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Guest Post by DYB

Posted on: November 26, 2016

Good Saturday and weekend Widdershins

We have a treat today in that our newest front-pager, DYB, has written this post.  DYB is no stranger as a guest poster here at TW, having done several in the past.  We decided to do this one as a guest post to allow D some time to get familiar with all of the mechanics of writing, editing and in general becoming familiar with the process of creating posts on WordPress.  You can tell from his post that he has gonne through all of the anger and hurt that we’ve all felt, and he lets it out!! Enjoy his post!



I’ve stopped counting the days since, well, you know what.  While we are told that human mind and body will get used to anything given enough time, I’m not sure “President Trump” is ever really going to sink in enough.  Everything in the mind and body rejects the idea, like a diseased organ.  As with diseased organs, the only way I think we can get through it is via medication.  I haven’t decided how much Xanax is too much before it’s considered a suicide attempt.  So I’ve been eating cake, pie, cookies and ice cream.


My mind has been lunging from one thought to another, stream of consciousness resembling a Mahler symphony.  I keep trying to find the words that might summarize the feelings, but like the Countess says at the end of Richard Strauss’ opera “Capriccio”: “What is an answer that is not trivial?”  (The answer to her question comes from her butler who walks in and says: “Madam, dinner is ready.”  Even Strauss thought food was the only answer.)  Though perhaps this dog sums things up more succinctly:


But we must face some facts: we are living in a new world.  I live just 2 blocks away from the Javits Center where Hillary Clinton was holding her election night rally.  That night I was a friends’ party, ready to celebrate.  By 8pm we were praying and trying to make deals with all the gods.  Alas, the gods were taking a nap.  As I finally gave up and walked home at 1:30am along 9th Ave, now surrounded by others fleeing the area, with the Javits Center – lit up blue – in view down every street, I saw a white man walk past Clyde Frazier’s restaurant and scream: “White power!”  And I thought: fasten your seatbelts folks, this is our new normal. 


What stings now – and I think what will never stop stinging – is what we lost.  We don’t know what is ahead of us.  Trump is …well, you know.  There are no words that are not trivial.  We are at a crossroads as a country and as a people.  We can go in one or several of millions of directions.  It’s impossible to know.  But we know what we have lost.  One of the most extraordinary public servants our country has ever seen has been kicked to the curb.  Who, how, why – we will discuss for many years to come.  “She just wasn’t a very good candidate” is the answer Bernie-bro types have been gleefully offering.  “You should have voted for Bernie.”


image-6After I collect what is left of my exploding head I respond: “Well, she ran against 30 years of right-wing propaganda, misogyny, every Republican, half of Democrats who couldn’t mute their Clinton Derangement Syndrome for a couple of months, the FBI, Putin and the KGB, Congressional committees, WikiHacks, Bernie and his Bros…and somehow she still managed to win the popular vote resoundingly.  So *(*%&^$&*()!”


I really don’t know how Hillary herself deals with this crap.  I’m going to digress again, Mahler style.  In Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro,” in the final scene, as the mean Count appears to have caught his adversaries lying to him and they beg for forgiveness he coldly responds to each one: “No, no, no!”  Whenimage-7 he is shocked to discover that the joke, is in fact, on him and he now faces his wife who will judge him, he says: “Forgive me.”  And she responds: “I am kinder than you.  I will say ‘Yes.’”  Rejoicing all around.  Well, I’m not that kind.   Where HRC can find the humility and optimism to keep going, I just want to burn the whole world down.  So the only solace I take at the moment is in the hope that the human centipedes known as Trump voters will eat every ounce of shit that comes out of Trump ass.  Forgive me my French.  Sometimes these words are necessary to keep my sanity.

I lunge between despair and hopelessness.  Richard Wagner was once asked why he only wrote one opera image-8with a happy ending.  He is said to have replied: “Because happiness is not interesting.”  He was right, and here we are, living in very interesting times.  The first vote I ever cast as a citizen of the USA was in 2000 for Al Gore for President and Hillary Clinton for NY Senate.  In 2016 I really was so thrilled to vote for her for President.  I wasn’t choosing a lesser of two evils.  I was genuinely happy to vote for Hillary Clinton and see one of the most accomplished human beings on the planet become President.   But angry, heterosexual white men in a handful of states decided to attach their mouths to Trump’s rectum.  (Sorry, more French.)  The only real glimmer of hope I currently have is that one day a woman will finally become President.  We don’t know who that will be.  She might be a grown woman now or she might be a child.  But some day she will be President.  And she will owe so much to Hillary Rodham Clinton.  As we all do and will.  Today, maybe we just didn’t actually deserve her.

