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Lazy weekend movies – what a disaster

Posted on: October 22, 2016


A good weekend to you Widdershins!

Pardon me while I try to type while also rubbing my hands together in glee at the shellacking the Republicans are almost assuredly going to get on November 8th.  Now I realize that we’re still two weeks out from election day, but barring anything really bad happening, the Republicans are definitely going to be crying the blues on November 9th.  And, uh, those blues are going to be Democratic blue.

The Democrats, besides retaining the Presidency, also have a good shot of regaining the Senate – especially important if Hillary wants to get her nominations to the Supremes approved.  There’s also a slimmer chance that they regain the House.  Should we hit the trifecta this will indeed be a disaster for the Republicans.  So in keeping with the theme of disasters, let’s take a look at some disaster movies.  We know there are lots of them out there and I’ll add mine below.


(1) San Andreas

(2) The Hindenburg

(3) The Doomsday Flight

(4) Deep Impact

(5) Airport ~ 1970

(6) [for a laugh]  Several scenes from Airplane

line-dividerOkay those are my choices but there are tons of others ranging from natural disaster movies, disasters in the air, under the water and others.  However I don’t think anything we can come up will compare to what the Republicans will go through next month. Please add your choices in the comments below.


43 Responses to "Lazy weekend movies – what a disaster"

There’s nothing better than Airplane, it speaks to my inner 12-year old.

This is a great theme Fredster. Remember in 2012, with the Republicans and Romney saying they were going to win because of the size of their crowds — it was the favorite mantra of schmoe. They thought they were certain of winning. I think it is even worse with Trump. People who come to a rally for the Trump entertainment of saying some batcrap crazy thing aren’t your locked-up assured voters.

So I found this compilation entitled, “End of the World 2012” — it starts off the “at the end of civilization, this day would come” and it gets bigger.

Oh – good one Prolix! The only thing I can come up with is “The Wrath of Khan” and Ricardo Montalbans’ line “To the last, I will grapple with thee…For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee” fits with the current wrath of Don we are going to endure for how much longer?

@2, love the Star Trek tie in and Khan is perfect for Drumpf. Ricardo had a fake chest and fake hair for the part just like Drumpf.

Just stopping by while flipping thru the f.b. games.

Contrask I changed your comment around so the clip would embed. If you put the link on a separate line wordpress will embed it. 🙂

From ship’s captain to airplane doc or was it vice-versa?

A Night To Remember (Titanic sinking)

As a kindly reminder to my nominee for a Pulitzer, David Fahrenthold, this is what happens when you dig too much into Drumpf’s background. It is undoubtedly, an Omen.

And this is what happened to one priest who dared laugh at Hillary’s jokes after the Al Smith dinner.

Very apropos theme for the final weeks of der Gropentrumper.

This disaster movie is a reminder of what might happen if he were even close to being elected at this point. “Science? We don’t need no stinkin science.”

(I still think it’s regrettable, though, that such a “B” movie was the one made about this important a subject.)

The End is Near. At least that’s what it says on signs nailed to random trees around here. I’m hoping the Rapture really means Rupture of Republican heads November 8.

@8: Thanks for the clip Pat. And of course Trump doesn’t believe that climate changes are happening.

My Tigers have their hands full right now with Ole Miss but I’ll try to get back at the half.

Towering Inferno scenic elevator

The Happening, Mark Wahlberg

Dante’s Peak volcano explosion

Sometimes life imitates art. Sometimes art predicts life. This movie was prescient in predicting 30+ years of disasters after disasters coming to the country. As is said in the clip, “Even a monkey brought up in the right surroundings can understand the meaning of decency and honesty.” As we have seen, Trump even fails the monkey test.

Nicholas Cage in Knowing

Um yes, this would be a disaster.

And half time is ovah.

Fredster, here’s hoping your Tigres get their paws on that victory, toot sweet!

A lot of the movies posted remind me of how often disaster movies slide over into cheesyness. I love the ones that embrace their inner cheese, like Airplane, and this primer on Republican candidate strategy (hint: they’re not the ones above ground).

@16 Prolix, as they’d say over at Wonkette: Monkey libelz!

@9 GAGal, one of the most spiteful people in this apartment complex is a full-on fundie. Another one litters the lobbies with Billy Graham publications shrieking about the looming Supreme Court apocalypse.

I sure hope the end is near for that type – at least in terms of any kind of political power.

A lot of these clips had me laughing at parts that weren’t suppose to be funny. It’s like women in horror films, running away in high heels, who always – always – trip and fall. Or opening that door when they know they shouldn’t.That’s how Donald is on stage now. He just can’t quite stop himself from making it worse.

@22 “No, Donald, no! Don’t throw away that teleprompter! Oh, jeez, he did…RUN!!!” Cue the tripping and falling.

Pat, they got it. They had to fight hard but 38-21! A big win for Bébé!

@21 Pat, often when I go to the post office, there will be some kind of RW propaganda on the counter (where you sort through your mail) that people leave for anyone interested. A couple of weeks ago it was a NRA type magazine with an ugly caricature of Hillary on the cover. I slipped it in the recycle bin that was conveniently right there by the counter. I guess I impinged on someone’s first and second amendment rights there, but I’m just mean that way. 😀

Congrats Fredster!

@26: It was a hard-fought game. Neither side was giving up even though we were wearing down their defense pretty well. Now they’re heading into the most difficult part of the season with *those* people from *that* city in Alabama, Arky, the makeup game with Fl and then aTm.

Okay y’all, I’m heading over to and the B.R. Advocate to read the writeups of the game.

Oooh, Towering Inferno. My favorite disaster movie.

Fredster, congrats on the Tigers win!

@24 Yay! Glad your kittehs won, Fredster!*

And they gave their fans a hard-fought game, too. Nice going!

*hope this isn’t too disrespectful. I have heard the Dawgs referred to as the Pups a time or two.

@25 GAGal, that’s my kinda mean. Your bad example may get me to actually “recycle” all those Billy Graham mags (right now, I just put them on the bottom of the pile).

@25, Brava GAgal!

@30: I’ve been reading the writeups on the game. Thanks for the congrats and kittehs is fine with me if they play like this again. LOL

@25 GAgal – we are just nasty women! Early this summer I had a conference that put me in the same city with my rwnj sister for a week. I made myself go for a visit one evening and the talk got to politics. My concerned sis & her hubby suggested I read the Bay Buchanan expose on Hillary before I sealed my fate. I said thanks, but no thanks. That dam book found its way into my moms book collection a month later (the day after sis had visited her). I made a special trip to trash that book. I don’t think my 87 year old mom is going to miss it.

I’m a hasty nasty woman. I immediately trash (or recycle) that printed trash whenever I can, even if I’m obvious. 🙂

In case you missed it (and I did because…football) here’s the SNL take on the 3rd debate. As Hillary says in it:

“In the first debate, I set the table, in the second debate, I fired up the grill, and tonight, I feast.”

The opening was good, but I thought this skit was right up there with the old SNL stuff — just classic.

If anyone has been wondering Martin O’Malley has been, here he is on FOX smacking Tucker Carlson (and Trump) upside the head and he’s really good at it.

RIP Tom Hayden, 1960s radical who became champion of liberal causes, dies at 76.

@39,I need brain bleach after watching those hideous fox trolls. O’Malley was a brave man to endure that.

@40, I had not heard that yet. Wow. RIP.

Believe it or not…new post up. 😄

@42: Well now, we usually get a new post ready for Mondays, but glad to see it’s you writing one. 🙂

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