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Activist Monday: The Election Was Rigged, and The Establishment Candidate “Won.” Now WWDD?

Posted on: November 21, 2016

Good afternoon, all. In the midst of furious prepping for my first Thanksgiving at my new house (thank Goddess I have no Trumpsters in my family), I am hastily writing my still-jumbled thoughts on what happened, and how the election has blown “politics as usual” into smithereens. And even though we’ve heard that meme since the Circus Peanut launched himself into this race from the Tower bearing his name in giant gilt letters, what we never heard during the campaign was what that would mean for America. Far, far too late, Americans, even those who voted for him, are starting to understand just how bad it’s going to be, and just how hard we’re going to have to fight back against the dystopian nightmare he will try to impose on our unwilling country.

My first thought is that the election rigging that Drumpf endlessly whined and Tweeted about, 13-year-old boy style, was indeed accomplished – but on Republicans’ behalf. The Manhattan Meerkat benefited from years of Thuglican gerrymandering and passage of anti-Democratic voter ID laws, some “coincidentally” passed in the last few months, to very, very narrowly win a few swing states…while losing the popular vote by (at latest count) approximately 1.7 million votes.  The margin of victory in Michigan is less than 12,000 in favor of the “president-elect”; the margin in Pennsylvania is less than 80,000. In the other 37 states not considered “swing,” the voting was not at all close, with vast swaths of the American population agreeing that #lovetrumpshate.

Secondly, with all the bullsh*t about the Orange Creamsicle being anti-establishment and the “outsider” in the race, it was quite clear that the media elites wanted him to win very, very badly. Why? Because now, in the new age of social media reigning over all, they have been trained to worship at the feet of a certain type of candidate they find “authentic” and accessible.  Opinion-makers and pundits routinely and incessantly make the case to Americans that what matters most in a President is something they call “authenticity,” but I call “folksiness” – the ability to sound as though you’re speaking off-the-cuff and directly to each person listening. There’s an emotional appeal to candidates with folksiness (otherwise known as “have-a-beer-with”), who, lately, have been combining this quality with feel-good branding and slogans, like “Hope” and “Change” a la Obama, and “Make America Great Again” a la Drumpf.  If you think about it, the past several Presidents have all been folksy, whereas their opponents have not been. Bill Clinton: folksy. Dubya: folksy. Gore, Kerry, McCain and Romney: Not folksy (although Gore did win the popular vote, just barely). Drumpf and Bernie Sanders, folksy; Hill a Reeeeee, not folksy. But wait, you might say – I don’t see how a 70-year-old white male billionaire who lives in a huge penthouse in Noo Yawk can be folksy. Ah, but in this case, an emotional slogan and TEH P*NIS were combined with The Donald’s out-of-control Tweeting and off-the-cuff word-salading to make him folksier than HRC in the media’s eyes.

Let’s be honest here: even those of us who love her know that Hillary is not folksy. She’s a passionate, do-gooding wonk, which is perfect for governing, but not great for campaigning, at least not in the teeny tiny minds of the Beltway media. And so, Drumpf got about $3 billion in free advertising, while Our Girl got about 1.1 billion – mostly focused on important issues like her coughing, her alleged snubbing of the press, and her f*cking godd*mn email server. Yes, this was a sexist issue. Can you imagine Colin Powell, the great and godly liar and war criminal, ever paying the consequences for his waving of a vial of baking soda at the UN and claiming Saddam had weapons of mass destruction?! Yet Hillary is the one who is a threat to national security?! Come on, people. COME ON. And yes, Hillary voted for the AUMF. So did almost every other sitting senator, most of whom were men, and who did not get relentlessly pummeled by the Warren/Sanders worshipers for it either. And from the center-left folks, too: John Kerry voted for it. Crickets.

