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Do The Right Thing

Posted on: January 11, 2017


Breaking news out of Washington is something that’s been discussed before the election  (like HRC during a debate, and Harry Reid in a letter he wrote to Comey asking him to explain if there are ties between Trump and Putin.) But with the exception of David Korn and Kurt Eichenwald nobody paid attention. Until now. Why now? Who knows. Maybe Trump just pissed off the CIA too much and they leaked more than is normal. Or maybe CNN wanted to crawl to number 1 spot by publishing the story first, unleashing the flood of what Trump would call “yellow journalism” from everyone else. Now it’s everywhere, the media is treating it like watergate. Twitter is the best though because you don’t need more than 140 characters to discuss the PEEOTUS’ sexual fetishes. Trump and his team have been astonishingly quiet about this. Trump did tweet somethings about FALSE NEWS (capitals not mine). Of course it’s a trap he’s boxed himself into with years of “People say so there must be something to it” mongering. Whether it’s Obama’s birtherism or HRC’s supposed Alzheimer’s. “People say…” His followers have said we live in a world that no longer has such a thing as facts. WikiLeaks takes on a whole new meaning (Assange has already stepped out to defend Trump) and Glenn Greenwald made his name publishing things without sourcing, so here we are. You live by fake news, you die by fake news. I’ve heard people say somewhere on the internet that Greenwald is a pedophile. I don’t have this info myself, it’s just something people say. But besides Trump’s salacious sex stuff, there are issues of greater concern, of course. However, it’s the sexual stuff that will keep the story in the news. Too bad the CIA didn’t e-mail these documents to HRC or John Podesta. Then maybe we would have been reading it about November 8th. But now it’s too late.

We are slouching towards Bethlehem. January 20th approaches and who knows what will come after that. We know Trump is basically a Russian spy and the US has lost the Cold War. But some people are still trying to tar and feather HRC for losing the electoral college. Chief among them is Bernie Sanders. Many are still feeling the bern. I’ve always been told that if a bern lasts more than 4 hours to contact a medical professional. But there is no cure for their rash. Instead of looking towards the Trump/Putin/Pence Presidency, Sanders has been taking a victory lap since November 9th trying to convince everyone that he would have won against Trump.

First, to quote someone famous, at this point what difference does it make? Second, Sanders’ claims are strictly anecdotal anyway. Unless someone has a time machine stashed away and we try the election over again with Sanders, the hypothesis is completely rhetorical. But if we must speculate, in my humble opinion, Sanders would have lost and lost bigly. He would have split the angry white men vote in the rust belt with Trump. (These white supremacists would have voted for a self-described Socialist Jew from Vermont? Are you nuts???) And Sanders would not have brought out the rest of the non-white coalition HRC was able to bring to the polls and win the popular vote by almost

3,000,000. He didn’t bring them out in the primaries and he wouldn’t have brought them out in the general. This is why Bernie’s unending “All White Men In The Rust Belt Matter and Democrats Should Love Them More” tour is so tiresome and unecessary. And as the berniewhite Independent Senator from the white state of Vermont continues to slam Democrats for not loving white people enough, I wonder what the non-white Democrats who voted for HRC think about being considered chopped liver, because once again they are told that they are not enough and that white people matter more. I think Democrats will face disaster if they follow Sanders’ line of thinking. Not only will they not get those white people from the rust belt to vote for them later, but they will lose a good number of non-whites who support them and HRC in 2016. Democrats’ solution to the 2016 disaster and the loss of a small football stadium worth of white voters in a few states should be surgical, not a nuke at the entire strategy because HRC’s strategy actually worked. She won by 3,000,000 votes across the nation and I fear that by appointing Sanders as their white people outreach ambassador – an ambassador who insists on using his bully pulpit to continue fighting the 2016 Democratic primaries – they will alienate the strong coalition of non-whites HRC built in 2016.

Speaking of Sanders still fighting the 2016 primary battle – like the South continues to fight the Civil War after all these years – why does Sanders refuse to acknowledge that HRC won the popular vote by almost 3,000,000 souls? I’m not sure I’ve ever heard him state this fact. It’s kind an important one. Sanders’ refusal to acknowledge it is similar to his refusal to discuss how terrible caucuses are when he bashes closed primaries for the Democratic nomination. It’s just so convenient for his self-aggrandizing narrative to ignore the popular vote vs. electoral college problem, just as it is inconvenient for him to discuss how terribly undemocratic caucuses are – because he won the caucuses. Sanders is intellectually dishonest. As Drumpf is about to be sworn in as President, Sanders and his Bros continue to wage war against Democrats, not Drumpf. It’s almost as if they don’t know who their actual enemy is…

