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The Black Swan has roosted…

Posted on: November 10, 2016

Folks, tumbling through the stages of grief I find myself smack-dab in the middle of a state fair, prize-winning depression.  I slid right through shock, denial, and anger.  Spent no time with bargaining because there’s nothing with which to bargain.  And I’ll never go into “Hope” unless I find myself, for some inexplicable reason, sightseeing in Arkansas. black-swan

Wherever you are on this spectrum, don’t rush.  When you get to depression, look to the left and I’ll be the sad troll in the corner repeatedly mumbling, “Why?”  That is the question consuming me.

We can parse and cipher the demographic data.  We can point our fingers at the pollsters, but they were just reporting numbers.  Polls don’t vote.  We can fret and fume, but the plot line is relatively simple.  White folks without college degrees, particularly men, turned out in record numbers.  Support for Hillary from poor folks making under $30,000, and support from minorities fell dramatically from Obama’s 2012 numbers.  That’s the story.

Polling was within the margin of error as to the popular vote.  Hillary is winning the popular vote. For Democrats, that’s six times in the last seven elections.

Individual state polling was faulty.  Even wringing the “noise” out of the studies by polling aggregation didn’t sound an alarm.  Statistical regression analyses didn’t isolate the aggression of white, disaffected middle class males.

The most concise answer is this:  Pollsters missed the weighting formula because they didn’t take into account the increase in disaffected white guys who crawled out from under their rocks to vote for the Orangeloupe and people wasting their votes on a protest vote for a pothead and a funkdafied nutzoid.

It’s just that simple.

women-for-trumpWhat fascinates me is why people of color would vote for someone who turned “dog whistles” into a bullhorn?   Why did white women, by 10%, vote for an admitted sexual predator?  Why did 27% of Latinos vote for the Xenophobe-Elect?  Why did 23% of Millennials vote for a climate change denier who will have them in designer Fallujah-wear before the calendar turns to an even-numbered year?  One-quarter of the Yam’s voters said he was NOT qualified to be President.

For people of color, I hope you enjoy a federal “stop and frisk program” administered by Attorney General Nosferatu Giuliani.  For ladies, get used to a “Race Bannon-looking” mother-clucker poking around your lady parts at the Gyno-Garage – that is if you can find one after Pence outlaws them.  For Latinos, Skyping with family members is easy and fun.  For Millennials, the dry desert air does wonders for the complexion.  For those who voted for someone even though they believed he was unqualified to occupy the most powerful office on the planet, no need to call ahead, your place in hell is reserved.  And by the way, don’t expect to get a thank you from the top one-tenth of one-percent for their tax cuts. Enjoy the Trump Administration.

Perhaps, just perhaps, I’m not quite through the anger stage.

People chewing on unicorn turds keep saying the Presidency can make the man.  To those people I say, “Get your head out of the unicorn’s arse.”  What the Presidency does, like any anointment of power, is bring out what is already in the person.  If a person in their 8th decade is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobe, with a heaping helping of power, he is going to be more of what he is.  Not less.

Here’s my best guess to answer the why question:  The groundwork for der Drumpf was plowed eight years ago by Mitch McTurtle.  I’ve said on these pages before, “Mitch is a political strategist without equal.”  When he charted “gridlock” the night of Obama’s inauguration, he began writing of the script that would eventually bring us the Mango Macaque. the-long-game

McTurtle plays the long game – so much so his biography is entitled, The Long Game.  There is nothing more evil than purposefully slowing the economic recovery for political gain.  That is what the Republicans did by blocking jobs programs, an infrastructure program, and diluting the Economic Recovery Act.  The people impacted first and foremost are those least able to transition, under-educated white males.

The group McTurtle targeted was originally called “Reagan Democrats,” then they became garden variety Republicans, and now they have devolved into Trump populists.  They are projecting their troubles onto Washington for not listening to them.  They are “hate seeking” missiles.

From the birth of the Tea Party the month after Obama took the oath to last Tuesday, these people have been fomenting an unrequited, unfocused hate for something.  Hillary became the target.

The irony -- an original bronze Rodin "Thinker" at the University of Louisville defaced with "Trump Build That Wall".

The irony — an original bronze Rodin “Thinker” at the University of Louisville defaced with “Trump Build That Wall”.

Slow economic recovery – blame Hillary.  Flat wages – blame Hillary.  Jobs disappearing because of technology – blame Hillary.  Appalachian coal being replaced by cheaper natural gas – blame Hillary.  Ascendant minorities – blame Hillary.  Not enough tasty unicorn turds – blame Hillary.

