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There Oughta Be A Law

Posted on: November 12, 2016

Happy Weekend everyone. I’m filling in for Fredster today because I think we can all agree that if Fredster needs a break, Fredster gets a break! I know we usually do a music post on weekends, but I can’t think of a genre to suit the mood. I don’t think we want mellow and slow. (seems sad) If I hear cheery and up beat I just might throw something at the screen. So I thought I’d go with something else.

When I started bookmarking these links in September, planning this post for November, I had a completely different scenario of the future in mind. It’s neither here nor there for the post, but it’s certainly not for some outcomes. Please keep in mind my links are from September/October when the action was happening.

On Monday, November 14th, our  wonderful legislators will be back from their latest090808_congressional_recess month-long vacation to begin the “lame duck” session. So, let’s look back to where they left off when they adjourned at the end of September.

They did manage to pass a stop gap budget to prevent a government shutdown, at least until December 9th. Since they haven’t passed an actual, full-on budget since 1997, when Bill Clinton was President, I guess it’s the best we can hope for.

The biggest stickler was funds for Flint, MI. Nancy Pelosi insisted the Democrats would be willing to shut down the government if the Flint aid was not there. Mitch McConnell was adamant that the Flint aid be put into the Water Resources Development Act instead. The Dems had no problem with that. They just didn’t trust them as far as they could throw them to actually do it.

“It isn’t promised that it will be in there. It’s promised that it will be considered,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters Tuesday.

Pelosi said the bottom line for Democrats is that Flint funding needs to end up in one of the two bills by week’s end, and it doesn’t necessarily matter which one.

“We’re hoping to leverage it one way or another,” she said. “Our minority caucuses do not want to vote for a bill that does not have Flint in it.”

With House Republicans sounding so sketchy on including Flint funding in the WRDA, Democrats seem to have taken a firm line. “Put it in the CR, put it in the WRDA bill that’s in the House now ― not some promise that, ‘Oh well, we’ll pass the WRDA bill and maybe it will be in conference,’” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told reporters.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) was also skeptical of Ryan’s promises. “Why isn’t he making it happen? Why isn’t he helping us? We can’t trust the House,” she said in a Senate floor speech.

The Democrats stood their ground on this. It was obvious McConnell and Ryan had no intention of including Flint in the WRDA either. They believe it’s a state issue and not up to the Feds. After much rigamarole, bluster and threats, Flint was included in the WRDA and both bills passed. Flint was allotted $170 million. That seems like a measly amount to me considering their needs. (Zika funding got a cool billion) I’m fairly certain Flint will not see another dime, at least for the next four years. What do they care? It’s only real human lives we’re talking about.

The criminal justice reform bill (Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act) came within an inch of passing. They’ve been working on this for two years and it has HUGE bi-partisan support. It’s supported by Obama and Newt Gingrich. Koch Industries and the ACLU. Thedo-nothing-congress conservative group Freedom Works and the liberal group the Center for American Progress. It’s been a year since they held their big press conference.

“This is truly a landmark piece of legislation and is the biggest criminal-justice reform in a generation,” Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa said at the time, flanked by both Democrats and his fellow Republicans. “There are things in here that each of us like. There are items that each of us would rather do without. But this is how the process works here in Congress.”

They had the votes, they knew it would pass and that Obama was ready to sign. But, nooooo! I don’t care about their excuses. It’s not they didn’t have time, it’s not even dysfunction. It’s because they were heading home to face their base and looking to be reelected. Any vote, yes or no, before elections is based on saving their own hides. They left whining about getting it done in the lame-duck session. (bold is mine)

Advocates are looking to the Lame Duck, the session after Election Day before the end of the year, for action, hoping that a post-election environment will help the cause.

But Lame Duck will be difficult because the legislation still has to pass both the House and the Senate, a huge feat in a slow-moving process.

Funny how a couple of months and a Presidential election can completely flip things 180. I’m sure McTurtle’s “probably not” turned into a big “hell no” on November 9th. After all, Obama really wanted this and McConnell can’t have that.

But on Thursday, McConnell threw water on any hope of bringing it before the Senate in the lame duck session when lawmakers return after the election, chalking it up to disagreement in his caucus.

