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Election Night 2016!

Posted on: November 8, 2016



Hillary brought us together eight years ago.  We found commonality in her message, her decency, her vitality, her competence, her intelligence, and most of all, her love for this country and its people.  We have been joined by friends of color, of all economic strata, of all sexual identity, of all political persuasion.

Hillary represents what is good about us.  She represents strength.  She represents stick-to-itiveness.  She represents being down, but never out.  She represents doing as much good as you can, for as many people as you can, for as long as you can.

Our journey with Hillary is a movement.  Tonight we revel in the harbor of good feelings and celebration.  Tomorrow our voyage begins anew.

May good friends continue to bless this journey.




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Shinners!! Just got home, getting dinner ready with a large, extra-jumbo cocktail. C’MON HILLZ!!!

I’m here!! Almost settled completely down!

IT’S HAPPENING!!! RED STATES TURNING PURPLE: CNN just called “too early to call” Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina!!!

It seems so surreal. I can’t believe we’re finally watching this.

Just when I flip back to CNN they bring on Ghouliani

Why are they calling states with only 1% of the vote showing?


Ohio is looking good! 52 to 43

Hello y’all. I’m around, just feeling kind of punky. I’m watching the returns with the rest of y’all.

Prolix, love the image at the top. Priceless!

Hey folks, just got here. Our gal is going to win based upon SM’s winning Florida for her.

GAgal, I’m hopeful on GA. What do you think?

We needed this for the past weekend.

Fredster, sorry to hear you’re not feeling. Me either, but mine is just nerves.

Prolix, don’t know what to think. My eyeballs are glued to FL and NC and I haven’t seen the map of Georgia.

I am seriously not liking this too close to call stuff in FL and VA and apparently NC also.

@14: I think it’s just seasonal stuff GAgal. Still warm enough during the day for the a/c for a bit and then off at night.

Aw Gawd – Mrs. Greenspan!

VA not to worry. Northern VA is always the last to report.

@18: I was wondering about those DC suburbs and if they had reported yet.

I’m with NY Times map and John King’s map on CNN…we just have to hold tight

look at the county maps and what’s left to count. The rural vote gets counted 1st. Lots more interesting when you look at the metro areas

Wolf keeps pestering John and dragging him back to states where Trump is barely winning of course. Leave him alone Wolf and let the man do his job.

Hillsborough County, FL

Donald J. Trump (REP) 44.82% 258,441
Hillary Rodham Clinton (DEM) 51.42% 296,493

The bellwether county, Hillary wins by 7%.

What about NC and VA – they are very close?

Hello ,Widdershins! Hanging on by my fingernails here. Go Hillary!!!!

Wolf Breaking prediction the House stays R. DUH!

Trump is winning them all right now

Awright, I’m officially getting extremely nervous now.

Saw Tweety on MSNBC saying he spoke to someone with the Dems in Philly who said no problem, they would bring in enough votes for Hillary to get PA.

Fox has called NM and VA for Hills

Gong craaazzzyyy here! Something’s gotta move.

Bloomberg called NM – sorry

You all are going to think I’m nuts, but here goes… I’ve been using a very inspirational Tarot deck lately for centering and guidance in my personal life. Tonight I was getting very anxious about the early returns so I decided to focus on all the love, openness, and support that comes from Hillary supporters here, Pantsuit Nation (we had a group photo today in Providence and it was AWESOME), and from Hillary herself. Then I asked “What do I need to know about the outcome of the election for Hillary?”

The card I pulled was King of Mirrors/Cups, which represents love, empathy, tolerance. So, maybe I’m a complete loon but this gives me hope!

thank you contrask!

Damn Richard Burr won NC

I might watch CNN except – Wolf. 🐺

I refuse to watch any of them – yet

jules@34: Hope it helps!! 👌

contrask it’s making me nervous watching them. 😳

This is so scary people. Keeping the faith. …

jules, we need any help we can get!

Miami, Broward & Palm Beach to finish counting – is it possible Hill can win Fl?

Steve Schmidt says whoever wins Michigan wins the Presidency. 😱

I’m going to sign off and try to get my kids (and myself) to sleep. Thanks to everyone for this safe harbor in a sea of craziness. Hoping I wake up to a sunny day and some wonderful news.

@jules: Have a good night!!

I CAN’T ANYMORE, going to bed, just have to…I love you all and praying for a miracle for our girl

@48: Many thanks to you and everyone there who helped out with our gal. Much appreciated! 😃

Love to you and yours too! Big Hugs!!

