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Activist Monday: Getting Ready for Madam President…

Posted on: November 7, 2016

Good Monday, all! It seems truly unbelievable, but tomorrow is, in fact, Election Day 2016. For those of you freaked out by Fivethirtyeight’s stats, giving the mango-colored monkey a better chance than any other polling place or analyst, well….don’t be. Silver’s model isn’t up to the cray-cray of this overwhelmingly bizarre year. The three main reasons are: unwillingness to respond to polls, major growth in the Democratic populace due to support from white women, Latinos and Asian-Americans; and the huge numbers of people who have already voted (almost 40 million at last count), who aren’t being counted.

I am not counseling complacency. Everyone should do everything possible to assure HRC’s victory (I give our amazing SM credit for the huge upswing in the Hispanic and Latino vote in Florida!). But Drumpf’s chances are so slim (he would have to win every swing state AND a blue state in order to get to 270, whereas HRC starts with 242 and only needs to block him in one swing state), that I feel very confident sticking to my prediction that on November 8th, we will be saluting Madam President.

It will be a historic moment that, after 2008, many of us felt we would never see in our lifetimes. The emotional impact of her election will cause seismic waves through the American electorate, and through the world as well. The most powerful, wealthiest and most resource-rich country in the world will finally be led by a wimminz! My mind, heart and soul all expand with joy over this uplifting end to this ugly, dispiriting and embarrassing travesty of an election.

What will happen on November 9th, and beyond? In order to understand what will come, we must write the true story of this election – at least, the true story as I see it. Below, for your entertainment and accompanied by all the usual caveats informing you that this is my opinion and your mileage may vary, is MadamaB’s Not At All Partisan, Somewhat Brief History of the 2016 Election.

Part One: The Mango-Colored Monkey Wins the Republican Primary by…Appealing to the Very, VERY Deplorable Republican Base.

There is a nice, neat narrative the punditry has settled on: that Drumpf’s base is white working-class voters, the so-called Reagan Democrats, who are rightfully upset about the way rich f*cktards like the Donald have been outsourcing their jobs. This is how the chattering class countered Hillary’s absolutely correct callout of the racist, misogynist and xenophobic “deplorables” that make up the bulk of the Donald’s supporters, because hey, they can’t really admit what the Republican Party is about, can they? The Right is Always Right and Sensible, and the Left is always Wild and Crazy, and sometimes Corrupt – these are the articles of faith that the mainstream media subscribes to. Hillary’s Inconvenient Truth was a terrible light that threatened to clear away the fog of disinformation they’ve been spreading for decades, and, well…they couldn’t have that, could they? What would Chuck Todd and Wolf Blitzer and Joe Scarborough bloviate about for hours and hours every day if they couldn’t make it seem like the Republicans had an actual, issues-based platform that appealed to the American People?

No, the reality is that Drumpf’s support does not come from the white working class, but from the place Republican voters usually come from: the white middle-class. The only wrinkle in this case is that the white middle-class voters the Orange Crusher attracts are not college-educated. Ah, class snobbery: one reason the Beltway elites have all bought into the easily debunked narrative of the Circus Peanut’s overwhelming working-class support, which I will now proceed to…easily debunk.

In “The Mythology of Trump’s ‘Working Class’ Support,” FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver does some analysis that tears down the preconceptions about Trump’s base. Polls have shown that Trump does better with lower earning, less educated voters. And indeed, Trump’s backers are less well off than, say, those who voted for John Kasich. But as Silver shows, less well off than other Republican primary voters is still fairly well off. With some careful statistical work, Silver shows that the family income of the typical Trump voter is $72,000.

That’s not wealthy, but it’s clearly a middle-class income, especially in the parts of the country where Trump gathers his most devoted support. The voters who made Trump happen aren’t, by and large, those who have been chewed up and spit out by the death of factory jobs. They are people who thought they’d met the requirements for success in the contemporary economy, and still find themselves losing ground.


This is why I firmly believe that you don’t become a Creamsicle Cultist without an “ism.” It’s not economic anxiety that drives these people: it’s cultural anxiety – as I describe it, the desire to return to the Fake Fifties in their heads, when white men were in charge and never married other men; when women never got uppity and were never in charge; and when black and brown people drank from different fountains and sat at the back of the bus. Disagree? Then why is a patently ridiculous, racist question the simplest way of determining whether or not a voter will go for Drumpf?

