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Posted on: October 31, 2016

If you have been under a rock since last Friday, here are a few stories to catch you up.  Try this one and this one with ten questions and answers about the email story.

This was a conversation overheard last Friday at the corner of Pennsylvania and 10th outside the Hoover Building in Washington, D.C.  One guy was an old fellow and the other was James Comey.diogenes-2

Comey:  Hey old feller – you okay?

Old Guy:  Why yes young man.

Comey:  That’s a mighty fine-looking lantern you have there.

Old Guy:  I’ve had it for years.

Comey:  What are you doing this fine day?

Old Guy:  I’m looking for an honest man.

Comey:  Look no further.  I am the honest man you have been seeking.  In fact, I am the most honest of all men.

Old Guy:  How do you measure your honesty?

Comey:  On occasion, everyone has said I am a man of integrity and a servant of the people.  Being the most honest of all men, I believe I can declare I’m above all others.

Old Guy:  I must continue my journey since any honest man would not declare their honesty above all others since self-exultation is living in dishonesty.


Of course, the old guy was Diogenes searching the world for an honest man.  Sadly, James Comey is not the first man and won’t be the last to confuse his high self-regard with self-righteousness.  And once that level of self-righteousness is reached, it is but a short hike to where the rules no longer apply.

Comey has firmly taken up residence in the world of “the rules apply to thee, but not to me.”  His failure to follow established Department of Justice guidelines is what the law calls res ipsa loquitur – the thing speaks for itself.

It has just been reported a couple of hours ago, when Comey was faced with a decision on whether or not to release definitive proof of Russian hacking and thereby meddling in the U.S. election, Comey unbelievably said, “It is too close to the election.”

Too close to the election weeks ago to associate the FBI with a report on Russian hacking, but just eleven days from the election, the violation of DOJ protocol was justified when some emails were discovered that “might or might not be pertinent” to the Clinton private server investigation.

In Comey’s self-righteous mind, he, or someone, was justified to sit on these emails for a month and announce their existence before even a warrant was sought to examine them.comey-spotlight

Comey’s delusional hubris is excused by a couple of logical leaps that wouldn’t even work on a schoolyard playground.  The first is to say, “Hillary brought this on herself.”  This type of sophistry is based in some preordained orchestration of life meaning Hillary is responsible for the misjudgment, malfeasance, and misfeasance of everyone who might cross her life’s path.  Hillary is not responsible for Comey’s failure to follow DOJ procedures.

The other line of Republican defense is, “Democrats have said Comey is a good public servant with integrity.”  Just because someone has integrity and a fine record as a public servant does not mean they are immune from making bad mistakes and exhibiting abysmal judgment.  Both things are not mutually exclusive. 

It will most likely be impossible to ever prove Comey’s real intent in releasing that vacuous letter last Friday, but there are a few things we do know:

  1. Comey knew his letter was so vapid and meaningless; he did an internal memo to the FBI to assuage various warring internal factions.
  2. Comey violated FBI procedures last July by his press conference, his release of investigation notes, and investigation materials. Bending to Republican pressure was proof he is vulnerable to “working the ref” psychology.
  3. Anonymous sources say that Comey fears leaks from disgruntled conservative FBI agents who wanted to indict Hillary this summer. If Comey can’t stop leaks from inside his own house, he needs to move on.  If there are factions of disgruntled FBI agents who want someone indicted for political motivations, they need to be unearthed, shamed, and banned.
  4. The lament that “Comey was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t,” is unmitigated horse crap. Here’s what Comey did do, he decided between his own self-congratulatory reputation and the national election.  Comey chose his deluded self-interest at the cost of the national election.  He chose the coward’s course.  He should be treated accordingly.
  5. The pattern of outrageous Republican behavior is paying dividends. To drag civil servants before the Congress and excoriate them in the public eye is to chasten all civil servants.  The fear of impeachment and investigation chills a civil servant – even a civil servant with a ten-year term like Comey.  This episode has whetted the appetite for more of this behavior.
  6. Comey knows if Hillary is elected she can’t fire him.  Comey has made peace with congressional Republicans who now love him for giving Trump a shot.  It is a win/win for him and he’s gambling with the house’s money since it is our election that is at stake.  Whatever reputation Comey had should now be indexed to Joe McCarthy in the history books.