The media’s sexism, built-in bias towards folksiness, and desire for revenue led to a fatal lack of self-awareness and ability to understand itself as the Fourth Estate playing a crucial part in American democracy. That, and the wildfire spread of fake news on Facebook, Twitter and Google, were a huge factor in the rigging of the election, and only now does the media seem to be actually explaining what all that stuff about blowing away democratic norms really means. Like that story in the Washington Post yesterday about the dangerous conflicts of interest that will arise from Der Drumpferer’s unwillingness to divest himself of his businesses before the inauguration. Obama is even weighing in on this one. But where were these people, including Obama, before the election? Why did the media dutifully report, every once in a while, on the feces-throwing baboon’s refusal to release his tax returns, without connecting those dots? Why didn’t they cover him assuming he had nefarious motives for not releasing them, instead of assuming he didn’t? This is a guy who has been involved in over 4,000 lawsuits in this life, and is well-known for illegal financial maneuvers like stiffing his employees and using money from charitable donations to purchase a statue of himself. He was allowed to continue forward with this ominous lack of transparency with zero consequences from the media, and given the benefit of every doubt, whereas Hillary was pilloried mercilessly for her alleged lack of honesty and trustworthiness, despite being the most honest politician in the race.

So what will Democrats do now, knowing that the true maverick in the race, the first female candidate for President ever, won the popular vote but lost the election? They can go a few different ways.

One way is “OMG let’s court the white working class!” Uh, no. First of all, it’s the white middle/working class, who usually vote Republican, and their numbers are declining rapidly. There’s no future in that; there are more of us than them. Second of all, they voted for the billionaire wearing a dead animal on his head because they liked his slogan, and they’re racist and sexist and xenophobic. These are idiots whose votes we may never get. And frankly, I’d say they can go f*ck themselves, except that since Drumpf is going to ignore every single campaign promise he made and screw them to the wall, they’ve already done that. Enjoy your poverty and death, Trumpsters, courtesy of Making America Hate Again!

Another way is “Let’s give him a chance, and try to work with him!” Uh, no. Why the hell would we do that? Because no one knows what he’s going to do? Not buying that at all. I know what he’s been saying and who he’s been putting on his team. Those aren’t the words and actions of someone who deserves a chance. Those are the words and actions of someone who deserves to be IN JAIL. Donald Trump is continuing to conduct business in India and nominating neo-Nazi types for key strategic positions. What else do we need to see? Well, I guess if you’re Bernie Sanders, his unprincipled supporters, or (perhaps) Chuck Schumer, all you need is access to power. I suppose many members of the Reichstag felt the same. Didn’t turn out so well for them either.

The best way is to re-brand the Democrats as a Party that stands for the people. Not just white Christian people; all the people, the ones who elected Hillary Clinton President of the United States and whose majority voices have been muffled by an anachronistic construct called the Electoral College. Nothing that Drumpf does, including being inaugurated, should be considered legitimate, and should always be branded as negative. Yes, that is straight out of the Rethug playbook – and why not? In our case, we’re not lying about a man’s place of birth or his religion. We’re just telling the truth. He was brought into power by a rigged election and he’s not our President, nor will he ever be. If he actually does anything to make our country better, it will be either completely by accident, or will turn into something negative down the road. Just think of him like a dumber, less experienced Dubya, and you’ll get the picture just fine. (Pence and Bannon are his Cheney and Rove, respectively.)

In order to do this, I think the first thing the Democrats should do is to start recruiting some new blood. Most of the top Democrats are older white men, just like the top Republicans. A guy with Keith Ellison’s profile is a step in the right direction, although he seems to be ignoring the rigging and focusing on turnout; still, he’s young and of color, which is good. (A woman would be better.) I also caution them against relying too much on the august wrinkled brow of soon-to-be-former President Obama; he was head of the DNC before, and he did nothing with it at all except to raise money for his own re-election. He couldn’t have cared less about the national Party or down-ballot races. Maybe he’s changed, who knows – but my skepticism meter is very high. Let’s also not forget millennials, now the highest voting population in America. While they can be quite frustrating in their desire to be recognized for awesomeness they haven’t earned, they are idealistic, smart, ambitious and willing to change the world. Let’s give them a seat at the table, shall we?