“We’ve got about three weeks back here after the election,” McConnell said, adding that his priorities are funding the government and an appropriations bill for medical research.

“With regard to the criminal justice issue, it’s very divisive in my conference,” McConnell said. “I’ve got very, very smart, capable people without regard to ideology who have different views on that issue. Whether we can take up something that controversial with that amount of limited time available, I doubt.”

Paul Ryan claims to be a proponent of the bill and yet… (bold is mine)

Sentencing reform is still one of Ryan’ priorities, though he failed to start considering the issue in September like he’d originally planned.

“We have more work to do to talk with our members about the merits of criminal justice reform,” Ryan said Thursday.“There are a lot of our members who just have not looked into this issue well enough and it’s those undecided members who have not formed opinions that we’re going to be communicating with in the weeks ahead.”

Paul, Paul, Paul. If you have members who don’t know enough about a bill that’s been floating around two years, please sit them down and speak to them as if they are 3rd graders. Then, tell us who they are so we can point and laugh.

Even though it would save us beaucoup bucks (80 billion a year) and the majority of the country wants it, that’s not important. McConnell has an Obama win to kill. If they can’t get this bill through this session for Obama to sign, it will never see the light of day, at least for the next four years with AG Giuliani. But, hey! It’s only real human lives at stake here!

The 911 bill, JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act) would allow families of the victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia. That’s really extraordinary. I’m not sure how I feel about the bill itself, but I sure can’t blame the families for wanting to hold someone accountable for financing that operation. It seems like a pretty big challenge to sue Saudi billionaires, but I’m sure there is a passel of attorneys  lined up to give them a hand. (no offense to any lawyers who may be around *cough cough*)

Now, Obama had explained why this was a bad idea and when the bill got to his desk he vetoed as promised and released a three page statement saying why.

In a three-page statement explaining his decision, Obama said he has “deep sympathy for the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 (9/11), who have suffered grievously. I also have a deep appreciation of these families’ desire to pursue justice and am strongly committed to assisting them in their efforts.”

But, Obama believed the bill was misguided and argued it would open up US government personnel and service members to lawsuits overseas.

JASTA threatens to reduce the effectiveness of our response to indications that a foreign government has taken steps outside our borders to provide support for terrorism, by taking such matters out of the hands of national security and foreign policy professionals and placing them in the hands of private litigants and courts… Second, JASTA would upset longstanding international principles regarding sovereign immunity, putting in place rules that, if applied globally, could have serious implications for U.S. national interests.

Well, the Senators wanted to go home before their elections and brag to the voters how they “stood with the American people” so every single one, except Harry Reid, voted toVETO OVERRIDE override the veto. Was Harry the only one that read Obama’s statement? Before they even got out the door they started having regrets. Mitch McConnell, bless his little black heart, blamed it on Obama’s ‘failure to communicate’. Did he not read the damn three page statement?!

Even 28 lawmakers who had just helped to pass the first override of Obama’s presidency sent a letter to their own leaders Thursday saying maybe there should be changes.

So Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) leveled at least partial blame on Obama.

“That was a good example, it seems to me, of a failure to communicate early about the potential consequences of a piece of legislation,” McConnell told reporters before Congress got out of town until after the elections. “By the time everybody seemed to focus on some potential consequences of it, members had already basically taken a position.”

“I think it was just a ball dropped,” McConnell added. “I wish the president — I hate to blame everything on him, and I don’t — but it would have been helpful had he, uh, we had a discussion about this much earlier than last week.”

Paul Ryan, who didn’t even vote:

“I’d like to think that there’s a way we could fix [it] so that our service members do not have legal problems overseas, while still protecting the rights of the 9/11 victims,” said House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), who backed the bill in public statements though he did not cast a vote during Wednesday’s override.

Every once in a while, someone accidently tells the truth.(bold is mine)

“I share Senator Corker’s frustration on JASTA,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member Ben Cardin (D-Md.) said, referring to the bill by its acronym. But he faulted “circumstances that neither he nor I could control, nor could the administration control – and that is the timing of JASTA required us to take the veto override before the recess.”