It was never going to be easy for Hillary to win the presidency.  First, she’s a woman.  Second, her last name is Clinton.  Third, well, there is no third.  The hatred and vehemence directed toward Hillary would have silenced any normal human.  Hillary’s perseverance, courage, strength, and stick-withedness are truly super-human.  She will weather this.  She expected this or something like it.  She’s better than all those who are trying to stop her.

One last thought – permission to “hate on Hillary” was made socially acceptable in 1993 when it became almost mandatory for good Republicans to despise her.  And what was her great sin of transgression?  Wanting to make sure poor people and children could see a doctor when they were sick.  It is from that act of benevolent kindness she has suffered a lifetime of animosity and antagonism.  I don’t know if the Methodist Church has saints, but Hillary surely qualifies.

What’s on your mind today?



110 Responses to "Sainthood…"

As Sweet Sue from Riverdaughter’s place calls him: J. Edgar Comey
(Brought up from last post – thanks for the heads-up, Prolix)

The Diogenes reference is very appropriate.

Just a quick comment. I have a friend who had to be transported to the hospital last night. He’s been in and out of there a number of times recently and I’m trying to get some info. I’ll be back later.

Hope your friend is Ok, Fredster. About the polls – RCP showing +3.1 for Clinton. Still good, right? Isn’t this above Obamas # at same point in 12?

Great post Prolix. I have to check all the links to make sure I didn’t miss any over the weekend. Let’s take this one paragraph from Comey’s memo to his employees:

Of course, we don’t ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations, but here I feel an obligation to do so given that I testified repeatedly in recent months that our investigation was completed. I also think it would be misleading to the American people were we not to supplement the record. At the same time, however, given that we don’t know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails, I don’t want to create a misleading impression. In trying to strike that balance, in a brief letter and in the middle of an election season, there is significant risk of being misunderstood, but I wanted you to hear directly from me about it.

I’m not trying to parse his words or re-structure his sentences here but think about this. “we don’t ordinarily tell Congress”… “misleading to the American people were we not to”…”we don’t know the significance”…”misleading impression”… “in the middle of an election season…”being misunderstood”.

He damns himself with every single sentence. He dug his own grave. He will either resign or ‘be resigned’ by the end of the year. Who could ever take him seriously again?

By the way, we are not in the middle of an election season. We are down to the last week of an election.

Anderson Cooper just asked one of his pundits if Hillary had mentioned this at her two rallies. You know what Anderson? Maybe you could f#cking google it and if you were a real news reporter, you could have pulled a clip and uhmm… aired it… so the American people would hear what she had to say. You certainly have no problem airing Trump’s comments a hundred times a day. Slacker.

NBC Nightly News did a segment on FBI inquiry into Trump/Manafort/Russia.

John Kasich voted today by writing in John McCain. Has he been sleeping for the last eight years and someone nudged him awake and told him to go vote. Doesn’t his party offer ANYONE he can vote for than McCain?

@2, at this point in 2012, Obama was just a little over 1% ahead of Romney.

@3, I don’t know what you say if you are Comey other than, “I screwed up,” or “At least the Republicans love me again.”

The Matthew Miller opinion piece is really good. He is the former DOJ spokesperson. He’s been all over this. Tonight I heard him say, in light of the CNBC and NBC reports about the Russians, “To date I have not questioned Comey’s integrity, I’m rethinking that.”

@6, I’m wondering why Ohio’s early voting is not up to 2012 levels. In particular Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are down. Just my spidey sense tingling here, but that’s where the rabid Nina Turner was hatched.

That gives me some comfort, Prolix.
On another front: CNN cuts Brazile because of the debate question, but still has Lewandowski on the payroll. U-huh. But they are the Clinton news network. U-huh. I’m so ready for Nov 9

@10, I really think it goes to the innate retiring personae of most Democrats versus the “dial it up to nuclear bombast” for the Republicans. The least slight wreaks havoc by Republicans who climb on their victim wagon and ride it around the town square. Democrats shrug their shoulders and just shuffle along.

That has been the legacy of the Obama years. Obama naively believed he could, by the sheer force of his personality and logic, surmount the partisan wrangling. He has since learned. I’m hopeful Hillary will give us Democrats some backbone and allow us to stand up to the bullies.

