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Lazy Weekend Music ~ Brrrr…gettin’ cold

Posted on: December 10, 2016


Good Saturday and Weekend Widdershins!

I don’t know about where all of our Widdershins live, but here in Bama we’re having our first real cold snap potbellied-stovewith an arctic front moving through.  We’ll be having lows in the twenties and teens and a few days where the highs will not climb out of the forties. The Winter Solstice is just a few weeks away.  Yikes!  Fredster is not happy with cold weather.

Perhaps we could make an analogy between the shorter, darker and colder days to the results of the election, but we won’t go there today.  We’ll just ascribe the cold weather to the normal seasons and not give the other thing much thought.  At least for this weekend.

So with that let’s look at some songs about cold, cold weather and the like.  Maybe some cold hearts perhaps?  My choices are below and I look forward to seeing yours in the comments.



(1) Out in the cold ~ Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

(2) Cold Song ~ Sting

(3) Cold Weather Blues ~ Muddy Waters

(4) Die Winterreise ~ Der Liermann ~ Schubert: Fisher Dieskau

(5) The Four Seasons-Winter ~ Vivaldi

(6) Cold Wind To Valhalla ~ Jethro Tull

* * * * *

Bonus clip just because I thought it was funny:

splash-page-separator-fade-lineOkay, those are my selections, so please share some of your musical choices below.


43 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music ~ Brrrr…gettin’ cold"

Great subject Fredster. Good call.

In times like these, I have to always turn to the person who gives me comfort and makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. Who else?

And then, we can remember those good and comforting times when ketchup was still a vegetable.

And then we have a little Mumford and Sons to buffer us from the “Winter Winds”.

@2, Prolix said And then, we can remember those good and comforting times when ketchup was still a vegetable.

We may see that one coming back again with this crowd of tRump’s choices.

And then we can be kept warm by the Chainsmokers “Setting Fires.”

@5: And use the snow to put out those fires.

How ’bout some country twang.

I find this song comforting:

…not about winter, but “Southland” and warmth always sounds good to me when it’s sleeting and rainy.

@10: That’s a nice song Luna, thanks for adding that.

Excellent selections contrask! 🙂

@17: Yeah sadly has called it for Kennedy. Oh well, people get the politicians they deserve. They voted for hm and they’ll regret it.

Funny article here at People that talks about a Mike Pence look-alike. Except this one collects donations for Planned Parenthood and other favorite lefty causes. (NOTE: There’s a video on the page that starts automatically – do your best to stop it.)

Move along, no racism in the Republican Party that I can see.


@20: It appears that West might have a shot in tRump’s cabinet. It seems like he would fit right in.

@21, he’s been at the Gilded Outhouse for a fluffing appointment with the Tangerine Turd.

@8 Fredster, what year was represented on the marquee in the picture? I would have loved to see all those artists.

Ok, so Cadillac places a casting call for an alt-right type person for a new ad. They then noted this isn’t meant to be offensive, just a way to represent everyone……… I can’t. I just can’t.

Go figure, but Teen Vogue sets Trump’s gas lighting on fire.

@27, some things should not be represented. It’s an ad, not a baseline survey.

@33> It’s completely bonkers!!!!!!

@26: contrask I’m not sure. I just checked, the Filmore East opened in 1968 and closed in ’71 so that could have been some of the final shows.

@27: From the ad: ages 20-40 all ethnicities

Somehow I don’t see “all ethnicities” as fitting into an alt-right image.

Nice selections DYB!

The Repubs can’t even wait till after the inauguration. Here’s an old fart congress critter from Tx who wants to change/gut/starve Soc. Sec. “Fix” Soc. Sec. my ass!

I thought it had to be that old 🙂

@39: When I looked it up I was surprised since the Fillmore locations were just really a big part of rock ‘n roll history.

@26, “all ethnicities.” Riiiiiight. @34, frighteningly so!

@35, that’s all? Lots of rock history happened there in a short time.

@38, These Scrooges (R) refuse to understand that Social Security is NOT broken and does NOT need fixing. (Excuse the shouting, but that nefarious plot of theirs infuriates me.)

@42: That’s okay Luna shout all you want. That’s what we all need to be doing.

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