As for us, in true Widdershin style, we’ll pull up our sleeves and get busy with feet on the street, calls, emails and petitions like this. I know expecting the Electoral College to go against, well, the Electoral College, is a long shot at best…but who knows, with Facebook and Twitter finally starting to do their part against fake news and neo-Nazi propaganda, maybe by the time December rolls around, there will be a holiday miracle under our tree. I’m sure Our Girl would be ready on Day Whatever, as usual.

Should that miracle not happen, I personally am waiting for Hillary to figure out her next move. If there is an opportunity for me to apply for a job working for her, I will do so. I don’t think she’s done, and neither are we.

So as Fredster said this weekend, hope is our theme. We can go forward, and so can the Democrats. We have the majority on our side, after all.

This is an open thread.


69 Responses to "Activist Monday: The Election Was Rigged, and The Establishment Candidate “Won.” Now WWDD?"

Great post, madamab! I know what I’m going to do. Heard about an anti-hate rally yesterday at the capitol and I took my 20 year old son and went. Just about turned around and left when we got there early and the Trump supporters were already there, waving their dicks (revving their motors) every time they thought someone was looking at them and after speakers started, they tried to drown them out. I was shocked. I’m so naive – this was a 1st rally for me, but I have to do something to help. Oklahoma is a very red state and there are precious people here – and some Trumpsters that want us to be the middle of Dumbfuckinstan., sigh.
BLM, NAACP, Dreamers, and several LGBTQ groups & Muslims, Jews were represented. Planning to demand sanctuary status for Tulsa and OKC, and other things. I loaded some pictures on my blog that I’ve neder used – hope they link:


Trump supporters complete with Trump flags and confederate flags. OMG

You may have noticed a new gravatar under our Front Pagers section. DYB has accepted an invite to join us as a writer here on the blog! 🙂

He sent me a guest post which I’ll be putting up soon and we’ll work on getting him up to speed on creating his own posts.


@2 – DYB, can’t wait for your post! @3 Fredster, what ever works. I just didn’t want them on a more public forum, so stuck them there. There is a movement beginning here. I feel a faint bit of hope, but still see some ugly times ahead. Not enough people have woke up to the horror they elected.

Contrask, that’s very encouraging. Lots of people there for a first time protest in a red state. Nice to see your blog, too!

WELCOME DYB!! I’m so glad you’ll be joining our group of posters.

Great post MB. I’m with you on each and every point. I’m so tired of the pusillanimous, spineless, enfeebled way Democrats always crawl to the table with little more effect than Tiny Tim asking for more.

You are absolutely right — he is illegitimate. He’s not the winner of the popular vote, he is the beneficiary of voter suppression and Russian meddling in our election. Not legitimate.

I never want to offend anyone, but I have a question to throw out here. Does anyone find it offensive to refer to him as President P***ygrabber? If you find it offensive, please speak up. I find it somewhat offensive, but the reason the name fits is that it reminds everyone just what a POS we have elected to have the ability to eradicate all human life on this planet.

@6> I’m not offended at all. In fact, my first post will be very colorful with the language. I find it helps to get the point across very nicely. Also, according to studies (I have no doubt legitimate ones), people who curse tend to be more intelligent.

Trump isn’t sure about keeping Comey on as FBI director. I’m not sure why he’d object since Comey handed Trump the Presidency.

@7, DYB, I’m looking forward to your post. I’m a fan of the colorful.

@1, great pictures and thank you for going out to show your support for those who don’t have a voice.

Question: Is that an oil rig in one of the pictures or a high voltage electrical line?

@8, the King Clownfish lives by the Mafia code — once a rat always a rat and if Comey can be maneuvered into treasonous activity once, he can be again.

How about this: Comey Chosen Pres. Pussygrabber or CCPP for short.

Well, that went well — Trump calls the news media big shots to Trump Tower where his head explodes during the meeting.