…According to analysis by Philip Klinkner of Hamilton College, the most accurate way to pick a Trump supporter is to ask him whether he thinks Mr Obama is a Muslim. A belief that he is—a common proxy for hostility to the first black president—was held by around 60% of Mr Trump’s primary supporters. As a predictor of Trump support, it is “more accurate than asking people if it’s harder to move up the income ladder than it was for their parents, whether they oppose trade deals, or if they think the economy is worse now than last year,” wrote Mr Klinkner. “It’s even more accurate than asking them if they are Republican.”

Like I said…it’s easy. Amazing how so few pundits bothered to try.

Part 2: #TheBernout Riled Up the Brogressives. Again.

Ah, the brogressives. We thought we had gotten away from these immature, ravingly misogynistic, HDS-suffering Cheeto-heads after they realized, a couple of years after his election, that President Obama didn’t actually walk on water. But alas, they hadn’t learned their lesson. They once again decided that an unqualified, slogan-spewing man who has accomplished exactly nothing in his Senate career, was far, far preferable to the most qualified candidate in known history. Because, you know, P*NIS!!!

While there was no chance whatsoever that #TheBernout was going to be the Democratic nominee (the man is not even a Democrat, for heavens’ sake), he had a helluva run thanks to the “rigged” system that the Democrats set up. Due to the more egalitarian version of delegate math in the DNC, poor Bern-Bern was frequently awarded half of her delegates even when her margin of victory was overwhelming. Along the way, he pounded in this simple message: Hillary is a tool of the Establishment, whereas 74-year-old Sanders, a man who had never had a job other than being the lone Socialist in the senate, is not. Plus, she’s in league with the big banks even though she has a better plan to break them up than he did. You can’t trust her because she gave speeches to Goldman Sachs, even though she released her tax returns and he didn’t. All of this patent bullsh*t was repeated constantly and without any vetting whatsoever, for several months; long past the time that the quixotic Socialist should have withdrawn.

Part 3: The Media Tries to Throw The Election to Drumpf.

I know that statement seems a bit extreme, but how else do you explain the media’s seeming inability to cover this creature like the feces-throwing baboon he is? There is no circumstance under which this ignorant cretin could be considered a viable candidate for the office of the President of the United States. None. The media should have said that about 47 million times by now, and the number of people supporting the Donald should be down to approximately 12. But instead, the media rhapsodized about him non-stop for months, granting him over $2 billion of overwhelmingly positive reporting, all the while slamming Hillary every opportunity they had. While he claimed she is the “most corrupt candidate evah” and called her “Crooked Hillary,” very few of them brought up the over 4000 lawsuits he has been involved in, nor the fact that on November 28 (20 days after the election!), the Trump University lawsuit goes forward. You know, the one in which he’s charged with fraud and racketeering. How is that not corrupt? And what about his transition chief being dragged down by Bridgegate? No way Chris Christie survives this politically – except, perhaps, on TrumpTV.

Now, a few of them seem to have grown a conscience; but it’s far too little, far too late for redemption.

Part 4: The FBI Tries to Throw The Election to Drumpf.

This seems even more of a questionable assertion, but…how else to explain the FBI’s relentless digging into HRC’s private email server from her time as Secretary of State? This was the topic of every news cycle for almost two years, but yet, it was actually nothing, as Matthew Yglesias exhaustively proved. Even the organization’s last-ditch attempt on October 28, 2016, to smear Clinton as worthy of continuing investigation, which hurt her polling and enthusiasm numbers for almost a week, amounted to, again, nothing.

FBI Director James Comey informed Congress that upon review of emails related to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server, the FBI has “not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July ”that no criminal charges are appropriate. The FBI’s conclusion of the email review comes after the media breathlessly hyped extensive, doomsday-like coverage about the email investigation.

