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Posted on: December 19, 2016

For years now, I’ve been writing these posts.  Sometimes it is once a week.  Sometimes more.  I always start out with a cheery “good morning” or “good day” whatever – well, not today.  Today all I can muster is a chipper, “Thank goodness there’s only twelve more days in this lousy year!”but-her-emails

Having gotten up on the wrong side of my keyboard this morning, I’m sick beyond words of hearing how Hillary wasn’t perfect. How she didn’t go to Wisconsin. How she didn’t spend enough time in Michigan.  How she didn’t speak to the white working class.  And on and on it goes – Hillary just wasn’t perfect.


First and most decidedly foremost, never has a candidate for President been held to a standard of perfection.  If the standard was perfection, the 1st through the 44th would never have taken the oath.

Second, the press bears an enormous amount of responsibility for what is about to befall the country.  Of course with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, they can only caterwaul about Hillary’s imperfection.  They fail to acknowledge, let alone own, the three networks devoted three times as much airtime to Hillary’s emails as they did to all policy issues combined.


Late deciding voters went overwhelmingly for the Mango Meerkat-headed one…

Third, no one other than Nate Silver has the integrity to point out; Hillary lost four states, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, by one percentage point or less. According to Silver, if not for Comey and the Russians, Hillary would have won each state by at least two points and her strategy, along with her imperfections, would have been stellar.

Fourth and this is where I’ve been heading, if a writer or commentator can’t keep two thoughts in their mind at the same time – Hillary might not have been perfect, but Comey and the Russians changed the outcome of this election – I no longer have time to wallow in their puddles of ignorance.  I invite you to join me.

I no longer have time to listen to anyone who fails to acknowledge the Tangerine Turd is more or less neck-and-neck with Michael Dukakis when it comes to percentage of vote:  Turd 46.17% and Dukakis 45.65%.

joel-pett-you-and-your-identityNo longer will I patronize anyone’s work who fails to correct the notion that Herr Trumpenfuhrer won the popular vote.  Such is a false assumption of 52% of Republicans and a full 60% of Trumpinista-type voters without a college degree.

Never again will I listen to some mind-numbing recitation by an overly veneered, pretty-haired pundit, as they stare into the camera and pronounce the Democratic Party a coastal party with nothing to offer the morally superior, hardworking, churched-up, white people who make up the backbone of the country.

When you break it down, the Trumpanzee was particularly attractive in cow pastures where he carried over 2,500 counties.  On the other hand, the imperfect Hillary only carried 472, but those 472 counties account for almost two-thirds of all the economic activity in the country.low-approval-of-transition

I thought it was going to take at least a year before the Trump Chumps figured out they were duped, bigly, in the world’s largest con.  A con that makes Madoff look miniscule in comparison.

Draining the swamp has turned out to be more of a gauche, over-the-top Trump bedazzling rehab.  So far the transition cluster-fornication has turned:  (1) The economy over to Goldman Sachs; (2) Foreign relations and the environment over to coiffured mud engineers; (3) National security coordination over to an Islamophobic nutter; (4) Economic forecasting over to someone who plays an economist on teevee; and (5) The budget over to a Freedom Caucus fringer who sees nothing wrong with defaulting on the national debt.

What could go wrong?fox-news-poll-trump-one-of-the-worst

If you are worrying about Herr Trumpenfuhrer being a “Siberian Candidate,” I’ll leave you with this thought.  The old Soviet economy could not sustain a military and also feed its citizens.  Like a slow motion game of drunken Jenga, their whole system collapsed in on itself.

With a GDP about the size of Italy, Putin knows he can’t compete with the United States.  So how does he reinvigorate Russia with a stature of a bygone era?  Under the laws of Sun Tzu, the answer is simple – by lowering the stature of the enemy.

If he had a magic wand, Putin might cripple the fiscal prowess by reducing taxes in a manner that would cap spending and increase the already staggering wealth gap.  At the same time he might kindle internal unrest by slashing domestic spending.  It would also be handy if he could make the citizens less healthy by curtailing health care and further stretching the social safety net. And a nice start to all of this would be cultivating distrust in democratic

Sun Tzu said it best, “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness.  Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.  Thereby, you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.  The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

If only there was a perfect candidate.  If only…

What’s on your mind today?



109 Responses to "If only…"

I’m just speechless and numb today, Prolix – good post as always. And every bit so true and still bitter to think about.

