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Debate 3.0: Live Blog

Posted on: October 19, 2016

Good evening Widdershins.dont-grope-vote

It’s the last and final debate.  If you are scoring at home, it’s about to be 3 for Hillary and Z-effing-RO for the orange dingleberry.

The Trumpanzee whines about our culture being too politically correct.  He says we should speak more frankly which is shorthand for self-indulgence.  Be careful what you wish for Cheeto crumb.  Let’s see what that would look like.

Donald Trump you are a menace and disgrace to mankind.  Sexual predation was once such an anathema to society it was routinely excised without question by summary execution.  Your lack of character gives us pause to consider whether or not due process for your transgressions should be considered progress.

You have as your guests this evening, Patricia Smith and Malik Obama.  Patricia Smith, in a PC world, would be forgiven as a grieving mother.  In a post-PC world, she’s a vindictive, attention-seeking, mentally-compromised woman who is not Sean Smith’s next of kin.  She has repeatedly contravened her son’s wife who is speaking for herself and their children.

Patricia Smith manufactured her story a full year after the events of which she now complains so loudly.  At one point, she wanted to sell her house in order to launch her son’s ashes into space.  She now gladly sells herself for temporal cruel and imaginary revenge.

Malik Obama merely reminds us that you, Donald Trump, are a racist – a birtherism racist who used and was used by a hate-mongering television network to spread vile discredited garbage.  You are the nominee of a party that sits atop a base of like-minded bigots.  You are a vile, reprehensible creature.hillary-laughing

We have learned at least two things from you Donald Trump.  The first is:  Money doesn’t make you any more sophisticated or learned than a drunk sitting slumped at the end of the bar.  You are a boor, a lout, and intergalacticly ignorant.

The second learning is this:  It’s often said that power corrupts.  That is incorrect.  It’s scientifically proven that power and money only free what was already there.  They merely erase the veneer of impulse control.  So Mr. Trump, you would be the same miserable excuse for a human being if you had nothing at all or really had all the money you claim.  Ironically, that might be the only consistent thing in your entire pathetic life.

I will enjoy your humiliation tonight and your ignominious loss three weeks from now.

And have a nice day.




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From the widget over on the right, the topics for tonight’s debate:

The topics — selected by Wallace — will include debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots, and “fitness to be president.”

Everyone take a drink when Clinton quotes the great poetess of our age, Fergie, by saying ” I be up in the gym just working on my fitness; He’s my witness”

@1, Mike Roman, the Siamese twin to David Bossie, is the guy who edited that 80 second video of the two Black Panther-types in the Philly precinct that were played on Fox 94 times in two weeks. It was something like 6 hours of coverage for two guys who probably never saw a white person in that particular precinct in 2008.

@3: LOL

@4: Yep, Faux News completely wore that video clip out.

Can’t stand listening to the tawking heads prior to the debate. I’ll kill this half-hour doing something else.

Hillary has on her white “power” suit.

@7 Bill’s got the Tide Pens ready for when Trump starts slinging mud.

@8: He probably needs a full poncho to put on.

Ooookay. Here we go.

Shinners!!! I’m here!! Feeling good about Hermione Clinton getting ready to win the election at the Ministry of Magic.

@11, I feel better with SM here.

Chris Wallace has been to IHOP — he’s pancaked from here to Toledo.

@13: Better than Trump spray tan.

Hillary looks pretty tonight.

Donnie already throwing those eye darts at Hillz.

Hillary is killing the haters with a white suit after Labor Dayl, EAT IT!!! BTW, this is a very spiritual way to fight evil. Ohhhh, just in that Afro-Caribbean way… not that I would know…;)

Trump has had his RBF put on steroids.

President Clinton ’45 just cracked the whip for the Senate to get to work.

Prolix!!! Fredster!!!!

Don’t mess with the RBG!

@19 obviously he’s on steroids.. the sniffling has stopped.

Grunt, grunt — Constitution good — grunt, grunt.

Trump plans to appoint 20 people to the court… presumably because he will murder the 8 sitting and then 12 of the next ones he appoints?

“The constitution the way it was mean to be” With blacks counting as 3/5 person? — stolen from Kurt Eichenwald

@25: He could mean the district courts and courts of appeal, but I don’t want to give him that much credit for thinking.

I think Drumpf just said he wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In the case of Drumpf, I support retroactive abortion.

Go Hillz!

He has been talking in a fairly calm manner. If he keeps this up (no matter what he says) the tawking heads will say he won this debate.

Wow real questions.

I was just saying Drumpf’s coke isn’t nasal dripping and then…


Bad Hombres!