Speaking of enemies – on Sunday January 8th I attended a “What Do We Do About Drumpf?” meeting in NYC organized by NYC Councilman Corey Johnson. Johnson is something of a hero to the LGBTQ community corey-johnsonin NYC because he’s a young, openly gay politician. His life story includes being a popular captain of his high school football team when he came out of the closet in 2000; the story made it as far as the New York Times. His teammates didn’t kick him off the team. Since November 8 he has been organizing these monthly meetings for members of the community to meet and discuss what we are going to do about Drumpf. Last month he had NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio as speaker. On Sunday he had NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. So he’s getting heavy hitters involved, though at this point nobody has any idea about what to do about anything.



Eric Schneiderman

Schneiderman’s presentation was fascinating. He discussed the fact that Republicans have managed to take over the country at the local levels because for many years Democrats just didn’t think local elections were that important.



The GOP now controls 69 of 99 legislative chambers across America. They hold nearly two-thirds of the governors’ mansions. And, in 25 states, they have complete control of the government, including both executive and legislative branches. This gives Republicans control of the rules that govern voting and the reapportionment of legislative and congressional districts.

The big takeaway from 2016 is that, despite the public supporting many Democratic positions on policy, Republicans are now reaping the benefits of their 30-year organizing strategy, supported by dozens of mega-wealthy donors. As someone who has recruited and fundraised for state candidates, I know that while Democrats have been great at raising money for presidential candidates, Republicans have an overwhelming advantage as you move down-ballot.

Schneiderman spoke of his own experience trying to raise money for local Senators and Representatives and being dismissed by donors. Result after 30 years of neglect is that Republicans have a whole lot of privileges, which includes gerrymandering. If we thought (and I thought so too) that gerrymandering is something that only happens in red states – we were all a bit stunned to see these maps:


Republican Marty Golden’s 22nd District in Brooklyn


Democrat/Republican’s Simcha Felder’s 17th District of Brooklyn

I mean….What In The Actual Fuck?! This is New York City folks.

Big problem New York state faces is that even though Democrats won majority of the votes – a handful of Democrats have chosen to back Republicans to run the NY Senate. They call themselves the Independent Democratic Conference and they have put Republicans in charge. What do they get out of it? Well, they get leadership positions as payment! Yay, Democracy. (Tony Avella of the 11th District, for example, chairs the – I kid you not – Ethics Committee). One wonderful fella, Simcha Felder of District 17 of Brooklyn (with a largely Hasidic and Russian Jewish population), actually ran as both a Democrat and a Republican. He explicitly said he’ll caucus with whomever gives him the better deal. I marisol-alcantarasuppose we should at least praise him for being honest about his lack of principles. Another wonderful Democrat, Marisol Alcantara, of District 31, was a Bernie Sanders delegate. People swear she’s super nice and liberal. But after the Democratic state party didn’t back her candidacy in the primaries she threw her lot with the Independent Democratic Conference, which gave her cash for her campaign, which she won by about 1% over a Democratic challenger, and now she backs Republicans to control NY Senate. Isn’t she wonderful? One woman at the meeting on Sunday stood up to defend her. She said she knows Alcantara personally and Ms. Alcantara is a “magnificent human being” who didn’t get money from the Democrats and “she really wanted to win” so “she did what she had to.” And there ladies and gentlemen, is all we need to know about Ms. Alcantara. “She wanted to win” and “did what she had to.”

The suggestion on what to do about people like Felder and Alcantara (the Independent Democratic Conference has 7 Democrats who caucus with Republicans), is that we need to get in touch with them and make them – shame them to – do what we need them to do. People also noted that we need to be constantly keeping Chuck Schumer in check to make sure he does the right thing. One gentleman said he and about 100 other people protested outside of Schumer’s apartment earlier in the day. He was home but refused to come out and meet them. And this reminded me of the moment in one of the Presidential debates when HRC discussed how Drumpf was bringing cheap steel from China to build his hotels, instead of getting American steel. And Drumpf responded: “Make me stop; pass laws to make me stop.” So this is what we have come to. We shudder at Drumpf saying “make me do the right thing,” but let’s get honest about this: Democrats insist on the same thing. We are supposed to make Schumer and Alcantara do the right thing. Aren’t they supposed to be on our side? Why don’t they just, you know, do the right thing? Corey Johnson pointed out at the meeting on Sunday that when the redistricting in NY was done – Democrats signed off on it. If they had rejected it, courts would have drawn the district lines. But Democrats worked out deals with Republicans to allow these travesties. Just like Obama knew about Drumpf’s ties to Russia – and just let it all slide, along with Mitch McConnell and the rest of them. How is it that members of our own party sell their souls to the devil and then look at us and say: “Make me do the right thing?” The answer might lie with the nice lady at the meeting who said: “She really wanted to win and she did what she had to do.”