I am really proud of the way dems react – but sure would like for Joe Biden to get to take Donald out behind the gym. Well, I’m done for the day. I can’t stand to listen to Chris Matthews for the 2nd time in a day. He had chatty Kelly on and I’ve had enough of her. I really expect Hillary to end the week & the campaign slightly higher than today and I have to believe we are headed for an early evening next Tues – but I’m buying a 2nd bottle of wine anyway.

David Corn filed this story at about 8:00 p.m. this evening. This week is going to be brutal on Trump and Comey.

Here’s Gabriel Sherman’s article about the last days of the Trump campaign. It is interesting. Gabe is hated by Roger Ailes. Ailes turned employees offices upside down and sent private investigators looking for Gabe’s inside mole. That Trump and these people gave Gabe interviews speaks volumes about whether or not he and Ailes are still seeing eye to eye about things going forward.

@13 Did you notice the comment the FBI spokeswoman had when asked about this? “Normally we don’t talk about whether we are investigating anything”. Uh huh.

@15, the FBI’s reputation has forever been tarnished by Comey’s weakness. Professor Krugman’s essay today is particularly insightful with this:

So what happened? We may never know the full story, but the best guess is that Mr. Comey, like many others — media organizations, would-be nonpartisan advocacy groups, and more — let himself be bullied by the usual suspects. Working the refs — screaming about bias and unfair treatment, no matter how favorable the treatment actually is — has been a consistent, long-term political strategy on the right. And the reason it keeps happening is because it so often works.

The moral of the story is that appeasing the modern American right is a losing proposition. Nothing you do convinces them that you’re being fair, because fairness has nothing to do with it. The right long ago ran out of good ideas that can be sold on their own merits, so the goal now is to remove merit from the picture.

Or to put it another way, they’re trying to create bias, not end it, and weakness — the kind of weakness Mr. Comey has so spectacularly displayed — only encourages them to do more.

“appeasing the modern American right” aka bipartisanship. Naive Obama nominating Comey. Thanks a lot, brogressives, for giving us an inexperienced candidate who had to learn on the job, much too late, thereby adding to the problems for the next Dem president. OK, I had to vent again and I know we have all heard it before.

Very nice that the latest NY Times article on Trump’s tax avoidance scam-scheme is getting attention.

Brilliant post. Can Comey be impeached? Off to read some of the links.

Fredster, hope your friend is recovering. Sending you both best wishes.

I knew, of course, that this stuff is happening, but it was really freaky to see this last night on Sam Bee:

The media spent the last three days discussing how damaging the email thing was going to be to Hillary’s campaign. Since that didn’t happen, they have their new talking point for today. People (especially women) are coming out in droves to vote for Hillary – even though they don’t like her. Today’s talking point.

@18, yes, Comey can be impeached, but for this instance of sending the letter, I would say only if it was proven he did it for political reasons. Instead of impeachment probably the way it would happen is that the Office of Ethics, an independent executive branch agency, would begin an investigation pertaining to the Hatch Act. If he was convicted of a Hatch Act violation he would be toast. Anything short of that, who knows what he would do.

I really believe he has become so enthralled with his own “press” about transcending politics that he may think he is above it all. There is just no reason for him to have written that letter other than self-preservation.

@19, what would we do without Samantha Bee? She should have had the Daily Show. I can’t begin to tell you how badly I’ve been disappointed in Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert. Jimmy Fallon was never expected to be much of anything other than a draw for millennials, but Sam Bee is the real deal.

@20, I’ve noticed that too GAgal. I also haven’t seen much of anything about all these new Drumpf reports on taxes, Russia, and Manafort. The cable channels are making a big deal about her buying more time for ads — of course she is, she has to remind people why Drumpf is unacceptable since the news won’t cover it.

this is from yesterday. James Carville being…well James Carville.

So wtf is going on with this crap and the FBI releasing this stuff now?

Yet the timing of the tweet struck many as odd, since the FBI Records Vault Twitter account had sent no messages from Oct. 8, 2015-Oct. 30, 2016. Suddenly, on Sunday, a flood of new tweets went out with links to records released over the course of 2016, including FBI files on Donald Trump’s father, Fred, and retired CIA director David Petraeus.

Are they firing a warning shot or some kind to the Clinton campaign?

I was just coming to post that same link. Clinton’s Marc Rich pardon was another thorn in Comey’s side involving the Clinton. He actually led an investigation into the pardon itself, which was totally useless because presidential pardons are done deals. Nothing can change it regardless. And he closed that investigation because there was nothing there to see.

