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Orange is the new stupid…

Posted on: October 20, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.  I’m offering up a short post to move us along since loading up 240 comments is a slow lift for most ISPs.

Last evening it appears the Great Trumpkin got what looks like a fatal case of the gummy stem blight.  His orange pallor seemed inordinately pasty.diseased-pumpkin

After the Great Trumpkin’s pronouncement he would ignore what every candidate for President since George Washington has seen as a sacred obligation, nine kinds of hell broke loose.  Most relatively intelligent people saw it as a major faux pas.  Of course, relatively intelligent excludes #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika.

This morning I was listening to Morning Schmoe on Sirius radio while driving to a two-day meeting.  It sounded like a bunch of long-tailed cats had been thrown into a marathon rocking chair contest.  Schmoe was ballistic.  Bill Kristol was his normal gag reflexive self.  And Harold Ford seemed to have grown weary of trying to cram ten pounds of Schmoe crap in a five-pound bag.

The argument was about the peaceful transition of power and whether or not it is a big deal.  In fact, comparatively speaking since there’s thermonuclear weapons involved nothing else comes close.

Last evening a strange species of talking head discussed the concept of peaceful transition of power.  For all appearances, it seemed as though it was a sane Republican.  Steve Schmidt, a living and breathing sane Republican declared it was a disqualifying event for the Great Trumpkin to “wait and see” if he was down with the concept.  Schmidt is a serious student of history and of the presidency in particular.  His words seemed very familiar.

It then occurred to me where I had heard them – Game Change, the movie based on the book by Halperin and Heilemann.  Woody Harrelson played Schmidt and Sarah Palin was played by Julianne Moore, who won a Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice, Screen Actor’s, and an Emmy for the role.

I found the scene and it does a much better job than I ever could in explaining the ramifications.

One last thing:  Here’s something as rare as a grammatically correct sentence from the Great Trumpkin.  It is a highly laudatory article about our gal.  It was written after last night’s debate, but it details how extraordinary Hillary’s performance has been in all three debates.  The catch phrase on the article is:  Donald Trump didn’t just destroy himself.  Hillary Clinton destroyed himOr as we like to say around here, Donald was whipped by a girl.

What’s on your mind today?


95 Responses to "Orange is the new stupid…"

Donald Trump is a lot more bluster than substance. After all his bellowing, maybe he’ll just go away with his tail between his legs after he loses the election.

I didn’t see Game Change, but I’ll bet that scene is completely accurate. Interesting that Woody Harrelson told her she would NOT be messing with tradition when the first African American President had been elected. Will the media notice that Trump would be bucking tradition for the first WOMAN President? Or will that go right over their heads too?

Bernie didn’t “concede” for a month and a half after Hillary was announced the presumptive nominee. And it wasn’t really a concession at all IMO. Why is it okay that Hillary is denied a gracious concession (jumping ahead here) by both her male opponents and no one connects it to her gender?

Did y’all notice this at the end of the debate last night? I didn’t. Chris Cizzilla no less.

SM, if you happen to drop by, hope your friend is doing well.

@1, Branjor, we can only hope you are 100% right. I would love to forget the Cheeto in haste and revel in Hillary’s Madam Presidency at leisure.

@2, surely to goodness someone will put it together — like you say, it is just too obvious. Something else that was all too obvious throughout those debates — men interrupt women with abandon like it is some kind of right. Every woman here has been interrupted by the likes of the Cheeto-thing. No one can convince me that female reporters haven’t had the same type of experiences. Someone needs to call that out.

@3, I noticed that, but what I thought was even more telling was how fast he hightailed it out of there. He didn’t look like a happy Chinese steel user or a happy puppet. Am I seeing what I want to see or is he gritting his teeth and locking up his jaws? Things like debates go a little better with coke.

@4, yes SM, I hope your friend is doing better. Let us know.

That Ezra Klein article is amazing. And you’re right, even more so because it is Klein’s.


@9, I thought it was an amazing article. I’d read those all day.

@10, that is a shame and scary.