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I watched a little bit of the press conference and I just can’t. It’s a piss-show. He’s a disaster. We’re all going to die.

2017 may be the year I go on anti-depressants AND start drinking.

Oh, and the piss show DYB, according to Uppity, is a diversion from the Senate hearings. Tillerson is up today as well as Sessions Part 2. How much do you want to bet that those who supported him aren’t watching the presser or the hearings, don’t believe he is Putin’s puppet and still think he is the best choice to MAGA?

Bernie who?

He’s done, toast…only he believes he still has a movement to lead.

Fer Gawd’s sake, the man had to bring his lawyer with him to the “press conference” to try to explain away his grifting. Okay CIA. Here’s your chance to (somewhat) make up for a lot of horrible crap you’ve done over the years. Find what it takes to bring him down that cannot be ignored. He’s a threat.

Sanders is living in the past. He would have lost the black vote in the general, just like he did in the primaries. He’s also forgetting that the GE goes by the majority vote in the states, not by caucus rules. In my state (Washington) Sanders won the caucuses, which were an ugly 3-hr trial that most of the voters stayed away from. Yet in Washington state’s primary (which the DNC ignored) Hillary won easily.

DYB, thanks for your recap of the event with Corey Johnson. Insightful discussion. This sort of activity — analysis and planning — needs to be happening everywhere.

in re:

Fire James Comey! And charge him with a crime if he’s prosecutable (is that a word? sounds funny)

Instead, the evidence is clear, and consistent, regarding the Comey effect. The timing of the shift both at the state and national levels lines up very neatly with the publication of the letter, as does the predominance of the story in the media coverage from the final week of the campaign. With an unusually large number of undecided voters late in the campaign, the letter hugely increased the salience of what was the defining critique of Clinton during the campaign at its most critical moment.

Thanks for the great post DYB. Love the picture of El Douche with the tiny hands and golden shower colored hair.

My son wanted to share this with you all, it was on his fb, and we don’t know how to share it in its original form, so we are doing it the best way we can. Here is the guys comments;

“Shaun King
6 hrs ·
I want you to view this video from 4 years ago in 2013 in light of recent events.
In it, Trump calmly, cooly, and confidently states that he has a relationship with Vladimir Putin. Then, it gets very weird. Trump then confidently states that Putin is following his every move, was likely even interested in the conversation they were having, and would likely be watching it later.
How did Trump know all of that?
See, this was off of the campaign trail, long before Trump announced his intentions to run. This was before he felt the pressure to say 6 different times “I don’t know Putin” and “I don’t know anything about Putin.”
This seems to be a clearer version of the truth. What’s going on here?”

Here is the video which we got from youtube:


Horrible, Comey should be nailed.

First, thanks for your post DYB — and I’m sure you were up late reworking it to make it so absolutely current. That was loads of work you put in last night — thank you.

Second, this goes for you and all the others around here who are working in groups to make a difference. You are right — I have never felt more insecure about our country.

That orange, bloated medicine ball of bowels and innards hasn’t brain one about him. He’s a fool. He’s beyond not smart — he’s a certifiable mentally ill threat to the country.

Just as sure as I’m typing this, there were Trump flunkies meeting with the Russian cutouts. It was all plausibly deniable, but it was real and coordinated. You can see the way they are picking at the accusations. It is his usual M.O. — focus on a small piece, pick at it over and over, deflect and conflate.

We learned too late that Nixon committed treason during the 1968 campaign. Here, we know the orange explosive diarrhea did it — the CIA is motivated, they will take him down. We can only pray that they do.

@8 & 9 — un-effing-believable! Honestly, you couldn’t make this up and if you did, no one, not a soul on the planet would believe it.

@12, great pickup by Laker Wade — thanks buddy! That pretty much sums it up — I don’t think the rancid Cheeto knows the truth.

@10 & 13, Nailed is too good for him — dragged behind a team of horses with a particularly nasty case of irritable bowel syndrome sounds more in keeping with his crimes.

I thought Angus King was too kind to him yesterday when he had the temerity to say, “We don’t comment on cases publicly.” Unbelievable.

DYB, thank you for the very interesting post. Agree with you that democrats have been lax everywhere, and need to go back to their roots and build from the bottom up (foundation first!). California came up with a pretty good redistricting plan a few years ago and Prolix did a post on it. I would link to it, but don’t know how.

