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Lazy Weekend -Relax – Om

Posted on: November 5, 2016


Good Saturday & Weekend Widdershins!

Oh my Widdershins, Fredster has been anxious and out of sorts this entire week.  No it doesn’t have anything to do with politics or the election.  No, it’s the yearly LSU-Alabama football game this weekend.  Like most of the major athletic conferences, the SEC has two divisions:  East and West for the SEC.  LSU is in the West Division.  And so is Alabama.  LSU’s path to anyplace post-season has to involve Alabama.  They have been a cross to bear for LSU at least the last five years.  And that’s the exact number of times they have beaten LSU; it’s been five straight losses to the Gumps.  And, these are not attractive people when it comes to football games.  You may recall that from when I wrote my first guest post here at The Widdershins.  So Fredster is anxious today.

And naturally I’m also on pins and needles with this horrible, terrible election cycle right now.  I truly feel relaxing-scenethat Hillary and her GOTV efforts will end with her being the winner Tuesday night.  Still, I have to wonder what rogue F.B.I. agent in the New York office will come up with some nonsense that he spills to Giuliani who in turn whispers it in Trump’s ear and then the talking yam goes on a twitter rant or runs his mouth to a gullible audience.  Who knows what that clown has planned for the last few days of the election and afterward.


Soooo, here’s the deal:  we will relax and calm down.  Let’s put up either some movie or music clips thatrelax-body-soul relax us and just make us feel good.  There is no overarching theme or anything else of that sort.  If you like it and it makes you feel good post it in the comments.


fleur-de-lis separator-line

(1) K.D. Lang ~ Hallelujah

(2) Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

(3) Baby It’s Cold Outside ~ Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan

(4) Blue Skies ~ Ella Fitzgerald

(5) Mr. Sandman ~ Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton

fleur-de-lis separator-lineOkay then.  I kept my list sort of short so it would not drag the page down when you add your choices in the comments.


71 Responses to "Lazy Weekend -Relax – Om"

I’m into happy-making songs and Kia car commercials.

Nice selections so far.

@3: Ah I knew DYB would do something to class up the joint. 🙂

And I’m a non-smoking Chainsmokers fanatic:

Enya, the Queen of Om:

And now to meditate on how great next week will be:

Beautiful song and lovely video.

And then there’s George Winston:

@9: First time I’ve heard that from Enya.

I got class, too.

This is one of my happy place songs.

@17: LOL Beata. I just meant that DYB is our opera whiz and I kind of knew he would post something along those lines.

By definition all Widdershins are classy and have class. 🙂

Relax – she’s got this!

(Prob a floater to dump politics into this neon thread, but, well,

Have y’all seen Clinton’s Roar ad today? Talk about uplifting.)

Nice selections GAgal.

@25: Quixote if it’s on youtube feel free to add it here.

I’ve been listening to our old friend Luis Villegas all week to soothe my election anxiety:

Giving it a whirl:

Fredster, we are rooting for your Tigers! USC is on now, playing the Oregon Ducks (17-0 USC as of now), and I want the Trojans to kick their butts, after that ridiculous jury let those homegrown terrorists off. Anyway we will try to watch your game as well, if its on here.

The thing you were talking about in your post, about the SEC & PAC12 etc, being divided into two parts (E-W or N-S) really bugs Laker.

Quixote, that ad is excellent!

The very kind lady hosting me and other assorted GOTV riffraff this weekend in this critical NC county suggested this one:

(Three of her cats are named after band members!)

Pat, aww, that is cute, the E Street Band are all amazingly talented.

@annie, quixote and pat,nice contributions. I’m nervously switching to the LSU/Bama game and then annie I’m going to the USC game and KentuckyGa. Now that one’s a quandary as to who to cheer for. I have to be a neutral watcher on that one or otherwise chat would haunt me!! 😉

Also I have to mute the sound on the LSU game because I cannot stand to listen to Verne and Gary. Bleh!!

TAKE THAT White American Homegrown Terrorist lovers!!!
USC 45!!! Oregon Ducks 20 (Boo!)

Fredster, am sorry about your game, we were watching it.

Laker just said that Chat’s team won?

@37:Yep, Ga won against Ky.

And I’ll say this: the Gumps did not get an easy win at all.

For Chat — a virtuous victory!

@39: How magnanimous of you Prolix!!

Here’s the letter from Comey. Where’s the press conference? Where’s the apology? Where’s the platter upon which his head should be set?


You won’t see it, Prolix. Better question- “Where are Trumps’ tax returns?” we should be hammering this

Oh for fuck’s sake. Seriously, Comey needs to go. And the FBI needs to investigate their rogue agents.