For now, as I walk my dog every day, we walk past the Javits Center.  It is a painful sight.   Even more painful are the stamps of HRC on the concrete throughout the area.  They are now starting to fade from rain and traffic.  And as I look at each one I think: There really are no answers that are not trivial




105 Responses to "Guest Post by DYB"

Applause! Applause! Great post DYB. I loved all the opera references. Only you could mix Madonna and Mahler and make it come out so perfectly.

Wonderful post. Is this your maiden voyage? Well done.
Someday, God willing, the US will have a woman president, but I won’t be around to see that.

So CNN is reporting that Clinton’s camp is taking part in the recount.

@2> Thanks Sweet Sue! I’ve written some guest posts in the past, but not for a while.

Thanks MB! Madonna and Mahler, my two great loves!

More info. Clinton’s lawyers will help oversee the recounts that Stein initiated. But nobody expects the outcome to change.

Of course Corey Lewandowski is tweeting about it. Nothing from Drumpf yet.

@3 & 5: I just saw something about the campaign taking part in the recount. I’m glad.

@1: As I was copying over all of D’s post I thought: “Hmmm, now that’s interesting combination”. 🙂

Hilarious post about all the Hillary spottings in the woods (is Hillary just literally lost and needs directions instead of selfies?)

@8: I saw a couple of other newspieces where a woman saw her in a grocery in Chappaqua right before Thanksgiving and then an employee at a bookstore in either VT or RI saw her when she came into the store. Both of them got selfies I believe.

Eek! I forgot to tweet the post! 😱
There has been too much football on today so that’s my excuse.

Congrats to Prolix’s Kentucky Wildcats in their victory over Louisville.

Randy Rainbow takes on Pence, Trump and Hamilton.

Yes, yes! DYB, your post says what I’m feeling, and what millions of us are feeling. Swear away! (ooops, not my blog so probably shouldn’t say that) It’s not so much that we have a scary-ass blathering Loser of the Popular Vote coming at us for 4 years. It’s what and who we’ve lost. Because of the Electoral College thank you, slave-owning insecure wealthy white men of the 18th Century), Putin, Fox, Comey (and thank you Obama for appointing an R; how’d that appeasement with the Republicans work out for ya?), and racist sexist Americans.

And love the visuals with your post!

@12: When DYB emailed me saying he wanted to do a guest post I replied “Yes, go ahead!”. When he sent it to me he warned me “lots of bad words in there” but I thought “you’re just going to be expressing what we all feel”. Besides, we’re adults here.

The thing that made me the saddest was that photo of the chalk image of our gal that was on the sidewalk. I just felt so sad looking at it. 😭

#13> Those prints on the sidewalk are all over the neighborhood. And I’ve also seen them in other parts of NYC. In fact, some appear to be very fresh, so I wonder if someone is walking around and making new ones all over town! I saw one that said “Nasty Woman” instead of “Madam President.”

@14: I’m glad they are still around.

I saw one that said “Nasty Woman”

But of course. 🙄

@14 & 15, I’m still wearing my “Nasty Woman” cuff bracelet. On the inside I had the artisan stamp “I’m With Her,” to which I’m going to add “Still!”

There’s an excellent piece over at The Guardian here.

One good statement from the piece:

So many of us have stood up for the marginalized, but never expected to be here ourselves. It happened to us overnight, not for anything we did wrong but for what we know is right.

@16: Excellent!

DYB I agree with everything! Never, ever, ever will my mind accept this man as President of my country. All the Republicans who have always crowed about how patriotic they are and how much they LOVE their country… then this is who they vote for. They don’t give one shit about this country.

Trump said so many horrible, insulting things to so many in this country during the election. For me, what is stuck – and will never go away – is when this scuzzbag stood on a national stage, in front of millions in a Presidential debate, and referred to his opponent as “a nasty woman”. The fact the people of this country allowed him to get away with that will stay with me forever. And to ask his supporters why they think that’s okay? What is an answer that is not trivial?