I also wish we had term limits on reps and senators. And…am praying that some dem(s) will primary that old asshole Bernie. I would send them $ if they did.

I just got back from the doctor — again. For the past two evenings, I have not been able to go to bed. It seems as though I have broken two ribs from all the coughing while I had the flu.

All that can be done is pain meds for the next two weeks or so.

So 2016 is still making my life miserable.

Speaking of doing the right thing, if not for the action based on growing alarm from the British intelligence agent, we wouldn’t know any of this.

As summer turned to autumn, the investigator was asked for more information by the FBI but heard nothing back about any investigation. The bureau seemed obsessed instead with classified material that flowed through a private email server set up by Clinton’s aides. The FBI’s director, James Comey, threw the election into a spin 11 days before the vote by announcing his investigators were examining newly discovered material.

The former intelligence official grew concerned that there was a cover-up in progress. On a trip to New York in October, he decided to pass the material to the press. He met David Corn, the Washington editor of Mother Jones, who first reported its existence on 31 October.

@12, SoCal, Laker’s find blew me away. This video should have been played every time Trump disclaimed a relationship with Putin. And who in their right mind, publicly praises an autocrat who treats his own people with such cruelty and contempt unless that person is of like mind? I don’t trust the FBI at all at this point and the CIA is running out of time.

Re: Comey.

“A few hours before the explosive CNN and BuzzFeed reports landed on Tuesday, Comey was at a Senate intelligence committee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 election. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) asked the director whether the FBI has “investigated these reported relationships [between the Trump campaign and Russia]?” Comey replied, “I would never comment on investigations … in an open forum like this.” When Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) pressed Comey on the same question later in the hearing, he repeated that “especially in a public forum, we never confirm or deny a pending investigation.” (King dryly replied, “The irony of your making that statement here, I cannot avoid.”)”

@13: I want Comey to do what “honorable” law enforcement people have done in the past when they realized they caused great harm to others (or got caught doing something illegal): I want him to eat his service pistol.

He personally is responsible for letting loose the worst thing we have ever seen the United States of America have to face or deal with. He personally, against all advice to the contrary and against all standard procedures the D.O.J. previously followed, interjected himself into the waning days of a Presidential election.

There is no apology he can make that will suffice. There is only one action he can take and he should take it.

@22: See my comment at 23.

@19: If you have to cough grab a pillow and place it against your ribs and hold tight!!

DYB, check email when you have a chance.


Published on Jan 11, 2017
Walter M. Shaub, Jr., Director of U.S. Office of Government Ethics announces that Donald Trump’s attempts to resolve his conflicts of interest are inadequate, adding that divesture is not too high a price to pay to be president of the United States of America.

Prolix, I fell and hurt my ribs a couple of years ago. (don’t know how bad ’cause I never had it x-rayed) I used a wrap around my ribs for at least a year 24/7. Tight but not too tight. Still to this day, if I’m going to lift something heavy or bend a lot, I wrap my ribs first.

@23 Eating his service pistol may the the only way he leaves. If he is discharged, that’s pretty much an indication he, and others, knew and know it was to swing the election. It’s impossible to fire him without admitting he interfered.

@29: GAgal, they’ve kind of gotten away from the wrap thing:

In the past, it was common to tape or tightly wrap the injured rib area. But you should not do this, even if it eases your pain. It can keep you from taking deep breaths, and it could cause parts of your lung to collapse or could increase your risk for pneumonia.

@30: I agree. And honestly, I don’t want him discharged or anything else that may let him get a retirement from the govt.

His actions right before the election were specious to begin with. He had a good idea of what that was going to cause and he went against established procedure and did it anyway.

Prolix, am so sorry about what you’re going through. Several years ago, I would get the flu every winter and it would last for 2 months. I started getting the single-dose, preservative-free flu shot from Kaiser a few years ago and it is working for me. I had to insist and argue for it, because they were reserving it for preggos and immune-compromised, and I argued I had a terrible immune system and my doc finally put it in my chart that I was to be given it. I was shocked when I went to get it in Nov and was told that now everyone was getting the single-dose preservative free! It is certainly more expensive for Kaiser, but I’m guessing that there were a lot of people like me who demanded it.

@23, well written, but I would settle for him admitting every detail of what he did and who put him up to it and then going to jail if he doesn’t want to check out. He didn’t just screw over Hillary–he screwed us all. I get an anger reflex every time I see his sniveling mug.

@32: “He had a good idea of what that was going to cause and he went against established procedure and did it anyway.”