Boy, they sure have a whole lot of ‘fixing’ to do in the lame duck session. I don’t know how they will accomplish that since McTurtle says he only has time for the budget and medical research. (whatever that means) Do these guys have a single clue of what they’re doing?

Please feel free to post any music you like. I know Leonard Cohen is on a lot of people’s minds this week. And let’s hear your latest thoughts and share some linky goodness! Open thread.



89 Responses to "There Oughta Be A Law"

Well this is all depressing!

So I live two blocks form Javitts Center where Clinton had her rally on election night. So I have to look at that building every day when I walk my dog. And then there are drawings on the ground of Hillary as Madam President all over the area. So I keep seeing those too… Not fun doggy walks.

@1 DYB I can’t wait to see what these bumbling fools do during this session. Come January, they’ll have their power and it’s ‘put up or shut up’. Just wait til 20 million people are threatened with losing healthcare. Just wait til seniors find out they want to privatize their Medicare. Huge blowback.
@2 I’m glad people are paying tribute to her though. Someone sent her 1000 red roses.

GAgal said:

[S]ince McTurtle says he only has time for the budget and medical research.

My best guess is the “medical research” has to do with how a “half human/half turtle can survive without a heart”. But that’s just me guessing.

Great post — and you are right — Frank Luntz is going to be working his pudgy little fingers to the bone punching out Democratic and Obama blaming political talking points these next few weeks. He’s liable to have another “crisis” of conscience, but I’m sure he’ll get over it just like Erick Erickson has.

I don’t know if anyone likes soothing background music, but here’s some I enjoy.

GAgal, excellent post. You are talented at explaining politics, while so many professional, paid journalists are not. Which is why the country is such a mess. Anyway, thank you!

Here’s a nice soothing instrumental from N’awlins guy, Robby Longley. We have seen him many times in concert. Highly recommend him if he’s every playing near you.

Remember the “War on Coal”? Guess what? It’s over. Yeah, McTurtle has declared victory with the Manhattan Meerkat’s victory. Small caveat though — McTurtle admits that the coal jobs aren’t coming back, that it wasn’t regulations so much as the economics of natural gas being cheaper. The irony continues. He also says he isn’t in favor of any federal programs to alleviate the suffering and unemployment of southern Appalachia. Guess voting for Hillary right about now probably sounds pretty good given that she proposed funding billions of dollars for the region.

Fredster, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I really enjoyed your funny little sidebar quips. Hope you’re feeling better and enjoying football.

@8, naturally. I hope these dumbf*&ks are happy with their choice.

@8> LOL. I shouldn’t laugh at that… but I guess I’m just a nasty person. I’m learning to like me for me, though.

Rebecca Traister has a wonderful article up at NY Magazine. Very sad, too.

@4 Prolix, They’re ALL over it now. No principals or convictions after all.

@6 Thanks Annie. I guess most are not in the mood for it because it just seems like more bad news, but right now all we can do is keep an eye on what will happen before the end of the year. I know one thing, McConnell should not have to power to keep bills from ever coming up for a vote.

@10, Annie, growing up around these people makes it even more depressing. You see that they are basically good humans, hard workers, honest to the bone, but are all focused on outward causality. Someone is always out to hurt them. No one understands them. They live in constant victimhood. It drives me NUTS. A long time ago I gave up trying to discuss any of this with most everyone. Their livelihoods are so often tied to Democratic programs, but they have been conditioned to think like Republicans. Drives me NUTS!

I got to say my first – of many – “don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary” today. My parents despise Ted Cruz. They have from the minute they saw him. They think he is a religious freak and religion has no place in politics. So as soon as I saw this today, I pointed it out to my step dad.

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said in January that choosing between Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination was “like choosing between getting shot or poisoned.” On Friday morning, he recommended that President-elect Trump nominate Cruz to the U.S. Supreme Court.

He said “WHAT?! You’re kidding!” Don’t blame me…

@11, DYB, I sit and revel at it myself. It is comically funny with a really hard turn to sadness. I’ve taken to just listening when I have to hear people talk about it in person. And listening isn’t exactly my first reaction to hearing ignorance on the hoof. It is remarkable at the denial that goes on.

I shouldn’t be surprised though — the Orangeloupe spoke their language — positions that changed within a sentence and logic that was illogical. They speak some derivation of unintelligiblese.

