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Lazy Weekend Music ~ BOO! Part Duh!

Posted on: October 30, 2016


Good Saturday and Weekend to you Widdershins!

The current music post was getting to be a bit of a loggy in loading so I made a part two.  So keep on posting music vids folks!


First off, let us say we are all totally disgusted and unhappy about what Director Comey did yesterday, spooky-scary-skeletons-animated-gifalong with everything that followed.  Second, let’s not talk about it today, shall we?  I am more than certain there will be plenty of grist to discuss and elaborate on by Monday.  Instead, let’s use this weekend post as what our dear Chat first intended:  a palate cleanser to remove the foul taste of politics – at least for a weekend.

skelteon-memesSince Halloween will fall on Monday this year let’s start our musical celebration of it early.  Now for heaven’s sake there are tons of spooky Halloweenish songs out there and your google machine will help you find them.  I know because that’s exactly what I did.

My selections are right below and I look forward to seeing your choices in the comments.

(1) Dead Man’s Party ~ Oingo Boingo

(2) Season of the Witch ~ Donovan

(3) Black Magic Woman ~ Santana

(4) This is Halloween ~ Marilyn Manson (a box might appear in the vid – find the x and click on it to clear it out)

(5) Zombie ~ The Cranberries

(6) Werewolves of London ~ Warren Zevon

(7) Highway to Hell ~ AC/DC

So there you go Widdershins, seven great Halloweenish songs.  Hope to see yours in the comments.


28 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music ~ BOO! Part Duh!"

@5 & 6: Hey julies, thanks for coming by and for your musical contributions. 🙂

You’re welcome!

Back from a 3 day weekend due to major fedupedness with the local Berniebro remnants and the neighboring counterevoluntionary retired women on Social Security voting for dRump. Also to catch the last of the fall colors at Mt. Pisgah*

A tribute both to that sojourn and Fredster’s Halloween theme:

*Ugly name for one of the most beautiful places…bible thumpers have no euphony.

@9: Hope you had a nice weekend Pat and enjoyed the colors. I’ve heard of Mt. Pisgah but have never been there.

Along those classical lines, this one from Grieg’s Peer Gynt always sounded kind of spooky to me.

@10 Can’t you just see those stompin trolls?

On the last day the most luxurious campground on the Parkway (hot showers! electric outlets! heat!) was open, one of the two main shower/restrooms broke a water main. In the dark, of course.

While escorting a young student visa holder from Pakistan, who was attending NCSU, to the only remaining civilized bathroom (unfindable in the dark), I commented that the rustles under the long bridge we were crossing might have been bears. On second thought, said it was probably only trolls. Much relief on all sides.

@11, might it have been bare trolls?

Loved that cover of Spooky, btw. It’s better than the original – heresy, I know.

@11: I’m sure those were comforting thoughts you voiced to the young person from Pakistan.

@12: G-R-O-A-N

@13: When I was looking for the song and saw that one by Dusty Springfield I picked it really just because I like her voice.

@12 H’mm – not sure if this is what you meant, but:

one time when the Internet and I were young, I built a desktop application for the department’s secretaries to search and combine some databases so that they finally had updated mailing labels for their targeted lists. I wanted them to feel comfortable with and -like- my little creation, so I asked what they wanted in the way of a background picture. They said they liked bears, but the one and only early Internet search engine at first turned up page after page of nude men!

I didn’t use any of those 🙂 but maybe those boys have upgraded to commenting on web sites decades later?

@14 Trolls we could deal with. Bears – not so much.

Off to crash and catch up on the weekend’s snoozing. Thank you for this scary post, distracting us from all that other (not frightening, no, really, not at all) stuff going on.

Well, I slept all day and now I have to catch up on the new videos.

Did everyone see Trump threw his own black supporter out of a rally after asking him if he had been paid ‘one thousand five hundred dollars to act like a thug’?

@16: And I’m guessing that those bears were kind of on the big size, perhaps even bigly? 🐻

@13, agree with you about Dusty. I remember watching her on tv when I was a little kid and thought she was so awesome and beautiful.

Love Edvard Grieg! Good choice Fredster.

@18, GAgal I saw that!

@18 I saw it GAgal – why isn’t that covered more in depth? It’s Monday morning and I’m waiting patiently for Donnie to shoot himself in the foot and get the attention back on him. But I do think the email nothing burger is back-firing on the Repugs. Hill-ar-ree! Hill-ar-eee! 8 more days

For any of you who loves classical music as I do…. On WQXR today, each hour today, they are playing a piece that relates to Halloween. At the end of the 9 o’clock hour, it was “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Walt Disney included it in “Fantasia” with Mickey Mouse as the apprentice. I’ve uploaded YouTubes on my own blog but never on someone else’s, so I hope this works.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Office of Special Counsel received complaint against Comey and says ‘in general’ it opens cases into allegations of interfering with elections. …..

Should the OSC find Comey to have violated the Hatch Act, the relevant law determining any potential punishment for a Senate-confirmed presidential appointee – such as Comey – places authority for that decision with the president. Should Clinton win the presidency, she may find herself in a position to determine what the law calls “appropriate action” for an FBI director who is slated to serve until 2023.

NW Luna, I sooo hope she fires him. There has to be a way.

Btw, did you guys see this?

“The official said some government insiders are perplexed as to why Comey would have election timing concerns with the Russian disclosure but not with the Huma Abedin email discovery disclosure he made Friday.”

Some gov insiders are “perplexed”??? Perplexed?!?! How f’ing stupid are these government insiders?

@25 Apparently stupid enough to believe (or at least believe people will think they believe) that Comey is a bastion of integrity and non-partisanship.

Or as SweetSue over at Uppity’s? called him: J. Edgar Comey.

@23 My scary video was from Fantasia too. Also loved that Sorcerer’s Apprentice with MIckey. The whole movie was quite the hit on my sensory-enhanced college campus in the 70’s 🙂

New post upstairs.

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