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Posted on: December 3, 2016

big-question-markGood Saturday and weekend Widdershins!


I have to admit I’m stumped.  Fredster cannot think of a thing to do musically, or with movies or another format for this weekend post – zip…nada.  Really, all he wants to do is to roll into a fetal position with a blankie and whimper.  Too late for a Thanksgiving post and way too early for anything on Christmas just yet.  Each day as more and more news comes out regarding the new administration and the new Congress going into 2017, I fear nothing but bad news and bad times are ahead.

I’ve gathered up a few political cartoons below and feel free to take the post and conversation in any direction you wish.



Sigh.  That’s all I’ve got.  Take the conversation, if any, in whatever direction you choose.  Have a good weekend.


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Chatty Kellyanne’s voice is a trigger for feelings of nauseous loathing for me. I’ve chosen to begin a process of desensitization where her voice triggers a need for Adele. I need Adele. I adore Adele.

And more Adele.

And more Adele.


Tee-hee! Perhaps the Russians should call this the Admiral Rust-off.

I’ve been at a workshop all morning about going forward to resist herr rumpuss. Very interesting stuff that I’m digesting and weighing the merits of. Came home to see Palmer has posted the comlaints again rumpus and team in Florida:

@6: contrask, let’s hope something positive comes out of this.

@luna: And when you’re replacing people from Goldman Sachs in govt with people from…well…Goldman Sachs you’re not draining the swamp. You’re just changing the water in the swamp.

Oh Luna: Congrats to Washington on winning the Pac12! Didn’t realize it was coming on last night so I missed the beginning of the game but saw the rest of it after about the 1st qtr.

@7 I sure hope so. But not counting on it. @1-3 Prolix – Adele is the best!

Taiwan fiasco is scary – rumpus is truly an idiot

@11: I would like to know the reasons that officials in FL rejected some legal votes as the complaint mentioned. Let’s face it: FL has not had a very good record on things like that.

Good Krugman piece here on the Carrier air conditioning thing.

Start with the ridiculous nature of the whole thing: we’re talking, it now turns out, about 800 jobs in a nation with 145 million workers. Around 75,000 workers lose their jobs every working day. How does something that isn’t even rounding error in the overall jobs picture come to dominate a couple of news cycles?

Yet it did — with overwhelmingly positive coverage, at least on TV news. And that’s ominous in itself. It says that large parts of the news media, whose credulous Trump coverage and sniping at HRC helped bring us to where we are, will be even worse, even more poodle-like, now that this guy is in office.

Dr. Green LooneyTunes has dropped the PA recount because she said they couldn’t get the $1.0 million bond by Monday’s hearing. She ought to wear a Thorazine meter to guard against spikes and valleys.

@10, thanks, but I’m one of those odd people who don’t follow ball sports. Or most group sports, for that matter.

@14, that’s a load of manure. Donations would have covered it. Not terribly surprised that she didn’t follow though. Or is she poodling up to #tRump who contests recounts?

So that explains it.

Do you remember “50 First Dates”? It was a Drew Barrymore movie about a woman with short-term amnesia who wakes up every morning with no memory whatsoever of the day that went before.

I am thinking it’s the perfect Donald Trump analogy.

In the past, I’ve always presumed that when Trump completely changed his position on health care or the Mexican wall or nuclear weapons in Japan, it was due to craven political opportunism. But it’s much more calming to work under the assumption that he doesn’t remember anything that happened before this morning.

Now, who does this sound like? A hint, it rhymes with a former Veep — Prick Weenie.

Days after Islamist militants stormed the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn reached a conclusion that stunned some of his subordinates at the Defense Intelligence Agency: Iran had a role in the attack, he told them.

Now, he added, it was their job to prove it — and, by implication, to show that the White House was wrong about what had led to the attack.

More from the same article — don’t you feel safer knowing this will be the guy who has the first and last conversation with the Trumpanzee before any decisions are made. Really, who comes to a decision that you need someone like this as your primary national security adviser?

During a tense gathering of senior officials at an off-site retreat, he gave the assembled group a taste of his leadership philosophy, according to one person who attended the meeting and insisted on anonymity to discuss classified matters. Mr. Flynn said that the first thing everyone needed to know was that he was always right. His staff would know they were right, he said, when their views melded to his. The room fell silent, as employees processed the lecture from their new boss.

Some also described him as a Captain Queeg-like character, paranoid that his staff members were undercutting him and credulous of conspiracy theories.