These people were the low information voters weaponized by Trump and activated by Obama when he campaigned so strongly for his legacy.  Nothing activated these weaponized low information voters more than Obama being on the campaign trail.  It was salt in their wounds of not being heard, being non-ascendant, and fearing the loss of power to growing minorities.  The not-too-secret activation code was: Gargantuan White Privilege.

And they voted.  Voted in higher numbers than anyone believed possible.

McTurtle’s gridlock plan was written to neutralize and cripple Obama by 2012.  When it didn’t work because of minority support for Obama, McTurtle doubled down.  Eight years of anger was awaiting Hillary last Tuesday.hillary-presidential

That anger combined with twenty-five years of Hillary bashing, $125 Million of Republican investigations, 125 minutes of evening news email coverage versus 35 minutes of policy coverage, Jim Comey, and Putie Poot’s hackers painted a huge target on Hillary for these hate seeking missiles.  Her impeccable qualifications, her elegant intelligence, her three stellar debate performances, and a near perfect campaign could not overcome the hate.

Psychological biases blinding people to the occurrence of a rare event’s role in history is a hallmark of a Black Swan event.  Collectively, we never thought someone as immeasurably unqualified as Trump could be elected President.  We were wrong.  One person not surprised will again be the Majority Leader of the Senate.  It turned out to be part of his “long game”.

What’s on your mind today?



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I have deleted social media and am so depressed I just want to sleep

Kim, stay with us on the Hillary sites. We all need our compatriots of the heart!

@1, yes, by all means Kim, please stay with us. As Luna says, we need our friends now more than ever.

Kim, I am very depressed too but am starting to fight back some by signing petitions to end the electoral college I found on facebook. So I’m not going to delete my social media accounts. Maybe I should delete the two posts I made on facebook yesterday about moving to Canada, though, and hoping one of my Canadian relatives would sponsor me. Not so inclined to get up and run away and leave this country to the Trumpsters as I was yesterday in the midst of deepest shock and grief.

Branjor: Is the electoral college a version of the Dems’ superdelegates? Could they overrule the popular vote in their state for the good of the country, esp when the margin between the candidates was narrow? Not that that would ever happen….and if it did said electors would have to have cosmetic surgery, change their identities and flee the country.

Cats, I don’t think it’s a version of the dems’ superdelegates. It’s a system whereby the votes of some people, specifically in smaller, more rural states are given more weight than the votes of those in larger, more populous states, such that one candidate can receive more votes than another candidate but still lose the election to that candidate. Each state has electors equal to the number of Congressional members the state is entitled to and those electors pledge to vote for the candidate who has won the popular vote of that state, but they are not required by federal law to honor their pledge.

Prolix, I wont worry about you.
If you can write so elegantly, you’ll be okay.
I, on the other hand, am testing the theory that it’s entirely possible to drink yourself to death in the space of two days.
My liver’s on bended knee, begging for mercy.

{{KIM}} Stay with us please. Catsx3, good to see you, although the circumstances are horrifying.

Excellent post, Prolix. I have gone to anger and am likely to stay there for a good long while. My main anger is directed towards Obama. Just as you mentioned, when he went through and started patting himself on the back for his economic recovery, well, that just reminded all the Trumpsters that they haven’t seen it work for them yet. It was probably the worst thing that could have happened to Hillary, yet, she really had no choice but to run as his third term if she wanted his support. She was in a bad Catch-22 situation.

I have a lot more thoughts; I’ll share them in a post sometime soon.

“Just as you mentioned, when he went through and started patting himself on the back for his economic recovery, well, that just reminded all the Trumpsters that they haven’t seen it work for them yet”

Yes, Obama sure did take a victory lap, especially in Michigan.
All that self congratulation was bad enough, but letting people who get their insurance through the ACA know that they will experience big rate hikes-that might have been the kiss of death.


@7, thank you Sweet Sue. Ignore the liver, no one likes a quitter. There was the time I coughed up my liver and it ran off to an AA meeting. It did not come home peacefully.

@8, thanks MB. Hillary was caught between a rock and Barrack. The “honor me by your vote for Hillary” was entering the launch codes for the hate-seeking missiles.

There are all kinds of ways to parse the results. I’ve seen someone saying if just half of Johnson’s and Stein’s vote went to Hillary she would have won the rust belt states. I don’t think that is productive. The third, fourth, through the 87th parties are always going to be there. What happened was a crucial part of the “Obama coalition” stayed home.

Out of the last three elections, of the six candidates in the three elections, the one with the fewest votes is the clamorous Yam.

If y’all will indulge me one more time — I know you are worn out with my thought experiments, but here’s another one.

Imagine this:

All the pre-election polling had Trump winning.

Trump was ahead in the popular vote.

Hillary was leading by a few hundred to a few thousand in the key Rust Belt states that had been awarded to her to put her over the top.