From Joy Reid. I grabbed this off of Sky Dancing. Don’t really know how to embed it.

There’s still hope but I am so damn sick.

the idea that so many people in this country have voted for Trump over Hillary just chills me to the bone.

Thank you Branjor!

I am sick too. Wayne County in Michigan is going to come in last, as well as where U of Mich. Lots of votes still to come for her.

@50 Yes, thanks Branjor! 🤗

Thanks for coming by Jules!

@51: It is frightening.

(waves at Branjor) You got that to post in smaller type than I could, good.

Wore my black pantsuit today at work and felt great! But now I could use some pharmaceutical samples in the anxiolytics category….

WTF is going on with America? I know it’s still early-ish as far as counting all the electoral votes, but there are a stunning number of racist sexist voters in this country.

MSNBC just called NC for Trump.

I’m screaming at the teevee. 71% of voters — seventy-one percent said that Trump’s treatment of women was troubling to them. Then they voted for him.


@59 -This is a nightmare. I never thought it would be this close.

@ Prolix, I am yelling with you.

@57: Luna, I have the last of my last script for alprazolam. The doc I went to after my prev doc retired said oh no I don’t write those things. Well I may have to go back to him and tell him either write it or refer me to someone who will. And an aside he has *no* problem writing the sertraline for me. Grrrr!! 😡 😡

@59-61: I’m just sitting here bumfuzzled. I mean, what the hell is this saying about the country?

Another thing…I’ve been looking at the totals in the swing states and it looks like that utter fool Gary Johnson could be the new Nader. After he said that nice stuff about Hillary a few days ago, he should have told his fucking supporters to vote for her in the swing states. In FL & some of the others, that would have tipped it to Hillary. How could any moron waste their vote on Johnson or Stein? Thanks a lot for ruining the fucking country assholes. Our retirements, our healthcare, our children’s futures, basic human rights for women and all minorities will all be down the toilet if that orange ape wins.

Really, though the biggest culprit will be the media. Dogging her for all these years and letting that criminal get off without any vetting whatsoever.

Guys, I have to face the most gloating Trump groupies tomorrow ever. I can’t handle this. Tell me there is a chance still?

The Canadian Immigration website has crashed.

@65: Call in sick!

@61, Luna, I think I heard you when I was trying to catch my breath.

@64: Rachel just mentioned the Gary Johnson thing. At least Bill Weld said good things about HRC.

@65, yes, there is about a 50/50 chance. That will not help you in the morning. There is no way in Helsinki that Trump will concede tonight.

@66: Hmmm, can I get my Soc. Sec sent to me in the Great North?
(Damn I hate cold weather!)

@71, yes, but your Soc. Sec. will buy more rum in Ecuador or Costa Rica.

Hills within 13000 votes in Michigan.

@65, Contrask yes, I would call in sick for the rest of the week.

@Fredster, sertraline isn’t a controlled substance, and although it’s often helpful for anxiety, chronic pain, and mood because it’s a neurotransmitter modulator, it takes a few weeks to kick in. Alprazolam and the others in the benzodiazepine family of anxiolytics work right away.

Frankly I think tonight it would be medically and totally appropriate to use a fast-acting anxiolytic.

Gary Johnson is a complete f*ckhead.

I’m wondering about social security. If this maniac wins, and the House and Senate stay red, then we get a red S Court. Think about it. It has been their goal to get rid of, or privatize Social security for decades.

FL for Trump Don’t know why they waited so long

I am sick! God I’m sick. The sweet kids at school that have been worrying about their families being deported…..

Forgot to add that the benzos are controlled substances. However, any Rx has pros/cons and just reflexively saying “No I don’t write Rxs for thus-and-such” is a cop-out IMO. It needs a longer discussion and back-and-forth to see what’s going on and what might work to help and develop a plan.

And yeah, I tend to take longer with my patients than some other providers. You can tell why. I’m lucky where I work now in that I have more time for appts than at most other places.

I don’t know about Ecuador. We have friends from there and they say the crime is really bad. Costa Rica maybe. But who knows if pensions and social security will last?

…..Although, since I work for a non-profit, I may be just sh1t out of luck job-wise if funding goes the way the orange psychotic wants it to go.

Will all of the people suing trump get their justice now? So many bad consequences. I am truly stunned. Thinking of popping a Xanax myself.

@71 Fredster, check out Costa Rica. Seriously. On the expat sites, according to (I think) BBC, it’s right up there for cost of living – less than here in Western NC.