I’ll be back later to discuss, gotta watch Coach Oeaux right now. Meanwhile, a piece of calm and reflective music.

@ 11> That Traister article, I love her point there, and finally someone put into words what I’ve been feeling. We are now hearing every Monday morning quarterback, and Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders, telling us that Hillary just didn’t spend enough time worried about white, Christian, heterosexual men to win the election. They might even be right (we’ll see how much Trump loves them.) But Hillary spent her campaign trying to energize black and brown people, women, LGBTQ, etc. And even though she ultimately failed, her attempt to bring together these disenfranchised groups is both inspiring and forward looking. The Democratic Party should think about that before they fall on their sword.

@11 DYB, that was a don’t miss article. Thanks for sharing it.

About a year ago, my sister was telling me about how all her religious (and Republican) friends were always angry. Not just politics, but everything. Something at work, someone in their family, one of their friends, something that happened at freaking Walmart… Just always angry. Every conversation was anger directed at someone else. She started avoiding them because who needs that in their life?

Okay, at the half.

Maddow had this writer on her show the other night (Thurs.?). She has an interesting article at the NY Review of Books and it’s titled

Autocracy: Rules for Survival

Her last “rule” made me feel a bit better:

Rule #6: Remember the future. Nothing lasts forever. Donald Trump certainly will not, and Trumpism, to the extent that it is centered on Trump’s persona, will not either.

I may not go along with everything she said but she had some interesting thoughts there.

@11, DYB, thanks for sharing that article. It is as thoughtful an article as I have read about the causes of last Tuesday.

Here’s another depressing read, but I’m glad these are being written. The truly depressing thing, of course, is that the media will never look at itself in the mirror.

@11, good article — but why TF do they have to always say Hillary has “baggage.” Even Traister. “Baggage” is another word for ovaries.

I hope this links right. The first article (about initially being a Bernie supporter) has a link in the first line from Megan (a Hillary supporter) which is what got me to the article in the first place. Megan’s article is below the first. Both are good.(IMO)

@24 Luna, “Megan” in her article I linked above, talks about that very thing. About how she did it herself and now regrets that most of all.

OMG. Corey Lewandowsky just resigned from CNN. Hahahhahahahahaha. Does anyone else think he’s going to be part of Trump’s administration??? Hahahahahahahahaah. And Jeff Zucker called Donna Brazile “disgusting.” Oh Jeff…

@ 25> That reminds me of a friend – a Bernie-bro – who recently went on a tirade about how upset he is about Trump because he has 2 daughters to raise. And I said to him: Well maybe if you muzzled your Clinton Derangement Syndrome for a couple of months you would not have contributed to the depression of the vote. Good luck with your daughters under Trump.

Okay a couple of school songs. Pour chat:

For Bébé and me!

I’m glad to see everyone posting. I’ve got links to catch up on now. Thanks for the background music post Prolix – I’m always looking for something like that to play in the library – keeps the kiddos at saner levels.

I cried this morning watching a tweet that had protesters singing Hillary’s fight song. I still can’t take it – haven’t listened to her concession speech. I called my 87 year old mom and chewed her out a bit for voting for Trump. She’s too old to think clearly enough to get my point. And I am not articulate enough to make the case clear.
I offer this article to help us in the healing:

@27, Lewandowski is in the running to be Chairman of the RNC. They were going to offer it to some other candidates, but the National Zoo wasn’t open at the time.

The opening of SNL was tremendous. Kate McKinnon singing “Hallelujah” playing the piano. She comes to the end, turns dead eye to the camera and says, “I’m not giving up and neither should you.”

Misty eyes for about the hundredth time this week.

Trump must have a real soft spot for Corey considering he and Jared Kushner do not get along. I guess head of the RNC would be fine since Trump and gang don’t like the R’s either. I don’t think Corey’s temperament is suited to run the RNC.

@35, in the stories I’ve read it goes something like this — Corey “Low” would be able to keep an eye on the “normal” Repubs and keep him out of the White House where the real power is coalescing around Bannon and Prince Rebus. Rebus is supposed to be the “Repub Whisperer” so Bannon can concentrate on his worldwide “Whitey Tour”.