What do you think Trump does? Constitutional crisis anyone? Election rigging much? Press in full “hair on fire” mode. Cable channels meltdown.

Shock was yesterday……burning anger today. How could half this country be so fucking stupid to pick this guy??? I curse them- every nasty
nastiness upon their heads.

@11, Prolix, I know right?
As we type, my liver is quivering and whimpering in the corner.
Occasionally, I like to kick it and scream “Shut up, Fatty. No one cares about you.”

Prolix, love the post, can totally relate to it. The Black Swan event is spot on. I admit, I didn’t get that Obama campaigning for Hillary would work against her.

I am with the rest of you. Numb and depressed yesterday. Full of anger today.

Branjor, I also signed a petition to end the electoral college. It was on Kos. There was one on moveon that wanted all your info and I don’t like them. I wish the aclu or someone would sue the government to get rid of it. Its gives an unfair advantage to red states.

This enrages me:

“Since every state gets at least three electoral votes, there’s a bias toward small states. Consider that California has 69 times as many people as Wyoming, but only about 18 times as many electoral votes.

Fredster, emailed you back this am.

Really, really unlikely.

The one scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House

Sweet Sue, please be kind to your liver. We need everyone with a kind heart to stick around.

@14, MsMass, every nastiness on their heads and a chronic case of itchy crotch rot.

@15, LOL — do you think your liver has been texting mine?

@16, thanks Annie. I find myself falling back into anger — in and out, like emotions in a revolving door.

@18, every state and the District of Columbia. They get 3 as well. That is why there are 538 Electoral Votes.

@21, agree with you Luna — we need everyone who is right minded and kind to stay close. It makes me feel so much better.

I slept 19 hours yesterday and last night. I was at my sister’s dog sitting the night of the election. Then next day when she came home we spent the afternoon talking. Then I went back to my parents, found out they had voted for Trump and my Mom and I argued. Here’s what went down:

HER: I just want to let you know that we are just as shocked as you are that Trump won.
ME: It’s crazy. I can’t believe this country would vote in this racist, foul mouthed blowhard who has no idea what he’s going to do. Every one is angry at the government, but don’t know why. They say they want less government and no interference from the government, then they turn around and bitch that the government hasn’t done enough for them.
HER: Well, I didn’t vote for Trump because of anger (!!??!!) I did it because Hillary would continue Obama’s policies.
ME: So what’s wrong with that? Heck 3.5 million people were lifted out of poverty last year.
HER: (puzzled look on her face)
ME: What? You didn’t know that? Of course you didn’t. You watch FOX news who lies to you and tells you Obama has absolutely ruined this country. Did you know the median household income has risen over $2000 under Obama?
HER: Well, no. But it didn’t rise for us.
ME: For gawd’s sake Mom! You’re on Social Security. I’m talking about people still out there working.

And on it went. Basically, it’s like the fucking Brexit vote. They voted for him thinking he could never win. Then the next day – it’s like – OMG what have we done? They looked stunned and worried. Too bad.

I talked to my Mom weeks ago about how Hillary has helped with our own family. I have a (great) niece and nephew who use CHIP to see their doctors. I have another niece who is a preemie. Her dad didn’t have insurance when she was born (even tho he’s a cop) Who the hell paid for all those months in intensive pre-natal care in the hospital. Every fucking government source he could find. All the procedures she has required (so far)? That’s right, the government. She is now 2 and in a Challenged Child program while her Dad works. I had told my Mom about Hillary’s concern for developmentally disabled kids and her push to allow them to attend school. Didn’t matter.

Now you may think their “Brexit” vote is only two votes in the state of Georgia and doesn’t matter. How many other people out there did this? My parents may not like Hillary, but they had no doubt she would do a decent job. They also knew Trump is a complete incompetent. Yet, they did it anyway. I am seething with anger about it. Maybe I’ll feel better after my giant rant here, but I doubt it.

I turned on the TV at noon today. It lasted 5 seconds. Andrea Mitchell referred to Trump (and Obama) as “the two leaders”. Trump is no leader. Click.

@27, GAgal, thanks for sharing that. That story is the election. I see and hear the same kind of thing from my family who watch nothing but Faux nonsense. It goes on and on. My problem is they won’t accept facts. They argue about scientific studies, like off the top of their heads, they have thought of questions invalidating the studies. Have mercy — deliver me.

@23, I think our livers have been French kissing.
But, what do I know?
I’m comatose.

GAgal, how painful for you. They think science is a left-wing plot, and have no ability to analyze anything past grade school.

@30, my liver came clean and admitted it went rogue. It wasn’t texting, but sexting. I’ve taken the phone, your liver should no longer be disturbed.

