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Activist Monday: Despair is Not an Option

Posted on: November 14, 2016

captureGood Monday, all. This is not how I expected to be greeting you today. My heart is torn as I cycle endlessly amongst the various stages of grief. As a woman of action, though, my pain at the devastating death of my hope to finally see an incredible woman become the first female President of the United States, is quickly turning to a desire to fight back. And online, I have found many, many others who feel the same way.

Here’s what we can’t do: we can’t assume that half of America is racist and sexist and anti-LGBT and xenophobic. That leads to despair, and frankly, we can’t afford that. What happened was too important; what happened was multi-faceted, and needs much data before it’s disentangled. Leave cartoonish over-generalizations to the Trumpsters – we are smarter than that. We also don’t fall prey to the toxic memes the media generates to explain the inexplicable or the counter-intuitive.

I’ll have more thoughtful and detailed things to say once I get my head together. Until then, two points:

  1. Hillary won the popular vote – it’s looking like by a long shot. There are more of us than there are of them.
  2. The Republicans stole this election by suppressing the vote in swing states. Period, end of story. We can either accept that, or not. (I vote…NOT.)

The major thing I think we need to focus on, as we start figuring out how to move on and survive in this crazy reality show of a result, is to register our support for our fellow Americans. We want them to know that it doesn’t matter whom they love, how much melanin they have in their skin, what gender they may be, or what deity they worship.  We are still #strongertogether and #stillwithher, with the beautiful and forward-looking vision Our Girl made us believe in.

I am not going to accept that just because this carnival barker bamboozled his way into the Oval Office, this country is lost. It isn’t, because we won’t let it be.

Here is one thing I’m going to do. Join me in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, January 21. Let’s make it very, VERY clear that Drumpf is NOT OUR PRESIDENT.

More to come on this topic – here’s a great article that was linked last night in the comments. Meanwhile, this is an open thread.


72 Responses to "Activist Monday: Despair is Not an Option"

My client just told me she’s going to the march, with her daughter, husband and her daughter’s friends.

@1, I’d love to go, but I can’t commit at this point. Still have to jump through some doctors’ hoops before I can go on any extended hikes. Isn’t Kate McKinnon wonderful?

@2: Yep, luvs me some Kate. I found a way to download that and convert it to an mp4 file. Also, didn’t know she was gay. There was an absolutely hysterical clip with her talking about that.

Kate McKinnon is wonderful! I love that she did that.

Prolix and any Widdershins who can come, please feel free to let me know on the blog. I will reach out!

There are many, many other things you can do too. I hear people are donating to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name. 😀

I’m not that big of a fan of Michael Moore’s but in this 6 minute clip he explains why, at that time, he predicted a lot of voters in the Rust Belt would vote for Trump.

@MB John Oliver actually had a list of organizations folks can donate to. If youtube puts that up I’ll add that clip here.

Can’t afford to go to the East Coast for the march, but will be there in heart and spirit with you.

I hear people are donating to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name.

prolix: Perhaps that’s something I could do for my rw nutjob friend. I’m only concerned that would put him right back in the hospital. 😝

I can’t go either. I committed months ago to working that day, and it would cost me to bail on it. They should have protests on the left coasts at the same time. Maybe all over the country, although obviously we don’t want to dilute the size of the one in DC.

@6, also haven’t liked him for a long time, but crap, he gets those people. However, I still think that these people are incredibly dumb and shallow, using their power at the ballot box to say “fuck you” to someone, instead of voting for the person that is most likely to improve their lot in life.

Love that people donating to PP in Pences name! First reason to smile in a week.

Re: Moore clip: “…he [trump] is the human Molotov cocktail that they’ve been waiting for. The human hand grenade that they can throw into the system that stole their lives…”

Here’s the problem with that. The rethuglican system are the ones who stole their lives with their deregulation and their craptastic economics that put rich people and corps first. Trump personifies that system more than anyone, because not only is he for the deregs and the tax cuts, he has actually outright, personally stolen many times from the middle and working classes, which they could have discovered if they got their asses out of faux news and alt right radio. These imbeciles threw their Molotov Cocktail at the one person who wanted to help them. I think Hillary would have worked her ass off to fix the trade agreements.

