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Good and hard…

Posted on: December 9, 2016


Another week has passed and I’m no closer to closure on the election.  Professor Krugman had some suggestions on Twitter.  He opined that anti-intellectuals see the very act of trying to figure out how to solve problems as arrogance.  He also suggested anti-intellectuals see liberal elites as intolerant since liberals refuse to ignore the fanatical prejudice exhibited by anti-intellectuals.

Such highfalutin thinking brings me full-circle to a larger question:  What’s a person to do if half the country despises you for insisting “Real America” is a bit larger than a NASCAR track or a WWE ring, isn’t always found in the sights of a firearm, and becomes increasingly enjoyable as homogeneity decreases?  Put another way, post-factual prejudicial ignorance seems to be a winning political strategy.

Speaking of such folks, around here we dubbed the Tea Party crowd, the “I’ve got mine, sorry about your luck” party.  Finally, people are coming around to understand there is no vestige of the Tea Party remaining just a month after the election of President-Elect Pussy-Grabber.  Everyone from pitchfork wielding Ted Cruz to Jabba the Limbaugh has dug into their bountiful arses to make excuses.

If somebody involved in the tea-party debate of 2009–2010 had predicted the events of 2016, conservatives would have refused to believe it. Hell, even most liberals would have refused to believe it. It’s one thing to suspect tea-party rhetoric was phony, quite another to believe the entire GOP could disregard every single putative principle of the movement even before it had its hands on power. Why is anybody pretending these notions ever really mattered?

That last question is the linchpin of these voters’ tenuous grasp on reality:  Why should anyone pretend that conservatism has any guiding principle whatsoever outside the wresting of political power?

Paul Ryan, the guy who still gets a college boner over a Russian alcoholic atheist, has as much as admitted it.  The Tang-hued groper can steal as much as he wants as long as he wants for the small price of taking health care away from 20 million people and privatizing Medicare and Social Security.  There will be not the first hint of investigation from that pubic-headed Utah heathen who insists Hillary must continue to be investigated and hounded for “emailghaziwhatevergate.”

Of course, so many lefty brotards complain, if Hillary had only talked about the economic plight of the working class whites, we wouldn’t have these problems.  The simplistic heads belching these inane statements wouldn’t even make acceptable doorstops.  For instance:

Famous 1960s photo from Appalachia. The chronic problems didn't start in 2008...

Famous 1960s photo from Appalachia. The chronic problems didn’t start in 2008 with a guy named Obama…

Here is the troubling reality for civic minded liberals looking to justify their preferred strategies: Hillary Clinton talked about the working class, middle class jobs, and the dignity of work constantly.

She detailed plans to help coal miners and steel workers. She had decades of ideas to help parents, particularly working moms, and their children. She had plans to help young men who were getting out of prison and old men who were getting into new careers. She talked about the dignity of manufacturing jobs, the promise of clean-energy jobs, and the Obama administration’s record of creating private-sector jobs for a record-breaking number of consecutive months. She said the word “job” more in the Democratic National Convention speech than Trump did in the RNC acceptance speech; she mentioned the word “jobs” more during the first presidential debate than Trump did. She offered the most comprehensively progressive economic platform of any presidential candidate in history—one specifically tailored to an economy powered by an educated workforce.

So these intellectually bankrupt Trump Chumps voted themselves out of health care with no prospects for sustainable employment.  What does the appointment of millionaires, billionaires, and disrupters portend for these reality adverse, low-information, highly prejudiced voters?  Three quick examples:

First, while the Taiwan phone call engineered by the $20,000/month political man-whore Bob Dole (I hope when I’m 310 years old I won’t have to be wheeled out to perform fellatio on an Orangutan) is fast fading from public consciousness, there’s something literally hidden just beneath the surface.  You see, one of my very first posts here at TW was about the South China Sea as a potential world flashpoint.

proven_and_probable_gas_and_oil_reserves_south_china_seaEven before the Orangeloupe has gold-plated the first urinal in the White House, he has upended a forty-year Foggy Bottom bulwark, our two-China policy.  “Why,” you ask?  Remember the clamorous Yam’s preoccupation with taking Iraqi oil?