I’m not sure I can do Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family – half of which voted for Trump. A woman on the Pantsuit nation said she is telling those relatives, “I have decided that in lieu of xmas gifts, I will be donating to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and refugee organizations in their names. I can’t wait to see their faces when they unwrap that!” Is not this woman the kind of nasty we cherish?

I just don’t know where we go and how. I’m still caught between depression and anger and sleep-deprivation. I will not play nice with people who want us to be supportive of Trump now. Oh, Hill no! Not you who bashed Obama and called him a muslim immigrant. Maybe you are right about Obama sealing it against Hillary by campaigning for her, but he has to show to orangalope around the oval office and hand the keys over to him in a nice ceremony. I feel for him.

Love and appreciate you guys. Prolix, awesome post, as always.

@33, thank you Contrask. That is the kind of nasty we love. I, too, am opting out of subjecting myself to the family Thanksgiving where they put the goose into goose-stepping not on the table.

Here’s a story. A relative who is slightly right of Attila the Hun, asked me about my interest in the Brennan Center for Justice.

I explained about their work in voting rights and making sure everyone has the right to vote no matter their affiliation or affinity.

He replied and I quote, “Sounds like a left wing liberal group. Why do “those people” want to vote anyway?”

I didn’t reply because my head had exploded.

Something else about my Mother. She and I marched together in the ’90s in Washington for abortion rights. Then a few years ago, she (they) started watching FOX news exclusively. I begged them to branch out. She knows I’ve been a supporter of Hillary for years. If she couldn’t do it for her grandkids and great grand kids, then she should have done it for ME. Sorry if that sounds selfish but I don’t give a shit. She 82. She won’t have to live with the repercussions of this as long as I will. She also helped deny me the opportunity to see a woman, especially Hillary, as President in my life time. I’m just fucking hurt.

@35, GAgal, I’m sorry. That must be painful.

Oh GaGal, I feel that one with you! When I started reading and my eyes opened up this year and I started pushing back on friends on the social media sites, they told me I had been “indoctrinated” I was raised in the atmosphere that embraces Fox news – I know how it’s poisoned minds. Now I see more and more little foxes – sites that are created to mislead. My mother & sister are both enamored with faux news. The religious right has declared that Democrat= evil and they have bought it. Reality has shown me the love and respect reside in the liberal camp. I’m a big girl; I can handle thinking differently. But it still hurts.

That is terrible that you all have Trumpsters in your family. The man has split America into two distrusting and disunited halves. I think the worst thing about it is that we now know, or think we know, things about our friends and family that we didn’t know before. It’s shown an ugliness we may not have seen until now.

GAGal, my friend from Seattle said she knew several people who had voted third-party because they were sure HRC would win. Dumber than f*cking stumps.

Two snippets from Megyn Kelly’s new book. Appears the Yam had advanced notice as to his first debate question and Megyn thinks she might have been poisoned.



@27 | GAgal, I know how that must feel.

My little travelling baseball team of four boy and three girl sibs broke up like that over thirty years, one by one, over issues of power and status, but mostly sexism. One of the things that defined us was that we could all talk, boy could we, but in the end, not to each other.

The seven of us were so solid as kids, we had each other’s backs like you wouldn’t believe, but reality had a way of breaking up the ice and putting everyone on their own mobile property.

I think it’s good that you’re still at least speaking to your parents. I think I know what that distance feels like, too.

Just stopped by to like Prolix’s post.

Tell me this stuff hasn’t gotten to me: I’ve got,um, “lower stomach issues”. I had this same physical reaction when my dad was in his final illness, after Katrina, and also when my mom died. I guess it’s the way my body “handles” (?) stress. Not fun. I don’t have any lomotil so I’ve been taking imodium. Just lovely.

@41 Fredster!

Can’t offer any advice or admonitions, I’m working on Annie’s liver hatin’ remedy, but can you just hold an electronic hand or two??

Don’t know how we’ll get through this, but in this past week, I’ve seen two stellar instances of love and kindness in my own life that I would not have believed possible before, directly as a result of Hillary’s campaign.

GAgal, am so sorry you have to go through that on top of our massive disappointment. It must be very painful. Sending hugs to you!

Contrask, I love this!

“A woman on the Pantsuit nation said she is telling those relatives, “I have decided that in lieu of xmas gifts, I will be donating to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and refugee organizations in their names. I can’t wait to see their faces when they unwrap that!” Is not this woman the kind of nasty we cherish?”

Yes, that is awesome, righteous nasty! I’m trying to think of someone I can do that to.

Also, “I just don’t know where we go and how. I’m still caught between depression and anger and sleep-deprivation. I will not play nice with people who want us to be supportive of Trump now.”