@8 Those “Hillary in the woods” tweets were great! 🙂

DYB, sorry I’m late to your debut, but you killed it. Great post and you absolutely captured what I am feeling. Just today I caught myself thinking, this can’t be real.

I hope, I mean sincerely pray, that someone is still going around the City putting down those stamps. I hope they come to encircle that monstrosity cheap gold tower the Secret Service is about to pay $105/sq.ft. for an entire floor. He is going to milk the taxpayers out of every cent he can. Outrageous!

Thanks for the post. Wonder if you can teach your pup to growl at pictures of the Trumpanzee? That would be an instant viral sensation.

Yep, here’s the full statement, as reposted by Hillary for America on Facebook:

“Hillary for America general counsel Marc Elias on listening and responding to calls for an audit and recount:

“Over the last few days, officials in the Clinton campaign have received hundreds of messages, emails, and calls urging us to do something, anything, to investigate claims that the election results were hacked and altered in a way to disadvantage Secretary Clinton. The concerns have arisen, in particular, with respect to Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — three states that together proved decisive in this presidential election and where the combined margin of victory for Donald Trump was merely 107,000 votes.

It should go without saying that we take these concerns extremely seriously. We certainly understand the heartbreak felt by so many who worked so hard to elect Hillary Clinton, and it is a fundamental principle of our democracy to ensure that every vote is properly counted.
Moreover, this election cycle was unique in the degree of foreign interference witnessed throughout the campaign: the U.S. government concluded that Russian state actors were behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the personal email accounts of Hillary for America campaign officials, and just yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Russian government was behind much of the “fake news” propaganda that circulated online in the closing weeks of the election.

For all these reasons, we have quietly taken a number of steps in the last two weeks to rule in or out any possibility of outside interference in the vote tally in these critical battleground states.
First, since the day after the election we have had lawyers and data scientists and analysts combing over the results to spot anomalies that would suggest a hacked result. These have included analysts both from within the campaign and outside, with backgrounds in politics, technology and academia.

Second, we have had numerous meetings and calls with various outside experts to hear their concerns and to discuss and review their data and findings. As a part of this, we have also shared out data and findings with them. Most of those discussions have remained private, while at least one has unfortunately been the subject of leaks.
Third, we have attempted to systematically catalogue and investigate every theory that has been presented to us within our ability to do so.
Fourth, we have examined the laws and practices as they pertain to recounts, contests and audits.

Fifth, and most importantly, we have monitored and staffed the post-election canvasses — where voting machine tapes are compared to poll-books, provisional ballots are resolved, and all of the math is double checked from election night. During that process, we have seen Secretary Clinton’s vote total grow, so that, today, her national popular vote lead now exceeds more than 2 million votes.
In the coming days, we will continue to perform our due diligence and actively follow all further activities that are to occur prior to the certification of any election results. For instance, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania conduct post-election audits using a sampling of precincts. Michigan and many other states still do not. This is unfortunate; it is our strong belief that, in addition to an election canvass, every state should do this basic audit to ensure accuracy and public confidence in the election.

Beyond the post-election audit, Green Party candidate Jill Stein announced Friday that she will exercise her right as a candidate to pursue a recount in the state of Wisconsin. She has indicated plans to also seek recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves, but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides. If Jill Stein follows through as she has promised and pursues recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, we will take the same approach in those states as well. We do so fully aware that the number of votes separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the closest of these states — Michigan — well exceeds the largest margin ever overcome in a recount. But regardless of the potential to change the outcome in any of the states, we feel it is important, on principle, to ensure our campaign is legally represented in any court proceedings and represented on the ground in order to monitor the recount process itself.

The campaign is grateful to all those who have expended time and effort to investigate various claims of abnormalities and irregularities. While that effort has not, in our view, resulted in evidence of manipulation of results, now that a recount is underway, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million Americans who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported.”

….”had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology…” (emphasis added)


Plus they don’t say anything about the voter suppression such as the “Crosscheck” program, in which you get put on the double-voting list for having an ethnic first and last name as someone else, even if the middle name is different, and so get your ballot invalidated or your voting ability denied.

