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Lazy Weekend-music: We remain hopeful

Posted on: November 19, 2016


Good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins.  By the title I assume you have guessed what the theme will be for our weekend music on the blog.

that there is light despite all of the darkness

We are going to have to keep that in mind my peeps.  Every time we see an incident or thing happening that show how clueless this Prez-elect and his entourage are, we have to keep that in mind.  That whenhope-1024x320 the talking yam wants to bring into the White House a racist, bigoted, supporter of the alt-right, we have to keep that in mind.  That when he appoints as his national security adviser, a man who was in the pay of the Turkish government as a lobbyist, we have to keep that in mind.

So let’s take a look at some songs of hope.

web-page-separator-line(1) Rise Up ~ Andra Day

(2) When You Believe ~ Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey


(3) Titanium ~ David Guetta

(4) Skyscraper ~ Demi Lovato

(5) Long Promised Road ~ The Beach Boys

(6) The Show Must Go On ~ Queen

web-page-separator-lineOkay there’s a half-dozen to get y’all started.  There are tons and tons of these songs out there so I know you will find some to add in the comments.


Open thread, obviously.




70 Responses to "Lazy Weekend-music: We remain hopeful"

OMG, it never ends. You all saw that Pence went to see “Hamilton” on Broadway last night? Some people in the audience booed (no surprises there.) Then after the show the cast during their bows addressed Pence directly and politely asked that he protect everyone’s rights.

Trump had a Twitter meltdown demanding that the cast of “Hamilton” apologize. Trump supporters are in a frenzy over this. Trump actually said that theaters must be “safe spaces.” He asked for a safe space for Pence. OMG. I can’t. I literally can’t even.

Why did my gravatar change?? It’s now some kind of monster, not my old Hillary 300 symbol.

@1: Someone tweeted the episode. I loved it.


And the Hamilton cast.


Drumpf supporters are PISSED! On Facebook they are going bonkers over this. There’s now a call to boycott “Hamilton.” Which is sold out 2 years in advance, by the way, so that’s going to work…

Your gravatar image looks okay now. Did you go to gravatar and reset it?

@6: Drumpf supporters are PISSED!

Well they can just go pound sand…

Well Coach Oeaux and the boys couldn’t get the win against the Gators. That will probably doom his shot of becoming head coach.

Okay, this one’s kind of hopeish.

No lyrics with it even though it says they’re in there.

This song is always hopeful to me:

We are all in this together:

@1 & 4, this brouhaha over “Hamilton” and their very polite acknowledgement of Dence is nothing more than “Squirrel” to keep the conversation off of “the first President in history who has had to pay a $25 Million settlement in a massive fraud enterprise.”

I wish I had the Twitter followers and I would start a hashtag of #squirrel to tweet back at him.

Nice choices Prolix.

@17, hope is about all we have left.

@18: Well these folks who get disillusioned with Trump (and it will happen quickly I believe) will be looking to turn some place and the Dems better be there with something they can buy into.

@19, agreed totally, but let’s review shall we? Outreach is being led by someone who isn’t a Democrat. The only woman in a leadership position is being challenged in the House by someone who wants to chase about 100K white guys around the Midwest. Like his counterpart named Ryan on the other side, it is essentially a tribute to Ayn Rand writ large. Schumer is essentially a Clownfish cheerleader knowing he wants to have NY projects funded. Unlike McTurtle eight years ago, the Dems are being ever so demure and coy to say they are looking for ways to work with the Yam.

Dems should basically hang a sign out that says, “Gone Fishin'”.

@20: Can’t disagree with a word you have there.

Welcome to our kleptocracy, where fear of the Canteloupe grows by the day:


“Transparency luminaries” Ryan Shapiro and Jeffrey Light are less optimistic Trump will bolster FOIA and have launched a Go Fund Me campaign, “Operation 45,” to ensure the incoming administration is transparent and accountable. The campaign, citing concerns of Trump taking “control of the sprawling national security state” and “Trump’s authoritarian aspirations and overt contempt for the Constitution,” is hoping to raise $25,000 to sue the incoming administration under FOIA.