Did you see the tweet about him and Marine Le Pen hooking up?

This is a bad cartoon with Pixar animation.

@31, contrask, there’s lots of George Winston out there. He has albums of the seasons. Glad you liked it.

DYB That was beautiful. Kate had tears in her eyes at the end, too.

It just keeps getting better and better:

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham is under serious consideration to be Donald Trump’s White House press secretary, according to two sources with direct knowledge.

@40 you just can’t make this stuff up. I hope they find a little something for Sarah Palin to do. Could they be trolling us all? Nah, not that smart. That stupid.

@ 40 > Trump is staffing his cabinet like he was casting a reality TV show. I mean, Laura Ingraham as White House press secretary – the press is gonna eat that up. Ratings through the roof. He’s literally treating this like a reality TV show.

So, some Russian academic – well known apparently and with ties to the Kremlin – said in an interview that in 2017 Putin will go away and there will be an emergency election… Suddenly the interview disappeared, though a tweet describing it was saved. And this academic has now disappeared too, at least he seems to be on the run. Or something.

@41, I looking for Omarosa to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

So between this prediction about Putin and the predictions that Trump won’t survive his term – WTF is going on out there! We are through the looking glass people.

It looks like the writers at Politico read TW.

The Black Swan President

By POLITICO MAGAZINE November 12, 2016

A friend of mine is an opera singer and she’s singing in “The Daughter of the Regiment” in Washington DC. Last night was opening night and Ruth Bader Ginsburg was playing the Duchess in the single performance. My friend told RBG that we all desperately need her. And RBG responded that she plans to live for at least another 4 years.

@46, best news I’ve heard in the last week.

Also, there is one more seat up for grabs in the Senate. Louisiana has their election in December. (Suddenly I wish our Presidential election was in December…but I digress.) Anyway, there is still a chance to flip the Senate. I’m going to start donating to this guy.

@46 RBG A beacon of light in a dark sea. So nice to hear that. We need it.

Someone else had put this on youtube with less of the “advert” at the end. Wish I had the software and knowledge of how to download, and edit this with just Kate McKinnon (HRC) singing the song. Found a little different version.

Bernie – who could not care less about minorities and immigrants in the primaries is now suppose to be their savior. Give me a break.

@51: If Sanders had gotten the Dem nomination instead of Hillary, the tRump would have been saying the nomination was “rigged” against her.

@48: Oh DYB, glad you saw that!

Foster is not a typical Democrat like, say, from the NE, but he is definitely a democrat and much better than his Republican opponent.

Thanks for thinking about contributing to him. He doesn’t have the big bucks supporting him that John Kennedy the opponent has.

@46 that is very good news indeed!

x-posting this from SkyDancers because we must stamp down that meme wherever it appears.

Women Aren’t Responsible for Hillary Clinton’s Defeat

The media has created a misleading narrative in a rush to assign blame for the outcome of the election.

…The problem is that accusation is misleading at best and inaccurate at worst. To start, assertions that Clinton did not win over women voters are simply not true. A majority of women backed Clinton over Donald Trump, 54 percent to 42 percent. Exit-poll data indicates that 94 percent of black women and 68 percent of Hispanic women voted for Clinton. “If only women voted in this election [and no one else], Clinton would have won,” commented Kelly Dittmar, a scholar at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. “I think that this narrative about Clinton failing to win white women really overshadows the strong support she had among all women, and women of color in particular.”

Meant to add this on the the above:

Clinton still managed to win 51 percent of college-educated white women to Trump’s 45 percent—a partisan reversal from the 2012 election when then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney won 52 percent of college-educated white women while Barack Obama won 46 percent.

GAgal: In all the hubbub of yesterday’s football games and even today’s games I forgot to add a sincere “thank you” for doing the weekend post. I really appreciate having the break. 🙂

Rinse has been chosen as chief of staff. I guess the media can quit talking about that “controversial” Bannon. It’s just been too much for their sensitivities to call him the white nationalist that he is. He’s only “controversial”.

No problem Fredster. I’m hoping to get myself together so I can help out more. I know y’all work hard at it.

@46 – OMG we needed some good news!

@61: Amen sister, amen.

