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It’s that special time of year once again

Posted on: December 17, 2016


Is it over with yet?

Good Saturday and Weekend!


Make it a double-no ice.

Yes, if you haven’t already been bombarded at the malls, grocery stores, your mail, emails and all the rest, we’re into the “special season” of the year.  Oh what fun…

I was originally going to do a Christmas/holiday movie post but I didn’t have enough phenergan on hand to counteract the nausea that would induce.  So instead I’ve opted for “Christmassy” songs.  I feel that will be holiday themed enough for us.

When we get inside I'm gonna pee on your Christmas tree, my human

When we get inside I’m gonna pee on your Christmas tree, my human


Perhaps I’m being overly pessimistic but with the advent (ha!) of a tRump Presidency and his four horsemen who will be leading the apocalypse, uh running the country, I see at least four years of lumps of coal for us not in the one percent or not being Putin.  So without further adieu here we go!

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(1) A Christmas Festival ~ Leroy Anderson ~ Boston Pops Orchestra: A staple of high school and middle school bands across America  (Why listen to one Christmas classic when you could listen to a brass-blasting medley of nine?)

(2)‘Cold White Christmas’ ~ Casiotone For The Painfully AloneBad Family Christmas Photo
Background info:  The subject of this ballad is a young graduate who decides to go and make it on her own, only to find herself in a dead-end job and a mouldy flat. But with too much pride to face her family, she ends up spending Christmas alone, counting bed bugs.

(3) Dear Santa (Bring me a man this Christmas) ~ The Weather Girls

(4) Santa Claus ~ The Sonics

(5) Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight) ~ The Ramones

(6) Run Rudolph Run ~ Chuck Berry

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So okay, those are my choices/selections for this weekend before the holiday.  Please share yours in the comments below.

51 Responses to "It’s that special time of year once again"

Fredster, hilarious post! Love the funny pix. Where do you find these things. Also enjoyed Contrask’s funny nsa vid and DYB’s. Have a good weekend Widdershins!

@3: Oh I find them just out and about on the internet.

I just love tearing down the idea of the warm and fuzzy feeling of “the holidaze”. So much of that concept was the work of Mad Men-Don Draper types and so naturally everyone tries to live the idea.

Being a military family we had occasions where, if we didn’t go to my dad’s family for Christmas or mom’s, then it was just the three of us for the holiday.

@1: Excellent choice contrask!

And now shinners…don’t feel obligated to go with a snarky or sarcastic Christmas song. If you have some favorites feel free to add them.

Okay, we have what I’ll call an “action alert” over on the right side at the bottom.

“I Believe In Father Christmas” is a song by Greg Lake (most famously a member of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer). Although it is often categorised as a Christmas song this was not Lake’s intention. Lake wrote the song in protest at the commercialisation of Christmas.
The song was recorded by Lake in 1974 and released separately from ELP in 1975, becoming the Christmas number two in the UK charts.

Off topic but you just knew the effin’ Republicans could not wait to start on this one.

Sorry I’m late. Just too many errands.

And this should give you an idea of my perfect Christmas.

And then there’s the Cowboy’s Christmas Ball by that festive seasonal group, “The Killers.”

@14: Cute

@15: I would be running and hiding two towns away from that group!

Another one from “The Killahs”.

Here’s another from that same group.

@9 I love that song Fredster. Greg Lake was superb, RIP

@20: Indeed he was contrask. 😪

Here’s one that drove one of our former folks just crayzee. I’ve tried to include it each year since. 😝

@23, if Michelle Obama had a clothing line that was named ISSA, Alex Jones and Lumpbaugh would swear she was a terrorist.

@23: Nah, not gonna comment because I have a “real” amazon acct and don’t want to try to make a fake one. However I did like this review:

>Wore to the big Aryan Gala,

These Chinese boots are just perfect, whether walking the streets with your stepmother the streets of Moscow with your dad and Uncle Vlad — or dancing the night away at the annual Aryan Gala to the strains of A Whiter Shade of Pale, or just your everyday trampling the rights of others. However, they are so constricting that they sent me to the podiatrist, whom I could not pay, having lost my healthcare. My mom offered to pay, but she has lost her social security and now lives in an alley behind a deli off Lex.

Well hell! I was going to try to write a review and Amazon came back with a “must be a verified purchase”. They must have slapped that nonsense on there after all of the other reviews. 👿

@26, Jeff Bezos must have gotten religion after going to the tech hootenanny with the Orange One. He has to make nice over all his platforms — including those designed by Ivanka.

Well, shoot. They are just ruining Christmas spirit everywhere. That was a good review, Fredster. I couldn’t think of anything good. The only thing that came to mind was this

Of course this is being ripped about by uh…guess!

If I thought it was going to happen. I don’t know if I’m driving over to the state capitol tomorrow or not. 2 hour drive – maybe the Trump people will be there with there big flags and tiny hands

@25, I love that!

@26, another reason to hate Amazon, in addition to their abuse of warehouse workers, and bringing thousands of tech Bernie bullies to my hometown area to drive up the housing costs, increase traffic, and intimidate caucus attendees. Oh, and monopoly.

This is one of their best skits in years.

@34, Luna, Jackson Browne is a fave rave of mine. Good pick!

@32: When I got that “verified purchase” crap I had to wonder if all of the other snarky comments were from actual “verified” purchasers. I don’t think so.

Nice selection with the Jackson Browne Luna.

@33: I saw that and bookmarked the youtube link to add it today but glad you took care of that Prolix. That was indeed funny.

Just watched a replay of Chuckie Todd and the talking heads. He brought on Rick Santelli — the Tea Party birther himself six weeks, six whole weeks, into the Obama Administration. And what he was so upset was some idiotic nonsense about someone getting a larger bedroom or a bath and he wouldn’t get one too. I can’t begin to tell you just how much white hot fury I loathe Rick Santelli. The man is a stupid loon nutter. Honestly, if central casting was looking for some drunk to sit on a bar stool next to the Orange One, it would be Santelli. NBC only drags him out when they don’t have anyone else to put on the air.

I’ve saved this link — I will continue to post it at any point if Santelli is part of the conversation.

Okay Widdershins, apparently we need to travel en masse to Chapppaqua to go hiking in the woods.

Hey annie this one’s for you (read the embedded tweet from Mr. Walsh)


R.I.P. Zsa Zsa Gabor. She was thought to be 99, according to the NYT.

@40, Ah, just imagine how great it would be if those piddly little red states that wouldn’t all add up to California would just disappear. In the meantime we have to wait for them to all shoot each other.

@33> That’s fantastic. And amazing what you can do without saying a word.

x-posted, because it’s funny, as well as a classic example of gaslighting.

@44: LOL! He’s right: what an honor!

@42: Just remember those of us stuck in these red states and have some pity for us. 😭

Some info on Mr. Walsh:

While he initially planned to run in his newly drawn 14th district against fellow Republican Representative Randy Hultgren, he eventually decided to run in the remapped 8th district against Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth. Walsh was defeated by Duckworth in the general election on November 6, 2012.[16] He now hosts a conservative radio show on WIND-AM

Purrrfect name for a radio station he is on. 😝

@40, I hate that asshole.

@46, LOL, good name indeed!

@47: LOL! I knew that one would set you off! ☺️

@40 Who, Elliot or Walsh?

Oh that azzhole Walsh! Grrr

Ahh – that makes sense.

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