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Lying Liars and the Lies they sell…

Posted on: January 7, 2017


One week into 2017 and it feels much longer than just a mere seven days.  Much like the sands of an hourglass, these are the days of our “lies”.  Bad pun I admit, but I’ve been sick.

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, the intelligence community (think “Spyville”) released their novelette on the election.  It’s no thriller whodunit, we’ve always known it was Pootie Poot.  Here’s a good summary from Vox.

When I wrote, “we’ve always known,” that isn’t quite correct.  The “we” doesn’t seem to include Prez-elect BabyHands or his band of sycophantic nannies and mannies.  Without delay, his merry band of prevaricating provocateurs issued a statement saying, “there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election.”  Had they taken the time to read it, the official report said quite definitively, “the report did not assess the impact that Russian activities had on the outcome of the 2016 election.”

Fox, Breitbart, Drudge, talk radio, and indeed, the Republican Party plowed the fertile ground for these Russian Putinesque lies to take root.  Such lies grow with reckless abandon in the siloed hothouses of profit over patriotism.  With the Foxification of NBC and MSNBC, the Petri dish of disinformation continues to grow in pursuit of the dollars flowing from increased audience share.

Amazingly, the Wall Street Journal, in a fit of moralizing heretofore unaccompanied by its business practices, has decided not to use the word “lie” when describing King Carotene’s untruths.  The reason?  And I quote:

Lie implies much more than just saying something that’s false. It implies a deliberate intent to mislead.

To translate – purposefully taking a fact and surrounding it with words giving that fact a completely different meaning, then purposefully transmitting that misleading set of words to 40 million people via Twitter is no longer a lie.  That is the world in which we now live.

So I thought we should celebrate the weekend by reminding ourselves what lies are and what they sound like.  Throw out your best songs or your best stories about lies and the people who tell them.  Don’t feel constrained to just lying songs – any songs about things not being what they are supposed to be are welcome and encouraged.









95 Responses to "Lying Liars and the Lies they sell…"

Yay Prolix, so happy to see you! And that’s no lie! 🙂

Do you think Madonna lies when she says she feels “Like a Virgin?”

Prolix – some great alliteration there “prevaricating provocateurs” – glad you were up to dishing out a droll dose of denunciations on the douchebag-in-chief today!

@1, thanks DYB, feeling better is almost strange since I’ve felt like crap for so long.

@3, Contrask, your alliteration is positively pure perfection! It seems I’ve got a lot of “p” in me today.

Here’s the ex-Mrs. Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, explaining a “White Liar.”

Speaking of liars and the lies they sell — Exhibit One — Monica Crowley, nee of Fox and soon to be Asst. National Security Director for “Strategic Communication.” It seems the good Ms. Crowley has a problem with plagiarism and then admitting to the plagiarism after being caught. It seems as though large portions of her 2012 book were copied, verbatim, from sources like Investopedia and the website of a podiatrist, among others.

In defending Crowley, the Yam’s transition team said, not making this up, said, “Monica’s exceptional insight and thoughtful work on how to turn this country around is exactly why she will be serving in the Administration.”

Exceptional insight and thoughtful work — her insight is the same as all Rethugs — take things like food and health care from the poor so the wealthy can have another tax cut.

About what Trump did and continues to do to his supporters.

from 8: the website of a podiatrist

Really? Grooming tips for toes?

Please forgive the provincial tone of this comment, but as many of you know the KY legislature went full tilt Rethug this election. The House of Representatives flipped making KY the last “southern state” to go full-bore Rethug. They campaigned extensively on bringing jobs back and ending the “War on Coal.” In the first week of the General Assembly, here’s what they have done.

1. Abortion ban after 20 weeks.
2. Ultrasound mandate.
3. Repealed prevailing wage.
4. Passed Right to Work weakening unions.

Congratulations to the sheeple — you damn well got what you voted for.

She fits right in then with Melania’s speech writing & Trump & his continued use of music even after artists publicly stated he had never aske for permission for. I librarian’s nightmare, lol




Prolix, wanted to say thanks for doing the post today. With this cold snap, snow/freezing rain, all I have wanted to do today is just bundle up in the bed. Not used to this nonsense at all!