Comey notified Congress on November 6 that the FBI has “reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State,” and that the review of related emails “obtained in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation” has led to no changes in the FBI’s “conclusions that we expressed in July,” when the FBI found that “no charges are appropriate in this case.” NBC’s Pete Williams reported that “nearly all the documents … were duplicates that the FBI had already seen in its investigation of the Clinton email server or were personal emails that had no bearing on the question of classification.”

And I’m sure that whole FBI==>Giuliani==>Bannon==>”Clinton Cash” connection is, like, totally a coincidence. And I’m sure that their failure to sound the alarm about Pooty-Poot’s connection to Drumpf is also, like, totally a coincidence. And I’m sure that they could not possibly have stopped or reported on the Russians’ hacking into the DNC and the private emails of Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta.

Uh huh.

Part 5: The Titanium Pantsuit Wins Anyway.

Here’s the happy ending we’ve been waiting for: No matter what happened during this disgusting crotch-grabbing clownfest of an election, Our Girl stayed dignified, poised and in control. She knew we had her back, as did tens of millions of women, Latinos, African-Americans, LGBT, Muslims, Asians, millennials, and white men sick of the Circus Peanut’s repugnant actions and rhetoric.  And at last, the American people are heard, and hello, Madam President!

Part 6: What Happens Next? Besides a Big Party and a Massive Hangover on November 9th.

I believe the vaunted Drumpf revolution will come to nothing, and that whether he concedes or not, November 9th will be a happy day for sane, non-deplorable Americans. So may it be.

Now, we know what Hillary wants to do in her first 100 days. What will she be able to do? That, in no small part, depends on us.

Here’s what I propose:

  1. We need to keep making the case for her policies here at TW, elsewhere in the blogosphere, on social media, and with our friends and family.
  2. We need to ignore the media spin and counter it with the facts, because let’s face it: the media will still hate her. She’s still a woman and a Clinton, after all. Those things won’t go away.
  3. We need to push her in the right direction if she seems too ready to compromise, with calls, emails and petitions. (I used to do this when she was Senator in New York, and yes – it worked.)
  4. We need to get out the vote in 2018, because to REALLY get down to business, she’ll need a much more Democratic Senate and House.

I’ll (finally) leave you with a few inspirational and satirical videos. Get out and vote tomorrow so #5 and #6 can come true!

This is an open thread.


80 Responses to "Activist Monday: Getting Ready for Madam President…"

I’ve been thinking how Hillary’s win will resound around the world. There will be tons of people up all night waiting for the results. There will be cheers heard across the globe and celebrations in the streets, just like here. I hope it’s well documented. I look forward to seeing it.

May we all be throwing Mazel Tov cocktails by tomorrow night!

Hear hear, Ladies! (And gentlemen – don’t be shy!!)

I will be doing my best to simulate a pantsuit tomorrow!

Russians will be throwing Molotov Cocktails

@5 Noooo – not the real thing! The whole world wants surrogate Scottie’s version:


(h/t NotYourSweetie at

Sheesh – another comment gobbled by Spammy.

I’ll just assume everyone here heard about that faux pas by tRump surrogate Scottie Hughes and not try to repost.

I haven’t heard! I’ll approve it.

HAHA! I love that Chris Christie meme on the sidebar!

@9Thanks, MadamaB – I think it was the verboten two links that did it.

@10 Just looked over there – lololol :>

Can’t you just hear Christie saying that? 😄 I think we can thank Fredster for that one.

Yup. I’m sure it’s just coincidence that Director Comey had a Trump/Pence sign on his front lawn at his house in CT. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on!

Great post MB.

If there was any doubt these Trumpanistas are deplorable, they booed Springsteen.

Madamab – you were right, I do enjoy this post! Your point about the main predictor for Drumpf support is excellent. I wish we heard more about this, rather than the specious reasons spewed by the media and behind which Trumpeteers hide.

@3 PDXPat — yes, and cheers!

@13 — How interesting that the sign disappeared overnight. Not paying the mortgage on a $2.5 million house with his FBI salary, is he? Rubles from Pooty-Poot?

@14, baby did his first embed link. I’m so proud!

The last few weeks there have been a few articles (including one in WaPo) lamenting that in this election we have just not shown enough sympathy for Trump supporters. And that just makes me want to kick something in the face because we’ve spent 2 years asking “What do Trump supporters want?” To quote someone, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Poor sad Trump supporters, we just aren’t taking their feelings into account.