Sorry, but I can’t forgive them, even though they are clearly ignorant. They hurt me, they hurt my family and friends. They destroyed the country. I can understand the rich voting for Trump far more than I can understand the poor. They just want to keep the same policies in place that made them richer, as contemptible as that is, it is at least somewhat understandable. The rethug party has decimated the working and middle classes since Reagan. And these “simple working people” just rewarded them for it, blowing up the party that was their only chance.

Well fucking done, morons. No, I have no sympathy or understanding for you.

@11: annie, he mentioned that “they” probably don’t even like tRump that much and it was a fuck you vote. However, he also said they’re gonna be like the Brexit voters who, when they realized what they did, wanted a do-over. Ain’t happen’ with the Brits and obviously not happening here.

should clarify–I know Moore calls them out at the end of his speech, my rant was directed at all the people in the media who are telling us that we need to understand, or reach out, to these idiots. I’m angry at the rethugs, the msm, and the idiots who voted for Trump, especially just to say “fuck you.” And also, I totally agree with MB that this election was stolen.


@14: I understood what you meant.

@15, well that’s just lovely isn’t it? Really fitting for the creep trump.

Really the neo-nazis shouldn’t be left out. They need to get in there and do their goosestepping best. Good god, this country is ruined.

Lamar White has a very good article up over at his blog.

@19, that is very good article.

@20: I’m sure you remember Lamar annie, he’s the guy who has c.p. and I think I sent you a link to a previous piece of his.

I’m not saying anything in particular with this link other than more information at any point can come in handy.

Scary enough for ya?


@21, yes, I remembered him immediately.

Love the Eichenwald tweet.

SHINNERS! I needed a week to process. I’m still in mourning, so please let me process.

No NPR, no news channels, no nothing. The ironies of ironies; I also had a birthday two days after election. Good news: despite the horrible result of this bullshit election, I did have a nice b-day with my family, coworkers and friends. I think that they went the extra mile because they know how much I love Hillary…and how hard we all worked to try to get her elected. They felt I needed some extra love and I super appreciate that.

Had the Bernie Betrayers come out to vote in swing states, mine included, we could’ve had Pres. HRC. And these assholian shitstains did not come to vote. We got Gore’d 2000’ed. I wish a wrecking ball of doom on Susan Sarandon and her ilk. She legitimized this. She doesn’t have to worry since she’s a rich white woman who will never, ever suffer the consequences of a Drumpf presidency…but what about me? My daughter who is about to start college? You? Your children and/or grandchildren?

When we protest voted back in the PUMA days, we wanted Obama to win against McCain, but dammit, we strategized. I remember trading my vote for Dakinikat’s vote. We weren’t this stupid. We made sure that protest votes were made in places that were sure to be for Obama. These assholes never even showed up. Blame the media, whatever, but I blame them. At least, please let me for now. We could’ve won Florida, we could’ve won some of the other states as well.

But racism and sexism won. At least, and sadly again, for now. But had Bernie Betrayers showed up, had white women release some of that bullshit Stockholm Syndrome, we could’ve had HER.

We tried. Again.

@26: Yeah that was good and shame on conway for even thinking anything like that. And naturally if someone had said that to her and the Trumpkins she would be screaming to the heavens about “First amendment!”.

{{{SM!!!! }}} Hugs and many thanks for all you did in FL. for our gal.

I also had a birthday during that week and our chat’s b’day was also this month. That’s a lot of Scorpios for the Trumpkins to be fking around with. 😆

FREDSTER!!!! SCORPIO POWER!!! We are on it!! So sad that our ultimate birthday present (first woman and most qualified ever President) did not happen.

@7 the John Oliver piece that has the list of org. to donate too is worth watching. Here it is from Time’s site

@30 Eichenwald is my hero – thanks for linking to that article Annie.

I am trying to figure out what I can do to really help. We don’t have time to sit around wringing hands. Thanks for this post madamab!

Well, despair is my middle name these days. I’m not eating or sleeping much. When I do sleep, I have horrible nightmares. When I’m awake, the nightmares continue. I may have to click on that WebMD link Prolix posted.