Helloooooo Shinners! Finally got online. I am LOVING this debate, it is actually ABOUT SOMETHING! HRC is killing it.

Sorry to all, I just got a call from the son of an ex-co-worker, whom which we’re trying to get a business-thingy together: she’s in ICU cardiac unit, had a stroke or aneyrym…going to hospital now… :(, pray for Terri please and GO HILLZ!!!

Hey, y’all. Back from my Kaine rally – I’ll try to be a good blogger (GO KAINE, GO HILLZ! GO! GO! GO! ahem. sorry)

Does it strike anyone that these first questions: guns, abortion, immigration are all softballs to the Rump?

@30 – hahahaha!

Uh oh…she just needled him and he’s freaking out!! 😀

Grammar police! “Very much better???” Der Trumpferer doesn’t speak his English so good.

@37 – Praying for you SM!!!

He’s gonna explode before this over. I so hope Hilz pulls the trigger.

He kept himself under control for about 30 minutes — he’s going to ape crazy.

@27 the list was exclusively for the supreme court I believe.

He’s ready to pop. She just has to get a few more jabs in.

@37: Oh SM!! Prayers for your friend.

@37, SM, you and your friends are in our thoughts and prayers.

Go Hillz! I’ve worked in those environments (OMG he said bigly! He said bigly!) with immigrants who could not complain about sexual harassment, who could not file worker’s comp. when the horrific working conditions many low wage workers endure injured them. Including working with broken ribs. Including attempted rape.

Open borders and ENERGY! Thank you! Everyone has been ignoring that.


He’s ready to blow!

So glad she pointed out what the wikileak thing was about with the open border thing – energy!

This is a Faux moderator for sure. He started slow, but he’s hitting his unfortunate stride now.

“He’d rather have a puppet as president.” And – buh-bye Drumpf!


I couldn’t keep track of that ramble.

@30, LOL! Whole fam laughed!

Oh my gawd. He’s getting cremated.

Me love me some Putin.

He’s not your best friend Donnie, he’s your BANKER!


Hillary put in the missile codes and he just went ballistic.

He’s doubling and tripling down on “Russia is better than us.” That ain’t going to go down well in the swing states.

@60 – Word, Fredster!

Yea! Dr. Strangelove shoutout!

He’s losing it

Hillz looks awesome!

Trump just ran his finger under his nose and sniffed!!! Omg!

Four minutes?? From the order to the launch??

Running the finger under the nose is a coke thing, trust.

@66: Just a few more digs at him is all it will take.

Have y’all noticed Hillary is always asked to go first?

“Trickle down economics on steroids” Go, Hillz!!

Dear Donald, Verbal diarrhea is not an economic plan. XO MB

Oh, please, please, please stay on international politics, Drumpf! THANK YOU for switching back there from the economy. You ain’t great on that, but you totally reek out loud internationally.

More word salad, and he’s no Dylan (in his (word) salad days).

@67 & 69: He starts running his fingers over his gums and it’s all over. 😹

“Let me translate that” Score!

@75, LOL!

from twitter for your viewing pleasure.

@78: interesting!

This Faux News moderator is every bit as bad as everyone thought he would be.

Bad jobs report? Great! I should win in a landslide. —Drumpf

Oh Donnie, don’t talk about not making stuff anymore.

“There’s only one of us on this stage who has actually moved jobs to Mexico, and that’s Donald.” SNAP!

@73 “Verbal diarrhea is not an economic plan. XO MB” – spot on!

doing it for 30 years??? That goes back to Arkansas!!

Trump – “I’ve made friends” … *starts singing “Friends in Low Places”*

She is ON FIRE. Wow!

She just won the election!

Because her and Obama Really???? 🙄

In the last debate he lied 34 times. She “lied” four times. Just sayin’.

@89: I want that win by at least 7 %

“These women” Yeah, that’ll go over well.

“I didn’t apologize to my wife because I didn’t do anything.” Wow!! Did you know Hillary hired all of them AND caused all the violence at his rallies?

This fuckin moderator is totally sexist Faux News!

His stupid propagandist question regarding the women that garbage victimized reminds me of every HR employee grilling me and other women, gathering anything they could to exonerate their employers when they broke the law.

Beautiful, beautiful raising the level of that a$$hole mod’s question.
Oh, goody, Drumpf has gone back to the emails. He’s goooonnne.

Love the way he “pivoted” away from the question.

@95: Give ’em hell!!

Pivot from his accusers to emails and Wallace says nothing.

Yeah Wallace is going full-on Faux.