When will this election end already?!

Comey has really disgraced himself and the FBI. And the Media, well, I don’t know how the bar for them could be any lower.

I live a couple of blocks away from where Hillary is hosting her election night rally…. it’s gonna be cray cray!!!!

anie@18: Thanks annie. They did an endoscopy on him and found a couple of g.i. bleeds and they cauterized those. He’s just really weak right now. He’s had a number of procedures done-a couple of stents and other things and I think it’s just taken a toll physically on him.

What the bloody hell is the FBI doing??

If Congress was your co-worker!

Given the fact that Drumpf still believes in birtherism, Samantha Bee has asked the question, “Can Drumpf read?” She’s not saying he can’t read, she’s saying he might be able to read.

What would we do without Samantha Bee this election?

@27: So DYB, are you going to go over there? Sounds like it would be fun!

Fredster, that night some friends in the area are having a shindig at their place where we will eat and drink ourselves into a stupor, for one reason or another. I don’t know how these rallies work, but you might need special invitations? It’s a huge convention space, but I’m sure security will be crazy. I know people working on the campaign, so I could ask. But right now they are probably busy with other stuff.

Fredster, sorry to hear that. I hope he’s on the mend.

@30 & 31, love those!

Rethug stooge Comey is at it again. Clinton camp:

“The Clinton campaign immediately questioned the timing of the release.
“Absent a FOIA litigation deadline, this is odd,” Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said on Twitter.”

This looks very suspicious. They need a special prosecutor to go after him re: Hatch Act. Or maybe treason, trying to aid the Trump/Putin faction trying to take over the country.

@33: I’m not sure either. I would think they would have an area open to the public, but of course having to go through screening first. Her watch party is going to be at the Javits center isn’t it?

That being said, if you have a group of friends you’re going to be with I’m sure that will be more fun for you and the friends.

I know people working on the campaign, so I could ask

I’m so j over that. 😠

From WaPo. Let’s see if w.p. will resize this to fit.

How can that be real FBI on twitter? WTF? No way!
Gawd – I was away from wifi all day. Tell me the FBI twitter is a scam – please

@41 > Sadly not a scam.

Is that known for sure? I feel something is very fishy these last couple of days. That is just unprecedented for FBI to be dealing this kind of tripe. Unbelievable

@ 43> It does sound completely insane and unprecedented…but appears to be true. Even the White House referenced the tweets in a press briefing. The account had been dormant and nothing was posted for over a year… Either somebody has gone rogue or Comey is really out of his mind.

@41: It seems like it’s an account that gathers up docs that the FBI has released.

The latest documents published by the FBI harvested via @ScraperWiki by @LATdatadesk.

There is a large secret facebook group, “National Pantsuit Day November 8”, oozing positive vibes for Hillary. They are praying meditating, lighting a candle, whatever @ 1:00 PM every day until election. If you want to join the group – let me know – but, by all means join in the positivity every day for Hillary!

Good article by Charles Pierce on the mess the F.B.I. is making by their interference in the election (and yes that’s what it is).

@47: I would, but I got away from facebook and closed or suspended my account. 😦

@ 48 > It’s really just absolutely bonkers what is going on right now. I mean, this election is just getting more and more insane by the hour. Just when you thought we’d hit rock bottom, it turn out to be a false bottom and we keep falling. We’re through the looking glass here folks.

And why is Obama continuing to stand by Comey?

@50: I think if Obama comes out publicly against Comey or expresses some negative feelings it might backfire. I think Lynch had a meeting with him today and who knows what was said but I bet it wasn’t anything good.

I agree about it being totally ratf*cked right now. I bet that after the election and Hillary is in office that there will be a major housecleaning over at the FBI.

@47, I would, but I don’t do Facebook either because of all the data mining. But I will find a pantsuit to wear on Nov 8th!

@50, because that’s Obama. Sounds like he still believes Republicans just need a little more understanding and they’ll be somewhat reasonable. The chances of that happening were more than 40 years ago!

Honestly, I think Comey is pissed off that HRC finally stood up to him, and is now trying to do anything and everything to sabotage her run. It’s so obvious he’s playing a big game of chicken, and it will NOT end well for him.