Prolix, the fam and I are so happy you’re feeling better! Great post, as always!

Fredster beat me to that funny old Castaways song, so hubs came up with this, which at first I thought “doesn’t work,” but actually does seem to describe the dumb mentality of the red voter (which is now a real double entendre):

For the Trumpers (volume check)

@19, Fredster and DYB, y’all have covered my sickly butt for two weeks now. My ribs are so sore from coughing, I feel like I’ve been a tackling dummy — not for a good school, but a poor Div. I school that has to save money by only having one worn out tackling dummy.

I’ve been sick for so long, I’m not sure what feeling better is supposed to feel like. It is a strange sensation, I’m hoping to get used to it.

@20, Annie and the whole SoCal family. Your genetically inferior incest friend from Appalachia is slowly on the mend. Thanks for all those good SoCal vibes — they helped. I should have Tweeted about everyone buying stock in Kleenex. I’m currently on my 9th box — I’ll probably hit ten before it’s all over.

@21, GaGal, what perfection in describing the Yam’s entire life — Grand Illusion!

@13, what Monica Crowley copied from the podiatrist was a list of “pork” projects supposedly in the 2009 stimulus. Trouble is, the podiatrist’s list went back to 2004 and contained many of the stock Rethug complaints dating back to the 1990s.

Monica seems like someone I would want to make sure we have all the facts when it comes to national security issues. It was okay when she was at Fox because she was “fairly unbalanced.”

@21: Agree with Prolix, that’s a great song for the Yam.

GAgal, did y’all get any of the snowy, sleet/freezing rain in your area? It’s still messy on some of the roads around here.

@25: Looking at the link you provided, it seems that Crowley believes that if she changes one or two words, then she’s not copying stuff. Doesn’t work that way Monica.

I’m with Christine.


“genetically inferior incest friend” Haha! As if.

The snow looks beautiful. We’re enjoying some rain, at last.

Also with Christine. Great comment.

@28: Excellent comment and spot on.

Mr. Pundit had some similar thoughts but of course a lot more rude.

Fredster, thanks for RP link. Just read out loud to fam (skipping over a few words, heh). It was great. Here is the conclusion:

“The whole thrust of these “let’s learn about the yokels” articles is to imply that there are real Americans and there are coastal elites. Sorry, motherfuckers. We’re all Americans. And if I have to suffer under your stupid, you have to hear about our smarts.”

Dude tells it like it is.

@32: Yeah, Mr. Pundit can say it well…if rude. 😉

@28> Yes that exactly! Why am I, a NYer, constantly being asked to understand a rural citizen? Why are there no articles asking about what I want and need? And no, all NYers are not rich. Many live in tiny studios, with rats and roaches. And worse – roommates. Walk-ups. Packed like sardines on subways commuting an hour one way every day to work. So please, ask the average NYer what she/he needs and why we vote like we do.

@34: Go read Mr. Pundit’s piece. BTW, he teaches at CUNY/Staten Island.

As if this should be some surprise:

Just as Donald Trump clinched the nomination, his son-in-law started talks on a joint venture with a secretive Chinese company

The story centers around the redevelopment of 666 Fifth Avenue (wholly insignificant it’s 666 I’m sure). It was purchased shortly after Daddy Kushner got out of prison having been put there by Krispy Kreme. The deal was headlined by Jared, then a 20-something spreading his yet Mohel unclipped wings. He overpaid “yugely” at the height of the real estate bubble in 2008. The purchase price was $1.8 Billion which continues to be a record purchase in the U.S. It has almost caused the collapse of the Kushner business, but now they have fortuitously found a mysterious Chinese company to help them. Funny how such things work.

@31> And that! It’s everything I want to say, but he says it better and with more interesting language.

“You can stop explaining the white working class rural conservative Christian farming folk, hot-takers and self-justifiers. Instead, why don’t you explain liberalism to them? Why don’t you explain that jobs are drying up and communities are dying not because of abortion and same-sex marriage but because of Republican economic policies that have favored the wealthy, most of whom live in cities, including a certain president-elect they voted for who took advantage of those very policies in order to stay rich? Ultimately, though, it won’t matter. Because despite every fucking word to the contrary, the real problem is that those who voted for Trump are racist. They are sexist. They are Islamophobic. They are ignorant.”