Wallace cuts her off for going off the question but didn’t do that to Rump. 😡

Oh the Foundation. Gosh. What did Drumpf’s Foundation do now?

Clinton foundation openly biased question. Please y’all, can we have a group hate? Esp. his constantly interrupting her.

@100 – He interrupts her every time she gets into a rhythm. Drumpf can blather on for however long he wants.

@102 – Oh yes. Group hate!!!

Is there anywhere we can call in to stop this a$$hole moderator???

@102: Okay: 👹👹👹

@105 Awww! Thank you! Hate on!

“Why didn’t you stop me from being a tax cheat, Hillary?”

He just lost another 5% in the national polls.

“I will accept the results of the election if I win.” –Drumpf

Oh, excellent, excellent involuntary bait!

The most elementary question: “Do you accept the results of this election” and he blows its and he keeps blowing it. The mod is trying to save him (“But Sir! -no m’am, notice), even freakin’ coaching him and the Drumpf is ignoring it!!

Oh man she is KILLING him on the “rigged” thing.

@113 Dinosaur moi, tweet??

@115: Old horses-new tricks. LOL

@111 Excellent word salad translator, MB!

OMG I can’t, hombres.

Someone running for President saying, “I’ll keep the peaceful transition of power to myself so that it is suspenseful,” is a full-on nutjob!

He lost 5% of the national vote right there. There are no two ways about that. He’s a danger to the country.

Every Rethug candidate will be asked about this.

Trump needs Hillary to tell him how to be a better human being.

Trump writing something: NEED MORE COKE NOW

@121, LOL

Where is Mussel? or is it Muscle? I know where Mosul is, but not Muzzle.

@80, I so agree. He has a horrible voice and the personality of a cranky senior citizen. Also, he has no gravitas.

The decision on withdrawing from Iraq was Bush’s decision!

@123, LOL! Maybe he’s talking about Mussel Shoals, the famous recording studio.

@121, Good one Fredster!

Okay he’s completely lost it!

OMG! Chris gonna say Trump lied? 😱

Oh my gosh, even Chris Wallace is getting pissed off. His voice is shaking!

He ought to get with Gary Johnson and talk about Aleppo.

I’m getting so sick of Wallace’s deferential “Sir?” “Sir?” Wtf is he doing, interviewing for Drumpf’s butler?

Completely living for HRC’s right eyebrow right now.

@133 Hahahahaha so true!

I may never use the word “disaster” again. It’s worn out – done with it. Dump it in the dumpster with the trumpster!

He’s gone beyond word salad, he’s into word cole slaw.

@137, hysterical!

One question: Can you, in any way at all, imagine Trump sitting down and talking with another head of state? What would that be like?

Drumpf is living in his own reality where literally everything is Hillary Clinton’s fault. “Melania won’t have sex with me. D*mn you HRC.”

Oh, now HRC caused the Syrian refugee crisis single handed.

“She is what caused the great migration by inviting people into this country” Give me a freakin’ break.

@140, LOL.

@137 Zingo. So true! (but I’ll never look at cole slaw the same now)

@139 – Yes I can. That’s what terrifies me.

Has anyone noticed he changed his face color from orange to pasty? All those orange gorilla and yam jokes must have gotten to him.

What has really pissed me off is how he has gotten away with interrupting at all three debates. After the first one, the moderators should have told him they will cut his mike every time he interrupts her or takes an extra minute after she takes her turn. I think he is talking 2/3 of the time, or more.

“I’m going to create tremendous jobs, not small itty bitty jobs. I have this magic wand that will erase the massive debt that I cause!”

I want some crackers with my slaw.

Oh, freaking h-double-toothpicks!

“Why are both of you ignoring this [GDP]” Wallace must have studied elementary logic just as far as syllogisms, implied premises and circular questions. Of course, HRC hasn’t ignored this.

@146 Socal, now that you mention it…wonder if his pageant advisors weighed in?

“We’ve heard it before, Hillary.” Oh really, Mr. “It’s a disaster?”

Nobody does it right — there are Republicans stockpiling their apocalypse provisions right now. Republicans are moving to the bunker. They are reading the last days of Pompeii.

Sigh. The “Grand Bargain” is an effort to screw social security and medicare.

Can’t answer the question about Medicare or as Wallace refers to it “entitlements”.

Wallace is sounding more and more like the guy in “It’s A Wonderful Life” or someone from Mayberry.

@152 – RWNJS!!!!

“Such a nasty woman.”

What. Is. Happening!

Jesus, fix it!

@160 – Nope, just let him be Drumpf. Let him show his disgusting disrespectful sh*tty self.