And if I hear one more time how sad Paul Ryan is (David Frum was doing it again on Bill Maher this past Friday), I’m going to knock my table over and hit Frum over the head with it. F&*K Paul Ryan. Trump is so far off the reservation that he makes Paul Ryan look reasonable and he’s not. He’s a right-wing nut job with a right-wing nut job agenda. I could not believe Maher was actually saying to Frum that he was sorry for bashing Dubya and Romney in the past because they weren’t so bad. If I was on that panel I would have smacked him upside the head because Dubya was certainly bad. Just because Drumpf has taken them all off a cliff doesn’t mean people like Dubya weren’t awful.

Also, the thing that’s making me laugh today are the fundraising e-mails I’m getting from Clinton’s campaign all day. And each one, coming from a different person, tells me this is the last time they’ll contact me asking for money. But I’ve had 7 of them so far, each from a different person. So technically it may be true that they are all asking me one last time… 🙂

Yes, HRC has plenty of money. It’s enough already. At this point it’s about that vote!!!

And thanks, Prolix and Jules!! Jules, glad you commented!

Haven you seen this? (Strong language.)

@21, that thing had children. He is the best evidence for sterilization I’ve seen in a long time. Disgusting, just utterly disgusting.

@22> His wife seemed to be telling him to drop it, but he doesn’t think much of her either.

My sister is going to an election party tomorrow night and will be doing the cooking. She said she searched far and wide for Hillary’s favorite meal to cook (something about a Slate article from 2008) It is: a 6 oz. sirloin burger topped with chopped pimento olives and Dijon mustard, with roasted red potatoes with red curry paste. She has no idea if it’s true, but that’s what she’s cooking.

Also pretty funny. She was telling me this over the phone sitting at the bar in Longhorns waiting for her friends to arrive. She was giggling because there was a guy listening to her talk about cooking Hillary’s favorite meal and was giving her a really, really dirty look. I hope her friends get there soon!

SHINNERS!!! ACCK!!! I can’t do this election thingy anymore! I am done!! Florida is killing it in early voting!!!! I can tell you that due to my work schedule, which has been brutal since August (thank God we got a job!) and health issues (diagnosed with hypertension, eek), life issues (Juanita Lunchbucketing), etc., we brought it on the volunteer front. Calls, voter regs, canvassing, everything. When I couldn’t, the kid unit represented and vice versa.

Hillary’s campaign people are awesome, wonderful people, both staffers and volunteers. We did everything we could. Early voting numbers look really good for Tampa and part of the I-4 corridor:

Voto Latino: We are the wall / Somos el Muro (subtitled):

@25 You all are the total godesses and gods.

From my foray into local campaigning, I can tell you that you, especially the wimmenz, survive on 2 hours sleep, Doritos and take-out pizza, carry on with your lives (our local Hillz coordinator discovered she was pregnant during all this and was dealing with morning sickness on top of it all) and still herd us cats into an effective team.

When, not if, Hillz wins, it will be due in no small amount to you.

@27 PDXPAT, it’s truly is herding cats!!! LMAO! We are all small parts of a big puzzle. Sometimes we’d have 20 people phone banking, other times, just 3 and we’d come and go, like cats, LOL. What really helped here is getting calls made, canvassing, doing that “hey, I’m a volunteer, just giving you a call” type thing, and IT WORKS. We would get swapped from coordinators to others as they got moved to other areas. I was super active up until August, then I just stuck to phone banking. Just couldn’t do it due to work, etc., this fall.

I did a lot of translating to newly-minted US citizens, just walking them through the process of voting for the first time, so that was awesome.

In Tampa and in the I-4 corridor, each person you talk to can swing an election. This is a very peculiar place to live in, lol!

There has to be a new health diagnosis: Election-itis. I’m done. C’mon HILLZ, we got this!!

@28 Election-itis – I think we’ve all got it. To be followed by, as MadamaB noted in Part 6, the world’s worst/best hangover.

Amazing that volunteers and volunteer coordinators did all this on top of normal life/family/work – but then our candidate is a superwoman and they take after her.