Sorry – the link to the specific tweet didn’t post. WordPress has it’s limitations

Prolix, well said, and I do join you in not wallowing. I’m working hard for my family now, but am going to look at what I can do to help in red states in ’18, since I already live in a democratic precinct in a democratic state. Hopefully, with the specter of losing SS & MC hovering over their dumb heads, the red state voters will have a rethink and vote blue. (If we’re still allowed to vote). Anyway, must get ready for another looong day at work, but here’s a funny:

@2, thanks Contrask. Is it a specific tweet you wanted to post? If it is, down where you can Reply, Retweet, and Like, there are three dots. When you click on the dots, there are more options. Click on the “Embed Tweet” and copy the code and just paste the code into the comment.

@3, Annie, I think you are right. We really need to redouble and retriple our efforts in 2018. Especially in Gubernatorial races and legislative races. I hope some billionaire will get behind it and if not, translate a grassroots funding effort. We have to get the congressional districts back to something approaching normal.

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth yet. My health problems escalated and I ended up in the hospital. I still have to deal with some tests and procedures to determine if surgery is needed, but at least I’m home now.

I still checked out the excellent posts through my knock-out drugs even though I only made it about five minutes at a time. If there ever was a time to be drugged, now is it with all this Trump-crazy. I highly recommend it – minus any health issues, of course. (Please excuse any typos or gibberish)

Glad you are back, GAgirl – hope you’ve turned the corner. Your drugs sound wonderful, though. @4 Prolix, It doesn’t matter. WTF with 4 electors deflecting from Hillary? Really? I’m just sick. Kick her in the teeth again. The deplorables deserve what they’re getting. 2 scary incidents today – the diplomat in Ankara and the Truck massacre in Berlin. It’s time to go local and see if we can turn this place around.

@6, GAgal — last night I was thinking about you and wondering what was up? I’m glad you are okay. I was worried. I’m glad you are on the mend and yes, drugs do sound like a viable alternative to Trumpenfuhrer. Please keep us informed and in keeping with all the HIPPA requirements, in the most general terms of course.

Glad you are back!

@7, Contrask, you hit it on the head. Just what vicarious pleasure could possibly come from insulting Hillary. Even today, they don’t stop with Hillary. They even drag Bill back through the muck. They are just evil, evil people. I slapped Josh Barro around on Twitter today. He changed his registration to Democrat, but has been ugly, vile, base, common, and abusive in his denigration of Hillary.

I slapped him into the last quarter of 2017 and then blocked him. And you know what — sorry, I guess I’m not finished ranting — I despise the concern trolls who do it with the, “I know it is difficult and this isn’t the way to exit the world stage, but Hillary, yada, yada, yada,” just another of the 3 million ways she isn’t perfect.

Just makes me want to scream.

@7,Contrask, I know it’s official Trump is now the Boss of Us, but did the 4 Hillary electors vote for Trump or another Republican?

GAgal, glad to hear you are okay. Like Prolix I was wondering what was up. Glad to hear you are better and yay for the wonder pharmaceuticals! we al may need some to get through the next few years. That is, if we still have healthcare of any type.

Prolix, one of those WaPo links (the one on health care and Ocare repeal) had a pic of that walking idiot Steve Scalise who is my congress critter in La. Scalise is the one who took David Duke former seat in the state leg and then somehow got elected to congress. (What am I saying, I know how he got elected to Congress. He also had one of his assistants or something who had direct ties to Duke. He’s also in the House leadership. Makes me want to puke.

@12, Scalise almost exact quote, “I’m David Duke without the baggage.”

And there is the modern GOP.

And regarding that FastCompany article that says I need to try to understand the Trump voters, no they aren’t that racist, make nice with them…


Whenever I hear one of those people complain, bitch or gripe about something he’s done or will do I’m just going to say “Y’all voted for the motherfucker and as much as it might impact me too y’all deserve everything that’s coming to you.”.

McTurtle wants to have the investigation into Russian hacking done by the current committees for that and McCain and Graham are saying oh hell no.

@13: I think that may have been the actual quote he used.

I just know whenever I’ve seen his name on the ballot I look for anyone else’s name I can choose.

@14, that article based upon the Greenberg research is about how to lead out of this morass Democrats now find themselves. It is about understanding the opposition, it isn’t about compromising beliefs.

Most of us probably don’t choose to spend any time with Trumpers. I know I don’t, but from a purely strategic position, I want to know how they think. They might as well be talking an alien tongue.