Stein released this statement:
“This is yet another sign that Pennsylvania’s antiquated election law is stacked against voters. By demanding a $1 million bond from voters yesterday, the court made clear it has no interest in giving a fair hearing to these voters’ legitimate concerns over the accuracy, security and fairness of an election tainted by suspicion. No voter in America should be forced to pay thousands of dollars to know if her or his vote was counted. Still, the recount continues and we will fight to ensure the civil and voting rights of all citizens are protected. We look forward to announcing our next step on Monday and we will pursue every available remedy to ensure Pennsylvanians can trust what happened in this election.”

@18, yeah, this is the guy who ordered an unapproved internet connection to be installed in his office, against DoD policy. Good thing he didn’t send any emails over it — or none that we know of.

@15: I guess I’m tribal in that regard. I enjoy watching college f’ball although you could also call it the farm teams for the NFL.

@14/15/20: Don’t know why she couldn’t come up with the bond fee:

According to Stein’s website, as of Saturday she had raised nearly $7 million for the recount effort in the three states. Her campaign expected an estimated $500,000 in filing fees in Pennsylvania, along with attorneys fees.

Fredster, love the cartoons!

@25: Thanks annie. 🙂

@23, on further prowling about the intertubez, it looks like some PA official jerks suddenly thought up a new requirement not written into law and tacked on the $1 million bond at the last minute. So looks like county-by-county is what will be focused on.

Wow, there is a lot of fear about allowing recounts even the state doesn’t have to pay for them. What do they have to hide? Other than being R obstructionists just because they can.

@27: So they make up the rulez as they go along?? Interesting.

Doesn’t have the attention span or inclination for a Presidential Daily Briefing, but seems to always have the time to watch SNL. As he would say, “Sad!” but I had the extra space to use the exclamation point unlike him.


@29, this must mean that episode of SNL is really worth watching!

@30: Have to see when they’ll have it on youtube.

tRump’s cohort-in-crime came to La to hold a rally for the Repub Senate candidate, John Kennedy.

Oh – good one. Kate Kellyanne is great! Steve Bannon they got totally right. Thanks for posting this – I may have to actually turn the TV on for Sat night live if they are going to keep ribbing Herr rumpuss!

Borowitz Report

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an Oval Office meeting that White House aides described as “friendly but strained,” President Obama politely asked President-elect Donald Trump to wait until he is officially sworn in to begin destroying the world.

According to the aides, Obama said that, while he understood that Trump was eager to create potentially cataclysmic diplomatic crises around the world, tradition dictated that he wait until he is actually President to do so.

Obama cited the example of George W. Bush, who waited until he took the oath of office before wreaking destruction on a massive scale.

“There’ll be loads of time for you to do stuff like that,” Obama reportedly said.

During the meeting, which lasted nearly an hour, Obama repeatedly asked Trump “if he understood what was being said to him,” the aides reported.

After the meeting, Trump spoke briefly with reporters but cut the session short to “jump on a phone call with Kim Jong-un.”

“He’s a terrific guy, he’s doing just a terrific job over there,” Trump said, of the North Korean leader.

Obama did not take questions from reporters but was later seen sitting at his desk, holding his head in his hands.

@35 – Parody is going to be a challenge for a while.

The epic twitter responses to the rumpuss’s twitter response about SNL skit on his twitter:

Joy Reid commented this AM that DT attended a costume party held by Robert Mercer, theme: Heroes and Villains. Kellyanne went as Supergirl and Trump, wait for it, went as himself. I am sure both deluded themselves into thinking they were heroes. She didn’t say who Robert Mercer went as….

@39: Awww…. 😰 🎷

@37: Wow, that twitter rant by that woman was just EPIC!!

@37 – I have that in my post for tomorrow! You GO GIRL.

@37, Contrask: please let us know what Donald’s twitter response is to that incredible call to arms. (I don’t do social media.) That was one righteous rant, thanks for sharing it!

@39, NW Luna: Is that really Hill and Bill???? OMG, so sweet!

cats3, I’m sure. From the Twitter account @HRCintheWild, started by Adam Parkhomenko, the guy who founded Ready for Hillary. Good for keeping spirits up!

Ummm…we have a little oopsie right here.

Tonight in D.C. a man armed with an semi-automatic rifle entered Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria now famous as the epicenter of the Hillary Clinton child abuse/pornography/sexual fetish conspiracy. The man was arrested without hurting anyone. One of the main purveyors of this insane conspiracy — the man who will be the first one to get the 3:00 a.m. call as well as the last one to actually talk to the Trumpanzee before he makes life and death decisions.

Sleep well.


@47, more:


@49: …and brother to DeVos, Sec of Ed pick?

@51: Oh good grief I didn’t read that far.

For the next four years here we are:

Here is the local WaPo article on the Comet Ping Pong incident this afternoon.

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