Fortunately for me, we rarely do holidays with family. I’m not really that into them. Every two or three years I’ll do a turkey dinner for a few select relatives for Thanksgiving. For Xmas a simple gift exchange and nice dinner. Sometimes have a fun dinner with friends. My favorite Christmas was spent in Hawaii.

Fredster, hope you’re feeling better soon!

@42, Pat, that is nice to hear. Gives hope to the rest of us!

@45 One was the last thing I expected as a result of my timid foray into GOTV. Just two of the more decent people I’ve met in a very long time.

It sure made me more confident that something like this will be worth doing when the time comes again.

Pat, whatever it was, it must of been very moving. A sliver of light in the darkness.

(My kid keeps comparing the current situation to the Star Wars & LOTR sagas!)

@47 I think your son’s got the right idea. I would’ve loved to have seen Eowyn smash that orange baboon’s face.

Fredster – I totally get that. My face and body broke out in a rash before the election. It was crazy. Now I am completely back to normal, physically; I guess I am the most stressed when anticipating something major, and am better when it’s resolved, one way or the other. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs!!!

I listened to Rachel Maddows show from last night & Elizabeth Warren made me feel better for about 5 sec. Back to the cloud of depression. Happy Veterens Day, anyway.

I’m in the anger stage. Grrrrrrr!

Quick question because I don’t have time to go through 5,000,000 anti-Hillary web-sites so maybe someone already knows: Donna Brazil’s e-mail leaking a question to Hillary. I remember Samantha Bee made a joke that the e-mail was that Hillary would be asked a question water in Flint at a rally in Flint. Is that all that was? Someone is arguing with me on Facebook about it and I wanted to respond.

Otherwise this was my post on Facebook yesterday:

“I’m entering the anger phase and frankly, fuck rural America. No really. It’s true we, educated snotty out of touch coast elites, sneer at them. But they sneer at us. And many of us, educated snotty out of touch elites, often struggle to make ends meet. Out of college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, living in rat and roach infested apartments with multiple roommates. Packed into overcrowded and smelly subways on our hour long commutes to work. These are the choices we made and I’ve never heard us blame rural America for them. But rural America thinks the educated coast people owe them something. No we don’t. So don’t say you voted for a racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, but you’re not a racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe. You are. And fuck you. And as Garrison Keller wrote in WaPo yesterday: enjoy Trump who will fuck you very much, while we, out of touch educated coast elites read Jane Austen and do yoga for 4 years.”

And a link to this article:

OMG, gifts to ACLA and Planned Parenthood instead of gifts – genius nasty move!

My parents watch Russian TV, which is just Fox in Russian basically. And they loooove Trump. Actually, they really love Giuliani, but they were very happy with Trump. And Putin. Putin. Putin. Putin. (We’re from Kiev, Ukraine originally, by the way, but left before the fall of the USSR.) I’ve been listening to them wax nostalgic for the wonderful times before degenerates took over the world. Fortunately they can’t be bothered to vote. But they are both retired. They do get Social Security because they worked in this country and earned it. But my mother is sick and she’s concerned about getting medicare when she turns 65 in April. When she brings it up again I’ll point out that I don’t know if she’s going to get it with Trump in the White House. He was your candidate.

@51 – my client said something similar yesterday. She and I were so excited for HRC – in fact, my whole workplace was like a funeral parlor on Wednesday. We were venting and she said, “You know what? He’s going to cut my taxes. Nothing bad is going to happen to me. I’m going to enjoy watching all of those idiots who voted for him get completely screwed to the wall, because that’s what they did to our hopes of having an incredible female President in our lifetimes.”

I hope she is right about nothing happening to her. I truly fear Trump’s authoritarianism and all of his ‘isms combined into one very scary candidate.

@ 53> Yes, and his choices for the cabinets too. It’ll be a who’s-who of madmen.

I had one friend, a real Bernie-Bro, who commented that I might find this whole thing funny but he has two daughters to raise. He’s blaming Clinton, of course. But his CDS is strong and has been around since I first spoke to him about it in 2008. I pointed out to him that because he has two daughters to raise, maybe he should have tried to muzzle his CDS for a couple of months and not depressed the vote by those in his sphere. Because that is a big part of how we ended up in this predicament. But he won’t look at himself, it’s somebody else’s fault.

We have the alt-right and we have the alt-left. The alt-left is as big a problem as the alt-right.

Prolix, thank you for this thoughtful post. I’m with all of you in the anger stage now. I had not made the connection between Obama’s self-praise and the outcome, though. You just connected quite a few dots for me.

@53 – I have actually had it with people saying “Well, it won’t have any effect on me. I’m not an immigrant / gay / in need of health insurance / etc.” If it affects someone you love or know, it damn well should affect you, too. And that, I speculate, is part of how we’ve gotten here.

