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Activist Monday: Imagine the Possibilities…

Posted on: October 24, 2016

GooooOOOOOOoooood Monday, all! Life has kept me from posting during this extremely fraught few weeks. It’s amazing to think back on all the things that have happened, but to summarize, the Orange Creamsicle has melted down.

I like to remind people that before the infamous Access Hollywood tape was leaked, revealing Drumpf as an self-described sexual predator, Hillary’s first debate performance had already started to cause the Donald’s precarious cool to dissolve into hot Tasmanian rage, and his poll numbers to tank. A dizzying and devastating tumble of bad news, including leaked tax returns, terrible 3 am tweets, 2 more awful debates, 11 women (so far) coming forward and stating that he did, in fact, molest them as he described in that tape, and unpatriotic whining about the election being “rigged,” applied so much heat he could no longer stand. “What a world, what a world, and what a nasty woman!” he cried from a puddle of man-tan, as he feebly swore to sue everyone and everything that had been mean to him. Yes, just like he sued the New York Times for “illegally” obtaining his tax return from 1995! Oh, wait….

So now that the inevitable Drumpf implosion has happened, leaving Our Girl up 6 points in the national average (and an unprecedented 12 points in one new poll), I think it’s safe to start imagining the possibilities of the Titanium Pantsuit attaining the office of the President of the United States, in a historic win as the first woman president ever.

A preview from 2008….

Here are some of the things that I think a Hillary Clinton Presidency could mean, other then her moving forward with her 100-day agenda (I think we can take that as a given).

  1. Coattails, coattails, coattails. At this point, I’m happy to see that Hillary’s campaign is shifting its message to say, “If you want me to be effective, we need you to vote for Democrats everywhere.” I think it’s just the right time to do this. Any earlier, it would have smacked of hubris; any later, and there isn’t enough time to help out Democratic downballot candidates in key states now, while people are paying attention. (Note, HRC has already used $100 million of her funding to support her fellow D’s.) The way things are looking now, it seems likely that she will at least have a Democratic Senate, and a much more reasonable House of Representatives, which gives her a very good chance at passing some of her signature policy proposals.
  2. A liberal Supreme Court. Holy crap, people. We could get Citizen’s United overturned! We won’t ever have to worry about Roe v. Wade ever again! And maybe there’s a chance at an equal pay lawsuit being recognized and the Court ruling in womens’ favor; in fact, in an Era of HRC, I can see a lot more landmark cases with women’s rights on the table. And that brings me to…
  3. The 30% Solution becomes the 50% solution. As we’ve long noted here at TW, here’s what happens when womens’ voices are amplified; suddenly, many issues that never got any traction or notice from those in power, come front and center. We know that Hillary will make her Cabinet 50% women, something we have never seen in this country. This alone, plus her historic victory, will change the conversations in Washington, because women will be the ones talking and listening. And some of the conversations will probably be about…
  4. A 360-degree view of women’s equality. Shockingly for some in both parties, a full view of women’s equality includes much more than reproductive rights. It includes equal pay for equal work, sensible and fair maternity and paternity leave policies, assistance for child care and care of a sick family member, the removal of the 2-income tax penalty, and stronger and more effective policies to protect women and children from falling into the hands of sex traffickers, to start with. Other important and less obvious things to think about are improving the Affordable Care Act, immigration reform, Medicare and Medicaid protection, and criminal justice reform, since the burden of societal injustice falls disproportionately on women.

Yes, imagine these amazing and hopeful possibilities, and many more I’m sure you can think of, which could become a reality in just a few short months.

Now, since it’s Activist Monday, the question arises: What can you do to turn possibility into reality? Get out and vote, and tell every Democrat you know to do the same. Let’s hand Hillary a decisive victory and a friendly Senate. It’s the least we can do for someone who has been fighting for us her whole life.

This is an open thread. Enjoy the video below, but just know – NSFW!


36 Responses to "Activist Monday: Imagine the Possibilities…"

Great post MB and isn’t it great, almost sublime, to have a Democratic presidential candidate who believes in the importance of the party! What a strange and uncommon feeling!

Your four points are enough to raise the dead to vote, but of course, Drumpf is already accusing Hillary of that.

And I love the juxtaposition of the pictures, one is a lick on a stick and the other is a *ick on a stick or a *rick on a stick — there are so many from which to choose.

Excellent post, MB. What a happy way to start the week, by thinking of all the amazing things that can happen with a Democratic congress and Hillary at the helm.