Also, for decades, it’s had one of the most progressive governments in the Americas. Unlike Guatemala – euuugh. Not our beloved, now failed, two+ century old experiment in democracy, but not the fascist state this will become either.

@80: Imma gonna email you.

Why are they saying GA is too close to call while not bothering to show any details what so ever? None. Trump will win but why not show the votes in so far on the map?

Actually I’ve heard Belize is pretty good and it’s officially English speaking.

If this happens — literally the world will come apart. The stock market will crash. The dollar will be in free fall. China will take over the South China Sea. Russia will take back the Baltic States. NATO will be in chaos.

Our soldiers will be deploying to Syria. We will be embroiled in an unending war in the Middle East. The choice is bomb Iran or go back on his word about the Iran deal. Folks, this is WWIII stuff.

And who does he have advising him — that nut case Flynn a/k/a Strangelove.

Looking at the BBC website — even the Asian markets are dropping due to this (please goddess not) disaster.

(waving back at Luna) Hi, Luna. Thanks for posting it!

The results of this election are stunning so far and I am numb with shock. I have been suffering enough with depression for so long and Hillary’s election would have been a huge and healing boost for me. Now it’s going to be worse than ever.

I can’t believe how many people in this country would rather vote for anything for president, even a hateful, lying bigoted racist and misogynist child rapist, than a brilliant, compassionate and qualified woman.

@85, I think I will need to start organizing an underground healthcare barter/volunteer network since coverage could be screwed for most people.

I’m watching my beloved Smokies go up in smoke right now, due to climate change. Oh, well, they’ll be sold off under the rethugs anyway.

I’m old enough that all the battles I fought for ownership of my irreplaceable capacity to create new human beings are behind me now. For all those of my kind who came after me, too many are compromisers and fifth columnists for me to worry about.

I care very much about this land, but its stewardship is too much invested in those who have a caste interest in domination. I have to say goodbye now. You must live with what your raw power gave you, until you die or decide otherwise.

@91: That may be a good idea. I’m sure my A.C.A. plan will be history so not sure what I’ll have. And sadly even when I can get medicare, that’s going to be fubar.

@88 – Yes that is true. I don’t even know what to say, do or think.

Folks, this is WWIII stuff.

Which is why maybe heading north is better. The nuclear clouds and fallout won’t be heading that way.

I’m not such a believer in polling right now

Watching the media trying to figure out how this is happening. We’ll find out who the true journalists are when they point out the media – specifically one by one – person by person – for their part in pushing a mad man on this country.

@92, Pat, you say it so beautifully and so plainly. I am riding in your side car as we careen toward the great beyond.

Nasdaq and SP500 Futures halt trading until the morning.

ABC calls NV for Hill, too. Did CNN? She 99 votes ahead in NH

Everyone, pray for RBG’s health.

Detroit is going to make all the difference

Guys, I think it’s going to be very close to a tie. I think neither candidate will concede.

Amazingly I have to go to work tomorrow. I send all my love and good thoughts to everyone. Thank you so much for all of your support, from the bottom of my heart. You are all stars, and my light in the darkness.

Now T is ahead by 15 votes in NH

Here’s something disgusting from La:

David Duke 58576

There’s a runoff between the state treasurer and a public utilities commissioner.

Welcome to 1984.

Nite madamab. I’m going to stop RIGHT NOW, take some deep breaths and send positive thoughts to the world. And hope the world sends positive thoughts to us.

You know who’s going to be a disgusting blowhard tomorrow? Schmoe.

North Korea is celebrating — they now have only the second craziest Supreme Leader.

That felt good. Total silence except for my sister’s dogs snoring… Ahhhh…

Schmoe will be getting scripts from Herr Drumpf to read verbatim.

@112: Probably so. I wonder if Meeka will have a “nodding head” script to follow?

I can’t believe it. Donald Trump is going to win. Donald effing Trump. Republicans will hold all three branches.

Fredster, as your blogging buddy for many years now, I wish you would give up watching #socklessdeadintern. Its not worth it. Bad for your health and state of mind. I rarely watch tv news anymore. Its not on here tonite.

@115: annie, I usually only watch for a few minutes, but yes I”ll have to stop that now.

Do you know that when you look up into the night skies in western North Carolina you can see the Milky Way, anytime?

There we are, just there.

Sorry, folks, can’t stop crying.

Welcome to Trumplandia where Breitbart is the new state teevee.

Okay Republican party, now let’s see your policies and plans. What? You don’t have any? Show us.

