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Posted on: November 18, 2016

Three days of blog flu, where I verbally vomited over what the country has done to itself, is good therapy.  Thank you for tolerating my desperate search as I rummage about for traces of my sanity. dead-horse

Today’s offering is a preview of coming attractions from the orange Dim Kong Ill.  What can we expect?  We will get to that, but there is something I must share.  This is from Vox.  It is a visualization of the overarching, phony, spurious email issue that plagued Hillary’s campaign.

What it really represents, to me at least, is the unfairness of the double standard applied to Hillary.  Hillary ran a near perfect campaign.  She did run herself ragged and get pneumonia, but humans, even Hillary, get sick.  Her convention was spectacular.  The campaign was buttoned down with no leaks or typical derisive power plays.  Almost perfect.

Except there were those emails.  This fictitious, dummied-up issue was what lazy reporters used to shore-up their claims of “fairness”.  Each day there was some new issue to ding the Orangeloupe about, but it had to be “evened out”.  Balance was what the journalistic gods commanded.  Unfair as it was, the emails were the universal leveler.  There you have the reportorial fairness equation during the entire campaign.

By its repeated use, the email issue was seared into the brains of casual voters as a huge issue while a thousand “one-day stories” about some craziness orange Dim Kong Ill spluttered were forgotten.  This is what two years of front pages looked like:



Now, this is what the email coverage looked like:



The painful truth is this:  Hillary was expected to be perfect.  Not just any perfect, but immaculately infallibly perfect to overcome what faced her.  And yet, she still won the popular vote.

My point is this – Hillary faced unrealistic expectations.  This isn’t endemic to politics, it is cultural, it is pervasive, and it is wrong.  Progress is slow.  In no small measure what Hillary endured has driven at least some reporters to search their miserable souls about fairness.  To the extent this soul-searching has occurred, it is but another example of Hillary moving the ball down the field to the day when we can legitimately say, “Madam President”.  For now, we will have to be satisfied with referring to Hillary as the “People’s President”.

By the way, it has been nine days and not a word about emails.  How has humanity survived?


Now for the last installment of my blog flu:  What will four-years of King Clownfish resemble?donald

To review, Dim Kong Ill is a typical executive sales guy.  A walking, talking Id. Typically these folks have personality traits dominated by Significance, Competition, Command, and very low interpersonal drives.

Dim Kong Ill’s Significance is how he feeds his self-esteem.  It is totally outwardly focused.  He’s the quintessential, “Oh, I’ve been talking about myself for hours, why don’t you talk about me,” kind of person.  All Presidents pay attention to polling numbers.  King Clownfish will live by them.  I would not be surprised if programs change with every fluctuation of polling numbers.

And when I say live by them, I mean polling numbers will dictate everything.  It’s not only his overarching need to bolster his self-esteem, it is also his Competition drive.  People who are high in Competition need to measure everything.  (Remember the beautiful, big hands fiasco.)

The Competition trait of executive sales people is not necessarily about winning, it is about everyone else losing.  There’s a real dark streak in their souls around this.  This is where I see real danger.  Diplomacy and international negotiation is not about “big-footing” every issue.  Sometimes you lose to win another day.  He will never understand this.  Delayed gratification is gratification denied.

The other really dangerous characteristic is over-reacting to unforeseen events.  When you hear former Presidents talk about challenges, they were always the unforeseen.  The Yam’s natural tendency will be to over-compensate, over-react, and leave no doubt who has won.  Thermonuclear weapons leave a scar.

tightropeBeware Cabinet Secretaries.  For those who work for someone with Command, it is a constant tightrope dance.  Bannon seems to have figured this out.  Every idea, every solution, every whit of brilliance must originate in the brain of someone with Command.  They will always have the first and last word.

This is a small thing, but you will hear it constantly during these next four-years.  Drumpf will be, according to his tales, the hardest working President in the history of the world.  Each day we will hear how hard Presidenting is and how fortunate we are he is there.  Every issue will be the most difficult issue ever addressed.  Ordinary humans couldn’t cope.

He will also tell us what an absolute, abysmal mess the country is.  In der Drumpf’s world, everything is horrid until he touches it.  Unbeknownst to us, in his world we are living in a dystopian wasteland that is about to be reclaimed by a Circus Peanut with lilliputian hands.