I’ve been wondering if he now has a big fat bank account in the Caymans or Switzerland or someplace.

@28, unlike Comey, I have no doubt that Schaub is an honorable man. He believes in the integrity of his mission but he is going to be steamrolled and squashed like a bug by prez trump inc. As for tillerson, I don’t care if he has a sterling ethics agreement. I don’t trust him to do a 180 after pursuing corporate and personal interests for most of his professional life, to include knowingly acting against the best interest of this country. I’m sure those millions in bonuses he is forgoing are a drop in the bucket to him and that he will leave office far richer than when he entered. But I guess that is true of any politician. Unfortunately, I do not believe he will ever do what is best for this country and its people if it doesn’t coincide with his own corporate interests and those of Trump.

@36, agree!

Prolix, ouch! It’s not that unusual to crack a rib or two with strenuous coughing. When you are doing something which jostles the ribs and causes more pain, you can temporarily brace yourself by hugging a small pillow or folded towel firmly against your ribs. Helpful if you have a coughing spell or are laughing (not that we have a whole helluva lot to laugh about these days…). Otherwise, I agree with Fredster to avoid shallow breathing. Here’s hoping you heal up well!

Prolix, this may sound lame, but Laker just reminded me to recommend Herbatussin tea to you. When we would get the flu, we also coughed our brains out, and tried every possible remedy, including the codeine cough syrup, but for some weird reason, Herbatussin tea helped us the most. I’m sure you can get it from Amazon. I also like using inhalants like Vicks or some kind of essential oil concoction.

@35: Indeed, he may have a nice bank account somewhere. He has so screwed us, the country, over.

@38: Luna I had a case of “bruised” ribs once (how do they tell that they are bruised?). Anyway my doc’s nurse (and nurse Chat!) told me about the pillow thing. I have to admit that it did help some.

I couldn’t get a decent nights sleep until I started wrapping my ribs. Taking a deep breath hurt either way. I’m so glad I didn’t have a cough at the time, but I do remember how bad it hurt to sneeze.

I think the rib-wrapping is OK for short periods of time, but if done after a serious respiratory infection, does risk consolidation (where the lung cells fill up with fluid instead of air) and other problems, if used for longer.

There is also a non-narcotic med, Tessalon perles, (generic benzonatate) which is helpful for coughs.

@41, by history and exam, we can diagnose with good but not perfect accuracy. We’d have to do exploratory surgery to diagnose 100%! I think CT or MRI imaging can show, but that’s awfully expensive and shouldn’t be done unless there are other and far more serious symptoms.

@29, 33, 38, & 39, thanks everyone. I popped one of my Hydrocodones and had a nap — finally. I have already used the pillow trick and it does help. I asked the doctor about wrapping (I was hoping to have an excuse for some Spandex Spanks) and he said to avoid it because it exacerbates the breathing problem and in turn, chances for pneumonia.

Annie, tell Laker thanks for the tea recommendation. I am “Amazoning” it. The codeine cough syrup just zonks me out. I had the flu shot and my doc said, “It doesn’t stop you from getting the flu, it just keeps it from killing you.” I was appreciative of that point. I think he says things like that to make sure I’m listening.

Prolix, sorry to hear about your ribs. Hope you recover soon. I am trying to get over the flu now, had it since New Years day and still have the cough and have to sit up to try and get some sleep. Flu drugs and lots of water…sucks big time.

Take care.

@46, Shadow, I got mine on Christmas day. It is just awful. The coughing is the worst. I’ve been living on soup and ice chips. I was a real cheap date for New Year’s Eve.

Hope you feel better.

Hugs to Prolix and all our ailing Widdershins! I got a sinus infection while on vacation and am still recovering. I think we are all stressed, terrified, angry and sad.

Wonderful post, DYB. I need to go back and re-read it to capture the detail.

Who cares what Drumpf does with consenting adults? He’s a serial.sexual.assaulter, a massively corrupt businessman, and on Inauguration Day, will hand our government to Putin. He simply cannot be inaugurated. PERIOD.

I didn’t call.Chuck today because I never get hotel before 9 pm those days. But let me tell you, his office will get an earful when I do!!!

Sorry everyone, i’ve been busy all day and just got home. Tomorrow promises to be another one of these days.

I saw just a few minutes of the press conference because my bosses were watching it too, but I had to leave after a few minutes because I was going to smash the TV.

Prolix, please take care of yourself! Get lots of rest, chicken soup.