His cabinet: Gingrich, Guliani and Flynn

@119: the plan is get rid of the A.C.A., farm out Soc. Sec. to the stock market, drop the tax rate for the richest, and gawd only knows what on foreign policy except “bomb the shit out of them”.

I am sick to my stomach. I just can’t even articulate what is happening.

As I was walking home, just a few blocks from the Javits Center where Hillary has her rally, and outside of Clyde Frazier’s restaurant, a white man was walking and screaming “White power!” And that is Trump’s America.

Everything the Rethugs have wanted to accomplish for a generation. Everything — social security, massive tax cuts, rewriting the tax code to make it regressive, dismantling the Great Society, reinvigorating the social wars, forget the Voting Rights Act, $20 Billion in deportation, the Federal Reserve is doomed to Congressional meddling.

Everything I can think of is about to be torn asunder.

The dollar is going to be in free fall tomorrow morning. Congratulations deficit scolds, maybe you have gotten the runaway inflation you have so long coveted.

I don’t think I can watch Hilary concede. I KNOW I won’t watch Trump.

Oh and we’ll have this to look forward to also.

Four years of that anus-mouthed orange f*cker being the lead story of the nightly news — each day because he just has to be.

Deliver us.

@122: You sure that wasn’t one of the Trump sons or the son-in-law?

@125, well the Supreme Court has said the President can defend a civil suit during his Presidency. He can thank Republicans for that one when they went after Big Dawg.

@117, thank you.

@124, I don’t know if I can, but I feel like I did with the debates — if she can stand up to him and endure through it, so should I. But it is heartbreak.

@125 Actually, I DO look forward to that. and every other law suit against him.

I can’t believe this country has gotten dumber since reelecting Bush for a second term in 2004.

Kasie Hunt on MSNBC said she reached out to Bernie and Jane Sanders and people and they are very sad, but also there is an ‘I told you so there’ Fuck you Bernie and fuck you Jane

The Alt-right, Putin, and James Comey just erased Barack Obama’s presidency.

@132, let me add my “Fuck You” to yours. They have a share in the blame.

There’s a Jack London story called The League Of Old Men.

The mores of his time would not have envisioned me, but there may be a league of old women.

@132: Yes, fuck you Bernie and Jane. It would have been a bigger loss with you at the head of the ticket.

Kurt Eichenwald ‏@kurteichenwald 56m56 minutes ago

Earliest projections: At least one trillion dollars of investment value has been wiped out tonight. So far.

I stopped watching the news, I can’t.

I saw Joy Ann Reid briefly (they only gave her a minute or so to speak, didn’t see her all night) take the media to task for creating false equivalencies between Clinton and Trump. Nobody sitting next to her, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, etc., reacted in any meaningful way.

@135: Pat, maybe there’s just a League of Old Fogies.

Putin will have results of this election engraved on his tombstone.

@137: Luna I have a friend here who is strongly Repub in a Red state and constantly bitches about his 401k since what happened to it in 2008. If I were extremely mean I would call him tomorrow to ask how it looks now. But I’m not that mean.

@138: I know what you mean buddy. I switched it over to Castle on TNT.


@138 DYB I look forward to Joy who will speak the truth when no one else will. I’ve been thinking of her tonight.

Trump supporters at his HQ are chanting “Lock her up!! Lock her up!!”

@141 — To hell with going high. Call him and ask how he likes Trump’s effect on the stock market!

@146: Well ya know, he’s also an Alabama fan so maybe he deserves that call. 😝

Trump supporters at his HQ are chanting “Lock her up!! Lock her up!!”

And Chaffetz and Gowdy may very well start the process.

i’m just numb. All those hateful things he said – half the country must agree. Rapists criminals, shoot someone on 5th Ave, why have nukes if we don’t use them… Just numb. Think about everyone he has insulted. think about the Khan family…

Mike Pence. Let’s not forget that religious freak.

@139 Fredster, you gotta read that.

It’s “To Build A Fire”, but with all the other London stuff, and verging on the cultural realization he couldn’t be aware of and still make money from, given his time.

What can I say? He was a writer, as Faulkner was a writer, as James Dickey was a writer, as Edna Millay was a writer, as all the others were. They’re dead, we live, they pass on the fire of intelligence.

I’ve been retweeting Kurt Eichenwald all night. Am I nuts, or did Newsweek and Time do more honest reporting than the tv news and the big national newspapers?

They’re dead, we live, they pass on the fire of intelligence.