P.S. NW Luna said:

“appeasing the modern American right” aka bipartisanship. Naive Obama nominating Comey. Thanks a lot, brogressives, for giving us an inexperienced candidate who had to learn on the job, much too late, thereby adding to the problems for the next Dem president. OK, I had to vent again and I know we have all heard it before.

We have, but it’s good to be reminded every once in a while. Thanks, Luna.

Tulsa County, OK pop 622,000 (2013) has 1 early voting location + the election board office. I vote Thurs.

Oh my goodness, MSNBC just broke a YUGE story. In Florida, based on a TargetSmart poll of early voters, 28% of Registered Republicans have voted for Hillary. 20. 8. %!!! Holy f*cking sh*t.

TargetSmart gives her a landslide win in Florida, 48% to 40%. WOW!

I give our SM77 full credit for this…as well as Fuzzy and our other Florida Shinners. Chatblu is looking down from heaven and smiling about this!

Lawrence O Donnell has a guy talking now – 28% of early Republican voters are voting Hillary in Florida


Target Smart just reported, ahead of full release tomorrow, their Florida numbers. 28% of Republicans who have already cast their votes, voted for HILLARY! Twenty-eight percent!

Of the early vote, 53% for Hillary. They are forecasting the election night vote is:

48% Hillary

40% Orange Squirty Diarrhea

@52: Yeah that’s one of the things that bothered me also. However, I’ll have to pass on the pantsuit. 😝

P.S., you know those are the Republican women, right? So far no one has mentioned this at all – they’re talking about the Hispanic vote. Come on, Lawrence O’Donnell, ask the question about women!

@57 & 59: Just saw that on Lawrence.

Obviously, we are all watching the same show.

He just said she is winning by 53% in Florida!! Moody’s predicts a win – 332 electoral votes

Gas price $2.25 in Philly? I just gassed up last night and paid $1.96 for regular grade Shell. I read prices are going to spike because of the pipeline thing in Shelby county AL.

Ah, that was funny! You guys all commenting on Target Smart at the same time! Am very glad to hear it, we need good news this week.

@66 Fredster, I just asked hubs what gas is here and he said 3.09!

Those are great numbers out of Florida, but do those kind of results make people potentially complacent on election day?

As far as Comey, I thought I saw a headline today that Lynch backed his behavior? At least publicly.

Thank you SM!! Landslide!! The media has been droning on and on how the early black vote is way down in FL and now this!!

@66 Fredster that gas pipeline breakage (both of them) affects this area too. They say there will be no gas deliveries here until Friday.

Why is the release of Clinton files titled “William Jefferson Clinton Foundation” when the files are about Marc Rich? Couldn’t they at least get that right?

@71: Hey, I’m clueless and watched some of the live video from a B’ham station and didn’t even realize at first it was a gasoline deal. I thought it was a natural gas pipeline. I just happened to be out and noticed the fuel gauge showed I had a bit more than 1/4 of a tank so I went ahead and stopped at the station.

@72 – Clearly they can’t! If they could, they would have indicted Drumpf for conspiracy and treason instead of obsessing about whether or not Hillary might have intentionally sent classified emails from her private email server. Spoiler alert: she didn’t!! The ability to believe the absurd notion that she is some.kind of crazy evil.genius, is completely.nuts.

I hardly ever say or write anything like what I’m about to do but I just wonder when this creepy, gassy (probably) old fart is going to shuffle off and meet his maker?

Well, hell. It’s more than Donald Trump is willing to admit.

On Monday night, the New York Times published an article claiming that the FBI has “not found any conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government.” The newspaper has concluded that Russian efforts to covertly influence the U.S. election were “aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Mr. Trump.”

Pat Robertson survived another Halloween? Dang. Maybe next year.

@75, yes, but there are more deities than Pat Robertson’s god. And I expect at least one will come down from Olympus with her bow in hand to intervene.

Well folks, the sniping amongst the pollsters is rampant across the intertubz about the TargetSmart Florida data. It seems as if TargetSmart has found itself as a target rich environment.

Until the poll is released tomorrow, we can’t tell if any of the criticism is justified. Here’s what I do know:

1. Exit polling has been notoriously sketchy, but traditionally it has been a catch as you can outside polling places. Highly unscientific and highly speculative. This TargetSmart effort is much different.

