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Scene:  A moderately seedy bar.  Low light.  If you could, it would smell of stale beer and old ashtrays.  A long bar of AA dropouts litter the place. p-dive-bar-96th-front

A man who has been over-served at some other establishment lumbers in the door.  He pours himself into a seat at the bar, pulls out a wad of cash, and begins the acquisition of respect and friendship one round at a time.

This stranger is quite loquacious.  He’s quite generous with his opinions and they are as free-flowing as the intellectualizing brown liquids.  The bar tab ensures plenty of deference.

As closing hour draws nigh, he offers everyone a ride back to his place to continue the fine evening.  Everyone is game.  For good measure, the bartender treats everyone to another round on the house.

No one asks the free-wheeling philosopher if he’s okay to drive because no one cares.  The AA dropouts don’t dare ask.  As they leave, the bartender pours everyone a shot for good measure to make sure no one backs out.

And off they go.  To what ends we aren’t sure.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the little vignette, the philosophizing drunk is, of course, the clamorous Yam.  The other bar clientele are the white voters, mostly men, who decided at the last moment to get drunk with him and go along for the ride.

Listening to drunks in bars is entertaining, just like listening to the outrageous claims of this rubber-skinned traffic cone has been.  So entertaining that no one really cared if what he was saying had an ounce of truth behind it.  In fact, climbing into a car with a drunk would be infinitely safer than trusting the future of mankind to a magic 8-ball dipped in gold leaf.  There are no airbags for thermonuclear devastation.

By the way, the bartender who plied the pickled livers with drinks?  His friends call him Vlad.

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