Regarding Christine’s comment to nyt, we have a lot of trumpistan types here California, but they’re in the middle or eastern parts of the state mostly. I have several relations there, in the Lindsay area, that are like the people RP is talking about. Most of them are lazy criminals who have done time, and/or lazy stupid women who would rather keep popping out kids (from criminal fathers) so as to stay on welfare than actually work for a living. The worst ones by far are my uncle’s spawn and/or stepchildren. My mom and aunt always included them in family events when we were all young, but they were always nasty and mean and jealous of us and my aunts family. It infuriated them that a) my grandmother favored us, and b) we lived better lives. The fact that my mom and aunt and their husbands worked hard all their lives and raised their kids properly, and that we kids started working at young ages to pay for our own clothes and cars and entertainment just never entered their thick skulls. We chose to work and educate ourselves and they chose to not. Yet in their warped, mean minds, life was overly fair to us and harsh to them. Yep, I totally get where this whole anger against the coastal elites comes from because I’ve lived it in my own family. The painful truth is that they’re ignorant and lazy and haven’t the least interest in bettering themselves as Christine’s comment & RP’s post so aptly point out.

@36> Yes, 666.

“Krispy Kreme.” Hahahaha. There was an Andy Borowitz post recently which pointed out that nobody seems to care that Krispy Kreme has disappeared off the face of the planet.

Another good discourse from that same NYT article here

@34 spot on!

omg. This is likely just the tip of the iceberg. The 666 is perfect though. That should be the address for dumps residence.

@40, LOVE! I’m glad I didn’t read that nyt piece all the way, it probably would have really pissed me off. It seems like the author regards these snotty young men in the diner as some kind of conservative heroes. To me, they sound like rude ignorant assholes. The author of the blog Contrask linked quotes Rude Pundit a lot and brings up this vital point that has been running through my head since the election:

“…maybe instead of a few hundred more essays wondering exactly how to get rural, white voters (a declining demographic) to vote Democratic, we need to see a lot of discussion about how we deal with the voter suppression efforts that have become a real problem. Laws making it more difficult to vote tend to impact people of color more than other voters. We’d do ourselves a lot more good focusing on changing those laws and on helping women of color to get the necessary IDs than we will dreaming of some way to lure the unicorn of white rural voters out into the open. It’s really kind of crazy for the majority party to keep trying to lure un-lurable voters instead of just getting its own voters to the polls.”

I’ve been wondering this. In these states where voters are being disenfranchised, why the hell aren’t the Dems getting them “re-franchised” and making sure there are enough squads of drivers to get them to the polls?

@44 Yes – and I have had it with trying to educate them rurals – politically – at least. I actually make a (poor – 49 in education pay) living teaching rurals, but I digress. They are elitists! Absolutely you cannot get them to read “those liberal newspapers” or other facts not stamped approved by Rush, etc. They don’t see the connections, they vote against themselves every chance they get. We are going to have to focus on undoing the voter suppression and getting our voters to the polls and going ahead and just being elite. Screw them. They sure as hell are happy to screw us any chance they get. Yeah, we’ll show them. I HIls had won we’d be celebrating higher min. wage, securing PP, SS medicare and a whole lot of other stuff that would greatly benefit our elitist friends & they would still hate us – we’d be ruining their lives and ‘merica would be going to hell in a hand basket….

@42, haha! Yeah, like they’re gonna come up with something better in a hurry. I honestly don’t believe the rethugs want to replace it.

Righteous rant, Mr. Pundit! I’ve had it with being called “elitist” by people to whom facts don’t matter.

I have relatives who think government should be small, stay out of people’s lives (except for bedrooms), and not play nanny to us with things like standards for drinking water and bridges. Yeah, my brother-in-law wrote angry letters to the county officials who had the nerve to tell him his <E. coli-infested groundwater well did not meet code. After all, his kids just needed to toughen up and ignore a bit of belly-ache.

Fortunately, I don’t see those relatives anymore. It got tiring to be sneered at for having healthcare degrees and knowing something about infectious diseases, amongst other things.

@46, you nailed it!

@47, LOL! I don’t see my tiresome relatives anymore either.