2. TargetSmart has focused entirely on screening out nonresponsive voters. This means it is much more accurate than an ordinary exit poll.

3. Many pollsters have wondered about the “stealth Hillary” vote among Republicans. Personally, I have been agnostic about it, but like a watchable Will Ferrell film, stranger things have happened. I do believe Hillary’s pollster saw something since Hillary has been flirting with the Republican voters since the Democratic Convention.

4.. One last thing about the polls. There is a theory called “partisan nonresponse bias”. PNB occurs when a candidate has a bad event like last Friday’s Farting Brotherhood of Idjits’ letter. For a period of time, Hillary supporters would be disinclined to answer pollsters because they feel down and demoralized. This PNB theory is speculative, but it is a real thing among pollsters. So, in the next few days, if you see Hillary’s numbers retreating a few points, it could be PNB. The important thing to watch are Drumpf’s numbers — if they stick around 40-43%, which seems to be his ceiling, there is nothing to worry about because next Tuesday it will be Madam President-Elect.

That is all.

@78, I’ve often thought he’s still around to provide a sterling example of how a good person shouldn’t live his/her life.

@80 Haha! Well said.

@80: Yaaaas…what Prolix said.

@78: Ouch Luna!

@75 I can’t stand to look at PR let alone listen to what he says. @79 I sure hope you are right Prolix. Nate Cohn tweeting his negative about that poll dampened my mood
Listen as crazy as these last few days have been, it just shows me that rage and despair are what is driving the Trump train. I just can’t believe any voter who has been supporting Hillary are going to abandon her now and vote Trump. That is insane nonsense.
I sure appreciated Bill Weld sticking up for Hillary.

@Fredster, #60, ” However, I’ll have to pass on the pantsuit.”

You’re going in a toga? 😯

@84 – Yes, Bill Weld’s segment was really heartening. He said he had known her 40 years and that she was a person of “high moral character.” He also told Rachel Maddow that “it’s about time someone stood up for her.” Of course, it had to be the Libertarian candidate for VP…

quixote@85: Nah, no toga. How ’bout one of these?


Oh no @87 – Fredster, just be a pantsuiter in spirit, puh-lease! lol

@88 & 89: Aw now, y’all take the fun out of things. 😝

Oh yeah! Leisure suit!

@90: Fredster, don’t let any killjoys stop you from rocking that plaid leisure suit. It totally screams your name. Love those platform shoes, too.

Love that leisure suit! Try it without the shirt for extra oomph!

@92: And don’t forget the hair style and the ‘stache.

Hi, everybody! I managed to breathe a little life into my ‘puter but I don’t know how long it will last. Hope you all are doing okay.

I bought a new pantsuit today ( really! ). I’m ready to party on Tuesday night!!!

@93: Now you’re talking, GAgal. Let’s see if the chest hair matches that ‘stache.

@87, oh just find a pair of sweat pants/athletic pants, and one of those zip-front matching jackets and there’s a pantsuit, casual style!

@97: Or perhaps one of these?

@96: Yes they match – salt and peppah!!

@98: Oh my. I did have one of those back in the day.

Mr. Pundit has a good piece over at his house.

Congrats to the Cubbies!!! 🍾 🍾 🍾

Hey, the Cubbies won!!! 108 years in the making. Very exciting stuff for this gal who lived in Chicago for a little while.

Cubs win! Cubs win!

I’m a third-generation Cubs fan. My grandmother was a Cubs fan all her adult life. She lived to be almost 100 but never got to see the team win a World Series. She was an 8-year-old Choctaw girl living in Oklahoma with her grandmother when the Cubs last won in 1908. Her mother had died of TB the previous year and her father had to leave the family farm to work as a hired hand in Texas. It was a hard life. Baseball was not part of it. But later, when my grandmother moved to the Midwest to raise her own family, she started listening to Cubs games on the radio. The Cubs became her passion. My mother inherited that passion and so did I. It was something we all shared. I wish my grandmother and my mother were here tonight to celebrate. They would be so thrilled.

I though this article was about how to get David Duke to leave the Republican party. Turns out they just want him to leave their Oktoberfest party.

I thought the World Series was incredible. 10th inning in Game 7!?!? Great baseball! I didn’t really care who won, but congrats to the Cubs and their happy fans and congrats to the Indians for being there and fighting till the 10th bloody inning in Game 7! Wow! That was sumpin!

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