Since we all need a laugh:

Day-um, apparently that was real for a few hours until someone got waterboarded and changed it back. But searching Google Maps for “Dump Tower” still get you the Orangeutang’s building. 😀

@25 & 26: Luv it!!

(sigh) Just think: We’re going to have four years of this crap to deal with.

DYB, excellent post! As Prolix says, that’s how we’re all feeling these days. Love all of the animal pix and the Hillary sidewalk pix. Way to go New York!

@25, LOL!

@28, oh god! So whats the best thing to do when faced with this scenario? Ignore the psycho? Complain to whatever plane, train, restaurant or store you’re in, that either the freak goes or you do? I’m surprised they didn’t haul his ass off that plane. This is still the age of terrorism.

@30, this link had solid, detailed advice — I read it a few days ago when it was recommended at another online community I frequent. Tonight I’ve tried checking several times but always get a “Server not found” message. Yikes. I’ll hope it’s just lots of people trying to access the site.

@30 annie asked:

oh god! So whats the best thing to do when faced with this scenario?

Demand that he deplane…immediately… whether the plane has landed or not.

That screaming guy on Delta – it is astounding that he was not thrown off the plane. A non-white person would have been kicked off immediately.

@33, LOL!

@34, so true!

@32, weird. Their info was thoughtful and well-sourced. Their Twitter feed was current as of 2 days ago.

Lest we forget! Clinton Cash was underwritten by Bannon, Breitbart, and the billionaire Mercer family. Coincidence, I think not.


All this Chatty Kelly, et al., folderol over Romney is Trumpanzee sanctioned humiliation. This is how Bannon’s psyops works — humiliate him and if Romney capitulates and apologizes, he has effectively neutered Romney in terms of criticism going forward. There is no way they let Romney into their world — Romney would leak like a incontinent skunk.

Mrs. Betty Bowers holds nothing back.


Well someone had a great marketing idea.


OT: You know… when the discussion about Melania and Barron staying in New York first came up I didn’t really care. I thought good for her if she wants vacation from Trump. But the more I think about it, the more it bothers me. Aside from ten different reasons why, this is her son’s safety we’re talking about. Does she understand just how serious this is? Maybe she’s so used to buying her way toward anything she wants, she thinks she can buy his safety. (or we will be buying his safety) All I know is, if he were my son, I’d want him in the White House, not in the middle of NYC.

OMG did you see Trump’s latest tweet? He says he won the popular vote if you subtract the millions of people who voted for Clinton illegally. OMG. I just can’t. I literally can’t even.

@DYB, Yeah, I saw that earlier. Wonder how various Federal agencies will like having a paranoid, lying boss. Or what they’ll do about the paranoid lies.

Oh wait. The FBI already has a paranoid, lying boss. Strike that.

@44. Uh-huh. Haiti and Colombia to take the lead in investigation, riiiiiiight. Evil, paranoid liar.

Trump is now tweeting there was “massive” voter fraud in VA, NH and CA. teehee Keep tweeting Donald!

@Luna: Yeah I cracked up at two things with that: First it was the Post and second, those two countries??? Really??

@39, that was awesome. I usually like her tweets a lot.

Massive fraud, Donny? Recount ALL the votes!

So Trump wins Michigan too. OK, I get it. The calvary isn’t coming. I’m so depressed. I watched his petty twitter war last night. I’m wore out. I have to go back to work this week. In a school where the the population is largely Trump voters, in a state that is 49th on the list in education/teacher pay, knowing the incoming administration will make things even worse in education. I really wish I hadn’t woke up politically in 2016. Really

@50> I’m sorry contrask! Hang in there! We shall overcome!

@50, contrask, we are all here for you. I’m so sorry you have to face this on the front lines. We are better around here for your awakening. And look at it like this, lots of things can happen in four years. It might just be that a Trumpanzee Administration is what the Dems need to push them over the hump.

I’ve been numb with horror since the evening of November 8th. But it can always get worse, and don’t we know it.

@53, yes, I don’t doubt it at all. I think it would be a good idea if a lot of attorneys formed a new group just to take on voting rights. The ACLU does so many things, I think we need one just for voting. There may be one already, I’m not sure, but it should be easy to make it well known with twitter and other media.

