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Is 2016 Over Yet?

Posted on: December 21, 2016


As the horrific 2016 drags itself to a miserable close, and since the day the electors put You-Know-Who You-Know-Where, I’ve been trying to cheer myself up with more cheerful topics. Like assassinations. I kid, of course.

On Monday, as our country was committing ritual hara-kiri, a horrific assassination took place at an art gallery in Turkey. The Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, was shot as he delivered a speech, with an Associated Press photographer there to capture every horrific moment. These photos will probably win awards. Perhaps they should. The assassin, who was killed, was shouting “Remember Syria! Remember Aleppo!” Long-term fallout from these events are impossible to predict. Turkey is quickly transitioning from a Democracy into a dictatorship. Russia is a dictatorship. The USA is experimenting. And Europe is at a crossroads with England exiting stage Right. It’s unlikely the assassin’s


Mohammed Bouazizi

purported concern for Syria and Aleppo, which Russians have been annihilating, will get much sympathy from the public at large. In general it is a terrible idea to commit murder while feigning concern for anyone. A better route for this miserable man may have been a public suicide. Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire on December 17, 2010, starting uprisings and revolutions in Tunisia and then a wider Arab Spring.


Perhaps the most famous case to be made against all assassinations is the murder of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in Serbia on June 28, 1914. Who thought the death of such a minor person would lead to the deadliest war up to then and millions of deaths.


Anna Politkovskaya

Many great people fell to assassinations throughout history of the world. Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Anna Politkovskaya. The list is long, dark and full of terror. I think we all agree that there are better ways to make political statements.







Foreheads of men have bled where no wounds were.

I am the enemy you killed, my friend.

I knew you in this dark; for so you frowned

Yesterday through me as you jabbed and killed.

I parried; but my hands were loath and cold.

Let us sleep now . . .”

From “Strange Meeting” by Wilfred Owen (1893-1918)

Which brings me to a question: what do we do to make political statements in a post-Drumpf world? I ask for very practical reasons. Some of my friends and I really want to do something over the next 4 years. Besides donating to worthy causes that will combat You-Know-Who, what else can we do? We had a meeting last week and decided we will join some local long-standing organizations that fight for political change. But that seems sort of hollow.  What ideas do you all have for us Widdershins? We are all in NYC. One of us an insufferable Bernie Bro. But we must learn to live with that – he did vote for HRC, though he is very angry that she wasn’t as perfect as Bernie. In any case, we discussed the presence of the vile Peter King as a Representative from NY. He’s an institution at this point and hails form the conservative Long Island. It would feel so so good to kick him out. We will definitely support whoever runs against him, but chances of unseating him are slim. What else do you all recommend? Locally and nationally.

This is an open thread. What’s on your minds?

Madonna singing “Imagine” at a HRC rally in Washington Square Park on November 7, 2016.


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My inclination is to join/start issues groups like “Save Medicare” and “Save Social Security”. Appoint, as spokespeople, solid, well-vetted individuals who can capitalize on the identification with a popular cause and the developing name recognition as (D) candidates in upcoming elections. Starting at the School Board level and moving up the chain, get candidates elected who are dedicated to the common good

DYB, excellent post. I am completely opposed to violence as a political statement, unless, as you mention, it is self-directed. Once you start harming people, you lose all moral credibility.

I think a lot of folks, including yours truly, have published lists of actions to take. The difficulty we have in choosing “the right” one is that we don’t actually have anything to fight yet, I think. Once Drumpf actually becomes President and does something concrete, we can figure things out a bit more easily.

I favor two avenues in general: local and national. Local activism can be carried out by us on the ground; national has to be carried out by the Democratic (and Republican, in some cases) Parties, but can be influenced by our calls, social media outreach and emails. You and Jacqueline both gave good examples of local activism; national activism would be impeachment of Drumpf, resistance to bad legislation or appointees, etc.

Not sure if it helps much, but this is where my brain is right now.

How the press covered Mussolini and Hitler (with admiration!)

