers room?

@52: Or maybe they need to change his suet — that might be it.


@57 They’ll put the golden showers room right next to Trump’s orange- spray tan booth.

@59, he’s going to get them mixed up! Bwhahaha!

The Donald is indeed very thin-skinned:

It’s the great port-a-potty cover-up for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Workers preparing for the inauguration Jan. 20 have taped over the name of the company — “Don’s Johns” — that has long supplied portable restrooms for major outdoor events in the nation’s capital.

Virginia-based Don’s Johns calls itself the Washington area’s top provider of portable toilet rentals. But the name apparently strikes too close to home for organizers of the inauguration of Donald John Trump.

Workers have placed blue tape over the company name on dozens of portable restrooms installed near the Capitol for the inauguration.

@61, well, we do know that most Rethugs don’t pay attention to things like evidence.

@62> They should rename then “Depositories.”

Corey Booker has responded to the drug prices bill. Glenn Greenwald should shut the fuck up.

“To those of you who have reached out to me by phone, email, social media, or otherwise about a vote I took this week related to the importation of prescription drugs: I greatly appreciate your feedback and I’m grateful for your passion.
I support the importation of prescription drugs. It should be part of a strategy to control the skyrocketing cost of medications. Further, we should be willing to try a lot of ways to control drug prices, because we’re going to need a comprehensive approach to truly solve this problem. Many of them will be counter to the desires of the pharmaceutical industry, but just as insurance companies shouldn’t drive health policies, drug companies shouldn’t dictate them either.
Any plan to allow the importation of prescription medications should also include consumer protections that ensure that the drugs coming into this country are safe. The amendment I voted against last week didn’t meet this test.
Public health leaders have long-stressed the need for strong safety standards coupled with any drug importation plan – everyone from commissioners, top officials, and researchers at the FDA to HHS secretaries under Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton.
Please know how committed I am to finding solutions ‎to the problem of skyrocketing drug prices – it’s a problem I’ve been working to alleviate for years. This is a life-or-death issue for millions of families, particularly seniors and those struggling with chronic health conditions like diabetes or asthma. This is a crisis for countless American families, and it is stretching them to the breaking point.
That’s why as mayor of Newark, I brought clinics, nonprofits, and drug companies to the table and developed a free drug discount card program that aimed to cut drug costs for under- and un-insured residents of our city.
It’s why I voted this week for measures that bring drug prices down and protect Medicare’s prescription drug benefit.
And it’s why I support and am exploring ways to find more comprehensive solutions to this growing problem, including finally allowing the government, through Medicare, to use their purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices and, of course, allowing for the importation of prescription drugs with adequate safety standards.
To those who think pharmaceutical industry pressure matters to me — it doesn’t. I work for the people of New Jersey, and have never and will never let any industry influence a vote I make on behalf of the American people.
Thank you again to all who reached out on this issue. ‎Your passion makes a difference.”

I was watching CNN today and caught this clip of Axelrod criticizing John Lewis for saying Trump’s presidency was not legit because of Russian influence. Here’s the text from crooks&liars and the link if you want to see Axlerod in all his stupendous glory:

“But the greatest triumph for Russia would be to legitimate their charges about our democracy and I worry about our institutions. I worry that we’re in this mad cycle of destruction,” Axelrod replied.

Because of course Putin’s interference doesn’t undermine our institutions at all. But wait! It gets better.

“I understand the outrage. but where is this all going? One of my great concerns about the President-elect is that I think sometimes he has disregard for our institutions and norms and that contributes to a weakening of our democracy,” he continued. Having a Russian puppet isn’t at all a weakening of our democracy, though. Right, David?

He dropped this as the punch line. “So, i just don’t want to see this constant churning that leads to kind of a reflexive reaction. every time a president gets elected who we don’t like,”

In other words, the only way to hide from Russia that they succeeded in hacking into our election and getting Trump elected is to pretend it didn’t happen. And as far as the ‘I think sometimes Trump has a disregard for our institutions’ comment… Oh my.

Oops, my last paragraph was me, not crooks& liars text.

@62 LOL! Whoever owns Don’s Johns should be glad their business is not associated with Trump! Sometimes ya’ need to re-think your marketing strategy.

@61, 1 in 1 Republicans believe they were fathered by Ronald Reagan just prior to him inseminating the Virgin Mary by walking past her in Las Vegas on the way to a Celine Dion concert and afterward they saddled up a dinosaur and pretended to be Fred Flintstone from their favorite documentary. This was reported in Breitbart and plagiarized by Monica Crowley.

@62: that’s okay because ole Don is gonna get his revenge.

The Exxon guy who wants to be Secretary of Oil and Gas basically promised to start a war with China over the South China Sea where there are a lot of the stuff he knows about under the water. Of course, we knew that 3 years ago.

@69, LOL! I really admire John Lewis for taking a stand. I wish Hillary and Bill weren’t going.

Interesting piece about the British spy. I can’t help but wonder if this info had been dumped the day after Comey’s letter to Congress made news, if we would be looking forward to the inauguration instead of dreading it.

@71, he’s going to be a disaster for the world.

I certainly can’t blame Debbie W Schultz for being pissed. I’m glad she got a chance to go off on Comey. I hope it’s not the last.

One more article why Dems came out of the meeting with Comey spitting mad. Either he refused to answer questions, even tho’ it was no longer a ‘public forum’, OR he denied the double standard of what he did.

The Pundit and I are on the same page. “How could you hand the keys to our treasury and democratic institutions over to Vladimir Putin? Do something before Inauguration Day because Trump is a clear and present danger to America.” This is my message to Chuck. I don’t know whether to call, email or tweet. Maybe tweet? Everyone seems to be doing it.

I remember thinking at the time that the Bros were f*cking idiots to believe hacked emails. Maybe it’s because I am in IT, but I know how extremely simple it is to manipulate electronic communications.

As for HRC, I see that her former spokesperson, Brian Fallon, has jumped on.the John Lewis bandwagon. If I were Hillary, having been thrown under the bus by the Democratic Party two elections in a row, I would certainly not be eager to lead the fight to save them now.

She would be a great choice to lead the DNC, though, if she could find a way to get over her outrage and pain. She needs to define their policies and their strategies, not any of these morons who want to run after white people. Screw us, we’re on our way out. Either we get with the rainbow colored program, or we go the way of the dodo. It’s up to us which choice we make.

I called my Senators again to leave messages re: dangerous and alarming action of Trump telling the DC Nat’l Guard General (who BTW happens to be black) to get out at 12:01pm on Jan 20th. One of the voice mailboxes was full. 🙂 So everyone, keep calling!

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