Let me get this straight: Dems were raped, had the presidency stolen from us, and now we need to donate to try to get facts about the tiny hand tinpot trollop?

@24, seems like they are taking a page from the Orangeatang’s playbook? Where are the outraged liberal lawyers who would sue and/or demand documents pro bono?

@24, I think the idea is, since the chances of Congress investigating anything during the next four years is about the same as my chances to star in the third sequel to XXL Magic Mike Diets for the Holidays, someone should keep the Trumpanzees honest.

@25, that is the difference, the outraged conservodroid lawyers are all on the payroll of the Kocktopus fronted organizations. Would that be organizations of the Kocktopi?

Welcome to my little part of the world:


“Worries Mount Over Medicaid Cutbacks?” Is this like those signs people hold up screaming “Keep Government Off My Medicaid?” Do they know who they voted for?

Oh, buyer’s remorse already? I have sympathy for about 11% of them.

@ 30 > Yep, same here.

I realized today that I actually know a NYC FBI agent. That much I knew, that he was an FBI agent in NYC. He used to come to my gym, but stopped coming a little while ago and I stopped thinking about him when he went somewhere else. But today someone who is in touch with him mentioned his name and how much he detests HRC and loves Trump. And I thought: “Oh…he must be one of those rogue FBI NYC agents who worked to swing the election for Trump.” *(^**&^$*&(&

@31: Too bad you couldn’t get any dirt on him. 😝

@31> He had the personality of a doorknob. Apparently has the brains, ethics and humanity of one too.

He had the personality of a doorknob

LOL!! I love that.

Gonna see if this works. Imusthavehillary put this up over at Uppity’s place.

@35, I watched that over at Uppity’s and it is fantastic.

I told imust that I was going to cross post it over here.

@29 & 30, it gets even better. Last year, with a whopping 31% turnout, we elected a “businessman” who promised to make things great in the state. So far he lied about releasing his tax returns, has reorganized agencies and boards he found offensive, is going to “undo” the Medicaid expansion, has already killed Kynect the ACA website, closed all but one women’s health clinic in the state, and is working on reforming the tax code to imitate Kansas. What could go wrong?

His mandate is a robust 16% of the voters.

Remind you of anyone?

#35: Fredster that was really cool. Sorry about LSU today. I’ve been trying to think of a song about hope and this is what I came up with. Hope its ok.

Fredster, love your post, hope is a good choice after the last depressing couple of weeks.

Laker & I just watched the vid @ 35 and I loved it! Who is that woman, does anyone know?

@39: laker that’s a fine choice, bravo!

LSU played badly and didn’t deserve to win – many dumb mistakes. Florida just wanted the game more.

However, congrats to USC!

annie here’s the info I found at vimeo:

Tess Rafferty is a TV writer, comic and author. Twitter: @TessRafferty

Thanks Fredster. She looks familiar somehow.

@28, now they’re worried about healthcare? Idiots.

This link is also from Uppity’s:

Awww…the widdle Twumpters got dey feelings hurt when that guy in Fl got called out for his rants so now they think they’re going to get even.

@44, isn’t that hysterical? Just when you think they can’t get any dumber. There was a funny tweet about this earlier. Will try to find it.

Here it is:

@45 & 46: And we have four years of this shit to deal with. 🙄

When Bill Clinton during the campaign talked about Obama care media and democrats jumped over him in a very vicious way. What he said was true. He was explaining to people how Hillary is going to fix that problem. If democrats followed his lead on that topic, the campaign would have been in better shape weeks later when the news of the premium increase hit. But Obama and the rest continued to campaign without addressing that issue. Trump of course took the gift to the WH.
For a lot of people OC is important issue one way or the other. That was a missed opportunity to win them over

@35> Fantastic! Time to stop being polite and pretending that being a liberal somehow includes accepting discrimination of any kind. It’s preposterous.