But then:

“No people ever recognize their dictator in advance,” she [Dorothy Thompson] reflected in 1935. “He never stands for election on the platform of dictatorship. He always represents himself as the instrument [of] the Incorporated National Will.” Applying the lesson to the U.S., she wrote, “When our dictator turns up you can depend on it that he will be one of the boys, and he will stand for everything traditionally American.”

@3 – Not only do I want to LOL, I want them to experience all the pain their horrendous mistake will cause. Inside every Drumpf voter is a racist, sexist, xenophobic reptile brain that says, “He won’t do it to ME.” Maybe when he does, they’ll finally wake the f*ck up.

Mr. Pundit has a suggestion on one thing we can try to do.

@6> Yes, “He won’t do it to ME.” That is such a huge part of how they voted and how they think. And that’s something that drives me bonkers. I live in NYC, of anybody else in the country we are probably as inoculated against Drumpf as anybody, except maybe San Francisco. (Mind you, hate crimes in NYC have gone up quite a bit too). But I’m a comfortably middle-class white male. Not straight, which creates problems. But I live in a liberal city and work in a liberal entertainment industry. Yet I’m concerned about others. But they don’t give a shit about me or anybody except themselves. All this “coastal elites don’t care about us” is such horseshit. They are the ones who don’t give a shit about anyone except their own hides. But this time their hide just might get bitten… If they really believe the US government has abandoned them and it couldn’t possibly get worse… fasten your seat belts folks. It’s going to get worse for them. So much worse. (Repealing of Obamacare specifically. Uhh, how many times did Republicans vote to repeal it?? Dozens. Dozens. Dozens. But now with Drumpf in the White House, who is going to stop them? LOL)

Secondly, there is an article over at Shareblue which gives a potential guidebook on what we can do to fight Trump, his plans, and his enablers.

Here is their guidebook, which they call:

A practical guide For resisting the Trump agenda

Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen

CNN’s favorite pundit/Drumpf surrogate, who continued to collect a paycheck from Drumpf while working for CNN (nothing wrong with that, says CNN!) and then quit CNN two days after the election – now opens a consulting firm just blocks from the White House.

@3: From the WaPo article:

How would things work after repeal? As a preview of post-Obamacare treatment, Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga offered a personal example to the Michigan news site Mlive: When his son injured his arm, he saved money by not taking him to an emergency room, instead visiting a doctor the next day and discovering that it was broken.

Delaying treatment of a broken arm? Trump backers such as those Kliff met in Kentucky may have reason to regret they didn’t take Trump literally before. Mills, the woman whose husband awaits a liver transplant, said she was frightened to learn Obamacare could be repealed without a replacement in hand: “I’m afraid now that the insurance is going to go away and we’re going to be up a creek.”

I can only imagine the pain Rep. Hulzenga’s son must have been in with his broken arm.

Let me tell you something about delaying treatment for a broken or fractured bone:

The late momster was walking (without her walker!) from the bathroom back to her bed when she lost her balance and had a fall. It happened so quickly I could not get up and to her before she fell. I didn’t think she was hurt that badly and would just be sore afterwards. I had some pain meds for her so I got her into bed, gave her a pain pill and she finally drifted off to sleep. The next day she was in real pain and I saw the ankle was swollen. I called the EMTs and it was off to the e.r. After an x-ray at the e.r. they saw the ankle had a fracture and called in an orthopod. He said they needed to do an open reduction and fixation, i.e. surgery to fix the ankle. He said if I had brought her to the e.r. the night before when it happened and she had not tried to put any weight on it, it would have been a simple casting procedure. Granted the momster was older but still stuff can happen when you postpone getting treatment.

Oh and that woman from Ky whose husband is waiting on the liver transplant? She better hope it takes the Repubs a good while to put any changes into effect.

@11: Corey looks like there is something wrong with him mentally.

See Charles Pierce’s article here.

I want something really awful to happen to Chris Cillizza: like he gets the clap 13 different ways.

@14> OMG, I’m going to have a heart attack right now.

@15: No. Give a heart attack to Cillizza.

@16> Yes. Cillizza’s article is just awful. I’m glad Pearce is calling him out on it. WTF!

