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Lazy Weekend Music ~ BOO!

Posted on: October 29, 2016


Good Saturday and Weekend to you Widdershins!

First off, let us say we are all totally disgusted and unhappy about what Director Comey did yesterday, spooky-scary-skeletons-animated-gifalong with everything that followed.  Second, let’s not talk about it today, shall we?  I am more than certain there will be plenty of grist to discuss and elaborate on by Monday.  Instead, let’s use this weekend post as what our dear Chat first intended:  a palate cleanser to remove the foul taste of politics – at least for a weekend.

skelteon-memesSince Halloween will fall on Monday this year let’s start our musical celebration of it early.  Now for heaven’s sake there are tons of spooky Halloweenish songs out there and your google machine will help you find them.  I know because that’s exactly what I did.

My selections are right below and I look forward to seeing your choices in the comments.

(1) Dead Man’s Party ~ Oingo Boingo

(2) Season of the Witch ~ Donovan

(3) Black Magic Woman ~ Santana

(4) This is Halloween ~ Marilyn Manson (a box might appear in the vid – find the x and click on it to clear it out)

(5) Zombie ~ The Cranberries

(6) Werewolves of London ~ Warren Zevon

(7) Highway to Hell ~ AC/DC

So there you go Widdershins, seven great Halloweenish songs.  Hope to see yours in the comments.


42 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music ~ BOO!"

Hey Fredster! Sorry you don’t have any songs yet, but they will be coming. Laker knew you were going to do this and picked out 3 or 4 songs for you. He is still asleep today after barfing his brains out yesterday and into the early am hours today, but when he wakes up, I will have him post them.

Between taking care of Laker (and worrying myself sick that he could have another seizure), and my intense anger and shock at the bullshit circus caused by our batshit rethug FBI director, I am just numb. Unfortunately, not comfortably numb, more like migraine numb. I am still so angry…

Oooh, Santana & Donovan–good choices.

@1: Not to worry, I’m not. You can’t do much more than point out that you can use a search engine to find some songs. It’s like that old saw about horses and water.

Hope it’s noting serious with Laker. If he’s barfing, get those fluids in him.

Annie, sorry to hear that Laker is feeling ill. Don’t worry about the other. The Hill camp and others are fighting back hard on this.

GAgal, loved that great old Eagles clip. Did I tell you guys that one of hubs relatives worked for Randy Meisner? Up until a month ago. He’s in very bad shape health wise. Such a shame, he was so cute and talented when he was young

Too obvious?

Why is it I can’t find songs about witchy or evil men? Hmm…

@2: Okay I’m going to go against my own statement about blowing things off for the weekend, just this once. I believe this is going to blow up in Comey’s face. He went against Justice Dept. guidelines by doing this and it’s going to show him to be a partisan hack despite anything he might say to the contrary.

I had decided I was done with contributions to Hillary because I had donated a pretty good bit for my situation and also because I have bills like car insurance and property taxes due before the end of the year. But because of this mess I managed to find a few shekels to send to her.

@8: It’s a classic!!

@9: Now GAgal, it’s there one about a certain cloven-hoofed person who went to a southern state?

@8, 11, Ditto what Fredster said!

@5 & 6, thanks, I’m pushing fluids for sure. I think he’s on the mend. Just got up from bed and moved to the living room couch to watch sports.

I went to search for tunes and no one had posted. I come back and the whole family is here.

I’m sorry my buddy Laker is under the weather. Please keep us updated Annie.

Too obvious on my part, but I just have to add the original zombie flash mob. It’s the short version.

Ooops, last song (18) was from lakerwade!

@20: Oops, I’ll take mine song out.

To follow up on Thriller, I have to add Time Warp”. At heart, I’m just a Halloween dancer.

We see this guy, Ray Parker Jr, at almost every NAMM Show:

@20, beat you to it. I took mine down.

@24: Hey Laker! Hope you are feeling better 🙂

Fredster, that Marilyn Manson song you put up has great lyrics for Halloween.

Thanks, I’m feeling much better today.

@29: I know Laker, but geez, Marilyn…

@30: Glad you are feeling better. 🙂

@31: There ya go GAgal!!

@30, the party can start, Laker is here. Glad you are feeling better.

@26, GAgal, now that is rich! From the story:

Rote hadn’t planned on voting twice but said it was “a spur-of-the-moment thing” when she walked by the satellite voting location, she told The Washington Post in a phone interview Saturday.

“I don’t know what came over me,” Rote said.

Just like the Yam himself, no impulse control.

To Ms. Rote I say, “Lock her up!”

@26, of course!

Here are my selections: Highway to Hell – cuz that’s where we’re headed if Hills don’t win

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Running With the Devil – (Pence’s theme song)

GAgal – loved Witchey woman & ELO was one of my favorite groups. Did you see this?

There really are people who believe this stuff.

@35, trump is right. His fans are rigging the election!

I’ve been waiting to see if anyone would add this one or not.


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