@156, that’s outrageous.

Good grief, clocks on a closing statement. WTF is this, Jeopardy?

Hillary is so effing prepared for this job, she is only going to have to work half days.

Oh, isn’t Chris just so clever with his surprise closing statements. Good.

“The African Americans” and “The Latinos.” Oy vey.

No one can say the moderator was on Hillary side. Chris Wallace tickled the little tiny Drumpf balls.

He won’t even shake her hand. What a complete f*cking *ssh0le.

.@163 She can’t help it if she can get as much done in half a day as most people do all day. 😀

@166 – He completely crashed and burned. It was a disgusting display.

Ugh, glad its over. I didn’t watch most of it actually, just clicked to it during the commercials during the baseball game. I’ve had my fill of that evil orange/pasty creep and the vicious fox crowd.

Do you guys think Trump is going to start a newer, nastier fox news after he loses?

Sarah Palin got some new weaves in — somebody killed a moose.

@167 I wouldn’t go near him if I were her. He might try to grab her below the belt.

What completely depresses me, even though I’m not really worried about the outcome of this election, is that so many women my age appear to be brain dead.

I’m retired now (thank goodness) but so many my age are still knee jerk whatever their fundamentalist religion says or what their ex or departed husband would have said.

One very pleasant woman just stopped in where I was “debatin’ out” in the complex’s TV room (I’ve not owned one for most of my life and proud of it) and wanted to join me. Imagine my surprise when she left when I said “Well, yeah, but you know I’m supporting Hillary?” She’s so normal and nice and still Republican to the core, apparently. I just don’t get it!!

Drumpf is already in the garage. That is telling. His kids look glum. Steve Bannon is grinning ear to ear. He knows Breitbart just got plenty of hits.

Well I’m not going to watch the post game debate analysis. Nope, nope, nope.

Hey, Dana Bash! Ask KellyAnne about Trump calling Hillary a “nasty woman”. Oops. KellyAnne just ran away.

@174 I noticed that the Trumps just stood around awkwardly and went in a cluster off to the car. Hillary has people to talk to and is having real conversations. I never saw big dawg.

@173: Can’t change ’em no matter what. 😪

Thank you once again, Madamab and Prolix and Fredster for hosting this counterfactual to the media’s attempt to make American government the ultimate reality show.

The pundits are all stunned by what he said about the election and said it was a disqualifying moment. They also said his comment of “such a nasty woman” was horrible.

Van Jones righteous rant!!

I missed the beginning. Did Trump really bring his 3-ring circus?

@179 – Thank you for being with us, Pat!!

@179: So glad you were here for it Pat. We’re glad you were here with us. 🙂

@182: Not sure. I put my tv on cspan. After the debate I switched over to a movie on TCM.

Attention…attention: Trump Train now departing.

Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC is claiming Drumpf would have won if he didn’t say what he said. Absolutely ridiculous.

@188: Hugh Hewitt = 💩

@183 and @184 MadamaB and Fredster, so glad to be here.

Prolix, did I use “counterfactual” right? I know I said “symbiotics” when I meant “semiotics” here, but has it branded me forever?

Pat, thanks for helping us through this.

@190, it has branded you as a fave forever around these parts.

@188 I love it. Even Drumpf’s supporters are speaking in word-cole-slaw.

Kayleigh what’s her name is about to have a “major go-to-pieces” on CNN.

What Prolix said @ 192 🙂

@190 Whew! Now I can go out and wage word warfare again, on behalf of the only sane team to lead this country.

Jeffrey Lord just said and I quote, “I heard bad hombres on 1950s teevee, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

We now have a benchmark for when America was great — 1950s teevee.

Jeffery Lord – see 189.

Contrask, you had a comment in pending. I just released it.

@197 I’m surprised Lord didn’t mention Ronald Reagan and Andrew Jackson. As Ana Navarro has said, he has a pathological need to mention Reagan every time he opens his mouth.

CNN Debate Poll — 52% Hillary, 39% Drumpf.

Hillary pulled the debate hat trick.

@202: Not to worry, he’ll change his mind tomorrow for Morning schmoe.

@198 – Not to toot my own horn but…I have said that Drumpf backers and wingnuts want to go back to the “fake fifties in their heads” more than once. 😉

I agree, PDXPat, you are indeed a fave around here. Let those who haven’t mixed up semiotics and symbiotics throw the first stone. 😀

Time to get to bed, another long day tomorrow. Hugs to you all! Our Girl is going to be President of the United States!!!

