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Christmas Eve/Day Post

Posted on: December 24, 2016






To quote from Charles Pierce’s Holiday post:


It will do us all good, I think, to take a weekend off from the cares of a world that seems to be coming apart from its mind outwards. It will do us all good, I think, to take this particular holiday slowly as it comes around. Even the pagans needed some excuse to rejoice in the darkest time of the year, which is why Christians copped the notion in the first place, and this has been a year with more than its share of dark times, god knows. And there’s no telling what’s coming down out of the deep woods come the next turning of the calendar. But very likely it’s something we’ve never seen before, or at least that’s the way I’m betting.

Hope struggled harder against events than it ever has this year, at least as far as I can remember. Between the deaths of iconic figures from Muhammad Ali to Prince to Arnold Palmer to David Bowie and the storm of ominous portents that gathered thickly from every point in the sky almost from the moment the presidential campaign began, hope had a long push up a dirt road in 2016. It may never make it to the top, but we owe hope the honor of spending at least one weekend having faith in hope.

We are stronger together than when we are separate.  Don’t let tRump and the Repubtards (that’s my new name for them since they like to call us libtards) break us apart.




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That’s a lovely thought Fredster.

“My friends, let us have faith in each other. Let us not grow weary. Let us not lose heart. For there are more seasons to come and there is more work to do.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton My President

Have a great Christmas Fredster, Annie & everyone! We will fight the repubtards!

@2, contrask, yes, more work to do and we are stronger together!

I had a boo-boo typo in here I had to fix. Repubtards is what I’m going to call them.

@2: Great quote contrask. 🙂

An official Christmas miracle-Browns win by three.

@6: Really??? I saw NE just cream the Jets. It was awful.


@8, Good!

Hmmm….Surprised that Daddy Putitrump hasn’t put out a Tweet about how sad, bigly sad, it is for Amazon to allow those reviews & how Amazon is a yuuugely failing company.

Anyone need any help with wrapping those last minute gifts you just bought at the mall before it closed?

@9: “But Daddy those people are so mean to me! Wahh…”.

Trump Communications Director Jason Miller Declines White House Job

I would imagine Mr. Miller, nee of the woefully confused Millers, was chagrined when he tried to explain to the Trumpanzee that at Christmas time, one traditionally talks about the delivery of presents, not the delivery systems of nuclear tonnage. It seems the Trumpanzee was hell bent to tweet good tidings and cheer of a new nuclear arms race for all the world to behold.

For it seems the Trumpanzee wants each and every house to be warmed by the fires of a smoldering planet. During a break from Melanomia’s grooming of the Trumpanzee, he proclaimed, “Behold, I am the healthiest ghost of Christmas future you have ever seen fore my crazy doctor said so. Your future is one of great tidings since this the fourth time we have tried the voodoo of hoodoo supply side trickle down economics, it will most assuredly work this time. It’s gotta work some time.

If you are worrying about healthcare, my littlest elf Paul Ryan and my Christmas terrapin, Mitch McTurtle, are working overtime to make sure there will be no more waiting lines in doctors’ offices since no one will have healthcare. Look, no waiting, healthcare is great again.

And for those of you have decided to turn old, we have a great big present for you — you can just keep on working because Social Security just gets in the way of us being productive. And just who do you think is going to pay all those taxes now that my billionaire cabinet secretaries and all my corporate friends are getting tax refunds. It’s you my friends, you truly are going to help make America’s deficits great again.

And before I leave you on this Christmas eve, just a note — you may leave my offerings at Trump Tower or Mar a lago. You can keep the frankincense and myrrh, just leave the gold by the door. To all, I bid you a good blight.”

@12: Such joy and good tidings for the new year. 😟

@13, Socalhubbie — great to have you here! Happy holidays!


@16: Well that’s cheery! Let’s crack open the container of suicide pills. 😵

This is mine and annie’s fav holiday song. This one has some extra nice guitar work. Hope you enjoy it.

Oops, last comment was from socalhubbie, don’t know what happened.

Thanks Prolix. Same to all of you guys!

Good song – Feliz Navidad to you too!

@18: I’ve always enjoyed that song.

@18, Very nice — I haven’t listened to that song in forever. It was good to hear it again.

And unto us a child is born…parented by a tweeting angry woman and her married paramour…having been brought together through the love of a 70-year old man wearing a kangaroo scrotum on his head…no marriage is planned, but abject moralizing started about thirty years ago.

Congratulations to the mother, A.J. Delgado, and baby-daddy, Jason Miller, on the birth of their little Trumpling.

The pair were reportedly among a trio of Trump senior advisors who spent the night before the third and final presidential debate partying at a Las Vegas strip club.

Apparently not all that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 😝

@25, the third wheel was none other than Jessica Ditto, the escapee from Matt Bevin’s press office.

Merry Christmas and here’s a painful present you might want to read later- I think it explains a lot.

Happy Yule, y’all! And a Resistant New Year! Stronger Together!

@29, Good one! Hubs and I love that!

@28, what Luna said.

I have a couple of links to not-so-happy news and articles, sort of welcome to our new Amerika type things but I”ll wait another day to share them. Might as well enjoy our possibly last “good” Christmas holiday.

Oh to hell with it: why wait?

@35: contrask I didn’t see that your link was about George Michael also. I deleted my comment abt it.