I love the handle, Ninja Kitty Glambert — what is that avatar doing?

Great post, Prolix! Dang, I need to see Game Change asap. Thanks for putting that scene in your post and talking about the peaceful transition of power. I’m off to read Ezra.

SM, also sending best wishes to your friend! Hope she makes a full recovery.

@3, that tweet is hilarious.

@13, thanks Annie. Ed Harris played McCain and was pretty convincing physically. The Nicole Wallace actress was good as well. There is one scene where Palin is absolutely nutzoid crazy. She goes into a stairwell and throws a running duck fit.

@12: I think the little critter is twerking.

@7 Prolix, what I saw in that gif was pure rage.

Prolix, I watched the clip twice, it was so good. Ed Harris is amazing. He would hang out with the Pro and myself when I worked at the Country Club. Such a nice, down to earth man. I thought Woody and Julianne also looked fabulous. Can’t wait to watch the whole thing.

@16, ROFL! I should be so lucky as to have moves like that.

It turns out the Trump Foundation donated $10,000 to James O’Keefe’s organization. Just another worthy charity you know.

@19: I’d injure myself trying that. 🚑

I did a little housekeeping over on the side but added a picture frm a.m. schmoe and #drunkmika getting called out by Kristol.

@17, GAgal, agreed. People like him don’t process deep seated emotion. Everything is on the surface or near the surface. One of the things I learned about studying these executive sales types is that bluster is nothing more than an affect. Where normal people will smile, they will rage because they have no middle gear.

This is a real story about an executive sales guy I knew. He was scheduled for a sales call. Normal stuff. No big shakes, just an ordinary maintenance sales call. He went to the airport in Lincoln, NE to fly to his appointment.

That afternoon was the Sioux City airplane crash and 195 people perished. In Lincoln and airports throughout the midwest, airlines were asking flyers to give up their seats so family members could get to Sioux City.

They asked this sales guy to give up his seat. The answer wasn’t yes. The answer wasn’t no or even hell no. It was a tirade of epic proportions. He cursed the flight attendant — how dare she suggest his plans be interrupted by some “crying woman” who couldn’t do anything but be in the way.

His tirade was so vociferous and strident, the pilot had him removed from the plane. Kicked off. A normal person would have been cowed, but not him. He promptly called the customer care person for the airline since he was a million miles flyer or something obscene like that to complain.

My point after all of that: These people aren’t right. They don’t operate as normal humans do. They know no shame. They are simply id on legs.

@18, I’ve always liked Ed Harris ever since The Abyss. It is so nice to hear someone who is famous is nice and down to earth.

@22, after that little go-to-pieces, there was a monstrous battle between schmoe, mika, and someone, I think it was Harold Ford. It was a blood battle. They were calling one another out and saying, “I’m not stupid.” It was all about Schmoe saying what Trump had said wasn’t a big deal and anyone who thought it was was a stupid, elite, hypocrite.

Did anyone watch that train wreck this morning?

@23, good god, what an asshole. I hate being around people like that. So selfish.

@26, I want to see the good in everyone. That guy had no good in him. Nothing.

@20, Disgusting.

This isn’t going away. This is from CNN Money about two hours ago:

Scarborough, Brzezinski revise history, claim they didn’t accommodate Trump

From the story:

Those limited examples are a fig leaf for the months of positive coverage and support that Scarborough and Brzezinski gave to Trump in the period of time Kristol was referring to: late 2015 and early 2016.

As CNNMoney and others have documented, Scarborough and Brzezinski — who visited privately with Trump on multiple occasions during the primaries — were overwhelmingly supportive of the Republican candidate during that time, consistently praising his unconventional campaign and defending him from his critics.

Scarborough, especially, spoke about Trump in glowing terms, praising him as “a masterful politician.” The Washington Post wrote that Trump had received “a tremendous degree of warmth from the show,” and that his appearances on the show, in person and over the phone, often feel like “a cozy social club.”