The punditeers are saying Drump’s refusal to accept the results is what will end his campaign. Only if you’re a pundit. It’s certainly a big deal, but it’s what pundits will discuss. What the public will discuss on social media is “Such a nasty woman.” There are now dozens of memes being created and will be posted all across the internet starting now through Hillary’s swearing-in. I think his campaign ended with “Such a nasty woman.” It summarizes the whole campaign and Drumpf in that short sentiment.

I saw the Hewitt comments and Hewitt is nuts. But he quoted someone else, a writer for The Atlantic that makes an interesting point and explains why Drumps can say anything and his real supporters don’t care. He quoted this writer as having said that “Trump’s opponents take him literally, but not seriously. While his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.” I think that’s actually a very astute observation by this person (who is not Hewitt.) He talks a lot of nonsense and Hewitt thinks Drumps won the debate. The real Trumpeters don’t need facts or reason or common sense. The rest of us kind of think those things are important. And that’s our current human condition in a nutshell.

@206: Spot on comment DYB!!!

@206 “The real Trumpeters don’t need facts or reason or common sense. The rest of us kind of think those things are important. And that’s our current human condition in a nutshell.”

Oy! There are times when I think De Tocqueville was right, but then I remember I have to let this unique experiment in universal self government play out.

@206 — unfortunately you’re right.

Fortunately, we outnumber them.

I wonder if the Secret Service is trained in identifying mental health issues. Drumpf’s detail needs a refresher course if they are trained and if not, they need to call in a specialist. Drumpf will have a breakdown sometime between now and the end of the year.

Just google this:

Trump on Clinton: ‘Such a nasty woman’

The hits returned are amazing. Yep, that’s what folks will remember.

@206, absolutely DYB — absolutely!

The minions of Drumpf are people who deal with feelacts — facts that feel like they are true.

SHINNERS, the only thing to rip me away from this debate was a sick co-worker. I’m back from the hospital, ex-co-worker pal still in ICU, there were at least 10 people there waiting, family, co-workers, friends, etc. If you want some kindness-karma, Terri needs your prayers. Thanks and going to Crooks and Liars, Stephen Colbert and Youtube to catch the clips, love you all!!

SM, good thoughts to you and your friends.

@213: Consider those prayers sent SM.

@211 Veeery interesting.

Just ixquicked that phrase and got a mix of right wing and normal returns.

Googled it and got what you saw – overwhelming unfavorable coverage.

Snowden (NEVER Ausange) fan that I am, I thought the reverse would happen. H’mmm.

I’ve got to be up in 6 hours.

Good night all and thanks for everyone coming by.

We have over 8 years invested in seeing the most qualified person in history become POTUS. It makes me feel so incredibly proud!

One last thing:

LA Times scored the debate. It wasn’t even close.

@216: I just did that ixquick search and did a LOL that one of the returns was some Russian website.

@218: Gawd that was just embarrassing.


MCMANUS: It’s a little unfair to ask Donald Trump hard questions about foreign policy. He’s never done his homework.

Bit of a bias, there? Don’t ask Mr. Cheetohead Gropehands hard questions about what a president should know? Flunk ‘im if he doesn’t do the homework!

@221: Well isn’t that a shame, but he wanted to play with the big folks and he should have done his homework.

@213 SM, I so hope your coworker comes through this okay. I missed your strong, deadly humor in this last and least of these debates.

Oh, and you were inadvertently interviewed today. At the Tim Kaine rally today, I was interviewed and told the news person about your description of Kaine visiting a Latino Protestant church and contrasted that with tRumps drop-in to the church at Flint. I think the interviewer got it in one!

@223: You mean you didn’t have to explain it? Congrats on that!

Okay folks, I didn’t eat before the debate so I’m going to go fix a sammich.


@225 Us Widders all fix our own sammiches. Night, Fredster.

I hope Hillary has had the chance to knock back a couple of vodka martinis by now. I’m so glad this was the last debate!

Did anyone see Trump’s “guests” tonight? Pat Smith didn’t get her Benghazi moment tonight.

@228, good. She doesn’t deserve another one.

@228 I think they were scared of going low, seeing as how well it’s done for them so far.

@200 thanks Fredster – that was the picture of Putin holding up a trump puppet, it was great! I’m enjoying my morning being a #NastyWomenMakeHistory and #DumpMorningJoe. I think there is some #manocide on some women’s #vagenda today!

@228 I was looking for them too. Makes me think there is an adult in the house since he didn’t get to cause a scene with his “guests” the last 2 debates. So glad I don’t have to listen to Trump again this election. Hillary looked radiant last night!

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