By one of my favorite musician singer/songwriters, this was written a while back but true today.

I’m with SoCal. We need a group of lawyers that does nothing but challenge these voting restrictions. Another Thurgood Marshall has to be out there somewhere.

Is Trump gonna wear that damn baseball cap through out his presidency? Is that how he’s going to greet foreign heads of states on tarmacs cause he worried about his rats nest?

@55 & 57, the Brennan Center for Justice headquartered at the New York University School of Law is dedicated to the type of advocacy you are talking about.

This is their website:

They tweet @brennancenter

Voting rights are one of their primary focuses. Their website has lots of great information and it is a good place to start reading about the cutting edge legal issues around civil liberties and rights.

I just saw, I swear I’m not high, a Trump Chia pet on television. The green grow stuff looks better than that kangaroo scrotum on his head.

@55 & 57, see also the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Voting Rights Project.

@59 and 61> Thanks for those links! As I’ve committed to donate $100 a week to a charity Trump would hate as long as he is Pres…barf, these are good to know about! I will add them to my list! (So far I’ve donated to ACLU, LAMBDA and Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund. One of these two places will be my next donation.)

@62: D, don’t forget Planned Parenthood. You can make your donation in Mike Pence’s name. LOL!

@62> That’s on the list. I made a donation to LAMBDA in Pence’s name! The next 4 years I’m going to be broke. I’ve already my friends they might have to take me out to lunch some time. I should start compiling a list of places to donate too (and I’ll probably start cycling back.) I’d love to find some smaller charities too. Something like ACLU and Planned Parenthood get a lot of donations (which they need but still.) I suspect the civil rights ones mentioned by Beata and Prolix probably have fewer donations than ACLU. (Southern Poverty Center is also on my future list.)

NARAL and Emily’s List are also on my list to donate to.

@65: I am proud to say I’ve been a card carrying member of Emily’s List for several years now.

@64: I’ve been toying with the idea of putting up some links over on the right to some organizations people can contribute to. I came up with the standard ones but would like to get a larger list to put there.

Good idea to have links to resources and orgs doing Good Work. I donated to Foster Campbell (D) in LA, who’s running for that Senate seat.

@68: I’ve thought of P.P., NARAL, the ACLU, but didn’t think of Lamba Legal until DYB mentioned them. I see the Brennan Ctr and Beata’s link/group also takes contributions. Just checked and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund also takes donations.

I need to get a couple of environmental groups to add.

From Charles Pierce: As I said about the Delta guy, we’re gonna have four years of this shit to deal with. I do wish the woman had gotten the end of the drama recorded. I just hope the cops escorted the Trumpster out of the Michael’s Store.

I donated to a local chapter of BLM when I was at the rally last week-end and have also donated to Foster Campbell & ACLU. Please put up the list with the above groups mentioned. I won’t be able to donate again until after Xmas.

Sierra Club is a famous one for the environment.

I donate to the Native American Rights Fund in memory of my Choctaw grandmother and all my Native American ancestors.

Another environmental group someone just mentioned on Facebook:

This is worth exploring:

I’m in spammy ’cause of two links!

A very interesting read on how Trump is manipulating the Media and…no possible solutions on how to fix it.

My post tomorrow will be about The Media.

@75: Hmmm, you should be able to get away with two links since you have author privileges now. I’ll look into that.

OKAY! Over on the right side you’ll see a group of links called Contribute! Help Fight Trump and Republicans.

It is a list of links that y’all have mentioned.

So Dan Quäyle was seeing entering Trump Tower with Kellyanne Conway. Dan Quayle???? What position are they gonna give him?

Our next Treasury Secretary whose college friend said he, “put the douche in fiduciary.” He’s a real common man whose grandfather founded a yacht club, his father was a Wall Street trader, he lived in the Roosevelt Hotel during law school, his hedge fund is named after the dunes outside his Hampton home, and he was a producer on Mad Max.

Drain that swamp and allow the creatures to holiday in the Hamptons.


@80> That is a fantastic movie! But I’m sure his only involvement in it was funding. He had nothing to do with the artistic merit of it.

@60: LOL, Prolix.

Note to self: Scrotum is a funny word.