And don’t be fooled by his little exercise of turning Trump Tower into the south end of the London Bridge.  For 300 years, that is where the heads of traitors were hoisted on pikes, left to rot, and eventually fell into the Thames.  This was the fate of William Wallace, Thomas More, and Guy Fawkes among others.wednesday-off-with-their-heads

This is what Sir Orangealot is doing to those who betrayed him.  These traitorous heads are being hoisted on the “pikes of television” for the world to witness their shameful defeat.  Sir Orangealot is the conquering hero and Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, and now Mittens are dragging themselves before the gilded throne for benedictory humiliation.  Expect more to follow.

For those thinking the clamorous Yam will somehow cast aside eight decades of personality characteristics and blossom into a reincarnated George Washington – three words:  Ain’t gonna happen.  What we saw during the campaign is only going to be exacerbated by the vast power of the Presidency.  We can only hope the institutions of a somewhat fragile Republic are up to the challenge.

I’m almost afraid to ask, but what’s on your mind today?




63 Responses to "The hereafter…"

I am so glad you have shared your thoughts with us. We are very fortunate to have you, Prolix.

It’s extremely impressive that you’ve been able to write about this at all. I’m still in shock. I’m going to try to put something together for Monday.

Wow. I’ve barely got my anger under control and now I see that Vox graphic — nearly overwhelming. Damn the MSM.

@1, it helps me process this mess we are facing. Thanks for the kind words.

@2, isn’t that anger-making? No wonder the low information voters who watch nothing but Fox, who turn it on in the morning, never read anything, and worship at O’Reilly’s and Hannity’s feet, were so motivated. The MSM got what they were after — a cesspool to investigate and report on for the next 4 years.

And Prolix don’t forget: paid speeches!

The meat puppet part of the duo Squint and the Meat Puppet said the other day that she thought it was the emails and the paid speeches that done her in.

Funny though how during that entire hubbub no one mentioned the two million dollar-two speech deal of Raygun, nor the many paid speeches of Shrub. And if you want to say “well those were former Presidents, here’s some info on speaking fees by other former officials. And never mind the fact that when she was giving these speeches she was a private citizen.

@6, and Flippin’ Flynn got paid by Russians. Russians! The NSA has been paid by Russia.

@6: Indeed, Flynn has gone over to the dark side.

Vox explains in 500 words the “Replace” portion of the Repub Repeal and Replace Plan for Obamacare. It ain’t good news:

If we can say one thing about most Republican plans, it is this: They are better for younger, healthy people and worse for older, sicker people.

True to their convictions, Repubs are reducing government — no death panels. They are equal opportunity deathers. You get old, you die. Don’t need no stinkin’ government death panel. Death brought to you by the invisible, cold hand of free enterprise.

@7, according to people who used to work with him before he was fired, he hasn’t gone “over” to the dark side, he’s gone “around the bend” to be the poster boy for better VA psychiatric care.

From hacked Colin Powell emails:

“I spoke at DIA last month. Flynn got fired as head of DIA. His replacement is a black Marine 3-star. I asked why Flynn got fired. Abusive with staff, didn’t listen, worked against policy, bad management, etc. He has been and was right-wing nutty ever since.”

@9& 10: Well then, I stand corrected sir.

@11, I wasn’t correcting, just adding a little flavor to your astute observation.



@12: One of the four stars was on Brian Williams’ show last night, I think McCaffery and he said that Flynn was one of the most intelligent on top of things guys around in the intelligence groups. However, he just lost it when the Obama admin started referring to ISIS as the “j.v.” and went off the deep end.

And I guess you saw the choice of A.G.? Gawd, would he even get through a confirmation hearing? Heh, he didn’t the last time.

@13 Oh how I would love to retweet that to a ton of “journalists”.

Well! As the Church Lady said: “How Conveeeenient!

@14, Flippin’ Flynn is one click away from going postal. He went around the bend after he got fired. Now he can go postal from an office in the West Wing. Convenient and fashionable.

Fredster, love the Michelle picture!

Love the post, esp the Dim Kong Ill, and the “flogging the dead horse” illustration to describe the media obsession with Hillary’s emails.