Stephen Bannon has been named chief strategist. Now we watch every Trump supporter start every answer to this with, I don’t him, I’ve never read his website. Some reporters pivoting to how much he hates Paul Ryan as if that more important than Trump appointing a guy he hired to get out the KKK vote.

*I don’t know him*

@63 & 64, I’m watching Jack Kingston on CNN actually saying, “I don’t know what the Alt-right is. Bannon brought order to the campaign.”

Never before has the Presidency needed a Chief Bigot and Racist Strategist.

I didn’t watch SNL last night because…football, but here’s Kate McKinnon playing Notorious RBG.

@66, may she live forever!

Well, I’m completely heart broken. Where do we go from here? I don’t know if I have the fight left in me to go against The Donald. I’m hoping for a GOP complete meltdown and circular firing squad. It seems like we’ve focused on getting Hillary elected for so long that we don’t have a purpose any more.

Hey all. My thoughts are still so scattered. I will have something inspirational up for tomorrow, though. GAGal, thanks for a great post!

@68 – No way Ga6thDem! We will keep fighting on. We can’t let that orange cretin take our hearts and souls. Hillary never gives up, and neither will we. {{Ga6thDem}}

@68, Ga6th, I feel the same. It’s like someone opened a valve and all the hope we had built over 8 years dissipated over a few hours Tuesday evening. I thought about just pulling back totally from politics even though it has been a preeminent part of my life. What I asked myself was this: What would I have done at the end of Hillary’s term? I wouldn’t have quit — I would have looked for someone to carry the torch. That quest just got moved up 8 years.

Your wisdom and insight would be missed as we meander together toward next steps. I hope you will reconsider.

It truly is not an exaggeration to call Bannon the Joseph Goebbels of our time.

Frester> I donated $500 to Campbell today and will continue to donate and encourage my friends to do so as well.

Trump on 60 Minutes: Roe v. Wade will be repealed, women “have to go to another state” for abortion.

BTW, a gay friend of mine in San Francisco was harassed on the streets by Trump supporters yesterday. In San Francisco. And on election night in NYC, outside of Clyde Frazier’s restaurant (which has a large black clientele), I heard a man screaming “White power.” This is in NYC and San Francisco. Can you imagine how much worse it is outside of these cities!!!

As Kate McKinnon as Hillary said: I don’t give up and neither should you.
Though I understand the sheer exhaustion right now. We all need time to regroup and reflect. And then – we fight on.

@68, we must ensure that they count all the remaining votes!

In WA state in 2004, our race for Governor had the Rethug narrowly winning, within the margin that triggered an automatic recount by machine. That came up R again but separated by only a few votes. Our Dem candidate for Governor paid for a recount by hand — lots of people pitched in to donate, even from out of state, because all over the country people were mad that Kerry conceded so early and there was no recount. The hand recount showed our Dem candidate winning by a margin (I forget exactly) that was between the 1st and 2nd counts. So we got a woman Dem — she was a 2-term governor and did a great job.

Don’t know if a counting all and a recount would change anything, but at the very least it would show even more of a popular vote win for Hillary.

@72, DYB said:

It truly is not an exaggeration to call Bannon the Joseph Goebbels of our time.

It might not be an exaggeration to also call him a modern day Jefferson Davis.

@76, I remember that. Our states better count all the votes.

@72 & 77, well said, both of you.

DYB@72: Wow, that was incredibly generous, thank you!

@74: I heard about the incident in NYC but not in S.F. Frightening!

Added a couple of new pics on the right, one having an important link.

One thing that would go a long way towards helping is if Obama actually held people like Comey accountable. The reason that the GOP has been able to get away with so much is because no one has held them accountable.

@83 – And the media is completely in their pocket. It’s not equivalence when the scale is weighted so heavily in favor of the VRWC.

A bunch of essays about Trump’s victory, including by Toni Morrison and other literary figures.

@86, I love that. I’m such a Star Trek fan, I mean “eat up with Star Trek” — I had no idea about this story. Thank you. I’ve saved the link and will share it often.

@86; DYB, thank you.

So last night a woman was punched in the face in a popular Brooklyn bar by a Trump supporter.

But there’s nothing wrong, folks, nothing to see here, moving right along!

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