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Alt-right sick day…

Posted on: November 25, 2016

Given that it’s Black Friday, I imagine Breitbart is shuddered today because the intertubz seems a tad bit smarter.  Just a guess, but I’d say there are lots of blue-eyed, SPF 30 users who have their Zeitgeist blankies pulled up snuggly around their German Picklehaube Helmets today. tang

And well they should be.  Things are about to get a little dicey going forward for them and their Tang hued nesting troll-elect.  To paraphrase, “Yeah, it’s all fun and games until someone gets the nuclear codes.”

The person tapped to last stir the Tang before military decisions is Mike Flynn.  A strange human he is.  Understanding Flynn would be a lot easier if “going defensive” had the same ring as “going postal”.  I supposed “going offensive” would be an oxymoron for Flynn since he was the military, eagle-nosed guy who led chants of “lock her up” at the Republican National Coven this past summer.

The tidbit finding traction about effin’ Flynn is from a New Yorker article, where he talks about his violation of security policy:

Flynn broke rules he thought were stupid. He had technicians secretly install an Internet connection in his Pentagon office, even though it was forbidden. There was also the time he gave classified information to NATO allies without approval, an incident which prompted an investigation, and a warning from superiors.

Please correct me if I’m misremembering, but wasn’t there an $8.0 million investigative kerfuffle during the election eventually focusing upon one email out of 30,000 bearing a discreet marking resembling (C)?  Seems as if that little go-to-pieces lasted a month of Sundays and was a repeated theme to stir up Tang’s rallies.

flynnWhile lots of folks on Twitter have gone into apoplectic seizures over that issue, this is what gave me pause and I’m abbreviating the narrative for space:

McChrystal, who was appointed to run JSOC in 2003, brought Flynn in as his intelligence chief to help him shake up the organization. Flynn was one of the few high-ranking officers who disdained the Army’s culture of conformity. But McChrystal also knew he had to protect Flynn from that same culture. He “boxed him in,” someone who had worked with both men told me last week, by encouraging Flynn to keep his outbursts in check and surrounding him with subordinates who would challenge the unsubstantiated theories he tended to indulge.


Last week, Trump announced that Flynn would be his national-security adviser, a job that requires strategic vision and consensus-seeking among competing big-dog agencies. Mullen, this week, suggested to me that Flynn would need to change in order to succeed in his new role.


Whether Flynn now learns to bottle his rage, whether he reëmbraces fact over fiction, whether he’s capable of playing the role of a contemplative counselor, will determine the outcome of his most difficult and important mission yet.

If someone said, “Think about these traits – rage, lover of fiction over fact, lack of strategic vision, needing a shock collar of moderating influence, and someone prone to outbursts, would you want that person to be advising the most powerful person on the planet in military situations?”

But he will be.

And if that wasn’t enough to give a caravan of elephants the heart dropsy, how about this?  Not only did Hillary battle thirty-years of right-wing knuckle-draggers, the Kochtopus, the BernieBros, and the Trumpanzees, she had to deal with an Ivan SuperPac.  This last bunch created “fake disinformation” viewed over 213 million times on the intertubz.

Trump Nesting Troll Dolls

Trump Nesting Troll Dolls

This narrative was conveniently in stasis during the election and only last night reemerged.  The Washington Post details the “fake news” assisting the Tang-bot and in turn, perhaps helping “Vlad the Jailer” in swaying our elections.  It is described as:

Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery — including thousands of botnets, teams of paid human “trolls,” and networks of websites and social-media accounts — echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal hiding potentially fatal health problems and preparing to hand control of the nation to a shadowy cabal of global financiers. The effort also sought to heighten the appearance of international tensions and promote fear of looming hostilities with nuclear-armed Russia.

Two teams of independent researchers found that the Russians exploited American-made technology platforms to attack U.S. democracy at a particularly vulnerable moment, as an insurgent candidate harnessed a wide range of grievances to claim the White House.

The long and short of it is this:

“They want to essentially erode faith in the U.S. government or U.S. government interests,” said Clint Watts, a fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute who along with two other researchers has tracked Russian propaganda since 2014. “This was their standard mode during the Cold War. The problem is that this was hard to do before social media.”

There are a few questions circling like a Great White Shark sniffing a tragic Bloodmobile accident.  If our proliferation of social media has allowed us to feast upon rancid fake news, is censorship a preferred antibody to the infection?  If Putin is emboldened by his adventures, does fact become overrated and optional?

The last question is existential:  By sowing distrust, is Russia winning the new Internet Cold War if we can’t trust our elections?


Your thoughts on this or any subject will be welcome.

17 Responses to "Alt-right sick day…"

Regarding Flynn, do we now have our modern-day version of General Ripper?

@1, P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

@2: From what we’ve read he seems like Flynn, doesn’t he?

@4: Contrask, from a link over at Sky Dancing.

But we know they received the request

@6: Oh I know and the NPR story was datelined later than the lawbiz one. I certainly hope they do recounts in all three states. If it proves nothing then so be it.

Don’t call them alt-right. Call them what they are: Nazis.

@8, Ga6th, I must agree with you, but in deference to Godwin’s Law, I took the coward’s path.

Fidel Castro died. 2016 ya’ll!

Flynn is scary and it’s astounding that he thought it was ok to break some rules which seemed much more serious than the ones Clinton has been accused of breaking. But logic has nothing to do with Trump or those that support him.

And yes, Puty-poo influence the election, if he didn’t rig it. (I don’t think he rigged it and the recounts will just confirm that Trump won those states.) But Puty-poo is definitely winning the new Cold War by showing to the Russians that the Americans whom they detest almost universally are stupid and will believe anything. (Of course Russians do believe anything as well, based on the nonsense my mother repeats to me after seeing it on Russian television. But I digress.)

Ooops, shoulda refreshed before posting!

@1, awesome! Well done Fredster!

@10 and 11: Coming soon: Trump Tower and Hotel – Havana.

@13: It just seemed to fit so well annie. 😉

@14 Glad to see you’re on it already, Fredster.

@16, when there was money to be made, why wait when the Trumpanzee has already broken the law? Eichenwald had him pegged back in September.

How Donald Trump’s Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba

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