Tim Kaine: Do you lack the knowledge or are you refusing to answer my question?…. ‘A little of both’… (laughter)

Okay folks, this is real anger-making stuff. Overlay on this joint task force investigating the Russian connection last summer, the rogue FBI believing the Bannon financed book “Clinton Cash” and then, just after the FISA warrant was authorized, Comey let the specious “we found more emails” letter fly.

Comey knew about the allegations of Russian involvement for months, literally, MONTHS, and then one week before the election let that unsubstantiated letter fly. What he did, if he was not successful in throwing the election, would have been to seriously impugn Hillary’s presidency from the get-go. James Comey must be held up to ridicule at every opportunity for the rest of his miserable life.



Thanks and I hope you feel better soon too. Christmas, yipes, you’ve had it longer than I have. Yes, the cough is the freakin’ worse. I treat myself so some normal food but mainly I have little very little appetite. I force myself to eat some normal food with protein and some carbs, makes me feel stronger than just soup. At least treat yourself to some yummy juice or a smoothie. Can’t get any strength from soup and ice chips.

Seems like the last kick in the ass we got from horrid 2016.

Well, who woulda thunk it? /s

@ 51

So…everyone except the American public knew what a rodent Trump was with his close ties to KGB darling, Puttie…and NO ONE, including the President could do anything worthwhile to stop or investigate it. Allowing the Hillary email scandal to beat her over the head for months, and ignoring the real danger and threat that El Douche was involved in.

Trump is our worst American nightmare and those in power let it happen and still are sitting on their thumbs.

@43 & 44: For me they just did a chest x-ray. I guess since they saw no fx they just put it as bruised ribs.

Oh those tessalon perles were great! The momster had a script for them and I took one or two on two occasions. I mentioned them to my doc when I was having that issue but he didn’t want to prescribe them for me. Guess he had a reason.

I have no idea why this just popped into my head: Do y’all remember back in ’08 when Hillary, early in the primary, teared up in NH that day? She said “I can see what’s coming.” A chill went up my spine and it occurred to me Hillary might be pushed out and Obama in. Boy, was she right. This time they doubled, tripled, quadrupiled down on pushing her out. Then, she was talking about corruption from George W’s term. And Obama let it proliferate. Hate ’em all…

Good article here from NPR on Russian Kompromat.

Remember this Loretta Lynch interview with Jake Tapper from 12/16? The article is better than the video.

Madamab, when you call Chuck, can you ask him why he thinks it’s a good idea for Bernie to be Morning Joe this morning talking about the “failure of the Democratic party” – the same as he’s been doing for months? I don’t know what else he said because I changed the channel…

Speaking of Bernie, from the BBC link in the tweet above:

Last April, the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was – allegedly – a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.

Last April you say? Hmm. Wonder if any of that money was going into the coffers of that OTHER anti-establishment candidate that Putin was using to push voters away from Hillary?

Sanders gave another performance of his “I’m Better” tour?

So Rethuglicans in the Senate voted to repeal ACA in the middle of the night. I know some innocent people will be hurt by this… but I also want to see the faces of the idiots in the rust belt when/if this happens and they find out they have no insurance or pregnancy is a pre-existing condition again or their black lung disease isn’t worth treating. I want all the papers that have written “Why don’t liberals understand Trump voters?” to go back and document those moments in photos.


Agree, worried it might effect everyone’s healthcare as the Dems in Congress keep saying.

Anyone that voted for the Douche who isn’t wealthy is going to pay dearly for this outrageous delusion of grandeur. Unfortunately, the rest of American’s are going to pay for it too.

This is rich…
Remember how Giuliani was the driving force that kept Comey and the FBI pounding Hillary on emailGate? Derailing the election with the two letters to Congress on the 11th and 2nd day before we voted?

Meanwhile, Obama, some in Congress and the intelligence community hid the Russian/Douche connections from the public…

As his reward, here is the prize that Giuliani gets from Trump:

Giuliani to create cyber advisory group for Trump

@63, not a bad idea (the committee, not Giuliani, he should be investigated and put in a cell next to Comey and his partisan agents) but I wouldn’t be surprised if the effort ends up in more lucrative government contracts to privatize government cyber security. Follow the money.

Marie Le Pen is at Trump Tower today.

A short break:

@66> OMG that’s ridiculously cute!

DOJ Inspector General to “investigate” Comey and the FBI’s actions before the election.

I’m not holding my breath for anything though.

@68, Agreed but I will take it! Who knows what this might set in motion. I doubt trump will be pleased so there is that.


What fun for them. The polar bear is delighted. The elephant is trying to figure out this cold, white stuff.

Obama just awarded Biden the Medal of Freedom as a surprise.