@12> I was just about to post that. Holy shit! Fasten your seatbelts folks. (Mind you, CNN’s Jeff Zucker should be fired. He kept Corey Lewandowski as a paid CNN personality while Lewandoski continued to get paid by the Trump campaign. Lewandowski resigned from CNN two days after the election. Zucker is a piece of shit. Sorry, my colorful language is showing.)

@8, @12 and whatever. Yeah I definitely want that little emoji with the pistol to the head. 🔫

@12 What that was – was Trump grabbing the media by the p***y. I hope they are up for the challenge. Yes, Zucker is a jerk and should be fired, but this is truly mafia boss behavior. I hope they don’t stand for it. Maybe they will start reporting more fairly – cover him like they covered Hillary emails.

I was reading elsewhere, from people who know these things, about the oddity of the numbers in FL, MI, PA and WI. Polls are polls, but Hillary was ahead in these states in both pre election and exit polls. Wasn’t it FL that had a ton of early voting leaning Dem? And wasn’t it FL that reported polls showing 28% of those were Republicans who voted for Hillary? Yet here are the numbers.

FL -1.2
PA -1.1
WI -0.9
MI -0.2

Three of those states that she needed and was polling ahead in, right at 1%. Hmm… Just enough.

madamab, thanks for the great post.

contrask, love the pictures! Give those bikers hell if they need it.

DYB, looking forward to your post!

Prolix, I’m not at all offended by the P***ygrabber part, but I am a little offended by the ‘President’ part. 🙂

@8 I was wondering when the media was going to ask about Comey.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the 10-year term was meant by Congress to inhibit a president from removing a director for political reasons.

Yeah, well… IMO all that flew out the window when said Director interfered with a Presidential election. There needs to be an investigation against the FBI (especially NY) as to suspected violation of the Hatch Act and he needs to be fired. Too bad Obama doesn’t have the b*lls to do it.

Not offended at all! I can’t understand why so many of the media pretend to be delicate and not print the word when they have no trouble covering Prez-elect Loser of the Popular Vote’s screwing what remains of what’s honorable and good about American government.

For right now I’ve decided to refer to him as P-E Loser of the Popular Vote, or Loser of the Majority Vote, because I like the poetic justice of calling him one of his favored insults.

And now this:

Trump is just bypassing the media altogether. And I love how this article mentions that Drumps has not held a press conference since election. They were so concerned about HRC’s press conferences, even though they were all traveling with her everywhere she went. Drumpf won’t let them follow him, won’t talk to them, nothing. Oopsy daisy! Now they’re concerned…

Bernie Sanders dislike of identity politics… I can understand why he would think so, since his absolute failure to address women’s issues and minorities and every other ‘identity politics’ is a large part of why he LOST.

But, but, here is my point, and this is where there is going to be division within the Democratic Party. It is not good enough for someone to say, “I’m a woman! Vote for me!” No, that’s not good enough. What we need is a woman who has the guts to stand up to Wall Street, to the insurance companies, to the drug companies, to the fossil fuel industry. In other words, one of the struggles that you’re going to be seeing in the Democratic Party is whether we go beyond identity politics.

So I guess it’s not actually illegal for a President to do business with foreign countries. What would it take? An investigation with proof that he used the office to enrich himself personally? How are they going to do that if they can’t even force him to release his financial holdings?

@17, LOL!

Short of the Yam raising taxes on the 1%, I don’t think he could do anything that would cause Granny Killer and McTurtle to investigate him.

I’m interested in what kind of reaction the Dems will be able to foment when the Macaque starts monkeying with Medicare.

And why aren’t the Dems explaining the stock market? It is up based upon lower taxes, healthcare and deregulated bank stocks going through the roof. Who’s explaining that? Sure isn’t Bernie who is on his little “I told you so” tour where he’s throwing Hillary and her supporters under the bus.

President P***y Grabber works for me. President B*stard works for me too, since he’s….illegitimate. Obviously I have no objection to colorful language, either. 😀

@21 – “Identity politics” is a right-wing meme. Check this out, from 2008 – it predicted the rise of the Tea Party and Trumpism.