A couple of the latest Letters to the Editor from my hometown paper. Last week before the intelligence hearing: (exclamation is mine)

(About Obama) “This is a man who was educated in Muslim schools, attended mosques, wears a Muslim wedding ring (!), immediately changed White House press room drapes to those with Muslim symbols (!!), has refused to go after radical Islamic terrorists, and continues to let in more.
He is a Muslim whose long term goal has been to destroy our free, God-loving, Constitutional society and has made great strides towards that goal. Couple that with his childish insistence on “getting back” at Russian President Vladimir Putin for alleged election interference and we will be fortunate indeed to have survived his Presidency.”

This week some guy writes back and disputes all her points by fact checking. Of course since he used snopes, I’m waiting for the next person to discredit all fact checking sites as liberal. I didn’t actually check the fact checkers fact on the press room drapes but I thought it was interesting because of their age. (per snopes) “The drapes displayed in the White House press room were actually used in the East Room as early as the 1960’s. They are made of gold silk lampas fabric with no Muslim symbols whatsoever.” I guess I missed that conspiracy theory.

@50, omg.

OMG did you see that the NY Post – which supported Drumpf – wants HRC to run for Mayor of NYC. LOL.

@50> Stop! That can’t be real. That must be from The Onion.

@26 Fredster, we got about 3″ of snow most of which melted today. We just have to worry about run off refreezing in shady spots and producing black ice. It’s 22 degrees right now and suppose to be 14 by morning, so yeah, the “leftovers” will refreeze.

@53 DYB No, there are some doozies in my paper. You should have seen the one from the woman who said “Nobody actually hates Hillary. It’s just that she’s a criminal.”

@50, GAgal, what’s a Muslim wedding ring?

Up here, we have some of the same types of Obama and Hillary scholars. The thing that gets my blood pressure skyrocketing is their incessant moralizing. It is where they hide their elitism — right behind their Bibles. I’ve never understood how they all believe that the answers they have found inside the four walls of their gilded sanctuaries are the one true set of answers and anyone, I mean anyone, who dares fall outside their value statements are not just damned, but lesser humans while on this Earth.

I must admit I wasn’t the best Biblical scholar as a child, but I missed the part where Jesus said, “It’s okay to stop caring about someone who makes a bad life choice.”

@54: That’s pretty much the same as here. Didn’t even get above freezing and lows tonight back into the teens.

@56 LOL! I don’t know what a Muslim ring looks like. I assume it has Arab “symbols”. Not script or writing … “symbols”. I think my favorite LTE was a woman who proclaimed her joy that God had sent us Donald Trump to save us all from the fires of hell. That paper came out the same day as the p***y grabbing video news broke. I laughed for days wondering what her and the church ladies thought about that. And that poor woman had to go to church on the next Sunday and face the menfolk too.

@59: I saw something about that!

Eventually, you have to do something with someone’s ashes. I know I will not want mine hanging around for long. Throw them to the wind.

I’ve been trying to find a youtube version of this from Maddow’s show and finally found one.

I clicked this CNN bait to read about the relationship between Secret Service and Trump’s personal security. But this part really floors me. Not the cost, but the blatant grifting that we are actually paying Trump rent.

According to Jared Horowitz, who works for the company responsible for available commercial space at Trump Tower, the floors available to rent — with the average floor space running between 13,500 to 15,500 square feet — cost about $1.5 million a year. Asked about the high price tag, Clancy said they were required by law “to pay for the property that we need,” adding that the space was “critical to the protection of the President, so it’s something that needs to be done.”

“It’s actually no different than what we’ve done with other presidents,” Clancy continued. “We rented some property in Chicago when President Obama first became president for his trips when he was going out to Chicago. So, this is typically what we do.”

Regarding the government’s negotiations with their new landlord, the Trump Organization, Clancy said, “They’re very fair with us. They understand the responsibilities we have and they’ve been very accommodating.”

Really? And when they rented that property in Chicago did the proceeds go in Obama’s pocket? Hell no but that’s not the SS concern. CNN sucks but here’s the link since I posted a quote.

We really need to start tying Trump to the Repubs since he’s trying to separate himself from them. REPUBLICAN President-elect Trump…

We also need to regularly harass our reps especially those of us who live in Republican districts and continually ask them if they are ever going to stand up to the Putin Stooge in the white house.