@68 From your link they are investigating the Justice Department’s actions too. And the last bulleted item must be where they released documents about Bill Clinton pardoning Marc Rich and claimed it was an automatic release generated by someone asking for a FOIA release. If y’all recall, Comey, working for Guliani, was the one who prosecuted Marc Rich. He was none too happy when Clinton pardoned him. (Also Comey was part of the counsel on the Whitewater investigation years ago) He’s been after the Clintons for years.

•Allegations that the FBI Deputy Director should have been recused from participating in certain investigative matters;
•Allegations that the Department’s Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs improperly disclosed non-public information to the Clinton campaign and/or should have been recused from participating in certain matters;
•Allegations that Department and FBI employees improperly disclosed non-public information; and
•Allegations that decisions regarding the timing of the FBI’s release of certain Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents on October 30 and November 1, 2016, and the use of a Twitter account to publicize same, were influenced by improper considerations.

@63: And here’s a lie right in the Politico story:

after alleged Russian hackers breached the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Uh no.
Mrs. Clinton’s campaign said in a statement that intruders had gained access to an analytics program used by the campaign and maintained by the national committee, but it said that it did not believe that the campaign’s own internal computer systems had been compromised.

Link to above article is here.

Checked FOX “news” a few minutes ago. They are reporting the Inspector General is investigating Hillary’s emails. LOL! How long can they fool their rubes this time?

Robby Mook also brought up Guiliani on an MSNC interview just now. Sweep ’em all up!

@66, love that!

Six times as many buses have applied for parking permits for the Women’s march than for the day before for the inauguration.

Allen (D-Ward 6) said at least 1,200 buses have applied for permits to park at RFK Stadium in Washington on Jan. 21, the day of the Women’s March on Washington, while 200 have applied for parking the day before, Inauguration Day. NBC4 first reported the figures. RFK has a capacity of 1,300 buses.

RFK Stadium is the main city-run parking option for charter buses over that weekend. Buses can still find their own parking outside RFK, so these numbers do not necessarily reflect all of the buses that will be headed to the District for inauguration or the Women’s March.

@61: So DYB, I recall you signed up for an ACA plan when that first started. Are you still on one of those or were you able to get coverage elsewhere?

I know that if they do away with it quickly, it will affect me since I have a plan from the exchange. I laughed out loud when I got a notice from BCBS-AL that “good news – there will be no changes in your plan for 2017”. Except that they moved two of my meds from tier 1 generics to tier 2. And then when they put out the formulary, I did some checking and saw that two meds I had previously taken had been bumped up to tier 2 also.

The only good thing I’ve seen from this possible/probably repeal is that some Republicans are getting antsy about this. They don’t want to be swarmed with letters and calls from people who will lose coverage.

@78> I currently buy my insurance directly through an insurance company, Oscar. It was actually slightly cheaper than the version via ACA. And, more importantly, many doctors did not accept insurance that came off the Exchange. The Exchange versions of the plans, including big ones like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, were different and many doctors did not accept the Exchange versions.

I’ve been seeing stories that Republicans are antsy about repealing ACA, yet they voted to do that in a late-night session. I feel like they will continue to do what they have been doing with Drumpf up to now: fold like cheap Russian hookers.

I meant “than for the inauguration the day before” @77

@74, ugh. This is what they were aiming for when they got rid of the Fairness Doctrine. Now the majority of the country gets lying propaganda instead of news.

Back to Obama giving Biden the Medal of Freedom as a surprise “Smell you all later!” gift. You know what would have been nice? If he gave HRC one.

@82, when I saw the news today, my cold heart wasn’t much moved by Biden’s tears. Although I’ve been of the opinion for the last decade or so that the MoF is mostly a political thank you to wealthy donors and celebs, I agree that it would have been fun if he had given it to Hillary and made the rethugs heads explode.

@82: Oh definitely that would have been great and exactly for the reason annie said. 😆

@79: Ah, glad that worked out. Sadly there’s nothing really here off the exchange worth squat. Also, Humana and United Healthcare dropped out of the exchange in AL so it only left BCBS. But at least the network is the same as with other BCBS plans, a PPO/PMD network. Haven’t run into any problems with docs not taking it…at least so far. Fingers crossed on that one. They did make some changes in their pharmacy network and CVS is now out of the network. That doesn’t bother me particularly since I normally use Walgreens and I use the mail order thing for maintenance meds.

@79 DYB said: fold like cheap Russian hookers.

LOL!! 😆

Mr. Pundit had a good piece yesterday on the yam’s press conference and the “dossier” about him.