I’ve read Greenberg’s research before. It is robust and stands up to scrutiny. The group “Clearer Thinking” is a good organization and I read their stuff to avoid my tendency to lean toward confirmation bias.

@15, McTurtle is wanting to bury any investigation behind closed doors. McCain and the Lady Lindsey ain’t dancin’ to that tune.

@17: Shrug. What can I say? I don’t want to know what makes those people tick, how they think (do they think?) or anything else. I’ll leave that task to others. Call me as hard-headed as they are or whatever else. I just can’t do it.

@18: I fervently hope that McCain and Lindsey along with the Dems are able to prevail on this. McTurtle shouldn’t even have a say in any of this since Elaine is getting the cabinet job. 👹

OMG, Prolix I just experienced what you wrote about in your opening post. I was screaming at the TV. Comey not to blame, Hillary should never have used private email in the first place, she ran a worse campaign than 2008, less than a 1% loss in those key states she lost meant a poor GOTV on her part, should have been in Wisconsin and Michigan. EVERYTHING was her fault. I don’t know why they don’t blame her for pissing off Putin when she was SOS! The criticism is even worse than when she campaigned. They are trying to destroy her utterly. And every one of the simpering panel members had those smug, I am so smart smirks and smiles. I think Trump and the media are going to kill me….Joy Reid is off my list. Every topic seems to loop back to the magnificence of Obama with her. I will henceforth rely on you all, Uppity and Riverdaughter to maintain my sanity!

@20, Honestly, Schumer worries me. Worries the piss out of me. He has played with that Trumpanzee in NYC — he doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy about the whole thing. I don’t trust him to take the fight to the Repubs.

@21, Cats, I had to go fish you out of the basement. Spammy caught you in his dream catcher of something.

It’s like hitting a tooth nerve with me. I actually heard someone say, I kid you not, “Hillary should never have let him get that close that she lost by less than 1%.” Now, let’s dissect shall we?

It wasn’t that close until the Comey letter. It wasn’t that close until the Wikileaks kept the server issue conflated and alive with the emails. And this: How does one prepare themselves for an FBI Director, who violates protocol and procedure out of the clear blue, and 11 days out from the election decides to throw a flash bang grenade at your head? Tell me Mr. Phillip Bump, WaPo reporter I’m going to ignore, how do you prepare for that?

@23: There’s a name there in Cats3’s post that will automatically trigger a post going into the lower levels of uh, Hades (?).

@23: I saw some analyses that pointed to the Comey letter and “undecideds” as the tipping point for them. Hell if you were undecided at that point they should take your voting card away from you. Just my opinion of course.

Wow! Cop shoots Russian ambassador in Turkey shouting about Aleppo. (graphic video in article)

@25, that chart in the post are the late deciding voters and how they broke. In WI, PA, MI, and FL, they broke overwhelmingly for the Kangaroo Scrotum.

@23, according to Mr. Bump’s I-hate-Hillary logic, if she hadn’t been investigated by the FBI, Comey wouldn’t have released the letters, there wouldn’t have been any letters to write. Ergo, it was her fault, not his. In other words, she made him throw that grenade at her head, emphasis of course on “her.”

@27: Yeah I saw the chart but the piece I mentioned was a couple of days ago…maybe longer.

@28: Doesn’t it make you want to strangle people? Grrr…

I’m just leaving this here for DYB to trip over when he comes by:


(sigh) You elect something like tRump and then it’s not surprising to see some fool like this running for office. What a platform.

Bossier City is in Bossier parish in the ArkLaTex area.

@30: Glenn Greenwald can just go and sit on something hard. 😼

@30> Yep, I tripped! I detest Greenwald. This is where someone goes so far to the Left they loop around and come out all the way on the Right. He’s demented.

This is the perfect video to summarize 2016:

And great post Prolix! This “she wasn’t perfect because she didn’t do this and this” drives me bonkers. That’s what I got into a fight with a Bernie Bro recently over. HRC just wasn’t perfect enough and Berne, obviously, was. I literally can’t even anymore!

@29, hell yeah, Fredster. We’re in Wonderland now. How does the song go? “When logic and proportion have fallen starkly dead….” and what was that the dormouse said?

@31, what are his chances? If he fails, there may be hope.

@33, Nailed it! What scares me is that 2017 may be even worse….like being kicked when you are already down.

@33, ROFLMAO — seriously, that is hilarious even though I’m sure turning your doll into a flying pyrotechnic after thought must have been tragic, but at least she went up in flames to bring me unbridled joy.