@48, Hillary covered that point during the debates, spoke about it at her rallies, and had detail after detail in her website policy descriptions. If you get all your news from Fox, Facebook, and the NYT her solutions would have been barely mentioned.

Trump had and has no solution other than yelling he’ll fix it, without details. But a lot of suckers fell for that because of his dog whistles.

As for winning them over, Hillary won the popular vote by more than JFK did. More votes than any elected white POTUS. But the EC system, designed to protect slavery states, biases the results.

@51: Ouch! That was rough. 😲

Rancid Pen*s was on MTP today with Chuckles.

@53> What are the cliff notes? I can’t watch that frog.

@54: Cliff Notes? “is the admin going to require registration of Muslims?” “Hmmmm….maybe, maybe not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why don’t we have a “face palm” emoji yet?

Great music and links, although hope and hopeful are not really in my vocabulary right now.

I got a laugh out of Pence being asked today if he thought he deserved an apology from the cast of Hamilton. ‘It’s up to the American people to decide.’ Let me get this straight. He wants the American people to decide if he thinks he deserves an apology. As an American person, let me help you out Mike. Considering you’re a racist, anti gay, anti woman, anti immigrant religious nutcase, then NO. You do not think you deserve an apology. Ever.

@57, righteous rant! The majority of the American people voted against Pence.

@35 – Thank you for that, Fredster.

@56: DYB, why not a gun to the head emjoi?

@60: Can’t claim it as my own contrask, I borrowed it, but wow, was it so well said.

@57, and no greatest hits of Mike Dence would be complete without his “funeral for fetuses” bill.

@63 yep. I liked how this person told off Stevie Van Zandt (E Street Band, fgs):

Fun facts are always, well…fun:

Democratic critics are quick to note that Tim Ryan paid only half of his $200,000 dues to the party this cycle, while ending the campaign with nearly $500,000 cash on hand, despite an easy reelection contest.

“It speaks to his Johnny-Come-Lately interest in changing things,” a senior Democratic official said Friday in an email. “He has swooped in to criticize a system after the fact, but he did not engage or contribute (not just money-wise) when it actually could have made a difference.”


Pelosi, by contrast raised more than $141 million this cycle, including $117.3 million for the party’s campaign arm — money that’s spread liberally to Democratic candidates around the country.

Just spitballin’ here, but does this Ryan character sound like a certain maple tree-humping cretin who stiffed the Democratic Party on fundraising and email addresses?

@65 he sure does!

@65 Hmm… and Tim Ryan was anti abortion until recently. After reading that, he just seems like a blowhard. Love this part, too.

Ryan’s first stint on Capitol Hill came in the mid 1990s as an aide to the late Rep. James Traficant (Ohio), an eccentric anti-abortion Democrat who was expelled from the House in 2002 after being convicted on 10 felony counts related to his misuse of campaign funds and tax evasion.

Ryan went on to defeat his Republican opponent, Ann Womer Benjamin, a state insurance commissioner, with 51 percent of the vote. Traficant, running as an independent, took 15 percent — a surprisingly high number considering he was running from a federal penitentiary.

With friends like these, Democrats don’t need enemies, they are already there:

Trump and Gabbard have “a lot of common ground” and both understand “the country very well,” Kellyanne Conway told reporters on Monday afternoon.

The top Trump aide pointed out that Gabbard “went against her party quite boldly early on,” by endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders, leaving her post at the Democratic National Committee to endorse the Vermont independent’s presidential bid earlier this year.

“There’s a recognition that there’s a big country out there with lots of voters that feel disaffected from their party, the Democrats,” Conway added.

@68 – Yes, Tulsi is a real winner. I mention her in my long post, up now. Sorry for the delay, all.

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