Just now getting ready to read today’s piece from him.

Prolix, I’m so sorry that you’re still suffering!
Do you have a recliner chair? Many people who are uncomfortable sleeping in their beds, get rest in their recliners.
Feel better soon.

If you want to see a breakdown on the vote for the concurrent resolution that starts killing off the ACA, ProPublica has a link here. Although really, all you have to do is to look for the letter behind their name. If there’s an “R” there they pretty much voted for it, except for Rand Paul from Ky.

Back to Obama giving Biden the Medal of Freedom …You know what would have been nice? If he gave HRC one.

Once again, the woman that is the popular winner by almost 3 mil, has worked and has more experience than anyone who has ever run…and what does she get………..

another kick in the ass by Obama and Burnout, saying they could have won this election.

And the GOP continue to talk about her emails and cast stink bombs her way when ever they walk by.

Hillary, our hero just gets put down and threatened.

I hate them all.

She won the damn election and is treated like dirt.

Fredster, I do hope you can continue to get coverage! I think Rand Paul previously said he’d oppose the repeal… I wish Rand Paul would leave the R party and become an I. I wish McCain would too. He certainly has absolutely nothing to lose.

@91> I agree. Obama giving HRC the Medal could have been his final Fuck You to the Rethugs and Trump and honoring a woman who’s dedicated her entire adult life to public service, and won the popular vote by a huge margin. But he’s above it all. And useless. The Obama/Biden/Sanders “I Would Have Won” Circle Jerk/World Tour will never end.

I find Rethuglican’s use of “Elections have consequences” line very odd as they repeal ACA and leave their own supporters with no health insurance. Many of those supporters are now saying they didn’t think ACA would actually be repealed; they didn’t take that line seriously… Well, it’s odd that Rethuglicans would rub their voters’ noses into it like that.

Carl Bernstein tears into Kellyanne Conway, calling her a “propaganda minister” and revealing that she’s one of the hardest working “anonymous sources” within the Drumpf team. That is a burn…

94 | DYB

As a real journalist tries to school the news media ‘stars’ of today, they giggle and Bernstein get’s irritated that they are not taking the news seriously…which they haven’t since they wet themselves over Obama and now talk about Douche as if the pedophile elect were normal.

In a much lesser way, it kind of reminds me what it’s like for us seasoned feminists trying to talk to younger women that voted for Bernie…

@92: I think it will take them some time to completely do away with the ACA but you are correct in that the Dems need to get a couple of Repubs to vote with them. All we can do is wait and see. It’s something that is completely out of my control.

Caught the replay of Maddow’s show tonight. Apparently there were some freaky things that happened on the Hill today.

In the Senate they were in the hearings for (I think) Tillerson and when a Dem Senator was beginning to ask a question about Russia, the entire hearing room and the C-span cameras went dark! They had to move to another hearing room and C-span said they still don’t know for sure what happened.

Then when Maxine Waters was speaking in the House about proposed rules to weaken the SEC’s and she happened to mention Russia, the C-span feed went haywire and all of a sudden there was a feed of Russia Today showing! 😮

Rude Pundit hilarious as usual:

“When Jim Acosta of CNN tried to insist on getting in a question because Trump kept attacking his network, I wanted him to keep going until Trump went into a full-blown Captain Queeg-like strawberry-seeking paranoid fit.”

@97, yes this is getting scary. I hope they get to the bottom of who is f*&king with us, and why they would do something so strange.

The Rethugs snuck some bad shit in (quelle surprise) and passed it:


Supposedly this happened tonight on Tweety’s show – the reporter’s words get stuck in a loop on “Russia”. Did anyone watch it live? Somebody’s messing with our heads here.

@101 did you notice when it switched to RT the banner across the bottom was about the IG investigation into the FBI, then Poland came up (where we JUST sent troops – like yesterday), then it was about a suicide bombing somewhere… I wonder what played after that.

Randy Rainbow has had it with Trump and tweets, a la Into the Woods

GAgal, their screwing with us.

@104, he’s amazing.

@103: I just now kept replaying that and replaying it. I wondered if the RT stuff was behind the banner or something. I don’t know that much about this stuff. We need DYB to explain that part. Guess what I’m trying to say is I wonder if that banner was somehow separate from the RT stuff.

@106: Let’s face it: Randy is going to have material for years now.

I hope this resizes and fits in here.

@111> It’s like the right-wingers I know on Facebook. They detest liberals and Democrats in all things. But don’t anybody touch their social security and medicare! LOL

A Russian journalist pens a letter to the American media:

New ramblings up top written with tongue firmly in cheek.

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