@14 Yeah, let’s give him a heart attack. Clinton/Gore 2020 yeah – in my dreams. Wake me when the Cheeto’s impeachment trial starts

It occurs to me that our side could take a lesson from the deplorables- as described here:
Talks about how the Hill R’s are afraid of Trumpsters because they are virulent in their attacks. Now, I’m a pretty mild person but I am very angry at this time. And the Berniepeople were pretty obnoxious in the primaries.
How do you go about swarming the damn fearful politicians, and wouldn’t it be nice to include the media too.
Yes, I know it’s deplorable behavior but damn, the other side has no qualms about this behavior. They have no inner moral compass- just hate. Yes I know it’s dangerous to play with fire but damn, this guy is a walking disaster( Orange Cheeto).

@19> I don’t disagree with you. Something should change in how the Democratic party operates. It’s now a different world with different rules. Following the rules has backfired. We can’t pretend it’s business as usual.


@14, oh yeah. 65 million voters….

@21, I sure hope so!

and @23, hell and damnation.

@23 & 25: The good thing is P.P. will go to court and probably (but sadly eventually – takes awhile) it will be overturned.

@17 & 18: I call him Chris Suhleeze-a.

@28: Ah, if only American voters had followed the good sense of the bird right there.

@29, Agree. Oh. Wait a minute….they did, but just about 3 million votes got tossed out on a technicality.

@30: True dat 😦

Nah, let’s just let industry fund all of it. What could possibly go wrong?

Trump’s budget director pick: “Do we really need government-funded research at all”

President-elect Donald Trump recently picked Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina to head the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. Like many of Trump’s other Cabinet nominees, Mulvaney seems to have a disturbingly low opinion of science.

In a stunning September 9 Facebook post (that’s since been deleted but is still cached), Mulvaney asked, “… what might be the best question: do we really need government funded research at all.”

The post was written in the midst of a heated debate in Congress about how much more money to allocate to the fight against the Zika virus. It wasn’t clear whether Mulvaney, a budget hawk, was referring to all of the government’s scientific research or just to government-funded research on Zika. (We’ve asked his office for comment and haven’t heard back.)

Film crew in NYC posted these:


I’m saving and sharing that one!

Caption this photo:

@36: Trump: “If I even try to say a prayer lightening is gonna strike this room, this bldg, this city..everything”.

Better one: “Lay your hands on what?

Love DYB’s post and all the funny comments! Thank god for all the good lib humor. We’d all be crying everyday without it.

@38: And sadly annie, that’s about all we have left isn’t it?

Here’s a course of action that’s more in line with my personality- forget channeling my inner deplorable. Act like Hillary would, see:
View story at
But damn, those Bernie bots were so good at obnoxious. Why aren’t they piling on the Breitbart crowd? Too busy hoping for the revolution?

@36 Which passage has “grab em by the pussy?” I cant find that in the bible? Haha “You knew I was a snake but still you took me in”

@40 Yes – we have to stand up and fight like Hillary would & I sure wish we could clone her. We are in the majority, we are right and we will overcome. But I think it may not look like overcoming for a while. Until our national leaders get their shell-shocked shit together and we have someone to stand up for us, we need to focus on local politics and doing what we can. I’m going to ask my friend if Elizabeth Warren can adopt a few precincts in Oklahoma, lol.

@40 – Me too. That’s more in line with me. But I do think that legislatively and in Congress, our critters have to fight back a LOT HARDER. And Obama is spineless and has never, EVER made the argument for Democratic policies vs. Republican. He was too in love with being “bi-partisan”, and actually agreed with some of the more repulsive Republican Austerian ideas. Remember he almost cut Social Security and Medicare because of that Bowles Commission near the beginning of his presidency?! FDR and Eleanor were ready to come back from the dead and whoop his *ss.

The bots will never fight back against the wingnuts. They are too busy praising Russia. And plus, p*nis!

Photo caption: “I dropped my moneyclip!”

Drumpf appoints Conway as counselor to the president. (I’m going to spell president with lower case p from now on.)

Also, I’ve found the perfect response to any Bernie Bro who comes at me.

Cybersecurity firm finds a direct link between the group that hacked the DNC and Russian military. Quelle surprise! Drumpf and Glenn Greenwald will say it’s all lies.