@25: Yeah I saw part of it and yes I think it was Harold Ford. Here’s the thing which will never happen: People should refuse to go on that show. When they are forced to have on the dogcatcher from East Podunk IL and schmoe is talking with just his crew of #drunkMika, Willie and plagiarist Mike Barnacle, MSNBC might yank the show.

@29: Oh good! I hope they get hammered over this They can’t unsay and undo what they did. As schmoe said, “There’s tape on that”.

@30, I had it on while I was getting ready this morning. From the get-go, Schmoe was yelling and ranting about how the “elites” are the only ones who care about Trump saying he won’t concede.

The question that no one dared asked the bully was this, “What makes him think he is the first, last, and only word about what normal people might be thinking. I guess he can hire people to Uber out to Connecticut and tell him what the average person might be thinking.

The Al Smith dinner is on right now on MSNBC and CSpan.

@32: Carrying it further, then it must be just the elites who watch his show since they would be the only ones to hear him mutter that tripe.

tRump is going waaay overboard at the Al Smith dinner. He’s getting booed right now. T-U-R-D. 💩

@35, W A Y T O O F A R!

She’s zinging him but keeping within bounds.

Heh…Guliani can dish it out but can’t take it. Too bad Rudeee!!

@38, Rudy is still angry with his prostrate over it supporting Hillary for the Senate against him in 2000. Rudy is a perfect example of either beating your anger or it beating you. His prostrate should wear a Rudy-beater.

Mr. Pundit has a great analysis of last night’s debate over on his site. Especially, read 3 and 3a.

@35 I’m just now getting to watch the Al Smith dinner – the orange turd – gawd!

@40 Rude Pundit is always great. Most of Chris Wallace’s questions sounded like they came straight from the Heritage Foundation with false statistics, lies and smears. Referring to the Clinton Foundation as pay to play, etc. Then Hillary said ‘I’ll be glad to talk about the Foundation’. Chris Wallace’s questions need to be fact checked themselves. (60% of our budget goes to entitlements? Aside from being complete BS, that would be kinda hard to do considering 60% of our budget actually goes to military spending)

@42: He was reading straight from Pete Peterson’s script with that one.

Oh Donald, Hillary wasn’t “resting” when she was off the campaign trail; she was prepping to beat your azz.


@41: He was just awful. Way beyond what’s the usual for that dinner.

@10, The High Schoolers for Trump need remedial grammar. Figures!

@46: I never even noticed that. 😆

Another excellent Vox piece about Trump playing with a fire he might not be able to control.


@40, loved it!

@42,” Most of Chris Wallace’s questions sounded like they came straight from the Heritage Foundation with false statistics, lies and smears.”
Spot on GAgal!

In depth article about the Russian hacking. Of course the tech stuff went over my head.

Just saw Lawrence O’Donnell talking about Hillary won all three debates by historic margins. Add it to the list!!

Roger Stone has found something to keep him busy. Doing “exit polling” in certain districts. I hope they find Trump doesn’t get a single vote. These guys may be getting themselves in to more than they bargained for. Not to mention their strategy makes no sense.

But the effort, led by Trump’s notorious informal adviser Roger Stone, will focus on 600 different precincts in nine Democrat-leaning cities with large minority populations, a tactic branded highly irregular by experts, who suggested that organizers could potentially use the polling as a way to intimidate voters.

@51 Fascinating article and a very satisfying read. It’s The Cukoo’s Egg updated with the technology of the intervening twenty years. I thought the part played by the open source counter-hackers was especially interesting – shows how effective world wide cooperation is.

Oh, and guess whose name was -not- on the list of compromised email accounts? Next thing you know, Ole Dog Trey’s going to demand a Congressional investigation into her unfair advantage over those other poor schmucks.

@2, that STILL bothers me to this day. Both of her opponents have been unhinged, petulant, and sexist and totally lacking in any grace or class.

@53, there are strict legal parameters around exit interviewing in election statutes. Stone, in his world-class a$$holiness, will probably break all of them and a few that haven’t been passed yet. Roger Stone is the type of family member causing adults to put themselves up for adoption.