@32: Thanks contrask for the John Oliver info. I was going to check youtube to see if it was available there.

@ 23> KellyAnne or however you spell her name. After the demonstrations started she was on TV screaming that these are all professional protesters. You know who that sounds like? Putin. I’m not joking. During the Maidan protests in Kiev, Ukraine, the Russians and their propaganda constantly dismissed all of it as professional protesters, paid off by (are you sitting down?) the US and Hillary Clinton specifically. This was in 2014. Russia started on their anti-Hillary crusade a long time ago. And the “professional protesters” line is right out of Putin’s handbook.

@27, gentle hugs to you and yes, yes, yes!

Much, much Virgoan love to SM77 and Fredster and Chatblu, who is crying in heaven. Beata, I am having waking nightmares too, and Annie, I also blame the Trumpsters for their votes. I don’t excuse a single one of them. They didn’t vote on policy; that is a YUGE myth. They voted on personality and white male outrage.

@30, that Eichenwald article is definitely a must-read.

I feel like I’m in a nightmare all time. Maddow is doing a piece on Bannon right now. I look at Ryan and Preibus and I just see very weak people. Easy targets for Trump and Putin. I am sick – there is no one in his party that will do anything.

@31: SCORPIO POWER!!! We are on it!!


Wow that Eichenwald piece is amazing.

@30 – I just sent that article to my husband. I still maintain that the Republicans stole the election, though, and I think that when all the votes are counted, HRC won’t be that far behind Obama at all.

The millennials do need to get over themselves, though. Jesus Christ.

@Contrask – remember that fascism won’t make those weak Republicans any money. If Drumpf goes too far, they can impeach him to protect the status quo, and put Pence, a garden-variety evil conservative, in his place.

This is the only hope I have with regard to Congress…which is why we need to stand up and fight for ourselves. We can’t count on our government to do it for us.

Pence is a very scary man. We have to learn to fight

Tough for me to get to a march in DC but I’m going to do what I can in my little part of the world. A friend in the NYC area has started up an action group – one action item this week is to call Congress people and request them to denounce the appointment of Bannon.

A petition was going around earlier today about those odious comments made by a WV non-profit director about Michelle Obama. Just saw that she’s been removed from her position.

I would like to go to the march. I wanted to go to the inauguration (Hillary’s that is, not Dump Truck’s), but I guess this is going to be it.

@22, Frankly, I think anyone notin situational depression now is either a racist, sexist, scumbag Trumpist goon, or in major denial.

@30 – Socalannie, thanks for posting the Eichenwald piece. I’d seen the paragraphs about the oppo research on Sanders, but hadn’t read the entire article. His section on the DNC is excellent and proves why he is among the few true journalists out there.

Thanks sister-from-another-mister, Ms. Madama B, NW Luna (BTW, speaking of Luna, did you see the super-perigree moon?? WOW!) and to my dear Fredster.

I feel Nader-ized again by the Democratic far-left. You say you’d defend us, you say you’d stand by us. You talk all this game, mae noise in the news, cry in front of news cameras and when we vote for the candidate you don’t choose, because either way…you’ll be OK despite the fact that people like me and my family won’t….you abandon us come election day. 2000, then 2016. WTF is wrong with you????

BTW, going to look into this march on Jan 21. I already requested my rest of the time off I have for Thanksgiving and end of year, so hoping if I can, I can make it. I need the time off. Work and this election really wore me down.

BTW, F-U to the Green party. they do nothing except ruin our elections. They do NOTHING. WTF have they done? NOTHING!!!

BTW, racist white people were going to vote for Drumpf either way because you can’t fix stupid and crazy. So all of those that voted for Stein and Green Party, especially in swing states…EFF U. t By not standing by us, all of us will suffer. We had a chance to win FL and PA, but because of you…we lost. Forget the white working class vote. WHY DOES THE MEDIA HARP ON THIS SO MUCH??? Ugh. I can’t anymore, going to bed.

Good night everyone, please go look at the moon.