@41> I believe that passage was in a new Russian translation of the Bible.

Loretta Lynch’s failures to control Comey.

“If she thought [the letter] violated department policy or was otherwise a bad idea, she could have ordered him not to send the letter,” said Goldsmith, who noted that soon after the letter was released, Justice officials proceeded to criticize Comey when Lynch had the power all along to stop him. “It was an astonishing failure of leadership and eschewal of responsibility, especially if Lynch really thought what Comey did was wrong.”

@47 DYB I hope that is evidence of a case for treason. It just can’t be that everyone has laid down and decided to let this ride 4 years & hope we can vote him out. The constitution won’t look the same in 4 years.

@36: Kelly Anne, what do I do now? This book is burning my hand.I

@46: DYB, was that a clip from Serenity? I LOVED Firefly and Mal made my nethers tingle!

Nobody wants to perform at Drumpf’s inauguration. Not Celine Dion, not Andrea Bocelli, not Elton John, nobody. And they are butthurt about it! LOL

@46: DYB, is that a clip from Serenity? I loved Firefly! Mal made my nethers tingle, sigh…..

For some giggles on another Dumpster Fire day.

More laughs

Also hoping he goes down for treason. How can it not be treason?

Also am extremely disappointed in Lynch. In fact, I really don’t like Obama’s choices with the exception of Hillary & Kerry. I agree with Uppity that he’s a laid back person that doesn’t like controversy, but then why the hell did he have to be president? There was so much more he could have done during his first two years and I wish he would have fought harder against the rethug machine.

After I’m done working two jobs and rested up a bit, I’m going to write letters to all of the California pols asking them to fight against the electoral college. It is so wrong that the little states get so much more representation than the rest of us; for example, as Prolix mentioned, the Dakotas. Make them one state and make Puerto Rico the other one, or something. I remember years ago, people in New Caledonia wanted to be a state and change its name to New California! We were brainwashed as kids to think our form of government was best. Hasn’t turned out that way for the majority though.

@52, I love that! Thanks Celebs!

Off to spend another long day bowing and scraping to the rich and undeserving! Catch you all later!

Picture caption:
Trump thought bubble: “Losers… I know more about God than God knows about God.”

So apparently Ivanka Trump was flying on JetBlue and a couple started yelling at her and her 3-year old. I think yelling at the 3 year old is nuts. That wasn’t the time or the place to yell. They could have perhaps used the time to speak to her calmly.

@41: That’s a good one contrask!

@57: I saw something about that. Why oh why was Ivanka on commercial? I thought Daddy had a number of planes. He has a company called TAG air.

…Trump is that one of his companies, TAG Air, Inc., owns the plane,

@57: Oh well, pretty soon all of the kids will be flying on the different planes of the Air Force Executive aircraft managed by the Air Force’s Special Air Mission Group at Andrews AFB.

The states with the highest number of Obamacare sign-upers – voted for Trump. LOL

@60> More details are emerging and the couple in question – a gay couple – said they did not yell at Ivanka. They quietly told her they disagreed with her father, but the flight attendants removed them. (BTW, last year my parents were removed from JetBlue flying to visit my sister in Phoenix. My mother asked for a water bottle to take medicine. The flight attendant gave her a bottle at the door, but insisted she drink it right then and there, that she could not take it to her seat until the plane took off. My mother took a few sips and gave her the bottle back. As she walked away she heard the flight attend say: “Fucking bitch.” My mother responded: “What?” Silence from the woman. They went to there seat and 10 mins later security came up and removed them from the flight. So I have zero respect for JetBlue.)

@62: I have seen so many articles on subjects like this. Such as in one Kentucky county something like over 50% of the people have qualified for the expanded medicaid and yet that county when overwhelmingly for Trump.

In this Atlantic article below a reporter went to PA and interviewed some people. Most wanted Obamacare done away with, some wanted it replaced with something “better” (don’t we all!) some think the people on Medicaid are getting a “free ride”. To me they all just seem to be clueless.

@63: That’s awful.