Just got back from voting! Hill a ree!! Hill a ree!! Sang Roar on the way in and on the way out! Slapped my ‘I Voted’ sticker on my shirt and ran a bunch of errands. The first time I’ve ever had to wait in line a few minutes. Hope that’s good news! Be back in a few.

Hillary is getting to the point in the polls that yep i believe those coattails are going to be long enough for down the ticket races. I would be ecstatic if we got the Senate and House. She could move so many needed pieces of legislation through.

I was waiting for this to get on youtube. Poor Deontay Anderson, a DB for Ole Miss, made the mistake of trying to get in Leonard Fournette’s way on a run. That’s never a good idea once Leonard gets up a head of steam on a run.

GAGal, I am SO happy for you! You’ve done a great deed today. Let’s hope a lot more Hil a ree! voters do the same!!!

I don’t know what Dana Milbank has been doing this election, but today he really goes after the media and Mark Halperin specifically for their coverage of this election.

@7: He’s entirely correct on Halperin and he was also correct in this:

Trump exploited a profession dominated by process journalism, and the entire cable news industry irresponsibly gave Trump unfiltered and uncritical coverage as he mounted his assaults on democracy and civility — the equivalent of millions of dollars of free ads that propelled him to the nomination.

How many times did we all squirm and cuss and fuss when the evening shows cut to a live Trump event, wondering why he was getting so much freebie coverage?

@7, Halperin has been particularly execrable this campaign season. He has been the focus of many a rant of mine when I’m sure he should be able to hear me through the teevee.

I heard him criticize the NYT for the response letter by their attorneys and couldn’t believe it. No one would leave the accusations Drumpf made hanging there in the air since that leaves the erroneous assumption they might, in some bazaar alternate universe, be true.

It might just be Halperin is attracted to strong authoritarian types and wants a ride on the Trump train.

I really hope we get at least a big chunk of House seats. I want to see Darrell Issa go first. Then Jason Chafettz and Trey Gowdy. I don’t care if those two are primaried out by another Republican in the future, I just want them gone.

@10, GAgal, from your fingers to God’s ear. I’m with you on your list, but if I might, I want to add to your list. Sean Duffy from Wescottsin. He and his wife, the insufferable Rachel Campos (who has a gig with some group that says women should be ruled by men) are fixtures on Fox. He has started venturing out to CNN and MSNBC because the Wescottsin love for bald spot boy is over. Can’t abide those people.

There is much to be horrified about this top Trump troll scumbag, but I’m most horrified his wife is pregnant with a girl and he has this to say about it:

“We’re having a girl!” Shauna said. “I think it’ll be good for him, soften him up a bit.”
“I’ll be nice to her, as long as she’s not a basic bitch,” Mike said.

@7 – I expect Halperin to team up with Schmoe on TrumpTv. Mika, as awful as she can be, truly, deeply despises Drumpf. Plus, I doubt there will be wimminz on his network, unless he starts running beauty pageants again.

By the way, isn’t it amazing that the Orange Creamsicle is running for President while being sued for racketeering, and he still gets to call HRC “Crooked Hillary” without the press calling bull sh*t? I think that is the most egregious example of how completely one-sided this press corpse has been. Imagine ANY other candidate getting a pass on that, much less Hillary?! The man is supposed to testify just 20 days after Election Day. How does this not completely disqualify him? Anyone? Bueller?

@7, Good article. Pity it couldn’t have been written months ago, but there it is.

@10, hear, hear!

Fredster, hubs enjoyed your football link.

@5 Looks kinda like Drumpf after he got in Hill’s way, Fredster – heh.

Great fiery post, MadamB. And GAGal’s already nailed down one historic vote in Georgia – yay!

I would add to your item 4, MB, the beginning of the end of the erosion of EEO laws for women. “Equal pay” shouldn’t have even been an issue in 2016, two laws explicitly outlawing it have been on the books for forty years, but the lower courts and the Supreme Court (with a little help from Congress in 1991) have essentially set those aside for women.

I think we’ll quietly see a push for a far more effective remedy for women’s poverty than “equal pay for equal work”, which is the end of job segregation. That is also illegal, but the media, most legislators and most judges have been so opposed to enforcement of the laws against it, that it’s now illegal in name only. Just look at the gender of most STEM professionals, or the work crews along any road – heck, the two national parks in my area have both had signs, illegally but proudly proclaiming “men working”, within their federal boundaries.