I’m going to save that.

@35: Oh cats, that guy will probably win in a landslide. You can take northern La (well anyplace about Alexandria LA) and you could swap it out for Bama, Tx or any other red state. Just sad.

GAgal, am so sorry to hear what you’ve been through. Please get well soon! We really missed you, but glad you had some mind numbing drugs. My bro-in-law (has cancer) gave me some of his liquid cannabinoid oil. Its supposed to not have the thc in it, but I think it does, a little. Really helpful for getting to sleep.

So wapo is smearing Putin? omg.

I have no words myself now; I call on poetry of others:

I call on the dead, I call on the defeated, on the starved,
the sold, the tortured, the executed, the robbed:
Indian women bayoneted before their children at Sand Creek,
miners who chocked on the black lung,
strikers shot down at Pullman and Republic Steel,
women bled to death of abortions men made illegal,
sold, penned in asylums, lobotomized, raped and torn open,
every black killed by police, national guard, mobs and armies.
Live in us: give us your strength, give us your counsel,
give us your rage and your will to come at last into the light.
I fear the trial, I fear the struggle, it parches and withers me.
I fear the violence into whose teeth we march.
I long for the outcome with every cheated cell.
We shall all waken finally to being human.

“Why do you choose to be noisy, to fight, to make trouble?”
you ask me, not understanding I have been born raw and new.
I can be killed with ease, I can be cut right down,
but I cannot crawl back in the cavern
where I lay with my neck bowed.
I have grown. I am not by myself.
I am too many.

–Marge Piercy, What is Most Hoped and/or Most Feared in the Matter: The Judgment, from: To Be Of Use, 1973.

May we be too many. May we fight and make trouble. Blessed be.

I have it on good authority that Phillip Bump thought that the canapes at Mar a Lago were particularly delicious this year.
Well, did you evah?

Luna@39: That was breathtaking. 🙏

@40: SweetSue too bad he didn’t choke on one. 👺

“swarm the banks” Nice try Alessandro but no, not gonna happen.

Prolix, great post. I am 1000% with you that cable news is back off my list. I only briefly started watching it for a few months prior to this horrorshow of an election, and I am now cured completely. They didn’t know what was going to happen any more than we did, so they’re useless to me. And the HDS is once again back on display. It’s so much easier than owning their role in what happened, and the epic cowardice, venality, stupidity and sexism that led them to that fatal false equivalency.

GAGal, so very glad to hear you’re on the mend! Please keep taking good care. Ah, drugs. Sounds like quite a tempting option these days.

Of course women seeking power are always expected to be perfect. I had one performance review in which I received feedback about my tendency to become defensive when criticized. This was legitimate, and something I knew I had to work on. However, this feedback should have been overshadowed by the multitudinous rave reviews I received from clients, colleagues and leadership. What came next from my manager (male of course) caused me to go to HR. “I won’t recommend promotion for you until I see no further commentary about this problem,” he said, “because as you know, women in the workplace are judged by a different standard than men.” I not only went to HR and outed him to leadership, I got another manager. ( I should have asked for him to be fired, but I just couldn’t.) I am quite sure that every professional woman in America could share a similar, or far worse, story.

Luna, that poem was truly powerful. I think you have inspired me to read poetry again. I used to write poetry, too. I’m not sure I’m any good at it, but maybe I’ll try again for Monday’s post.

The Women’s March has gained a permit! This is all I was waiting for. Branjor, if you’re around, I will reach out this week. Yes, we will fight back against Der Trumperer’s agenda. We have no choice.

@39, Luna, thank you for posting that moving poem. To think that it was written over 40 years ago and the sentiments expressed are no less relevant today. I fear that we will not “all waken finally to being human” in my lifetime. I hope you are posting this beautiful poem wherever you can. It deserves the widest dissemination. Again, thank you!

@39, Luna, thank you for that poem. It is powerful and touching at the same time. Yes, indeed, “we shall awaken.”

@44 Madamab looks like Oklahoma is getting a march in gear. I think I will march here “updated Policy Directive. As we are working hard behind the scenes, I wanted to update our supporters with our 3 overarching policy directives for the March. Our goal is that this march will be a starting point for all of you. That you will be motivated to help your fellow citizens and legislators move Oklahoma towards a positive future. This is not a protest, this is a movement started from the ground up by people who care about uniting all Oklahomans, regardless of race, creed, political affiliation, gender, and/or sexual orientation. Please join us as we move forward towards a better and brighter future for Oklahoma. More information to come as things are rapidly picking up speed.”