OMG I laughed so hard at this. I backed it up several times to watch it over and over.

SM, you deserve a yooooge special treat after this. Ya’ gotta do something just for you!!

@31, my birthday is this Thursday, so I’ve told everyone that all I want is Hillary as my president for my bday 🙂

SM77!!! It’s because of you, GAGAL and all of our amazing Widdershinian volunteers that we are finally, FINALLY going to get Hill A Reeee!!

Mr. Pundit has a good pre-Election Day two-part post. Part one is here. And part 2 is here.

Steve Bannon, slovenly coke tester and the inventor of the One-Size-Fits-All Klan fitted sheet, might want to have a word with his pollsters. Seems as if they need much larger thumbs or smaller scales by which to measure the Macaque’s torch salesmen and pitchfork tuners.

Final Gravis/Breitbart (R) Poll

Clinton +8

Clinton +5

Clinton +2

Clinton +1

You can live stream the late live, Raleigh NC Hillary rally here. Lady Gaga is on now.

In Memoriam for those surrogates we will never see again after tonight:


It must be some licensing thing or something else but they’re not playing Gaga’s songs. They just have a generic music stream on there. Grrrrr! 👹 👹

@38: Should have shared the same fate as the rest of the walkers. 😉

Oh good they have the sound back on the live stream.

Did y’all see that Hillary won in Dixville Notch, NH. Hill 4, Trump 2, Johnson 1 and a write in for Romney. Also Hassan and Ayotte were tied at 4, which I’m of afraid of elsewhere for Senate.

One more day … I can hardly believe it. Planning to wear a pantsuit tomorrow! It’s black and I’m afraid it will make me look like a pharmaceutical rep, but OTOH it’s the only one I have, lol. I don’t have anything in white except a couple of linen shirts. Guess I need to get a white pantsuit for Madame President’s Inauguration Day!

@43: it will make me look like a pharmaceutical rep

Got any samples? 😉

MB, brilliant post! Yes, we will continue to be here! We’ll have even more to talk about, great things and bad.

SM, you rock! And I hope you have a terrific birthday–you deserve it and more!

@38 They forgot FiredCorey!!

Great last speech by Hillary! I think that was the shortest intro by Bill I’ve ever heard, too. Sit back and take it easy Hillary. Some pundit said she was going to vote at 6:30 this morning?

LOL! When she said that, about looking like a pharm rep, I thought she’s right! They do wear black pantsuits.

Hillary is voting at 6:30am? She could of voted by mail in NY. Oh wait! They are always filmed going to vote arent’ they? Photo op.

never mind…

Luna, hope you’re feeling better.

@34, enjoyed both parts. Thanks Fredster!

Found this info on N.Y. voting:

Polling locations will be open from 6:00am until 9:00pm on Election Day.


@49 annie, good Newsweek piece. Comey’s screw-ups have really piled up. He will step down before the end of the year. Boy, this is so true:

Oh, please. As any fifth grader not suffering under the weight of Comey’s ego could know immediately, saying next to nothing created a tremendously misleading impression.

With all of the live stuff on the newz channels I missed Colbert and The Late Show. However Jon Stewart showed up and hilarity ensued.

@48, I too am off to vote shortly, and, in a black “pantsuit” with a bright Hillary red jacket. Woohoo! I have to go to work afterwards…my colleagues will understand. 😄

@56: You must be home this week.

Got my pantsuit ready & headed to work! Can’t wait to celebrate Madame Hillary Clinton’s HISTORIC win tonight with you guys!!

Morning Joe just can’t handle it already – MSNBC, please give us a new morning show, Gawd!!! He’s still defending Trumpv and making a case for him.

@58: We’ll see you back here later tonight!

Is Schmoe still trying to piece together a “path to victory?” 😆

Pantsuited up in solidarity and on my way to work then the polls. “Epic” is totally overused but that’s what tonight is going to be for Hillary and all her supporters.

@59 yes – he started out OK, then went through all the states that de Drumpf is secretly ahead in. I couldn’t believe it. Why did I turn that on this morning? Last Nitght Chris Matthews was saing “something that hasn’t been talked about much…the historic potential of a woman president…” not exact quote, BUT I’m sitting there screaming “Yeah, because you guys can’t talk about anything but her emails & then whatever drama Trump has caused all day, endlessly, this entire election!!!!!”