@33 Contrask – I saw that post on Pantsuit Nation and loved it.

I had one friend, a real Bernie-Bro, who commented that I might find this whole thing funny but he has two daughters to raise.

Raise? He acts more like he has two daughters to LOWER. To an even lower status in society than they’re already at.

With “fathers” like him, who needs enemies?

@55 – she doesn’t really believe it won’t affect her. She is just saying she is tired of caring for people who won’t care for themselves. If everyone who will be affected negatively by Trump came out and voted for Hillary, she would have won in a landslide.

@56 – Yes! How long before his daughters start telling him they’re not 10s because they are flat chested?

@Fredster, and anyone else who might be feeling queasy since 11/8 — There are more neurotransmitters in the gut than in the brain. No wonder we have gut problems when we suffer psychological wounding.

@57 – I see what you are saying, madamab.

I have nut-wing relatives, my sister and brother-in-law. Sister was never as stubborn nor (have to say it) as much of a thinker/questioner as I am. They go to a church which says wives should be submissive to their husbands, so husbands can lead the family with love and firmness. All too often,as we know, the family is led with cruelty. There is no love-thy-neighbor in their religion, only hellfire and damnation. Makes them suspicious and selfish.

Sister lied once to often too me, and then the two of them did to me the equivalent of Trump stiffing his small-business subcontractors. I cut off all contact with them. Oh, it feels far more healthy and peaceful. Yeah, sad in a way, but I no longer am exposed to their poison and backstabbing. Life’s hard enough without being around cruel people.

Wow. Statement from Harry Reid. Leave it to Harry to speak truth when others tiptoe around.

“If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate. Winning the electoral college does not absolve Trump of the grave sins he committed against millions of Americans. Donald Trump may not possess the capacity to assuage those fears, but he owes it to this nation to try.

@52 DYB I don’t know what it means for your mother at 65, but Paul Ryan still plans to privatize Medicare.

@61 – I wonder if the reason I have no right-wing relatives is because I have a really small family? It could also have to do with not being religious. Not sure. I feel for all of you who have had to make the decision of whether or not to stay in relationships with them. I think there’s no universal right answer to that; only whatever feels right.

@62 – That is so true. Everyone seems to be forgetting about the 12 women who confirmed that this creature is a serial sexual assaulter. I was so wrong about how women wouldn’t elect this animal. While my client isn’t one of these, Jules, I think this is what you mean by “not me!” ism.

@ 63> Yep, that’s precisely what she is terrified of…while screaming Trump and Republican’s praises. And I, at this point, have nothing to say to her except: “Yes, you may not get it because you wanted Trump.”

Luna@59: I totally believe that about the neurotransmitters.

When I realized Dad was not going to make it I had all kinds of things bouncing around in my head about mom…would she be okay alone during the day, was she “with it” enough to be able to handle that, and on and on.
When we went to the funeral home to make his arrangements I brought a ziplock bag with wipes and a clean pair of underwear just in case, because it would hit me just that fast!

After “the K thing” I had that stomach thing going on for a few weeks. On the bright side I lost some weight, but I don’t recommend that method of weight loss.

@52: DYB tell your mom sorry, no medicare for her or your dad. But she’ll probably get a voucher to go buy some insurance on the open market.

GAgal beat to it with the nymag link but I also saw something on reddit about it and one commenter said “they better watch out f*cking with Medicare because those old people vote”. Yes…they do!

Madamab and DYB – along the lines of the urban/rural article you shared:

How ironic that it is a man who exemplifies the City, and probably never spent a day in his life in rural America until he began campaigning, is the one in whom they chose to put their trust. Like a true con-man, he figured out what these people wanted to hear and used that to gain their confidence.

@ 68> Wow.

Also now this: Gingrich wants a Committee for Un-American Activities.

But won’t he have to start with Trump’s ties to the Russian government?

Oh wait, that article on Gingrich is from June.

DYB – it might be from June, but your point still stands. They wouldn’t use this committee to go after their own – unless… there is some Rethug subplot here to go after Trump after the election and slide in their boy Pence. I don’t know, this whole thing reeks and literally makes my head hurt.

@Fredster, more discussion on my email.

Re: Medicare. I sure hope those “old people” aren’t the ones who voted in Trump. I’m also worried they will eviscerate Social Security, which is not broken. Yet.

Oh, the irony. Hearing members of the Orangeloupe “TNT — Transition Nut Team” I am smiling for the first time in days. Here’s a dose of ironic reality.

They are talking about “vetting” the potential candidates for important jobs in the federal government. Vetting like:

Reviewing their TAX RETURNS!