Here’s a fun little game you can play by yourself. Select an area/city/town and then select a yield for the bomb and see how far and wide the effects of a nuclear spread in your chosen area. Nukemap.

well Fredster that is about all the doom and gloom I can take on Christmas Day. What are you planning for New Year’s? PLease no more until then, I need a week to recuperate!

Aren’t we all just done with this year? I didn’t see your post Fredster – I was mobile when I saw the George Michael news. Such a talent & he was so young to go. @27MsMass, I’m reading through the article you posted – it’s just reinforcing many other hints of the depths of Rump’s corruption
@33 I have just one thing to say

@39: I know Cats3 but it seemed people were gonna head in that direction so I just put in the gloomiest bookmarks I had. As Pierce said in the piece that I quoted, give it a weekend off but it seemed that our folks were headed in this direction no matter what.

For New Year’s I’m going to just put up a gif of fireworks going off and people can take that wherever they want. 😉

@40: I was using the comments page contrask so all I saw was the google link. I had seen a BBC piece on George Michael and I think I posted that just about the same time you did your comment. No biggie.

Welp…I’m gonna watch some football. I did not see the earlier games because they were on the NFL channel and I don’t have that. I’ll be back later!

Here’s a nice link for everyone. In La., on the River Road between nola and Baton Rouge, folks have celebrated Christmas Eve by lighting bonfires on the levee to light the way for Papa Noel. The preparations have become regular family affairs as people get the logs and items to construct the fires. It’s a traditional thing and goes back many, many years if not back to the 1800s.

@32, I have to disagree with that journalist’s premise. Hillary would have appointed very different people. Goldman Sachs was OK to occasionally accepting speaking engagements from (and they could sure afford to pay her) but her policies were definitely not written with their benefit in mind.

@40, Hell yeah!

@45: That was an AP article I saw on and was looking for a different site for it. But that being said, I think what the writer was trying to say was that all of the things that tRump accused her of, he is actually/i> doing. She gave paid speeches? He’s bringing them into his cabinet. She didn’t hold pressers? Neither has he since the election. I think the writer just wants to show that he is doing exactly the things he accused her of during the campaign.

There is a woman in Baton Rouge who has a comedic/parody website called The Red Shtick, obviously a takeoff on Baton Rouge-Red Stick.

She has a piece there about the traditional holiday performance of The Nutcracker and a splinter group that’s doing an avant garde, adult version of the ballet.

I don’t get it, who is George RR Martin?

Fredster, enjoyed the bonfires. Looks like fun.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was in the 60s here so we spent a lot of time outside. My sister’s boyfriend was stupid enough to bring up politics. I shut it down quick when I told the whole crew too bad not a damn one of ‘ya knows what the hell you’re talking about. (Seriously, he was glad Hillary lost because ‘she was going to take away our Medicare’. That’s some deep stupid, right there)

Anyway, now to check out everyone’s links…

@52: Hope you’re feeling better GAgal.

@50, socal, George rr Martin wrote the Game of Thrones books. Politics with lots of blood and guts, dragons, incest, religion, magic, honor, treachery, wildlings, white walkers, more characters than you can keep track of but enthralling. Big draw on HBO.

@53 Thanks Fredster. I think I’m getting there. Just nauseous a lot from the meds even tho I’m taking something for that too.

@52,” Hillary take away Medicare”…. WTH? There is no way to fix that serious of stupid.

I’ve been watching DVDs of Ken Burn’s America’s National Parks over the last couple of weeks. Just finished the Great Nature episode, when Roosevelt was President. The CCC, the WPA, all these other initiatives for the good of the people. Funding national parks so that average Americans have a place to vacation and it’s not just for the rich people. Sat there thinking how unusual that philosophy is now from politicians. Nearly choked up a few times thinking how Hillary would have been another FDR, and even better. I desperately hope our parks are still intact in 4 years.

@Fredster, yeah, the Usurper’s speeches were textbook examples of gaslighting.

@Cats, oh yeah. I’ve seen little bits of it when clicking around, but it was too gross for me.

{{{GAgal}}} Hope you’re on the mend.

@50 Annie, Martin is most famous for killing off all the characters you like in his Game of Thrones series

@57: Luna, they’ll probably still be there except we’ll be selling off the timber, mineral rights because they’re there and not doing anyone any good. More info:

He has a paltry 3 percent on the League of Conservation Voters’ scorecard. The Center for American Progress listed Zinke on its “anti-parks caucus,” a collection of lawmakers the group says jeopardize the future of nature preserves.

Meant to add earlier, I got an email from Prolix and now he is feeling under the weather. From what he wrote he might be away for a day or two.

Hey all, hope you had a very nice holiday and that politics were avoided as much as possible. I’ll be posting later on today.

Sending Get Well Wishes to Prolix!

@33: Fredster: I have been thinking about this article since yesterday and I finally came to realize that the “powers that be” were never going to let Hillary win. The corporate media wasn’t just in it for ratings, they had to undermine her candidacy in every way possible. Throw in the witch hunting repubs, the Russians, the partisan FBI, and the cowardly Comey, she didn’t stand a chance. Even with all those forces against her, she kicked ass, but they would NEVER have let her “win.” Even with the obstructive Rep congress and Supreme Court against her, it would have been obvious to the people that she was an advocate of the middle and lower classes. If by some miracle she had won, they would have had one last unthinkable option. Am I just being paranoid? Too Fox Mulder?

@65 – New post up. No, I don’t think you’re paranoid at all.

@65: Cats3, something very similar crossed my mind too.

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