We need to hammer the pundits good for the way they acted this election and demand better. I have to go to work. My school is a polling place. I’m staying in the library and not talking to anyone. Head high & pantsuited!

Fredster – I’m now at work in NJ. I’ll be keeping everyone here in my thoughts while we get ready for Our Girl!

Here’s an inspiring message from the Circus Peanut: “”If we don’t win, this will be the single greatest waste of time, energy and money in my life.”

“My life?” What happened to the movement, Donald? What happened to “I am your voice?” How awful must those people feel about this latest excrescence from his pie hole?

Maybe he’s too lazy for TrumpTV after all.

Just voted in NYC. The line was around the block (all of my friends say the same about their voting stations. Lines for blocks.) Several people wore white pant suits, including men. There were 20 scanning machines and mine was number 278. So that’s about 5,500 votes in less than 3 hours at one voting station, and the line was around the block and building as I was on it.

I voted for Clinton, Chuck Schumer, several other local Democrats. The ones I didn’t know (Supreme Court) I just voted for the woman on the ballot (Democratic.)

Now I’m stressing eating a bagel and have a donut waiting.

Also, Hillary’s rally tonight is at Jacob Javitts Center (which has a glass ceiling… get it?) I live 2 blocks away. I’ll be at a friend’s place down the street for election night shenanigans. But the area is going to be crazy. Already today a lot of cops and people in suits walking the streets.

And Madonna did a surprise rally/show for Hillary last night at Washington Square. I found out too late. SAD

Trump got massive boos as he came to vote in NYC at this voting station. Melania looked pissed as hell.

Loving the live updates DYB!!! Melania deserves whatever she gets for being married to that creature.

Shimmers!!! At work to share this piece of good news, almost 2/3 of registered FL voters have early voted, with Democrats in the lead by almost 90, 000 ballots!!! Here’s the counties we need to watch:

OMG did you see there’s a video of Drumpf and Melania voting side by side and he’s looking into her voting for him. Because, hey, you never know.

@68 – YESSSS!! Florida is going blue, baby!

@69 – Is Melanie wearing a pantsuit today? 😉

Trump already filed a lawsuit against Nevada.

“And so it begins…” (Lord of the Rings)

Today is so exciting, I can barely stand it!!! I’m stress-cleaning and organizing. My sock drawer is immaculate. My closet is a masterpiece. It’s a Virgo thing. MB will understand.

I’ll be watching mostly local news tonight. We have important Senate, House and Governor races here. I did early voting but friends who voted today said lines were long. It’s raining across the state so maybe Trump’s wussies will stay home. I hope so.

Hillary’s got this thing, guys and dolls. Love to you all!

@71 – Trump is a living lawsuit. He has no grounds. It will not go anywhere.
@72 – Beata I TOTALLY GET IT!! I wish I could do that today. I’m working. Boo!

Good luck with getting Evan Bayh back, and with all your down-ballot races!

Jon Ralston is the “all knowing, all seeing, great deity of NV political reporting,” epic failure for the Mango Meerkat, the Court threw it out and it didn’t even bounce.


Hillary won Guam earlier today!

There’s a picture going around of Trump Jr doing the same thing his father did – leaning over to see who his wife is voting for. Like father, like son.

@75, omg! That is too funny! GAgal, I hope you’ll do another post soon, I enjoy your take.

Waving to Beata! Also a fussy Virgo. Drove some people to the poll today, will do it again at 5. I’ve been trying to take a nap, but too excited.

@74, I saw that–the judge was great.

@67, agree 100%

@68, thanks for that great news SM!

DYB, sounds like you’re in the middle of all the excitement!

@62, yes, I saw what Trump said. Just when you think he can’t sink any lower, he does. He is a horrible, stupid, selfish person. The Americans that hitched their wagons to his “star” must have been demented.

@62 and @79 – Spoken like a textbook narcissist. It has always only been about him.

I just fixed tacos for my kids because after tonight, I won’t have to… there’ll be a taco truck on every corner! Woo-hoo!!!

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