I know they have the rules about not having any cups, bottles, etc. before takeoff but it seems they could have given your mom a paper cup from the restroom, poured some water into it and let you mom take her meds that way. Then the paper cup could go into the trash.

@65> She wasn’t bringing the water on to the plane, she asked for it when she boarded. It was their own water bottle. That’s what made no sense.

We just did a gift exchange at work. I ended up with a coloring book. 2016 is the worst year! 🙂

@66: I understood DYB but failed in my reply. What I was trying to say was that the attendant could have gotten a paper cup from the lav., (they used to have those in there), and poured some water into it from a bottle to let your mom take her meds. Then the f.a. could have kept the bottle in the galley. Bottom line: there seems there could have been a way to handle your mom’s request for some water w/out the f.a. being such a pain.

So what kind of coloring book did you get? I just have to know. 😉

Here’s some pics of Hill from the campaign. The picture of her on her plane after Comey’s letter tells you all you need to know.

@68: GAgal, I made the mistake of reading the comments.
All the die hard Bernie Bros and Bernie Bras could spontaneously combust in front of me and, you guessed it, I wouldn’t piss on one of them to douse the flames.

Sorry, I’m late to the party. Real life has such bad timing.

D, great question — one that I has caused me more than a little dyspepsia. Here’s where I am. There has to be a core, central theme to coalesce a movement. We can easily agree der Trumpinfuhrer is worse than a fever blister on school picture day, but that’s not a unifying emotional issue.

What I think is we are going to have to be patient. The faithless Electors thing was a big fat farting failure. We are going to have to be patient and allow him and that band of Congressional kleptocrats overstep. They will. They can’t “not” exceed what they consider to be their mandate.

Once the new Regulation Czar Carl Icahn starts his exorcism and it is discovered his companies reap benefits in the hundreds of millions — people will understand that.

The Trumpanzee’s ego will be his undoing. He want’s to have real billionaires as his “step and fetch it minions”. The unknown variables are the conflicts the tentacles of those billionaires’ will cause. People understand that — even Trumpanzee’s voters.

The other thing that I think offers great opportunity for the “Resistance” is the “flat organizational structure” he’s trying to set up. Flat structure in an organization like the White House is like throwing a pork chop amongst starving Rottweilers — only power is a much stronger motivation for chaos.

Again, it is his ego of coming to him for every decision. The last time that kind of minutiae management was in vogue was Jimmy Carter. A good man, but a one-term President who did no where close to the damage the Trumpanzee will do.

We can easily agree der Trumpinfuhrer is worse than a fever blister on school picture day
Ah, Prolix, that brought back happy memories!

@74, Sue, I would always get so worked up about school pictures, I’m not only a homely adult, I grew into it naturally, I would always get fever blisters. I’m not talking about little cute ones, I’m talking about something slightly larger than the Northwest Territories. Do you know how hard it is to smile with something like that weighing your lip down? Honestly, it gave me the ability to smile at all the wrong times.

@64 & 66, here’s what the quintessentially illogical and ignorant vote reaps. Not only did KY go for the Trumpanzee overwhelmingly, but with turnout at 31% in the gubernatorial election, a Tea Party carpetbagger who is a Trump acolyte, won with a rousing 16% of the vote.

Here’s the article describing what the ACA/Obamacare/Kynect did — KY was number one in the country in reducing the uninsured poor in the country — that’s like all the states and Puerto Rico too. Number one in the country in reducing poor people’s access to health care.

What is going to happen? The Tea Party governor has already dismantled KYnect’s website. Totally took it down and now redirects everyone to the federal website. Cost almost $30 million to tear it down and dismantle it.

The state also has a pending application to: 1. Charge premiums to the poor on expanded Medicaid; 2. Cut out vision and dental of Medicaid; (3) If you want to get an eye exam or a teeth cleaning, you have to do community service — go out and pick up garbage so you can be humiliated because you want health care and are poor; (4) Reduce any number of available health care access points; and (5) If he doesn’t get his way and get a waiver to make these and hundreds of other changes, he will cancel — kill — the Medicaid expansion in its entirety. The reason he can do that is because the Dem Governor before him had to implement the expansion through Executive Order because the Republican state Senate would not agree.