I’m wondering though, what happened to the guy in the tightrope gif?

Also love the Michelle sidebar pic! Great job Fredster on all the funny little blurbs you found.

DYB: Foster Campbell was on Maddow’s show last night.


@18 & 20: I’m never sure that my sense of humor corresponds well with that of regular humans. However when I saw that one I just thought: Yaaas!

@19, last night or early this morning when I was finishing this post and found the tightrope walker, I swear on a million and two Bibles, this was my thought:

Annie is going to want to know if the tightrope walker was okay.

I swear I thought that. Thank you for maintaining my faith in humanity in general and you in particular.

I hope he was okay, but I don’t know for sure.

@21, I saw that interview. I LOL when Rachel introduced him and he just started talking. He went from Zero to Sixty in no time flat. He talked for about a minute and a half without taking a breath. Seems like a good guy. I liked when he said his competition had been everything but a Baptist preacher.

@24: I didn’t catch all of it and I guess I could find it on maddowblog. I should check it out.

Charles Pierce has a good article over at Esquire on some of the Trump voters and how quickly they will be disappointed.

However, again, I am baffled by the gaping chasms of cognitive dissonance from the people therein quoted, and I am again overwhelmed with dread over what’s going to happen when these people realize they’ve been so completely played.

@21 I fell asleep before FC came on – but I donated to his campaign the other day. I’m still shell-shocked and wondering what it’s going to be like living in a 3rd world country with a tinpot tiny hand trollop for a prez. Jeez. wake me in 2020. Prolix, Sir Orangelot sure needs to be skewered soon.

Prolix, wonderful posts over the last few days. I’m just kind of in a daze. There were a couple of times during the election when I was afraid to turn on the TV to see what new and different attack was being lobbed at Hillary. Now I’m afraid to turn it on and see what fresh hell is happening with the Trump transition.

They just seem to be throwing out names and going with the one who causes the most outrage. I can’t figure out who exactly is calling the shots here. It can’t be Trump – he’s dumber than a box of rocks. Are Bannon and Kushner taking turns – here you take this one and I’ll take the next. So far, it looks like Bannon is winning.

@26 Fredster, that was a great Pierce link and so was the link in his article. Unbelievable that his voters thinks their jobs may be back in 2 to 6 months – and if they’re not back in 4 years? “I won’t vote for him”!!

@27, “tinpost tiny hand trollop,” I love the alliteration and even more, the accuracy with which you describe him.

Just imagine going to sleep every night for the next four years knowing that Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Flynn is the last line of defense.

We are so screwed.

@28, thanks GAgal. I think you hit it on the head with Bannon. I think it is him and he’s got the Son-in-Law-Elect along as the amen chorus. In the long article I cited yesterday about Kushner from 2009, it makes note of the fact that he’s not the sharpest toothpick by the cash register. His father, before that unfortunate 2 year stint in government housing, bought him seats at both Harvard and NYU law school. On the plus side of the equation, everyone says he has good manners.

@29. down here in coal country, we have spent 8 long years suffering from what McConnell and Rand Paul have called “Obama’s War on Coal”. Eight years of harping nonstop about Obama killing the coal jobs. Then it was going to be Hillary continuing Obama’s War on Coal.

It only took 7 days, S-E-V-E-N days, for McConnell to announce that the coal jobs aren’t coming back — ever. I guess Trump did end the War on Coal.

What is ironic, you’ll never hear about Trump’s War on Healthcare or Trump’s War on the Environment.

@23, hahaha! That’s so funny!

@30 thanks Prolix. I keep hoping I will wake up and the calvary has come to rescue us from Don the Con. Hasn’t he done something yet that can be called treason? Get him locked away for 30 years w/o a phone or twitter account? I think Randy feels the same:

Now we have Chuck Schmuer as new minority leader and who can forget Bernie as outreach guy. Well, we also have Joe Manchin, our new Vice Chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications committee. He supports Jeff Sessions for AG. Yay! There’s the first Democratic Yes vote for a racist! Who’s next?

@34: contrask I don’t know if this video will embed but let’s see. A possible solution to Trump?

Wouldn’t embed but go here to see the vid. 25th amendment?

@35: Should look at the link on the right about Schumer and go sign the petition.