Guess what those pesky dinosaurs left throughout the shallow South China Sea?  On the high side, 213 Billion barrels of oil and 500 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas.  Those 6,000 year-old dinosaurs plopped another Persian Gulf right off the coast of China.  Now doesn’t the Taiwan call make a little more sense?  Doesn’t a Exxon-Mobil Secretary of State send a tingle up your gas hose?  Not being able to toss a kangaroo scrotum comb-over without hitting a General seems much more reasonable doesn’t it?

Full employment might well be on its way for all those puritanical “Bernie or busters.”  I hope they know how to swim.

Second, there’s good old Dr. Ben.  Who says, “Let a sleeping neurosurgeon lie?”  Given that he grew up (Development) in a house (Housing) in a city (Urban), does not qualify him to be the Secretary of an agency of 8,000 employees and a budget of $50 Billion.  And contrary to what all the pundits say, “It isn’t because HUD is reserved for an African-American appointment.”

Truth is, Republicans for time ever-lasting have sported a diamond-cutting erection to get their hands on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Obviously, housing policy means very little to the Bannon alt-right brotards, but it means quite a bit to those who want to make some serious cash.  Since old-man Fred Drumpf made a considerable part of his fortune from public housing, don’t think for an instant the enormous graft potential of HUD has gone unnoticed by the Mango Meerkat.uday-and-qusay-trump

Third, and this could be the perfect white-collar crime: Say you are the clodpates Uday and Qusay Trump.  You hear from your orange Papi that a Twitter storm about a company is imminent so it would be a good idea to short the stock.  The perfect crime — who could prove it — especially when the SEC is going to be gutted like last week’s fish.

Twenty-two minutes after the Boeing CEO made a mildly critical statement about Herr Drumpf’s trade policy, the Mango Man-Child went on a Twitter rant.  A lying, fictitious rant, but a rant of retribution nonetheless.  It cost the Boeing shareholders over a half-Billion dollars in equity.  In one day.  One 137 character tweet.  There’s plenty of money to be made in “them-thar” tweets.  Where the Clampetts found black gold, these Trumpets have Twitter.

More examples will surface.  Plenty more opportunities for regret will arise.  Multitudinous tossups between ignorance and criminal intent will confound us.  And we have 70,000 white guys in three states to thank for it.  As H.L. Mencken said, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”  Here’s hoping those 70,000 guys get it, “good and hard.”

What’s on your mind today?



43 Responses to "Good and hard…"

Great post.
I know the only thing that keeps me going is my complete and utter indifference to the fates awaiting the Trump voters.

Thanks Sue.

Finally Republicans are admitting their Tea Party fervor was nothing but an exercise in hypocrisy. The “Hair Plug Practice Dummy’s” infrastructure plan is like what Obama tried for 8 years to get, but now they are ready to vote for it.

From the WaPo Daily 202 thing that I get.

Trump over performed the most in counties with the highest drug, alcohol and suicide mortality rates

alcoholism, overdoses and suicide are symptoms of the deeper social decay that was caused by deindustrialization. This decay led to the fears and anxieties which Trump so effectively capitalized on.

So basically these poor schlubs bought the bullshit hook, line and sinker.

From the WaPo Jennifer Rubin (??!!) article:

PAUL RYAN: — when you ask these things. Most of that income is small-business income. You have to remember, eight out of 10 businesses in America, they file their business as individuals, as people.

Oh GAWD I”m so tired of hearing that phrase vomited out of the mouths of people the likes of Ryan. If that’s the case 8 out of 10 small business, yadda yadda, then address a tax fix to…that…group and don’t let it be something passed along to YUGE businesses.

Interesting little bit right here.

Go read Charles Pierce’s article here. The congress critters couldn’t even wait until after the Inauguration to start screwing over those white dudes who voted for tRump in droves:

The Miners Protection Act to address health and pension benefits for coal miners and their families will not be included in a continuing resolution bill, according to a Tuesday announcement. Congress said the bill, which would continue to fund the federal government, only has four months of funding for those retired miners and their widows. Cecil Roberts, international president of the United Mine Workers of America, called the announcement “a slap in the face to all 22,000 of them who desperately need their health care next month, next year and for the rest of their lives.”