I love that. Very well said.

@152: annie, that NATO stuff scares me. I mean 300k troops is nothing compared to Russia’s troops.

@154: Well someone didn’t tell the voters that.

@152 Annie, yes they did! People watch teeee veeee cause they are too lazy or dumb to READ! They have no reading comprehension anyway so they wouldn’t understand.

AP just called election for Trump. 😦 I’m going to bed.

Someone said on twitter that the stock markets have already lost a trillion dollars.

Rachel just said “To have the 1st AA president to be followed by a man who has the support of the KKK…’

I also need to hit the sack. My guys were so upset that hubs & I split a Xanax (instead of the nice bottle of wine we were saving) and I had laker take one of his valiums. He only takes one if he has a bad “aura” which could lead to a seizure, but he was overwrought and his poor heart beating fast, so it seemed like a good choice, and he did calm down a lot. Hubs is thinking of taking tomorrow off. Now that ACA will be wiped out, we have to rethink hubs retirement plans so laker can have insurance. I hate rethugicans. They ruin everything they touch, except for the wealthy. If I don’t make it back here tonight, will see you all tomorrow. xoxoxo

What fresh hell is this.

One last thing. Hillary apparently has conceded and Trump is addressing his Reichstag now. You will not believe this, but the motherfucker walked out to the podium to the music from the Harrison Ford movie, All the Presidents Men.

I’m going to go barf up my dinner and then finally have my cry in the shower.

Til tomorrow friends…

After Hillary rests awhile, she will choose her own causes to get involved in again. I will follow and help her. Maybe the Clinton Global Foundation will make more of a difference around the world than anything this country can do for itself because it obviously chooses not to. I’ll be there for everything we’ve always been there for.

@143, Nato has tactical nuclear weapons. They are under joint control, but the equation has always been evened out with those battlefield nukes.

Welcome to our new reality. The children can now grow up worrying about nuclear war like we did back when “America was great.”

Thank you MadamaB and everyone here, for not giving in. For not bowing to the bullies. For not cowering.

It’s going to mean a hellava lot in the coming years. Like all of Denmark’s citizens putting the Jewish star on their clothes, when it could have meant death for them.

How did we come to this, fifty years later? Women. The last caste. But in spite of it all:

Thank you, women.

Thank you, men, who refused this dirtiest of encomiums.

Thank you, all of you who believed in a country in which you were not defined by an accident of birth, in which your strengths were not redefined as weaknesses by those who had the power to do so.

Thank you.

@163 Annie, don’t get too upset about ACA yet. this is what I said upthread. Okay Republicans show us what you got. Now they get to explain to 26 million people they will be without insurance. They don’t have a plan to replace. Paul Ryan probably shit his pants tonight because now he has to produce what he hasn’t had to bother before because he knew Obama would veto. Now they have to put up or shut up.

@165, ooops, not All the Presidents Men. It was Air Force One. It was the tackiest thing ever. I hope Trump gets deluged with lawsuits for the next four years. I hope his skank wife continues to make a fool of herself and I hope his spoiled brat kids get whatever they deserve.

Now that ACA will be wiped out

Well fuck that. I have some paperwork on my 2017 app and I’m going ahead and filling it out!

Getting ready to watch that old, old, old movie ”Witness” with Harrison Ford. I will not be watching anything political for a long while. Y’all let me know if WWIII breaks out, okay? It might take me awhile to notice.

You guys have to stay here. I am going to need sane people to talk to even more in the days ahead. This blog has been my rock

Oh to hell with this crap. I’m taking a whole .5 xanax and then doing my ACA stuff. It will take quite awhile for the xanax to start working. Oops put the wrong dosage in there!

Ya’ll, ya know one thing I’m glad about? That our chat wasn’t here to experience this. As much as I miss her I’m glad she didn’t have to see this.

Here we go, it has started from one xenophobe to another:


@174: Not to worry contrask, the blog will be here.

OH! I meant to ask if you had any damage from that quake out that way?

@174, contrask you have helped me get through this season. You have helped immensely. (I refuse to say “bigly”.)

@173, GAgal, I was just thinking the same thing — I may have to completely just divorce myself from cable news. Of course, when we are all living in caves, it won’t be that difficult.

@180: Of course, when we are all living in caves, it won’t be that difficult.

And when we’re all in the re-education camps will have TrumpTV blasted at us 24 hrs a day.

@180 Prolix, don’t interrupt me from my movie! John Booke just crashed into the Martin birdhouse in Amish land dammit!