Now, courtesy of a Trumpanzee landslide, there’s complete Republican control of all the levers of government. And what it has gotten the Trumpanzee voters — over 450,000+ will be kicked off of heath care.

Republicans will reduce the numbers of the poor — by killing them with a denial of health care.

@71, WTF? It’s getting so I won’t be able to read even unbiased news for fear of spiraling into a well of despair and outrage.

And I can’t bear to look at pics of Hillary learning that Comey was betraying America to Putin and damning her chance of winning (and thus damning our country).

They haven’t already overstepped?? I’m more afraid of them re-writing the constitution before we can impeach him. And I worry about the health of our older SCOTUS. Someone needs to pass a note to RBG and tell her not to eat any goodies at work. Those are the things that worry me.

My larger concern is that the Republican Party – as it has up until now – will just bend to Trump’s will. We have been waiting for someone to stand up to him for a long time now. And it has not happened. Instead they are cowering in fear. And they control both chambers of Congress. And soon the Supreme Court. This is a terrifying situation when they might – as they have until now – just do what Trump and Bannon and the rest of the cabinet want them to do. This is where parallels to history and Hitler become more pronounced. I just don’t see Republicans – as they are right now – impeaching Trump under any circumstances. They will just continue to back him and protect him and normalize everything about him. Just as they are doing now. With, among many other things, Russian interference. McConnell does not want an investigation and if he’s running things, there won’t be one.

Did you see Samantha Bee’s interview with Glenn Beck? It was quite interesting, funny and weird. But Beck – in the bizarro world we live in – is one of the few people on the Right who are actually not afraid to still oppose Trump. And he calls himself a “catastrophist.” I think I’m with him on that. If things just continue as they are moving now – it is going to be catastrophic. Because Republicans will not oppose him on anything.

North Carolina is no longer classified as a Democracy. This is where the entire federal government is headed under Trump.

@82> That direct link didn’t work.

@79 & 80, It is the perfect symbiotic relationship between the Republicans and the clamorous Yam. As long as the Yam signs the bills cutting taxes on the rich and corporations, guts Obamacare, and turns loose on trillions in the Social Security Trust Fund by privatizing it, the Republicans will put up with anything he wants to do. Until — until something goes horribly wrong. And it will.

That NC thing is terrifying. I agree with DYB that’s where the Fed Gov is headed. One of the things hubs & I plan to do in our retirement is fly to Maine, rent a van and drive down the entire East coast. I hope the situation in NC gets better by then or I’ll feel obligated to pass through (boycott), I really wanted to visit Cherokee NC, where my great grandmothers family came from. My older sis really enjoyed it when her & her hub went there.

Well, today’s the last day of my full-time temp job. I’m exhausted, but glad I did it after all. The $ was better than expected and it kept my mind off politics. I also think I lost at least 5 pounds. Last night, I rode in the elevator with a family that looked like they didn’t live in the area, in fact, they looked like Trump voters, to be blunt and honest. They had an obnoxious young son blathering about how awful we “Calif libtards” are, but the parents looked at me and mildly scolded him. Then we step out on the top level of the parking garage, into the fresh night air and you could hear a siren in the near distance. The brat then launched into another tirade about how if “you get out of an elevator in California, you hear sirens, but you get out of an elevator in Arizona, you hear nothing.”

This was the last straw for me and I said, “Excuse me, young man, but this town is consistently rated as one of the safest areas in the country, year after year, in the top 10. I’ve spent most of my life here and never had to worry about being robbed or harassed, and feel perfectly safe to walk the streets at night. Furthermore, that siren is probably an ambulance going to the senior citizens home a couple of blocks away. They are always going there because here in California we take good care of our elders!” (I wanted to say take that you little shit) So then the brat turned red and started spluttering a sort of apology and his parents started agreeing with me, and the kid said of course, he had “no idea what kind of siren it was and it sure was beautiful here.” I wished them happy holidays and got in my car.