@65 & 66, and politely at every turn say, “Tax returns please. We just want to prove to everyone there’s no Russian financial interest. We just want to help the Prez-elect.”


Frank Bruni fantasizes about HRC at Mayor of NYC:

“She’d get to shatter a glass ceiling: New York has not yet had a female mayor.

Besides, there are so many scores she could settle, so many ways she could meddle.

City building inspectors start to show up daily at Trump Tower, where they find a wobbly beam here, a missing smoke detector there, outdated wiring all over the place. City health inspectors fan out through Trump’s hotels, writing citations for clogged drains in the kitchens and expired milk in the minibars.

The potholes near his properties go unfilled. Those neighborhoods are the last to be plowed. There’s a problem with the flow of water to his Bronx golf course, whose greens are suddenly brown. And the Russian Consulate keeps experiencing power failures. It’s the darnedest thing. Clinton vows to look into it, just as soon as she returns from the Hamptons.”


@71 – Hahahaha!

Welcome back, Prolix!

@69: According to the Dean article, the oath of office has 36 words; I don’t think Trump can memorize that many words let alone understand the gravity of the them. I feel horrified and helpless.

Hillary attends the last Broadway performance of ‘The Color Purple’.

Mrs. Clinton, accompanied by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter, Chelsea, received several ovations from the sold-out audience as she arrived, and then another round of applause when she was acknowledged by the cast after the show.

GAgal @ 76, that is lovely. Thanks for sharing that!

@74, thanks MB, it’s nice to finally feel better although tonight, I opened my 11th box of Kleenex. I should have given y’all a hint so you could buy stock.

@76, now those are people who have class unlike Cruella Conway who unbidden, completely sua sponte, attacked Hillary this morning. Just classless, base, vile people. People who are unworthy of even saying Hillary’s name in public. These common scum are going to implode so spectacularly and with such Cat 5 force, they will replace Hoover and Dubya as epic presidential fails.

Speaking of classless, evil, mean-spirit, these people are just plain damnable.

Trump drops inauguration announcer who’s done them all since Eisenhower

The People’s President!


@80 Cool! That video made my day! I hope Hillary knows how much she is admired and loved.

@82, that takedown of the Trumpaloupe was epic. I’m sure he’s going to puke up a tweet storm calling Meryl a loser and sad.

Streep’s speech was sensational. Drumpf is going to have a heart attack.

That video of HRC getting an ovation at “The Color Purple” is beautiful.

I started today the new year of charity giving by giving money to The Clinton Foundation in Trump’s name.

Garrison Keillor & Meryl Streep turning into favs for me. And lookie – Tiny hands is dropping a tradition for the parade

Here’s Meryl’s speech:

Scottie Nell Hughes tweeted something nasty in response. I went back to get it & she had already deleted. They swamp rats are stirring, lol. I am so proud of Meryl tonight.

@87: Oh I bet someone grabbed that before she deleted it.

Thanks for posting the vid of our People’s President. Also of Meryl Streep’s speech. Both are so good to see.

Does Kurt really think this kind of person exists? Hahahahahaha.

Sorry, Kurt, but yes, they seem to all be Xians who do not love their brothers nor help the poor and the sick.

Just too damned cute!


@91 I love that! @90 Luna, more power to Kurt if he can get any into real political conversations. I check for Trump trolls often on my twitter feed an block.

The morning news has the predictable orange outrage at being made fun of, complete with unbelievable denial that he ever mocked the reporter Meryl so artfully reminded us of. @88 And I sure would like to see that Scottie remark again,

I love, love, love Meryl getting under his skin. We need lots more of that so he can continue to make a fool of himself on Twitter. The media needs to be showing that clip of Trump mocking the reporter while they’re discussing this and throw it in his face to show what a lying liar he is. I haven’t seen them do that yet. Are they afraid to? If they’re going to talk about this, show the clip – over and over.

I see John King finally showed Trump’s mockery. More please. Here’s an article by David Frum who actually gets it. And never forget the damage and complicity of the press covering the DNC and Podesta hacked emails. Every reporter who said they were “leaked” rather than stolen are guilty for twisting a nothing into a something.

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