It’s about all we can do right now.

@40, Sue, I had been “iffy” on Phillip Bump all fall, but now he might as well go find a log, because he means nothing to me now, he might as well be a “Bump on a log.”

@44, MB, thanks. Good on you for going to HR to out that arse wipe. He is so common. One thing I’ve seen over and over again, retarding growth opportunities for high performing women so that they may continue being high performers, but only performing in positions that redound to the benefit of the offending managers. I always couched this as a form of “corporate theft” — stealing an opportunity for the female employee and stealing the opportunity for the company to benefit from it.

I hope your new manager is appreciative of your talent.

@47, Contrask that seems like a great idea to act locally. There’s an old Polish proverb that goes something like, “If everyone were to sweep in front of their homes, the world would be clean.”

Someone on facebook wrote yesterday that Flint voted for Trump? Is that true, does anyone know?

Thank you to all who also felt that poem resonate. I turn to poetry as a way of helping my sanity survive and ease the pain and anxiety I have now. Poets make something coherent and hopeful and defiant out of the struggle.

@madamab, that story echoes what I’ve heard and experienced. Classic uber-management style, when the bosses steal the energy and ideas of the ones “below” them for their own enrichment.

@51, probably written by the same people who believe the Usurper won the popular vote.

Yup, DYB, that is not true. The votes in Flint and Detroit were not properly counted. Quelle coincidence.

I expect #tRump will appoint the CEO of Aetna Ins., or a similar crony. Obviously he has no idea how long it takes to get an appointment with a polytrauma neuro specialist in the private sector, if one can even be found.

Eyeing VA overhaul, Trump mulls veterans secretary post.

A slew of veterans groups has publicly and privately urged Trump to retain McDonald, a former corporate CEO and Republican donor who was tapped for the VA post in 2014 after health care scandals at the department erupted and has been largely successful at implementing incremental reforms. A group of 20 veterans groups wrote Trump, saying McDonald is “overseeing the largest transformation in the department’s history” and whose reforms are showing “early signs of success.”

….a provision central to Trump’s plans to reform the VA, one that would allow veterans to access private health care with a veteran’s card if they cannot be accommodated quickly enough at a VA facility, even if they live near a VA center — a provision many veterans services organizations have either opposed or expressed skepticism about, questioning the cost and the impact on VA-run health care.

This would have fit the weekend music theme, but hey, I’ll sing it mid-week.

@57: I like that!

@54 & 55> Thanks! It did sound a little strange…but it’s been a strange year, so anything was possible, I guess.


More analysis from Nate Silver:


From the “What do you expect,” Department, the FBI warrant to search the Weiner laptop was bogus — in other words, there was nothing more than, “Hey, we found a laptop that has some emails in it. Let’s look.”

The only probable cause is one that points toward Comey shilling for Trumpenfuhrer.

@61 and 63> Ugh, just ugh.

@62> WTF ugh!

That’s all I got! Ugh!

I think Ari Melber is going to cover the bogus search warrant on MSNBC @6:00. He’s one of the few I’m still listening to on the BSNBC network.

How does Comey still have a job? Obama and Lynch should try to clean house before they’re gone. What is wrong with them?

On other hand, can we assume there are things happening behind-the-scenes that we just don’t know about? Or can we just assume the worst that they’re just “Oh well, what’s done is done.”

@66, He still has 7 years on his 10 year term.

Does he have to be impeached?

@63, I couldn’t access the WP article. Does Hillary have any legal options if there is no probable cause? I’m sure no matter what facts/evidence of wrong doing that surfaces, even treason re the Russians, nothing will come of it. She is after all a woman, a Clinton and a democrat and Trump glitters. Nothing to see here. “Ugh” and “WTF” pretty much covers it.

@65, tried to watch Ari for more on this, not sure if I missed it but he just said “will it be an independent investigation or one done by the REPUBLICANS on the Intelligence Committee and will MO be pursuing a political career?” I can’t listen to what comes next on either of these issues. I assume the answer will be the REPUBs and no. Why do people, think that if you give an inspiring speech you can be president of these here not so United States? Was Hillary OVERQUALIFIED?

@68, let me research that — I’m pretty sure it has to be “for cause”, but after I find an answer, I’ll be back.

@69, Cats, sorry, but I don’t know — I tried the link and it worked, but given that it came from my computer it would work, so maybe getting to the article from a search would work.