@181 & 182, okay, I’m going to try and sleep. Thank y’all for keeping me off the ledge.

Night or morning y’all.

Van Jones sums it up.

Good evening. It’s only the second time I’ve commented here, as I’m a New Zealander, but one who has long admired Hillary, and her supporters. I just wanted to say how very sorry I am. We feel your loss too – even those who lean to the right politically are shocked. Thinking of you all, and mourning with you.

Good opinion piece in the NYT right here.

I’m awake, this is the first place I came. Now in tears and shaking. This cannot be happening.

White-lash is exactly right Van. Eight years of a black man in the WH finally pushed the racists to register to vote. White-lash… Thanks for the clip Fredster

@186 linda, we are stunned. It’s hard to speak at all right now. thank you for being here for us.

Ladies and Gentlemen… your next President of the United States…

Linda, thank you. We are not going anywhere. PDXPat, and contrask, and Annie, and SM, and my amazing co.bloggers Prolix, Fredster and GAGal – thank you.

This is a reality I never thought I would be living in. We have been Brexited. But let’s keep hope alive because as Drumpf taught us, we never really know what’s going to happen. GAGal, I have been thinking the same thing about Hillary, and working for her to improve women’s lives. Whatever happens, we truly are stronger together. Let’s never forget that.

@187 Sorry, Fredster, not gonna link.

Too late for those fucking sexist pigs to walk back what they did.

Ps, Fredster, I agree about Chatblu. I am glad she was spared this.

madamab, right there with you. I will not be brought down. Especially with the likes of an orange man.

@178 No damage from the quake here, Fredster, thanks – but they did declare 1 county a disaster. Lots of damage to buildings near center of quake, some 60 miles from me.

Now I need a subscription to a good newspaper. I can’t stand to watch CNN and most of the others for about the next 4 years. Here in Oklahoma we re-elected all the republicans, went for Trump in wider margin than predicted, and voted against a penny sales tax that was ear-marked for teacher raises. However, we can now buy 6 point beer and hard liquor in supermarkets, so it will be easier to drown our sorrows

Somebody tell me what went wrong with polling? I want to scream “rigged” and start my own conspiracy theory.

Now I have to put on my “spirit of unity face” for the taunts from co-workers and kids at school.

Whoa, whoa, whoa everyone. Chat is still with us. She is our sane side.

@196 contrask, just smile and say ‘Great! Now can we hear about actual policy and plans?’ that should shut them up because they have none. Really. ASK them and see what they have to say. Push it. Insist they tell you policy. Until they can’t. That’s how you do it. Good luck. Don’t back down.

I’m still here but not for long. That’s how long it takes for that xanax to work on me.

Gagal, I meant the corpus of our chat. I know she’s shaking her ethereal head and cussing a blue streak (yes I heard her do that one time!)

Pat, the link was to a guy who has many foreign-born and some Muslim friends in NYC. They are wondering “Are we safe? Can we raise our kids here safely? Will we be kicked out?”.

I claim the honor of the countdown to 2020 calendar. I’ll update daily starting Jan 20

@200 – Countdown to 2018…let’s make it a huge blue backlash.

Hillary just delivered her concession speech. I saw a part of it. But really, I just can’t.

Yes, a Bluelash is essential. Right now I’m just too angry and discouraged.

We’ve spent 2 years asking “What do Trump supporters want?” For all the whining that the “elites” and city folk just don’t understand rural voters – sorry, I’m over it. We’ve been talking about their needs for 2 years at least. Have they asked a single question about what we want? No and as someone once said, frankly, I don’t give a damn anymore. Why don’t they give a shit about us? And why should I give a shit about them?

I don’t know, I’m angry and discouraged and I’m over it.

I don’t have a TV so I’m spared some of that insanity. And Van Jones was insulting and making fun of Hillary during the primary. It’s waaaaay more sexism than racism. More than a third of Latino men voted for Drumphf.
I’m numb and stunned and despairing and then obstinate.

Posting this here too though I know a lot of you visit SD too.

What Happens Now with a President-Elect Trump?
Posted by Al Giordano – November 9, 2016 at 11:26 am
NOTE: The words “President-Elect Donald Trump” are not the ones I had expected to be typing this morning, and as it is for a great many in the US and around the world, the shock has not worn off me by morning. But six days ago I did write this essay looking ahead at what the consequences of a Trump election could be and sent it to subscribers of my newsletter, supporters of the Fund for Authentic Journalism. I’ll have more to say soon but I’ll share these first thoughts with a wider public now. – Al Giordano

Thank you Linda, and Welcome. I hope you comment more often. Would love to hear about New Zealand.