It’s truly disgusting how the Sanders sh*theads have picked up on so much of the right-wing hate towards Democrats. They should go f*ck off and form their own Party.

Dear Gawd, what the hell are we missing here?

Trump is also getting high marks for his transition effort. Nineteen percent of those polled believe it is more organized than past efforts and another 34 percent believe the transition is about the same, according to the poll that Morning Consult conducted Nov. 16-18.

“About half say Donald Trump’s presidential transition is as organized or more organized than previous administrations, whereas about one in three describe it as less organized than past transitions,’

CNN is reporting that Trump is cancelling his trip to Israel after Netanyahu criticized him.

@26, well, why wouldn’t he? If he can fight with a Gold Star family and be elected President, what’s being pissed at Israel? Didn’t Lex Luther command respect from the people of Earth?

@25, the ignorance of the average polled person has reached a new low.

@10 Prolix- an oil rig. Although in Oklahoma, it wouldn’t surprise me if the capital were built on utility easement……..

I have nothing else to add here.

@30, LOL. That line’s a keeper.

Trump is exactly as he was during the primaries. Expect a 3 am tweet about what a pathetic loser Netanyahu is. I guess Bibi isn’t too pleased with the Neo-Nazi aspects of Trumpism, eh? Golly gee whiz, who would have thunk it.

By the time this guy is inaugurated, America’s only allies will be Russia and North Korea. I hope the media is happy with its creation.

Sauk County, WI had 31,838 votes total but 34,323 cast for President? #AuditTheVote dammit— Barbara Seiders (@eigenseide) November 22, 2016


@31 Isn’t that supposed to be “Heil”? But we liberals are just imagining this stuff. Gave me a chill listening to that nut job talk. Give DT a chance, play nice. That’s the kind of crap I get for posting articles letting my RWNJ friends know they are standing by to get their worker benefits slashed and healthcare taken away. How dare I share an article from one of those “liberal” media outlets

Dan Rather posted this on Facebook just now:

“Developing now: Donald Trump’s former campaign manager announces on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that the Trump administration will NOT be pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton and will not conduct any investigations into her private email server. Definitely a departure from what Trump said numerous times on the campaign trail.

Kellyanne Conway said “I think when the President-elect, who’s also the head of your party, tells you before he’s even inaugurated that he doesn’t wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone, and content.” She went on to say, “if Donald Trump can help her heal, then perhaps that’s a good thing to do.”

Does anyone remember where those charts were that showed newspaper coverage of Clinton e-mails vs. Trump?

Yep, so much for those dumb f*cks who believed “Crooked Hillary” should be in prison!

Oh, dear condescending Kellyanne. The day HRC needs Drumpf to “heal” her is the day she votes Republican. What a ridiculous and sexist thing to say. I hope the Internet goes nuts.

Besides, Drumpf doesn’t heal…he heils.

Here’s a recount of the press meeting with the Trumpanzee. Notice the characterization of Chatty Kelly. If I were Hillary, I’m not sure I would rely upon her analysis for peace of mind about being hounded by the feral pigs of the Yam.

“I have to tell you, I am emotionally f**king pissed,” another participant said. “How can this not influence coverage? I am being totally honest with you. Toward the end of the campaign, it got to a point where I thought that the coverage was all about [Trump’s] flaws and problems. And that’s legit. But, I thought, O.K., let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. After the meeting today, though—and I am being human with you here—I think, F**k him! I know I am being emotional about it. And I know I will get over it in a couple of days after Thanksgiving. But I really am offended. This was unprecedented. Outrageous!”

Kellyanne Conway, who managed Trump’s campaign and who is now his senior adviser, said that the meeting had been “very cordial, candid, and honest.”

President Loser works for me.

mb said: Besides, Drumpf doesn’t heal…he heils.

Ouuuuuu…nice one there.

So Paul Manafort strolled into Trump Tower today… will anyone care?

@45, naw, Putin just sent him to do the routine maintenance on his server.

@45: Probably not. None of it matters anymore.

@49: The article linked to in the Guardian article is priceless.

