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Good Saturday and weekend Widdershins

We have a treat today in that our newest front-pager, DYB, has written this post.  DYB is no stranger as a guest poster here at TW, having done several in the past.  We decided to do this one as a guest post to allow D some time to get familiar with all of the mechanics of writing, editing and in general becoming familiar with the process of creating posts on WordPress.  You can tell from his post that he has gonne through all of the anger and hurt that we’ve all felt, and he lets it out!! Enjoy his post!



I’ve stopped counting the days since, well, you know what.  While we are told that human mind and body will get used to anything given enough time, I’m not sure “President Trump” is ever really going to sink in enough.  Everything in the mind and body rejects the idea, like a diseased organ.  As with diseased organs, the only way I think we can get through it is via medication.  I haven’t decided how much Xanax is too much before it’s considered a suicide attempt.  So I’ve been eating cake, pie, cookies and ice cream.


My mind has been lunging from one thought to another, stream of consciousness resembling a Mahler symphony.  I keep trying to find the words that might summarize the feelings, but like the Countess says at the end of Richard Strauss’ opera “Capriccio”: “What is an answer that is not trivial?”  (The answer to her question comes from her butler who walks in and says: “Madam, dinner is ready.”  Even Strauss thought food was the only answer.)  Though perhaps this dog sums things up more succinctly:


But we must face some facts: we are living in a new world.  I live just 2 blocks away from the Javits Center where Hillary Clinton was holding her election night rally.  That night I was a friends’ party, ready to celebrate.  By 8pm we were praying and trying to make deals with all the gods.  Alas, the gods were taking a nap.  As I finally gave up and walked home at 1:30am along 9th Ave, now surrounded by others fleeing the area, with the Javits Center – lit up blue – in view down every street, I saw a white man walk past Clyde Frazier’s restaurant and scream: “White power!”  And I thought: fasten your seatbelts folks, this is our new normal. 


What stings now – and I think what will never stop stinging – is what we lost.  We don’t know what is ahead of us.  Trump is …well, you know.  There are no words that are not trivial.  We are at a crossroads as a country and as a people.  We can go in one or several of millions of directions.  It’s impossible to know.  But we know what we have lost.  One of the most extraordinary public servants our country has ever seen has been kicked to the curb.  Who, how, why – we will discuss for many years to come.  “She just wasn’t a very good candidate” is the answer Bernie-bro types have been gleefully offering.  “You should have voted for Bernie.”


image-6After I collect what is left of my exploding head I respond: “Well, she ran against 30 years of right-wing propaganda, misogyny, every Republican, half of Democrats who couldn’t mute their Clinton Derangement Syndrome for a couple of months, the FBI, Putin and the KGB, Congressional committees, WikiHacks, Bernie and his Bros…and somehow she still managed to win the popular vote resoundingly.  So *(*%&^$&*()!”


I really don’t know how Hillary herself deals with this crap.  I’m going to digress again, Mahler style.  In Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro,” in the final scene, as the mean Count appears to have caught his adversaries lying to him and they beg for forgiveness he coldly responds to each one: “No, no, no!”  Whenimage-7 he is shocked to discover that the joke, is in fact, on him and he now faces his wife who will judge him, he says: “Forgive me.”  And she responds: “I am kinder than you.  I will say ‘Yes.’”  Rejoicing all around.  Well, I’m not that kind.   Where HRC can find the humility and optimism to keep going, I just want to burn the whole world down.  So the only solace I take at the moment is in the hope that the human centipedes known as Trump voters will eat every ounce of shit that comes out of Trump ass.  Forgive me my French.  Sometimes these words are necessary to keep my sanity.

I lunge between despair and hopelessness.  Richard Wagner was once asked why he only wrote one opera image-8with a happy ending.  He is said to have replied: “Because happiness is not interesting.”  He was right, and here we are, living in very interesting times.  The first vote I ever cast as a citizen of the USA was in 2000 for Al Gore for President and Hillary Clinton for NY Senate.  In 2016 I really was so thrilled to vote for her for President.  I wasn’t choosing a lesser of two evils.  I was genuinely happy to vote for Hillary Clinton and see one of the most accomplished human beings on the planet become President.   But angry, heterosexual white men in a handful of states decided to attach their mouths to Trump’s rectum.  (Sorry, more French.)  The only real glimmer of hope I currently have is that one day a woman will finally become President.  We don’t know who that will be.  She might be a grown woman now or she might be a child.  But some day she will be President.  And she will owe so much to Hillary Rodham Clinton.  As we all do and will.  Today, maybe we just didn’t actually deserve her.

For now, as I walk my dog every day, we walk past the Javits Center.  It is a painful sight.   Even more painful are the stamps of HRC on the concrete throughout the area.  They are now starting to fade from rain and traffic.  And as I look at each one I think: There really are no answers that are not trivial



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