Van’s rant was good, whitelash sums it up.

@202, cosign.

DYB, Luna, I feel your pain. I know exactly what these uneducated men want – to keep their majority for evah. They can’t do that, it’s impossible; and instead of realizing it and voting for the one who can make change that would benefit them, they voted for the sexist sociopathic monster, and thus guaranteed that they’ll never get what they want. They have also taken women’s rights back 100 years. “Incidentally.”

Hillary’s concession speech crashed my interwebz at work, so I’m going to check it out later. Sadly, she’s really good at those by now, having lost two elections to men who didn’t deserve to win.

Have you all seen this? A 6-year-old girl who is smarter than 50 million dumb*ss, bigoted, xenophobic Americans.

@204 – That was an excellent article. My only hope is that Drumpf is too disorganized to put real fascism together before the bluelash. But there’s no doubt this is where he would like to go.

Finally watched Hillary concession speech. Held the tears back for only a short while. This woman is too good for this country. I howled like I did when my parents died, when my best friend died. When she said he should get an open mind as he starts his term I yelled F-No!

I know I will be a mess when I watch it too, Luna. I’m going on about 24 hours with no sleep at this point.

I will find the courage to watch Hillary’s speech soon. Today I had to teach college students, most of whom are women and minorities, many immigrants. All I felt like doing was crying but I knew they needed a composed, compassionate role-model. They looked stricken.

But here is a moment that gave me some hope: we were practicing forming questions in French and I asked for one more student “courageux” to give an example. A normally timid Asian-American female student raised her hand and started her question:

“Pourquoi…. est-ce que …les États-Unis (and here I had a feeling where she was going)… ont besoin de… Donald Trump?” [Why does the US need DT?]

It was perfect on every level. I was so pleased that I told her she’d get double bonus points. And almost everyone laughed. Of course, I’m in a blue state. But at this point I’m grateful for any ray of hope.

@211, that is a GREAT story. She (the student) would have my heart irrevocably.

jules, your student is smart and courageous! And heartfelt expressions such as hers help keep us getting back up and living to defy the haters.

I’m sending Hillary a handwritten letter, in my best penmanship, to tell her I love her and that she inspires me as no one else ever has.

Thanks, Prolix and NW Luna. She could fail every quiz and test between now and the end of term, and I’d still figure out a way to give her an A.

PS– my gratitude to all last night who posted results. You spared me having to turn on the tv. It was much gentler on my soul to get the devastating news here.

I’ve been thinking of this famous essay:

“”The larger the mob, the harder the test. In small areas, before small electorates, a first-rate man occasionally fights his way through, carrying even the mob with him by force of his personality. But when the field is nationwide, and the fight must be waged chiefly at second and third hand, and the force of personality cannot so readily make itself felt, then all the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most easily adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum.

The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

H.L. Mencken, Baltimore Evening Sun, 26 July 1920

Wow – DYB – that is a fitting quote. Anti-Trump protest outside Trump Tower.

You must say this sentence to everyone you meet today: “HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!” The MAJORITY of our fellow Americans preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Period. Fact. If you woke up this morning thinking you live in an effed-up country, you don’t. The majority of your fellow Americans wanted Hillary, not Trump. The only reason he’s president is because of an arcane, insane 18th-century idea called the Electoral College. Until we change that, we’ll continue to have presidents we didn’t elect and didn’t want. You live in a country where a majority of its citizens have said they believe there’s climate change, they believe women should be paid the same as men, they want a debt-free college education, they don’t want us invading countries, they want a raise in the minimum wage and they want a single-payer true universal health care system. None of that has changed. We live in a country where the majority agree with the “liberal” position. We just lack the liberal leadership to make that happen (see: #1 above).

Thanks for that, contrask. It’s true that a majority voted for Hillary Clinton, but I’m terrified and disheartened at how many voted for Trump and how many were just plain too uncaring to even go to the polls and vote.

Well those people forfeited their right. And a whole lot more are kicking themselves for not voting and allowing a pig into office.

Hey shinners!

Just a quick note to let y’all know I’ll be away from the blog for several days or so. Just not in the mood to deal with anything remotely political at this time.

I’ll probably see y’all sometime next week.