@29: GAgal, it’s so freakin’ sad and pathetic that these folks seriously bought the lines of bullshit that he threw out and did not even begin to understand what was at stake.


The Competition trait of executive sales people is not necessarily about winning, it is about everyone else losing.

Prolix, thanks for writing about this. And the media have been whining already about Drumpf not giving them access. Didn’t they have a clue?

@36, but then we’d be left with Pence, who on domestic policy would be even worse, if possible, than Drumpf. Don’t know how he is about Russia and talking on unsecured phones.

@35, with Dems like Manchin, who needs Republicans? I’m not in his state, but I think I’ll contact his office to say I’ll be donating to whichever Dem with a spine runs against him next election. We need to jump on these creatures.

@ 21> I’m going to donate to him again. I just hope hope hope that he can get in? Though I guess the chances are slim……

I’m also confused on what the current Senate breakdown is. One WaPo article I read (which said all of Trump’s appointments are likely to be confirmed – goddess help us), said it’s 52-48. Is that accurate?

@40: Well you have to consider where Frum is coming “from”. 😉 As a Repub he would love it to be Pence in there instead of Trump.

@42: I believe that’s correct D. Saw on Maddow last night that if Campbell gets in the 51-49 would be manageable and just might make it possible to work out some compromises on issues.

I truly believe that for awhile we’re going to see more and more incidents like this.

That was the day he was captured on video angrily yelling “Trump!” and “I voted for Trump!” at a barista at a Coral Gables Starbucks when he felt he didn’t get his tall vanilla latte quickly enough because he is white

He said he was having a bad day. But he’s had some other bad days also:

Previous bad days: the one in 2008 when he was arrested on a DUI charge. The one a week later when he was again charged with DUI. And the day in 2014 when he was charged with domestic violence, which was later dropped.

@39, Luna, did you happen to catch his tweet this evening? “Working hard all weekend, blah, blah, blah,” — he is so very typical of this personality type.

@41, I halfway expect Manchin to switch parties. He really needn’t — he already votes Repub. As soon as Sir Orangealot lets the pensions from Peabody Coal go dry, we will see just how anxious he is to climb aboard the Trump Train.

@42, I think it is now 52-48, but that includes Vitters the diapered dodo. The LA Senate race would change it to 51-49.

@46, Drumpf doesn’t know what working hard is.

@45, what am I missing here? What license does voting for Sir Orangealot give people for being complete a$$holes?

@49, agreed, but he will, at every turn, tell you how hard he’s working. He will tell you how hard it is. He will tell you no one else could right the wrongs, find the truth, be prepared for righting all the wrongs he must fight from Obama and crooked Hillary.

It will be a self-righteous telenovela.

@50: Poor thing thought he was being picked on because he’s white and Trump/White Power. I guess he figures he’s just special now. 😝

@45, as far as I’m concerned, anyone who voted for the orangutang IS a complete a-hat numbskull. They go and patronize Starbucks because they’re mad at them. Oy.

Trump supporters feel validated to be total assholes wherever they are. A dem supporting Sessions, and if we get rid of the orange lunatic, we get stuck with one that is likely worse.

I have to keep telling myself to do this:

@54: Yeah, we probably need to do that about now.

Can you hear my nails scratching the chalkboard this morning? Trump tweets:

Prolix said

Annie is going to want to know if the tightrope walker was okay.

I was wondering the same thing! I played the clip several times to try and see and then saw that it ended at the fall and that was that!

@58 – Let’s see if there’s a petition or some way to write Obama about that. It absolutely has to be done or millions of women will never have access to birth control or abortion again.

@58, I agree on everything in the article. Especially the concluding paragraph:

Democrats, in short, bring a butter knife to a gunfight. They may be correct on the merits that institutional norms allow the government to function properly. But as long as Republicans don’t care about such niceties, that respect is equivalent to surrender.

@58, Obama should do exactly that. I only wonder if he’s got the backbone to do so. Republicans have been bending and breaking the usual rules of governance for all the years of his presidency. Far too often the Democrats have been nice, offered compromise and then get screwed every time.

Here’s a good take on the folly of chasing a handful of white, working class men throughout the Midwest and begging them to please, please vote for a Democrat:

I’m glad you all feel the same way! Love you guys – and gals!

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