@55, thank you Jules, I appreciate it.

@74 — and vetting their links to foreign nationals? Heard that’s run through the FBI. Welp. Move along, folks, Mr. Comey sez there’s nothing to see here.

Luna, got your email and thanks for the info. Much appreciated.


@ 78> That’s so painful… 😦

And the count seems to be that Clinton won by 2,000,000 votes. Let that sink in.

Have you watched “Veep” on HBO? They have a 269 split there too, but House determines the winner, right? And we can only assume House would vote Republican.

@ 80 > A President Pence is scary too.

@81: Yep, it would go to the House.

I remember the Veep episodes on that tie.

In ways, I think Pence would be worse than the talking yam.

Mr. R. Pundit has had three good posts on the aftermath of the election.

Part One is here.

Part Two is here.

And Part Three is here.

All three parts speak to a separate thing but I think Part Three is really interesting talking about “bringing back” jobs and industries which is oh-so-obviously not happening.

@73 NW Luna

“Re: Medicare. I sure hope those “old people” aren’t the ones who voted in Trump. I’m also worried they will eviscerate Social Security, which is not broken. Yet.”

I live in a retirement complex which I am planning to vacate ASAP. I am surrounded by “those old people”. They are mostly females. All they were ever given in their lives for social status (which every human being wants), for the sheer basics of not starving, for being able to raise their children in some semblance of decency, was abject surrender to a wage earning male.

Their overlords did not need college degrees to receive enough in wages to give them nice houses, aggressive SUVs, decent neighborhoods and schools for their kids. And like Marlyn Waring said, as wives, all that they needed to do to earn this did not differ in skills or talents, just in doing the same thing for a richer man.

As one of the few “working women” here, I’ve been the recipient of so many complaints of how their men broke those bargains, beat them, left them, divorced them. My status is outside their male derived heirachy, so my ears are presumably safer.

For the most part, these women voted overwhelming for Trump, even when it meant possibly life threatening cuts to their life-lines of Medicare and Social Security.

The sexism that left them no path to self sufficiency, and no cultural approval had they found one, somehow expects these human beings to reverse a lifetime of forced compromises, of invasion of their physical beings, of the laws ignoring what men did to them (including for the majority, physical beatings (see the ignored Supreme Court decisions in 2000 and 2005 that said this was AOK)), and then vote for someone else’s welfare?

I don’t condone it, but I do understand it.

Hey guys, I’m working on a post for tomorrow but I need to lay down for awhile. Hopefully, it will be early afternoon at the latest.

@ 86> Get all the rest you need!

@85; I put “old people” in quotes because I was responding to the quote where that phrase was used in #68. (I prefer “older” rather than “old” because age is relative and “old” people sounds denigrating to me. In my healthcare job I frequently have to remind my peers that older people can be — and most of them are — active, thinking, aware and non-senile people. Healthcare providers tend to see more of the sickest people and forget about the ones who aren’t in hospitals.

I’ve seen too many women who were indeed dependent on their husbands, who never learned to drive, who were browbeaten and bullied (and abused) by overbearing mean husbands. And since women tend to live longer, older populations have higher %s of women. Social Security and then Medicare have made a wonderful difference and given some financial security to older women and men.

Hillary had a plan for those who are caregivers, and give up full-time or even part-time work in order to care for their loved ones (thereby decreasing their future Social Security income) a way to be credited for their caregiving time, so they would not be shorted in Social Security income later. Well, that’s all gone up in smoke now with President-Elect Cockroach.

Remember all the older women at Hillary rallies, and that wonderful 102 (103?) yr old woman who got to speak for her state at the Convention to award her state’s votes to Hillary? Growing up in a sexist society is no excuse for thoughtlessness. Hillary has a long record of getting good things done for women and girls. There’s a special place in the lowest levels of hell for the women who didn’t support her.

Forgot where I saw a request for this so am posting this on several Hillary blogs; apologize and don’t meant to spam.

NWLuna: I thought your population would carry the day, for all of us.

And I can’t tell you how much I’m arguing against my own self interest – I’m a woman who looked at the marriage bargain at 20-something and said “This is nuts”. They would not even begin to realize how different my life is from theirs. I just can’t stop bearing witness.

“Growing up in a sexist society is no excuse for thoughtlessness.”
This is not true. This is where sexism must be fought, because of the damage it does at the root level of consciousness. If a woman must endure rape to have a decent income, if a woman must endure the daily invalidation of her intelligence to live a decent life, if a woman must endure erasure to survive….

The women you know are outliers. The ones I’ve known are the majority. The human brain (which women, against all male punditry, do indeed have to the fullest) cannot survive this without it changing them.