I think this is a small taste of the constant derision and hate we can expect from the victorious Trump voters. And I wish I could ever understand why people who constantly bash California always have to vacation here. I know we’ll end up with Pence if Dump is ousted, but I almost feel like that would be better. Anyway, have a good day Widdershins!

socalannie, you’re my hero!

@85> That’s great! It’s similar with NYC. They hate NY and always bash it, but they always come to vacation here and stare at Times Square for hours. “Oooh look at the lights.” Ugh, NYers hate Times Square and always find ways to avoid going through it. It’s a nightmare. But they hate us coast elite libtarts and our shiny lights.

@85, Annie, I know you think that is a small thing to do, but you have no idea how large something like that can be to a young person’s mind. Obviously, he didn’t get that kind of mind-expanding correction at home. You taught him so much in a few short sentences — someday he will think back on your synchronous interlude and thank you.

I thank you — you made the world a little better by intervening.

Thank you Annie!

I mean, just when you think Drumpf’s people can’t get more vile, they do.

“Trump’s N.Y. campaign chief Carl Paladino calls for Obama’s death from mad cow and Michelle to be ‘let loose in Zimbabwe'”

@81: I saw that McClatchy article. And of course the Repubs in that state won’t give a damn about how it looks to the rest of the nation and the world.

@85: Congrats to you gurl for standing up to that little brat!

Well, the Repubtards just can’t wait to start cutting things from the ACA.

I guess the Rockettes are gonna dance their way into the inaugural, although the owner says it’s strictly voluntary. Talk about “grab ’em by the p*ssy.

As you know, the talking yam said this:

“The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes

Keeping that in mind, here’s a link to a list of who has how many warheads. I’m not sure how many more warheads are needed when you have over 6k in your arsenal.

@94> They’ve softened their stance, but let’s be honest: this can very seriously impact the performers if they refuse. They’ve already made their position clear.

OMG, Carrie Fisher suffered a massive heart attack on a flight from London to LA. She’s in serious condition and the word is she’s not in good condition. 😥 Seriously, 2016 is the worst.

@97 I saw a piece about that. Just very sad. 😦

Seriously, 2016 is the worst. Totally.

Ever the jovial guy, the Rude Pundit has a piece up on nativities in various forms and with various groups playing the major players.

It’s funny.


@101, if someone had just warned us about Trump being a puppet.

@101 and 102> Yes indeed. If only someone had warned us… and if only anybody cared! They still don’t care. I’m not hearing a bloody peep from anyone.

I soooo hope Carrie Fisher will pull through. C’mon Carrie. We need our warrior princess.

Glad you all liked my story upthread. I was afraid I sounded like an old crank.

@101, oh for gods sake! How stupid can this country be?

@101 annie said: oh for gods sake! How stupid can this country be?

Well, I think we got the answer to that last month. 👿

We lost a dear old friend about a week ago. He was a famous L.A. DJ on our rock station KLOS. He created a great radio show called Rockline where he interviewed famous rock stars. Hubs and Laker got to sit and watch some of the tapings. I used listened to him on the radio for years before we met him and his family. Hubs is really down about it, they were good friends; in fact, our two families were close. Our sons dated their daughters and my late step son was on his way to their house when he died, so we share a tragic bond. I feel like I need to hold my breath til this wretched year is over.

@99, omigosh! That was great, especially the last part.

That thing about the Rockettes is weird. It seems like a strange entertainment for an inaugural ball.

@106: Sorry to hear about your loss of a good friend. Just another example of this crappy year isn’t it?

@85 – Annie, you are my heroine. Good on ya. You were courteous, factual, and kick-*ss! Plus, you may have taught that child’s parents how to relate to their child more effectively.

@80 – that is my fear too. They won’t stand on their own…but let’s not forget, they don’t have to. The Democrats should make up their minds to stand up to him, and start forming alliances with the less nutty Repubs like Olympia Snowe, Lisa Murkowski, John McMaverick, Lady Lindsey, and Kelly Ayotte. McMaverick and the Lady are already exercised about Russia. They should be a good place to start, especially after the latest Drumpf-Pooty lovefest, which continues this morning. Happy freaking Christmas Eve – we’re getting a Siberian Candidate in our stockings.

@106, annie, my sympathy for your loss.

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