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Intelligence is recognizing learning when it is offered.  Wisdom is the art of heeding the lesson and applying it.  This campaign has offered us an orange crate of opportunities for wisdom, but none better than the wheezing catcalls from the Republican Cloakroom to deny a President Hillary Clinton any nominee for the Supreme Court for the duration of her term. 8-is-enuf

With Scalia’s seat getting colder by the day, it seems as if the Republicans have conferred with noted judicial philosopher Dick Van Patten and declared, “Eight is enough.”  The despotic thinking goes something like this – the notorious RBG is old, let’s allow the actuarial tables to work and then we are down to seven.

The perfidy of their position is that no justice can be seated that isn’t a Republican justice.  There is no longer any pretense about their attempted subversion of two of the three branches of government.

It isn’t about the rule of law or justice or even any semblance of fairness.  It is about power.  It’s the Maginot Line protecting the interests of the moneyed benefactors of their party.  The Court gave Republicans a President in 2000, manufactured a personal right to weaponry in the Second Amendment, made it more difficult for poor women to gain reproductive health care, and loosed the dogs of obscene campaign spending in Citizen United.

The learning is simple and Trump has proved it in this campaign:  If you are immune to shame, there is no end to what you can do.  Being shameless allows you to ignore precedent, formality, and normal conventions.  Such cheeky impudence allows for the unorthodox to become the new orthodoxy.

Professor Krugman explained the paucity of ideas and the intellectual bankruptcy of the Right like this:

The moral of the story is that appeasing the modern American right is a losing proposition. Nothing you do convince them that you’re being fair, because fairness has nothing to do with it. The right long ago ran out of good ideas that can be sold on their own merits, so the goal now is to remove merit from the picture.

In short, never mind whether it’s right, as long as it’s politically useful.

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