Krugman op

“So let’s dispel with this fiction that Hillary Clinton is only where she is through a random stroke of good luck. She’s a formidable figure, and has been all along.”

@57, excellent essay. Thanks for posting it contrask.

Jonathan Chait, while occasionally wandering lost in the forests of CDS, hits a solid triple with this article. He labels #socklessdeadintern as a “blowhard” with an enormous amount of ignorance.

Very interesting bit of info here:

Federal officials are monitoring reports of at least two cyber attacks that took down pages and services across the internet on Friday. One of the attacks is ongoing as of 2 p.m. EDT.

The outages appear to have stemmed from dedicated denial of service (DDOS) attacks levied against Dyn Inc., one of the world’s foremost providers of internet services. The company runs domain name servers, known commonly as DNS, which provide infrastructure for internet services.

“They (DNS) work as a phone book or map to the internet, making sure that when someone writes an address into their computer or phone, it can be directed to the right place and show the right information,”

However, a second attack was reported just before 12 p.m., again targeting Dyn’s infrastructure.

“Our engineers continue to investigate and mitigate several attacks aimed against the Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure,” the company said in an update posted just before 2 p.m.

Dyn is based in New Hampshire; However, it provides services for multiple U.S.-based sites, and the attack on its servers caused issues loading the American sites in parts of Europe, Japan and other places, according to outage maps from Down Detector.

Sites took to social media to announce issues.

And if you look here, check all of those East Coast locations that are showing zero response time and 100% packet loss.

I know right now I can’t connect to,, Those are sites owned by Advance Media, i.e. Newhouse papers.

The Krug has it right, as usual. I heard that Morning Schmoe too and was absolutely floored. They got it so wrong and don’t want to admit it. And, Joe has been claiming lately that the media is biased against Trump.

My cynical brain is telling me that we might see Joe on TrumpTv in a few months.

Trump has taken to twitter again.

@62: That almost makes me wish it would go down again. 😝

@60, okay Fredster, tell us what all that means? Is it Putin or Kim Jong Unsmart?

@61, methinks your spidey sense about schmoe and his squeeze are spot on. In that article about schmoe and his outsized ego, he wanted to be considered for the nightly news before Lester Holt was named. Could it be he wants to be the anchor for TrumpTV? Mika could have her own show — “Under the Covers with the Boss”.

@62, what’s he saying contrask?

Let me see if I can copy a few

is it better to use the embed link, or just direct link?

"{Crooked Hillary Clinton} created this mess, and she knows it." #DrainTheSwamp— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 21, 2016


@69, contrask, you got caught by spammy in the basement. You have been bailed out.

@69, The Daily Caller and Tucker Carlson vs. Breitbart and Steve Bannon — a race to the bottom of the porta-potty. It is all based on a general information email AFTER she left the State Dept.

Did you see that Trump’s political director left the campaign today? He said he didn’t resign, but had to leave for personal reasons. Sounded like he went out for an extended smoke break and will be back in about 19 days.

Drumpf posted a picture of a huge stadium full at PA. Someone else tweeted a picture of the actual crowd when Trump came out. He is totally losing it.

I saw that about the director. Yes,Trump’s a class act all right. I knew the news sources were crackpot sites, but he – and many others – benefit by passing on stuff & no-one ever checks out the source or reads past the headlines. A librarians’ nightmare, for sure, lol.

Early in this campaign season, a fb friend posted a very astute observation and lament that her party had become the anti-intellectual party. She became a Hillary supporter with me. The only one I know that has woke up and seen the party for what it is. I’m still amazed anyone can still be supporting him.

@72 & 73, LOL — you mean he posted a dummy/stock photo? That is just rich.

That is a good observation. Anti-intellectual is perfect. I’d add, anti-fact as well.

