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We need a few chuckles

Posted on: January 3, 2017

Our Prolix is still feeling pretty awful so no posts from him.

I thought I would peruse the political cartoons to give us a laugh or two.  Gawd only knows we’ll need it later on.

And lastly:

And speaking of chuckles:

So what’s on your minds today shinners?


37 Responses to "We need a few chuckles"

Our Prolix is still having health issues. I told him he may need to go to his doc and get a chest x-ray to r/o pneumonia. Keeping fingers crossed on that one.

Good Josh Marshall piece…here.

I’m sure repugs will be soon be telling me how Trump saved those Ford jobs and kept the ethics committee in line and before it’s over he will save medicare. I hope Hillary slaps him (accidentally, of course) (not) @ the inauguration.

@4: Oh but of course! Now if they’ll just take credit for all of the increased deaths and sickness they’ll cause when they replace the ACA.




I’m bummed that the Clinton’s are going to the inauguration. I feel like their presence will lend legitimacy to it, and I would prefer that no one acknowledge that he is a legitimate US president.

Fredster, love all the funnies! Thanks for the new post.

@2, Spot on.

@9: I know much is being said at other places about HRC going to the inaugural. However I’ll add this:

Protocol dictates that former presidents, and their spouses, are given prominent seats to witness an inauguration.

@9: (sigh) I didn’t really feel like writing too much so I figured this would give us a new post and maybe a few laughs.

@9, socal, unfortunately the electoral votes and the EC made him “legitimate” in the absence of any proof that the votes or the vote counts were tampered with.

@11, fredster: I suspected that was the major reason behind her attendance. I just hope the protocol doesn’t require her to attend any of his crappy festivities.

@13: Cats3, I have a feeling that she won’t be there any longer than she has to be.

I don’t care either way if Hill goes to the inauguration but the media better not badmouth her, or call her the loser, or talk about how forlorn she is – or I’m gonna be p*ssed. Not that they’ll notice.

Fredster, you are soooo right about needing chuckles!

A great one everyone here has probably seen — it’s pretty much viral — is this Will McPhail cartoon from the New Yorker. (Passenger standing up in a plane, obviously in flight, saying “These smug pilots have lost touch with regular folks like us. Who thinks I should fly the plane?” And lots of hands are raised. (All I can think is “Too true. Waaay too true.”))


I love that cartoon. And we could also add “smug…surgeons smug…pharmacists, smug…nurses. Oh my the list could go on forevah!

@7, Van Jones has never really liked either Clinton. And if the Clintons really did have tight control over the Dem party, a non-Dem (Sanders) would never have been allowed to cause so much damage to the Party.

@19: And wasn’t Jones a bernie supporter during the primaries?

@16, But– but– I keep hearing we need to try to understand and sympathize with why these passengers felt this way! And that we should give that guy a chance to fly the plane! After all, it hasn’t crashed yet! /s

(starts pulling hair out…)

Fredster, funny you should suspect that!

@22: Yeah, just little things like this, and this, and this.

Tons more out there but you get the drift.

@21: Yes, but we do have to be concerned for the innocents on the ground when the plane crashes. 😟

Fredster, I’ve never been one to be hampered by protocol, especially in a situation I feel is wrong. So, it’s protocol…who cares? She has no part to play in the proceeding. She isn’t needed. She (and the others) are being used by Dump to make his coronation look real. I personally wouldn’t go if asked, and I personally would never meet him or shake his hand or even be near him if the opportunity ever arose. Personally, I think he is such a lowlife, and probably a criminal that I would never associate myself with him in any way. I’m also not much into tradition, unless its one I really like or created myself. For example, Hubs, Laker & I just opened our presents to each other last night. It was the first night that worked for us and it was great. Hill & Bill no doubt discussed this and decided what was best for them, and I will respect their decision, even if I don’t agree with it.

@16, LOLOL!

@18, agree, I hope they have a huge turnout. That would really be inspiring.

@19, so true!

@23, He was definitely a stooge for Bernie, I remember that and a lot more. I’ve always thought he didn’t like the Clintons.

@25: I understand you say you’ve never been hampered by protocol. That being said, you haven’t been FLOTUS nor a Sec. of State, and neither have I. (so don’t take that the wrong way)

However I also recall my dad talking about the times he and my mom were required to attend functions at the O-Club. And then once there, you stayed until the commanding officer of the base departed. Mom used to get fairly pissed at the notion. Now once the Old Man left, couples would start heading out in little groups. Of course some stayed anyway.

Cats, I will not acknowledge the rightness, or legitimacy, of the Electoral College until my vote counts for as much as the citizens of the smaller states. I don’t care if its in the Constitution–that is not a holy or perfect document to me, it was created by imperfect men. I think everything about the EC is wrong and I won’t shut up about it. I educated myself about politics at quite a young age, and I well remember watching the news reporting the EC votes for Nixon and getting into an argument with my Dad about how I thought it was dumb and they should just count the peoples votes. My Dad didn’t understand it but, being as much for things like protocol and tradition as I am not, he told me I didn’t understand it and be quiet. I asked him to explain it to me and of course he couldn’t. A couple of years later, I converted my Mom to being a liberal, and some 15 years later my Dad. My Dad thought Bill was the greatest president ever, btw, and really was looking forward to voting for Hillary.

@28, Fredster, that kind of stuff is why I could never be in the Military. I appreciate others who are though. And I wouldn’t want to be Sec State or Flotus either. I would hate such a regimented life. The truth is, I am no leader. I’m a very good employee or volunteer, but I know my limits, and have always turned down opportunities to be managers, and even once to be on a board.

annie@30: that kind of stuff even affected me as a kid when dad was stationed at this one base. All the kids on the base were bused to schools in the Norfolk area. The C.O.’s daughter rode on our bus and she was a smarmy little thing who knew just who “daddy” was. She would pull stunts and stuff at school at recess (I was in the 4th grade) we couldn’t do a thing to her because if we did she ran tattling to “daddy” and it could affect our dads. 👿

Fredster, I’ve heard stories like that, and that the wives of lesser officers have to kowtow to the wives of senior officers. That would be hard. In fact, my Dad resigned from the Air Force because my Mom didn’t want a service life. Still, I’ve always found military stories or movies very interesting.

@32: Oh it was big time chit with the wives. My mom had to join the Officers’ Wives Club and had to attend so many meetings of the group. She attended the required number, got her little silver demitasse spoon and stopped going. She called the group “a bunch of twitterpated twats”. (waaay before there was a twitter!) 😆

Here’s a chuckle for you: KellyAnne on the way to Trump Tower

@29, SoCal: I agree with you and many, many things have been brought to us by imperfect men, including the Bible and the church. My dad was in the military for 20 years and I was in civil service for 30 years so I have experienced that oppressive social structure as well. It’s about hierarchy, discipline, control and obedience. Even as a supervisor, there were many things I had to do or suck up by virtue of the position. Didn’t enjoy it but It gave me a decent retirement and I am now finally the boss of me. We make our own choices and then have to live with them. I admire your defiant nature. Hillary is defiant as well, just in her own way.


“I admire your defiant nature.” Thanks Cats! I admire you as well.

“Hillary is defiant as well, just in her own way.” Ah, good point! Actually, that makes me feel better about her going than anything else I’ve read, so thanks for that.

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