@ 43> Did you SNL this weekend? A silly ending to their Trump/Clinton skit, but they brilliantly trolled the media and its obsession with the e-mails.

Nine days of media speculation. Nine days of Trump and his surrogates covering the airwaves. Who knows the damage. Anyone who mentions emails or a private server at this point, should be laughed at to their face. Tapper and Bernstein talking about effing Watergate right now.

Pam Bondi on FOX right now talking about the Clinton foundation. Irony. She needs to be investigated. FOX is also reporting that neither campaign has addressed this news. Lie. Hill camp put out a statement.

Obviously Rudy Tooliani, Brett Baier, and the Mango Macaque were all listening to Emily Litella.

Emily Litella

The person Trump bribed is a commentator on Fox? How????

Also, this announcement is currently not trending at the top of any news website I visit. Because who cares obviously.

Yes, I want the head on the platter. Prolix, that was sweet of you to put up Chat’s fight song!

There’s a guy over at HuffPo who has some suggestions if you are having pre election anxiety.
Among those suggestions:

Limit. A few bombshells notwithstanding, such as the alleged bug planted at the DNC Headquarters in Washington DC, don’t let the news fuel your anxiety anymore. Turn off the cable news stations and desist from obsessively checking It won’t do you any good to hear what yet another fringe freak thinks or, worse, why an undecided still can’t seem to make up his, err, mind.

Medicate. Unless you’re an addict, there’s nothing wrong with a little overindulgence now and again. Have a bottle of wine. Have three! Sure, you may suffer from a wicked hangover the next day, but at least that, too, might get your mind off of things. However, just know that a hangover is no excuse not to volunteer. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

He has a few others over there and I’m not going to add them here. Go read the piece at the link.

@49, Lewandowski is on CNN and was bribed, who is on Fox that he bribed?

@50, exactly. Comey drops a flaming bag of poop on Friday afternoon to dominate the weekend shows. He exonerates Hillary 42 hours before the polls open by a letter written and released on a Sunday afternoon. If the false equivalency journo-morons should draw a distinction, but it would cause their pea brains to explode.

@51, I miss Chat. If she was around in this dimension, she would have taken my feelings into consideration and not posted the Georgia Fight Song. In that case, I would have posted it for her. So it felt right to go ahead and do that just as if she was here with us. Does that make sense? In my convoluted way of thinking about things it does.

@55: Yep, understand that.

@55, agree 100% I had been thinking of posting her Fight song myself, then I saw it was Kentucky they beat.

@57 LOL! Yep, too little too late.

@58, Annie, thank you for being so considerate. In future generations when they are looking for examples of human emotions to feed into AI robots, they will knock on your door for niceness.

There’s one thing about me and sports, I only get serious about sports two times a year. The NCAA B’ball tournament and the first Saturday in May when the ponies make four lefts around the rose bed.

How’s Laker feelin’?

I’ve always doubted the Mango Macaque’s mental health. Not being able to trust him with a Twitter account is one thing, but if there is any doubt that the man is living in some alternate reality, check out the chyron.

Beyonce versus Ted Nugent

@57 – Oh I dunno. Probably smart not to let him tweet now that his central argument against Hillary has been completely destroyed. He gets totally unhinged when he’s about to be beaten. Badly. By a GIRL!!!

@34 Annie, waaayy back up there – back late from the party, but gosh, what a party it’s been. I’ve never been so involved in a campaign in 35+ years of politicking and never met so many good people.

Just had to add to the comment about the band-member cats, the lovely lady host had a Democats for Hillary button! Like this one:

Oops, sorry about the huge image. Thought it would just post the link 😛

@64: No problem Pat, It fit in there fine.

RIP Janet Reno. I was shocked when I saw that.

The “Democats” button is so darn cute!

Annie, me too. I didn’t realize that she was 78 years old.

I’m really sad that Drumpf can’t tweet anymore. I would love to see his real-time realization tomorrow that he’s going to lose…

Krugman’s column this morning is great about rigging this election.

“Take the nightly network news broadcasts: In 2016 all three combined devoted a total of 32 minutes to coverage of issues — all issues. Climate change, the most important issue we face, received no coverage at all. […] Yet those networks that found only 32 minutes for all policy issues combined found 100 minutes to talk about Clinton emails.”

Very sorry to hear about Janet Reno. Women were fortunate to have so effective and strong a fighter as the first woman Attorney General.

DYB, the Krug and I were on the same wavelength today. New post up.

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