I’m still numb and in a state of shock, but at the risk of making people feel worse here, I have to post this:

According to this article at Crooks&Liars, the Senate is now 50/50, with Pence, of course, being the tie breaker. That means we would have had the Supreme Court, had Hillary won.

So close.

@223, so close. Still, it is good to wave bye-bye to Ms. Ayotte. May the dingoes of Hell pursue her dreams for the rest of her miserable life.

Sure puts the lie to “Why vote? It doesn’t make a difference.” Enjoy your fascist overlords, punks.

Seattle protests Trump’s victory, mourns Clinton’s loss.

Hundreds of people are protesting Donald Trump’s election to the White House in Seattle, a gathering that follows other events Wednesday to mourn and rally after Tuesday’s election results.

There were big protests in NYC too.

So glad Ayotte is out! Good riddance. She can go and tell her children Trump is a role model now all day long. And sheesh, 50/50. One can only hope that the really crazy nominees might get one Republican voting Nay. One can only hope.

Fredster, take your time. I think we all need time to recover.

@216, DYB, excellent! Leave it to Mr. Mencken to hold up the mirror so we can get a better look at the stupidity that so often accompanies our decision-making.

@Fredster, I can sure understand. Don’t stay away too long.

I haven’t even gotten on email since yesterday morning.

@Luna, well I sent you an email on the 8th.

Just wanted to remind everyone:

If you don’t have a passport or if yours is expired or close to expiring, get it done now. The fee for the regular passport is $110, for the card that gets you across land borders $30, and for both $140.

If you can at all afford this right now, I suggest you get it done ASAP. The lead time for processing comes right up against January, 2017.

You may not be looking at using it in the near future, but when these fascists take power, they will change everything from top to bottom, including the State Department. I renewed my passport due to a push by Hillary’s State Department to make it easy for U.S. citizens to get one. Her foul successor will undoubtedly reverse that. When you realize you need one, it may be too late. Do it now.

If things don’t turn out so bad, just stick it in a drawer somewhere. But trust me. I lived through what reThugs did when given absolute power in North Carolina. The restrictions on ordinary people went to the most minute levels, some of which we only realized when the traps sprang shut on our legs. You’ll feel better knowing you have this.

Pat, that is a very good suggestion. My son renewed his last year, but I think mine & hubs might expire next year. Must check on that.

I’ve enjoyed seeing all the protests & I hope they continue. Let trump see what half of the country thinks of him and his ugly cabal.

We all need to heal. The protests made me feel marginally better. I only wish there were protests in my red state. I like Pat’s idea to get a passport ready. I am going to take time to become Game of Thrones literate. A good book will do me wonders.

Then I will do something to get involved. I don’t care if I live in the country and it’s hard to go to meetings in town. I need to be really involved with people in my state. I have to help my state change to be able to affect the national agenda. It’s time.

I cannot watch cable news. I cannot listen to Hillarys’ concession speech yet. And I don’t want to hear his voice! I just can’t. But I will not sit numb for 4 years. Hope we all heal quickly and can move forward. You guys have been my rock these last few months.

@231 & 234. Pat, that is a great reminder. I need to do that.

Contrask, I’m the same way. I can’t bring myself to watch Hillary’s speech yet. I just can’t. Maybe it is denial on my part, but I can’t watch it yet.

Well those people forfeited their right. And a whole lot more are kicking themselves for not voting and allowing a pig into office.

So true.

I have found various articles and news reports saying Hillary won the popular vote, but have been looking for an official source because I don’t want anyone to pooh-pooh my sources. I looked on the website of the FEC (don’t know if that was the place to go), but all I found there as to popular vote counts in this election was a protected view of an Excel spreadsheet which had no numbers on it, just categories (??). Does anyone know where there is an official source for the popular vote count in this election? Thx.

@236, Branjor, I doubt you will find any certified vote totals since most all states are still counting. There are absentee votes to count and most of that is by hand. California will be days counting all their votes.

If you google “popular vote totals 2016” you will get these:

Clinton: 59,814,018 votes
Trump: 59,611,678 votes

Hillary will end up winning by 1-2% which is within the margin for her pre-election polling.

Annie, Contrask & Prolix, glad I was able to provide a little nudging 🙂

New post upstairs.

Thanks, Prolix@237. Will maybe look again after the counting is done and the vote certified.

I’m trying to figure out the Senate count. I think it’s 48D/51R, +1 Independent Sanders? So technically we are at 49/51 minority?

@241, DYB. that link I posted mentioned one other independent besides BS who usually votes with Dems. Those two put the effective count at 50/50.

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