I said “quietly” because it seems that even women aren’t as invested in this as they were twenty or thirty years ago. I know the professional women who should have been solidly behind HRC in 2008 seemed to have been all over the map on the issue, especially with the swooning over Obama, so I can understand her not highlighting it this time around. I do hope she does have a plan though – it worries me that with her emphasis on infrastructure and clean energy jobs, I haven’t seen any plan to keep those from going, like 99% of the stimulus jobs did in 2009, exclusively to men.

@12 What a braying bigot that man is. I wonder if Child and Family Services does prenatal interventions? It’s too bad those poor girls, like this one and tRump’s daughter, don’t get their choice of dads.

Boy, Liz Warren burned Trump on his nasty woman comment at the rally. I haven’t seen his reaction but I assume he took to twitter.

I love you guys and this blog! Spent my evening bantering with a Trump supporter over why we are voting for who. Her ending “because we trust him” just about did me in. How anyone can find anything trustworthy in that baboon is just beyond my ability for sympathetic reasoning. And yes @13 – the press makes zero mention of the many active court cases against that orange farce, while the narrative of untrustworthy Hillary, who is skating away because of elite privilege keeps get pushed at us. I just can’t take it. I can’t vote until Nov 5, but I will on that day.

Biden was awesome yesterday – did anyway listen to his speech in Toledo?

Really great comments, all. I have not heard Biden’s latest. I agree he has been amazing lately.

Sounds about right for Trump. And yet…Hillary’s crooked. I hope all those underage girls are now old enough to vote.

@18: Thanks for the compliment contrask! That was very sweet and kind of you.

I hope this works. Best commercial I’ve ever heard for Hillary and it’s Trump doing it:

If I were Hillary, I'd cut this Trump interview into an ad and air it on Fox to demoralize Republicans.— Josh Barro (@jbarro) October 25, 2016


@22 contrask, here is the YT of the gif from the tweet you posted. Love it!!

This would be a good example of what’s called losing it.


HAHA! Can’t believe he told her she was obsessed with sex. I doubt he’ll be on the panel the night Hillary wins, but it would be fabulous if he was.

@24, I was just trying to find that clip to post.

You know what is amazing — when a ship is sinking, sinking fast, the rats turn on one another instead of looking for ways to escape. It is an amazing reality that the energy is turned into aggression instead of self-preservation.

Case in point is that video.

And there’s another thing. I’m beginning to wonder if Ivanka Trump has some federal grant for dementia daycare. She has Newt, Rudy, and her father. She ought to be entitled to something for minding these three escapees from President Carter’s Guinea Worm Eradication Program.

Republicans, on the verge of losing the Senate, are plowing a mammoth $25 million into six races in a last-ditch attempt to stop Donald Trump from dragging the entire GOP down with him.

Karl “Ham Head” Rove and McTurtle have gone to other cloven-footed spawn of Satan and shook down $25 Million to pour into the Senate races during these last two weeks.

@24, hahaha! The rethugs are totally losing it, Fredster, you are so right!

Here’s an interesting map if just the millennials voted. Unfortunately, I still live in a backward state without much hope of being forward-looking.

Millennial Map

Did you guys see the latest in the ME? The Kurds have a huge force at the outskirts of Mosul, and have been liberating the towns around it. This is huge because Mosul is very important to ISIS. It would be amazing if they defeat ISIS there. The article says that Turkey is helping to arm the Kurds!?!

@29, that would be wonderful!

btw, I remember reading that about rats on a sinking ship.

@26: And imagine the caregivers who would have to deal with that group. It would have to be male caregivers because otherwise Donald might well…

@27: And I hope all of that spending is for naught.

The GOP had no choice because Trump stopped fundraising for them. They should have seen that coming. Then again, they should have seen alot of things coming. Trump is continuing to fundraise on line so he can keep 80%. Steve Bannon strikes again.

But the RNC gets only 20 percent of the money that Trump raises online in conjunction with the party, while the vast majority of the big checks contributed to Trump Victory are routed to the party.

Gloria Borger: ‘This is Joe Biden’s run too’. Umm… No it’s not. Go away Gloria.

@25 Thank you GAgal – yes, Hillary hasn’t needed to say much – just let Donald be Donald. I got stuck in the office with the trumpsters this evening waiting for teacher clock-out time. Amazing they are still supporting him. I managed to keep my mouth shut. I just want to wake up Nov 9 with with president-elect HRC in the news.

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