Oh, men? This is where you come in. Stop pointing out and championing the smallest percentage of males that the women subordinates of white men might have some fleeting advantage over. Start just simply championing the enforcement of law for all human beings, gender no exception.

1991 Civil Rights Act. The invisible evisceration of EEO law for women, that put a $300,000 cap on damages (chump change for any lawyer) for women, but left men’s damages unlimited. (You all know how much lawyers want to work for justice and not money, right? Especially when it meant their wives might not be such willing servants if they won?) Poof! Went any woman’s chances of retaining legal council. Poof! Went any woman’s chances of supporting herself, outside a long term sexual contract to a male wage recipient.

2000 – Women were cut off from the legal remedies available to any man of any race from civil remedies for anything ranging from murder to renting a hotel room. Men may murder their wives, but at least they give them a living. College men may rape college women, but at least this won’t clog the oh-so-important federal courts. 2005 – Oh, and by the way, ladies, Equal Protection under the 14th amendment doesn’t include you either (but you should still root for all those males it does cover, now, shouldn’t you?)

I know all this, and the women I know don’t know it consciously, but they know it at a gut level.

Luna said: In my healthcare job I frequently have to remind my peers that older people can be — and most of them are — active, thinking, aware and non-senile people.

Just say “Notorious RBG”. 😝

@ 89 > Perfect, thank you!

Yay GAgal!

@91, 😀

@90, Pat, I’m not sure what you mean by this:

I thought your population would carry the day

and I would like to understand. I invite you to tell me more; would you spell it out in more detail — the “your population” part? Thanks.

This is exactly how I feel. I was finally able to weep this morning.

@96, contrask, I went in and did a little edit so the link would work. For some reason, WordPress doesn’t recognize a link unless it has its own special line and space. Seems like something “millennial white male coders” might do.

So this was post on Facebook today (thank you Prolix for some of your wonderful nicknames for He Who Shall Not Be Named.)

So with the Clamorous Yam running the asylum that will soon include Nosferatu and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man among others in his administration, I’m going to start accumulating charity donations my accountant will love and the Pussy Grabber would sniff at.

Every week that Putin’s Puppet remains President and the Guy Who Hates It When You Whip Out Mexican Things remains a mechanical heart beat away from the Presidency, I will donate $100 to a charity they would not like. I will start with The American Civil Liberties Union. (NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, Southern Poverty Law Center, Emily’s List and local LGBTQ organizations will also come). I would urge my friends to do the same, donate whatever amount you can afford as frequently as you can.

Also, on a related note: while many of us are not happy with the media’s coverage of the election (ABC/NBC/CBS Nightly News spent 32 minutes in all of 2016 discussing all presidential policies combined, and over 100 minutes discussing Clinton’s e-mails), our newspapers – while frequently seeming to show a bias we do not like on their news pages – overwhelmingly do some important and great journalism. Unlike cable news, which is only interested in ratings and profits. (Fox News makes billions in profits and CNN just declared their most successful year in profits to date – over a billion). I’ll refrain from comment on the quality of CNN’s coverage and how it lead to such high profits. But newspapers are a different beast and they still do important work, and we will need great journalism in the years to come. So please buy a subscription to a legitimate newspaper. Your mileage may vary on which you think is the more fair. I’ve settled on The Washington Post. (Reminder: New York Observer is owned by Mr. Ivanka Trump, so that is not a legitimate news source.)

A very interesting view of the Electoral College. (It’s about slavery and keeping white men in power, because of course it is.)

Also, someone I know just posted an interesting idea that Alec Baldwin’s funny parody of Trump actually helped Trump. We thought we were shaming, but Trump was unshameble. It might have actually helped humanize him and take his threats less seriously. I hadn’t thought of that…

It actually sounds like Baldwin won’t be doing that impersonation anymore.

@98, that post is filled with good ideas, particularly the newspaper subscriptions. Two of the local newspapers that broke the Bridgegate story were eviscerated with staffing cuts since the story. I’m hoping the newspapers will keep the heat on the Macaque to prove their non-endorsements were right.

@100, I hadn’t thought of Alec Baldwin’s impersonation normalizing Trump. That deserves some thought. No truer words have ever been typed than, “Trump is without shame.”

I’m screaming at the teevee just now. Nina Turner is on BSNBC preaching about how the “Democrats can come back from this.” Hmmm, come back from winning the popular vote? Come back from beating her candidate by over 4 million votes? Come back from the “white purist Berniebros who voted for Trump”?

Just come back from what Nina? Come back from you spouting your anti-Hillary drivel at every point during the campaign until it looked sewn up and you begrudgingly came around?

I will never forgive Nina Turner. Never.

Okay guys. I’ve finally got my post up. Sorry so late.

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