I was reading a discussion about ‘identity politics’ blah blah where Bernie Bros were all bitching about what a terrible candidate Hillary was and how Bernie would have won and so forth. Someone dropped this comment which really made me think (plus it shut up the bros)

“Did anybody know in 2015 that we were in the middle of an “angry populist” moment? Did anybody know that before Trump and Sanders created an “angry populist” moment? What would have led anyone to believe that this was where we headed?”

That’s because we weren’t. Imagine for one minute that neither Trump nor Bernie would have entered this race and stirred up such anger and hate. We might have had a normal (contentious as hell) election and this country would be so different. If Bush or Kasich or whoever won, we would be terribly disappointed, but there would not be protests in the streets and we would not have a white supremacist as chief of staff for the incoming administration. Bernie and Trump are equally responsible for where we find ourselves today.

Tweety giving KellyAnne total hell because Trump said he’s not interested in “prosecuting” Hillary. Too bad for you Tweety, you won’t be able to hate on Hillary about that anymore.

@50 funny article even though it seems half true.

Even the squirrels are angry. 🙂

Howard Brookins Jr., the alderman for Chicago’s 21st ward, had publicly spoken out about a toothy menace plaguing the city’s garbage carts: urban squirrels, which in Brookins’s view were “aggressive,” and aggressively damaging the trash cart lids.

He now has another reason to dislike the rodents. One recently sent him to the hospital with a skull fracture in a “freak bicycle accident,” as the alderman wrote on Facebook.

“I can think of no other reason for this squirrel’s actions than that it was like a suicide bomber, getting revenge,” the alderman said to the Tribune on Monday. He told the newspaper a full recovery was expected to take months.

@52> Tweety…..ugh. His obsession with Hillary knows no bounds. I remember in 2008 (the year he also pinched her cheek on television), she actually called him out on it. She said: “I don’t know what to do wth men who are obsessed with me” and he got very very defensive.

@50> I can’t tell, are they angry?

@51> Fantastic question!

I’ve been having an argument with a friend on Facebook all day. This is what drives me bonkers: he’s a nice guy. Really. Not a racist, not a homophobe (he marched with my CrossFit in a NYC Pride March a couple of years ago.) He’s not poor. He’s white, educated, straight, not religious. And he loves Trump. He thinks we’re all overreacting. And he seems really concerned that I still think of him as a friend. He sent me a personal message after all full day argument, asking if I still love him. I said I love him like Kanye loves Kanye.

@52 & 55, I have a job for Tweety. Given that the coal mines are magically coming back and the EPA regs are just a real inconvenience, I think Tweety would be perfect to check air quality. Instead of a canary, we will have a Tweety in the coal mines.

@56, don’t know that you can love anything more than Kanye loves Kanye.

Enjoyed all of your comments and MB’s great post.
No pussygrabber doesn’t bother me–it’s an insult to dump, not women. Also, agree with GAgal, the only insult is referring to dump as President. I like Not-President Loser Dump.

I went back to work today, so don’t worry if I don’t post everyday.

DYB said: I said I love him like Kanye loves Kanye.

LOL! Guess there’s no room for Kim K in there.

@59, a recount would be a dream come true.

@46, LOL! Although–it’s probably the truth!

@ 57> If I ever meet Tweety I will say to him: “You did, you did see a putty. Every time you looked in the mirror you saw one.”

@ 59> I just can’t imagine there will be a real recount. And I don’t imagine enough, if any, electoral college voters will flip their votes, though a few are saying they will. I think it’s over; we have to accept it.

I hate the electoral college.

Apologies if already posted, but we should call, email, fax, protest, roust up everyone we know to Audit The Vote!

Activists Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States, by Gabriel Sherman at NY Magazine

@67> The WaPo had an article that these calls to the Justice Department won’t have any effect. They don’t investigate things based on popular opinion, only evidence of wrong-doing.

@68 and there is this from Vox. I guess it’s time to go back to facing the reality. My stomach was feeling a lot better with a little bit of hope in the mix.

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