Branjor – outreach coming. It may take me a day or two due to work. 🙂

For those not on the East Coast or able to get to DC, I think there are going to be activities in many states. Don’t worry, you will be there in spirit!

@52, Right on SM!

Definitely enjoying the moon!

There could well be a protest where we’ll be on 1/21, which is the NAMM Show in Anaheim. I hope so, We will join it when we’re through with our obligations.

SM, back atcha! Eff all the 3rd-party thoughtless m-fers. Voting is not a reason to act out your juvenile spitefulness. Hope you enjoy paying more for lousier healthcare.

I was sitting here watching the replay of Maddow’s show. Watching how tRump is apparently clueless about what the transition involves, how many people need to be hired, etc. And I had to switch the channel. I could not take it.

SM77, your rant spoke to me too!

Fredster, I think the news is going to be very painful for the next few years. We need to brace ourselves. {{{Fredster}}}

Here’s something more hopeful: Obama has remembered that he is still, in fact, POTUS.

Hillary’s letter to America (parody…I think):

View story at

I have no doubt that Obama is in denial. I don’t expect him to say anything bad about Trump, but when he says with certainty that Trump won’t mess with NATO he’s dreaming. He can’t deal with the fact that Trump won because it feels like a referendum of his own presidency.

He’s also thought he was the bees knees and Hilary couldn’t lose if only he went around the country and told everyone to vote for her. But really Hillary actually lost votes because she wanted to “build” on Obama’s progress. One other thing that irked me was the media. Every time Obama (or Michelle) campaigned they just swooned and said ‘boy, Hillary sure is going to owe Obama after this’. That’s bullshit. Actually he was paying back a debt to her from when she campaigned her a** off for him in 2008 to get him elected. Now we see she was successful at that while he was not.

Waiting now for Harry Reid …

GAgal, you might find this an interesting about Obama:
Trump is going to fuck up bigly!

@59: Well I guess MB, that I’ll be watching lots of Turner Classics, TNT and streaming movies from Amazon.

What got to me was Maddow saying that Trump’s Team thought some of the West Wing staff would be staying on!!! They did not realize that all of them, all of them, leave when Obama’s term is over!

That’s how c-l-u-e-l-e-s-s they are! 😳

I’m sharing this hopeful message – it is the body of a post in the Pantsuit Nation fb group:
“My friend’s wife campaigned for Obama and for Hillary. She joined a call with him today and he shared a few excerpts:
– Your President feels your pain.
– Surprising losses are worse than the ones you see coming.
– Progress doesn’t always follow a straight line.
– I’m giving you a whole week and a half to get over this. But come Thanksgiving, it’s time to stop moping and get organizing – something I know a little about.
– I’m constrained in what I can do until I’m a private citizen.
– But come February (maybe a little later after a vacation), Michelle and I will be right there with you.
– In the meantime, stay involved locally.
– I’m still fired up and I’m still ready to go.
ETA: Please feel free to share this post with other groups if you like, but don’t include my personal information or share directly from PSN (this includes screenshots). Thanks!”

Fredster, I am with you! As for Drumpf not having a clue, there is a nuclear bomb of an article on HuffPo about how his lack of preparedness is causing total panic. Also, no one wants to work with his loser brigade.

Karma is a nasty woman!!

Contrask, thank you. Great to see your positive message!

Here’s the HuffPost article. There’s several more about this too.

Okay so I’m watching Maddow’s show on this Trump disaster before his term has even started. Oy vey ist mir!

Here’s more on the turmoil. Also, is John McCain acknowledging that Russia interfered with the election?

Also on Tuesday, perhaps the most influential Republican on national security matters, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), weighed in on Trump’s efforts to work with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, saying any efforts to “reset” relations with Russia are unacceptable.

McCain, the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman who had a difficult relationship with Trump during the campaign, issued a statement blasting Putin as “a former KGB agent who has plunged his country into tyranny, murdered his political opponents, invaded his neighbors, threatened America’s allies and attempted to undermine America’s elections.’’

@61, awesome!

@70, I have a lot of anger for people like McCain, who could have, should have, been a lot more vocal about that pos before the election.

I think I will go

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