Really the party in interest isn’t Hillary, but the real party in interest is Huma since it was her emails being invaded by the “state” through the bogus warrant.

@68, DYB, it appears it is an open question. First, yes, an FBI Director can be impeached just like a Supreme Court Justice.

Second, on whether they can be fired is an open question. From the Congressional Research Service:

There are no statutory conditions on the President’s authority to
remove the FBI Director. Since 1972, one Director has been removed by the President.

The one removal was by Bill Clinton of William Sessions, appointed by Reagan. There were allegations of Sessions violating various laws and using government funds for personal benefit.

There are those who think you can fire an FBI Director, but I think it is not cut and dried. The Sessions removal had a built-in factor of Sessions not wanting to air his very dirty Fruit of the Looms.

While I don’t know this for sure, I would imagine Obama made a calculated decision — he would have to admit he made a mistake by nominating Comey and then face unmerciful retribution from the Repubs. He would have been accused of being political. Of course, being a Democrat, he ran from a fight at the hint of being called a bad man by Repubs. Had he been a Repub, he would have marched down to the FBI Building, called him out on the street and pissed on him while Congress critters cheered and relieved themselves as well to swells of the Hosanna Chorus.

So the long and short of it is this. If you have the political will to fight, yeah, Comey could probably be fired. Not for sure, but you have to be willing to take the political grief.

@72> So in other words, no, Obama won’t do it. Because he doesn’t fight. Even though at this point he has nothing to lose except his entire legacy which Trump will do his best to undo.

Thanks for researching that!

Welp. So there we have it:

The warrant assumes that the mere existence of emails from or to Hillary Clinton is probable cause that a crime occurred.

From the WaPo article:

Barry Pollack, a white-collar criminal defense attorney who defended former CIA officer Jeffery Sterling in a case involving the alleged mishandling of classified information, said, “The government was plainly fishing with a large net.”

Yes they were and all for naught.

@73, that’s about it. Of course, he could say, “I only had two months and we didn’t need that kind of partisan fight, yada,yada, yada,” to which I would answer, “If you don’t stand up for something as fundamental as keeping rogue law enforcement agents out of election because you are afraid they are going to leak, you don’t stand for anything.” But that’s just me.

@74 & 75, I sincerely hope that warrant application was written on toilet paper. First, you could see right through it, and second, well, you know what you do with toilet paper.

If they really wanted to find some hard evidence of wrong-doing they could have just done a 180 and looked at #tRump.

Hmph, why isn’t it working…

Aha! the tweet URL must be on its very own line or it gets persnicketery and won’t show graphics.

@73, & 76, That sounds like Obama to the core. Principled, except for when it might make him look “partisan” to the other side.

Why the hell does he think the voters wanted a Dem instead of an R? headdesk.

Future forensic anthropologists will study our species to determine the source of the strange gene that seems to be prevalent among some of the species. This aberration seems to mute the normal human response of shame. By overriding all shame, it also masks any hint of understanding hypocrisy. This coming four years will be the heyday of such research. See, here’s a crumb some future researcher will pour over in 2116.


@80, Now that’s what I’m talking about. Good for Angela!

@84, I agree. Put some teeth and consequences into action, not merely high-minded speeches calling for civility.

@80, I’ve been wondering why Siros or Geffen doesn’t fund someone to go after Alex Jones — Gawker his sorry arse.

@83, what ARE these people on? Is the Usurper-select that free with his nose candy?

@79,80,85: Yeah because we just trust the “free market” to fix it w/out any penalties on them. Another reason why I stopped with the Facebook shit.

@87, also wishing some liberal billionaire like Soros, Geffen, or Cuban, would go after all the bad guys. My Greek genes want vengeance on all the crooks and liars that installed dump.

Sorry, been fighting with a Sean Hannity repubtard

@93, me likey that. A LOT!

@97: What’s that phrase? I just vomited a little in my mouth.

@97, without words, I am. Sorry, that picture sent me into full Yoda mode.

@97, what is that? Is that dump?

Oh yeah, no problems with Qusay and Uday making bucks off Dad being Prez and selling that influence to others.

Let me know when we get out of Alt America. Remember this?

@97, @102…EWWW!

Vomitous indeed!

@97, is that his odalisque pose? Not really a manly man is he for all his brash p**** grabbing swagger. Looks like he is relaxing in a teenaged girl’s bedroom! What the hell is the context there?

New post up!

@97, yrch! Nauseating.

@106, he probably is.

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