It just drives me crazy when these people won’t accept facts. Honestly, I have had to justify peer-reviewed, scientific refereed, scholarly articles. It just drives me insane. Not only are the authors lifelong scientists with PhD degrees, they have designed their studies, submitted them to review committees filled with PhDs, taken the review notes, redesigned the study, put the study in the field, had the analysis reviewed by the publication committee, and published the analysis that is read and reviewed by the general community of PhDs. Then these anti-intellectuals/anti-factuals think they can criticize as the only people in the world who might have thought of any possible problems with the scientific analysis sua sponte by just hearing a newspaper summary, thereby, calling the study into question.

Drives me N.U.T.S.!

Omg! – and look at all the crap Trump’s campaign has put out – plagiarized
speeches, discredited lone shark generals & sleazy nobody surrogates, faked medical papers, not releasing tax returns, etc ad nauseam. Hillary has run a class campaign from top to bottom and she gets accused of being a liar and a crook. Not just by Trump either. And you are so right – the RWNJ don’t even know real facts when they are presented with them or they just refuse to accept them. And this problem is just getting worse. We have a chance to reclain an educated populace when Hillary is elected. I shudder to think of a Trump defiling the office.

@75, I’m beginning to wonder if everyone else has been hit by the denial of service attack. Contrask, we might be the lone designated survivors. LOL

This is one of the most powerful ads I have ever seen. This capsulizes the whole campaign with a simple, unspoken, but portrayed, question:

In what kind of America do you want to live?

@76 It’s interesting that WikiLeaks is thanking their supporters for the attack and are asking them to back off. Julian Assange is ALIVE!!

Borrowed this from Sophie over at Upps. Yep.

I’m catching up with things now. Real life stuff took me away..

@80, I really like that ad.

@64 & 79: What happens is they just keep hammering the servers with requests and the servers can’t handle the number of hits they’re getting. NOTE: CNN link has a video that will autostart.

@72 In Mills River, NC today, his little convention/fairgrounds rally was half full. Ahahahahaha!

He’ll probably just recycle a photo from that rally in July? a little further in Asheville, where one of his supporters punched out an elderly woman protester. I’m sure he misses both those supporters and those numbers.

Fredster, I see David Duke polled high enough in LA to make the debates. Except he’s scared to go because it’s at an all black college. LMAO.

@87: Oh that’s too damned funny! I read on that he had gotten the numbers high enough to participate but didn’t know the other part.

I think for that debate you had to have polled at least 5% and that makes sense since there were 24 candidates who filed to run.

Yep for the 5% thing:

Raycom announced it will use the survey to select which candidates will be invited to participate in a televised debate Nov. 2. Candidates must reach a 5 percent threshold — not including the margin of error — to make the cut.

That standard would appear to allow former KKK leader David Duke to participate. He polled at 5.1 percent.

I can’t believe 5% would say they support him. What a disgusting turd.

@77 & 80, I love both of those. Brought tears to my eyes.

Regarding the outage, what I noticed was that twitter was down when I went to bed @ around 3am. In the late am, I drove my kid to school and went to Starbucks to wait while he did whatever he had to do, and my Starbucks app wouldn’t work, so nothing drastic, but those were two of the things that were announced to have been affected.

@86, LOL! Fredster where do find these things?

@89: Yeah it got parts of the west coast too.

Back to the outage, I read that Anonymous did it avenge their hero Assange, and I also read that China did it, and of course its been put out that Russian hackers did it. The governments going to have to figure this out or what is now a nuisance could become deadly.

@88 Duke is concerned because of Black Lives Matter. As if his history doesn’t go back for years before BLM existed. Chicken sh!t.

“That’s amazing,” Duke said when he learned that he will be invited to participate in the debate, which will be held at the historically black university. He said he planned to attend but expressed concerns about security.
“Dillard is pretty supportive of Black Lives Matter, and I’ve been pretty critical of them,” Duke said.

@86 – wow BlueTeam007 – I can relate to her! “teacher in a very red state” Okla is actually polling 34% for Hill according to Huffington _ I am amazed.

The outage knocked out DNS in Dallas – I’m surprised we weren’t affected here

@94: We who live in these red states suffer a lot don’t we contrask?

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