For all of y’all who contributed to Foster Campbell’s campaign, here’s an article on him from and mentions his out-of-state contributors.

@83> We can dream that he wins but… this year hasn’t gone very well for anybody with a brain.

@79: Dan “Potatoe” Quayle will be named Secretary of Golf. It’s a new Cabinet position that will replace Secretary of Education.

Who needs to learn to spell when you can golf instead?

Through her consulting firm SVC Inc., Verma has worked on other high-profile Medicaid expansion proposals for Republican governors. That includes Kentucky, where Republican Gov. Matt Bevin has threatened to pull the plug unless the Obama administration approves his pending request. Bevin’s plan includes a work requirement as a condition of receiving benefits and lockout periods for failure to pay, and is modeled off of Indiana’s Medicaid expansion model.

Trumps new head of Center for Medicaid and Medicare, Seema Verma.

Verma, an Indiana resident, is best known for her work on Medicaid issues and her close ties to Vice President-elect Mike Pence. She designed his Obamacare Medicaid expansion model — known as Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 — and has advised several Republican states on how to add conservative elements such as health savings accounts and employment requirements to their programs.

@84: Yes sadly. And John Kennedy, the Repub opponent is trying to tie himself to tRump. He even having or had Pence come in to campaign for him.

Well, I don’t know how I screwed up there, but I did.

@86 I have no idea how that 1st paragraph got in that comment. I didn’t type it or copy it. Weird.

@80: I’m going to be calling him Munchkin because I can’t help myself.

@88 & 89: Do you see the “edit” link on the dateline of your comment at 86? You should be able to see it. You can click on that and edit your comment.

@86, GAgal, I think I fixed it.

As for the underlying comment, yes, our Buttfaced Bevin, the governor of our Commonwealth, with a mandate of 16% of the vote, dismantled Kynect, the most successful Medicaid expansion in the country, and wishes to replace it with the stated purpose of cutting otherwise qualified citizens from the program. He changed the name to some thing called Benefind — the joke is if you can find a benefit you can keep it.

One of the great and grand proposals, if you want dental or vision coverage, you have to do some type of public service. If that reminds you of chores around the old poorhouses, you have the idea. Oh, and the other major factor is, you must pay premiums to be covered under Medicaid. So, in KY if you are at 100% of poverty, or about $11,700 a year, A YEAR, you must find a way to pay a premium for Medicaid insurance.

And if you don’t want your head to explode stop reading here, but Bevin’s statement was this, “It is our Christian duty to these poor people to force them off welfare.” Not sure what Bible he reads. Our only saving grace is that he’s a Yankee transplant — he’s from New Hampshire, got rich off of hedge funds, and came to KY to teach us heathens how to be good Christians.

@90> All I see is munchkin too!

@92> Well that’s horrifying. My Trump supporting parents who are on Medicaid/Medicaire are going to be quite surprised. (At least they live in NYC and don’t bother to vote). Though maybe if they watched something other than Russian news they wouldn’t be surprised.

Garrison Keillor has another really nice op-ed in WaPo.

The final line is a punch in the gut: “Meanwhile, blessings on all who cursed me. May you thrive and prosper. I hope you have not cursed your children.”

This is the most succinct overview of the election I’ve seen:


@96> Indeed! But they’re not dead yet and they will miss those safety nets…

Romney and Drumpf met for some frog legs and came out BFFs tonight. Romney’s spine is made of sand. Are there any spines left?

No greater truth than this — people in the U.S. are not hungry because of drought or famine, they will be hungry because of a lack of political will.


@95: That is just disgusting. Yet he could spill his guts before the election about “maybe there’s some emails concerning Clinton that we need to look at”. Bastards!

Charles Pierce:

Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan Hinges on American Stupidity. Prove Him Wrong

@100 Fredster that is truly scary. I hope they get it done, though. We need to preserve a copy of the way things were in case we ever get to undo the damage. I’m already crying for the America that was.

@102: Agree totally. Better to have a mirror site up north to be on the safe side.

I just saw a tweet by DT that ISIS had claimed responsibility for the OSU stabbing “Another refugee that should never have been in our country” No I can’t find the tweet. I wish I had snapped a picture of it because I don’t see anywhere else that ISIS has claimed responsibility. I’m off to work and can’t research it.

New post up!

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