Last Thursday night in Cincinnati, on the first stop of his “Thank You Tour,” Trump said his infrastructure plan would follow two simple rules: “Buy American and hire American. We’re going to do it ourselves.” However, on Friday, the media reported that Speaker Ryan was leading a push to remove the Buy America reform from Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). Senator Baldwin joined a bipartisan a group of 25 Senators in sending a letter to House and Senate leaders calling for her Buy America provision to be put back into the final bill to support U.S. steel and iron workers and manufacturers.

@4, you know who falls in that definition of small business? Trump

What the Repubs always do is try is define down the people up at the top of the ladder. The Trump Chumps are going to get it good and hard.

@5, I had read about that earlier today. At some point, don’t know when, someone is going to begin talking about this. The key is Rudy Voldemort and his retired FBI goons.

@8: Think it might be Christie who spills his guts? He has a reason to do that now since there’s no place for him at the tRump trough.

@5 If Schoenberg is correct, I suspect Christie and Giuliani would go down not Trump, both are highly expendable damaged goods at this point and Trump the goose laying gold-plated eggs. Would still be worth it, I hope he succeeds. This and the Russian hacking should have been “reviewed” by the WH a whole lot sooner. I still don’t understand why Comey still has a job or why the FBI “leakers” haven’t been found and fired. Why isn’t Lynch cleaning house for the good of the country?

And while I am bitching, why does Trump have his lawyers all over the recounts? Is there something he doesn’t want found?

Oh, I should have led with this: great post as usual Prolix. You so eloquently give voice to my anger and despair. Loved the cartoon!

@9, It’s official that Rudy isn’t going to get anything either. Can’t you just see it — two spurned lovers, Krispie and Voldemort, sitting together in their PJs, eating tubs of ice cream, late at night, sobbing — he promised me he loved me and then screwed me. I should have known better. Do you have Marla Maples number?

@10, thank you Cats.

Here’s my bet on Lynch’s invisibility. The tendrils of this invidious info vine goes through Rudy’s retired FBI thugs. There’s no direct contact because they all know they are subject to disclose such contacts. So they have to have at least two breaks in the chain before the thing starts to unravel. I have a retired FBI agent in the family so I’ve heard how their Mafia works. It is every bit as insidious as the real organized crime.


The Krug is with us.


@11; That picture would be so much more satisfying if they were in adjoining cells while they were lamenting their fate.

@12, Prolix, unless these FBI guys are very recently retired, wouldn’t they have to get info directly or indirectly from agents still in the FBI? Doesn’t the FBI have anything comparable to Internal Affairs or an Inspector General to keep them operating within the law and their applicable regulations and policies?

@13: Playing fair is for sissies and girls.

@14: You can add voter suppression and Russian interference on his behalf to the list. I still want to see what evil lurks in his damn tax return.

Prolix, there’s nothing I don’t like about this post. I especially appreciate how you point out that Hillary did indeed address the economy.

Did you see that Obama has ordered a report on Russian interference in the election?

@17, thanks Jules.

Yes, I did see that report, but this just came out about an hour ago. McTurtle in his partisanship and unadulterated quest for power, threatened to call “politics” if Obama went public about this before the election.

Absolutely unbelievable. First they arrange Comey and then they stop any hint about the Russian involvement. Coincidence of coincidences, then Elaine Chao is appointed to the Cabinet.

Bring them all down — impeach them all and throw them under the prison.

@15, Cats, yes, the “cutouts” are indeed retired. From what I’ve read from various articles, this is how it worked. Rudy had one main bro hookup — a retired FBI former supervisor of the NY office.

He was the cutout. Various retired agents would go talk to various active agents. Those agents would gather information and then bring it back to Rudy’s bud and then it was passed along.

Messages back to the agents followed the same circuit. What was the most insidious part is this — the wacky fake propaganda that the campaign wanted to get out in the legitimate press would be passed back to the active agents who would then go “off the record” to real reporters and put it out in the atmosphere.

I don’t want to deal in conspiracy theories, but this stuff is getting “real”.

The WaPo article is frightening. It is essentially a coup d’etat.

This guy is a John Kasich strategist.


@18: Just saw a little something abt it on Rachel and had to change the channel because I started getting physically ill.

Bring them all down — impeach them all and throw them under the prison.

No, a firing squad because that is treason.

@21 & 22, they are saying since Rudy has been spanked and sent to bed, the front runner for SecState is — wait for it, wait for it, the Exxon-Mobil CEO who cut the deal with Putin for offshore oil exploration.

This is treason the good old fashioned way — for money.

@19, 20 and 21: Now I am angry, depressed and SCARED. Maybe Moore is right and something crazy is going to happen before Trump is inaugurated. The media should be all over this partisan corruption, political blackmail and treasonous activity. Alternatively, if the American people “can’t handle the truth,” the Republicans should own this behind closed doors to save their sorry asses, have Trump and Pence concede, and recognize Hillary as the real winner. Getting out of her way in Congress for eight years would be nice too. They owe it to the country. As for Trump, I think he should colonize Mars all by himself.

@18 – Yes, I saw that about McTurtle later. Traitorous. I hope he and others go down hard for this.

@24, Amen! I love the Mars colonization. I vote to send McTurtle along with him to see if reptiles can survive.

@25, Jules, I’m with the Krug on this: Where do we go from here? The guy on O’Donnell, Malcolm Nance, is talking real sense. He’s calling it as a Cyber Pearl Harbor committed up to a year in advance. An act of war.

@24 Cats3 I would so love to see that happen – but would totally fear for Hillary’s life at this point.

@28, Hillary already was in danger.

This is an official statement from the Tangerine Turd’s Transition Committee — now, imagine if you were a CIA officer and this was soon to be your one and only client.

Folks, this is scary stuff.


I want to just keep looping this over and over and over.

@31: Fredster, I would love to say that to Donald’s face when this is all over, to watch his decadent sham empire crash and burn at his feet for all he has said and done in the course of his pathetic life. A girl can dream…

@32: Cats3 (I like that!) Say that to his face while also trying to rip that meerkat or ferret or whatever off the top of his head. 😝

America has been rat-fked. And too bad the first black President will go down in history as conned by Whitey.

@34: Luna I’m sitting here watching all of this on MSNBC and I’m just numb from it.

I can’t believe this crap. Watching a rewind of Rachel & Lawrence. OMG. And the swamp rat is installing Russia in his cabinet. We will not survive his presidency.

@30: Drumpf doesn’t need no stinking CIA. He’s got the KGB.

I’m always behind on new posts!

I’m really in shock over all these revelations over the last 24 hrs. Well, maybe not in shock. Many of us knew Comey’s actions were wrong and we knew there was Russian interference. What is interesting to me is that the real talk about these things started now, after the election. John McCain and Lady Graham want a full investigation, but they said nothing about it before the election. The media is starting to report it, but most of it had little to say about it before the election. This should have been news before, the information was out there, it’s too late now. We’re just screwed. But I guess I’m glad it is starting to come out now. It will hopefully at least keep Trump on the defensive for the next 4 years. But truly, this is all so horrific. Just… ugh. Just ugh.

On a different topic, I posted this yesterday under the previous thread, but thought I’d repost here. Madonna was part of my last post and she delivered a great speech at the Billboard awards. She spoke a lot about being a woman and how that’s defined her actions throughout her career. She said, in part:

“You’re allowed to be pretty and cute and sexy. But don’t act too smart. Don’t have an opinion that’s out of line with the status quo. You are allowed to be objectified by men and dress like a slut, but don’t own your sluttiness. And do not, I repeat do not, share your own sexual fantasies with the world. Be what men want you to be, but more importantly, be what women feel comfortable with you being around other men. And finally, do not age. Because to age is a sin.”

That comment about how other women treat you seems particularly cutting.

Prolix, fantastic post!

Sweet Sue @1: hahaha! Love that! Thanks, you made my day. Now I can march off to a day of torture (work) with a smile on my face. Will catch up on rest of comments and links when I get home tonight. Have a good day Widdershins!

Can I hold out hope we waited until we had incriminating evidence before letting this go public & they can nail his orange butt?

@41, “they” appear to be owned by Putin. We are living in The Twilight Zone and can’t get out.

@41: Nope. See 31.

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