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Coming soon to Trump TV…

Posted on: October 17, 2016

Good afternoon Widdershins.trump-tv

Here’s a question:  Why don’t reporters just read our TW? Here’s one of today’s big scoops — the Trumpanzee is thinking about starting a Trump-a-vision channel.

We covered that concept last week, but I guess it is official now since it has appeared in publications that have a few more subscribers.  Here’s the money shot from New York magazine:

If you do assume that Trump is acting rationally, then it is very hard to explain his campaign moves as steps in a considered plan to get elected president, and much easier to explain them as steps toward monetizing his audience through a media empire. This theory would explain why Trump handed control of his campaign to a media mogul (Steve Bannon), why he has needlessly attacked fellow members of his party, and why he has risked demoralizing his own voters by repeatedly calling the election rigged. These are logical decisions if his end goal is to wrest the intense loyalty of a large minority of the country away from other conservative organs and center it around a media brand he can control.

The logical leap the author makes is assuming Trump is capable of acting rationally.  This follows an article in The Financial Times and one a few minutes ago in The New York Times.

Given that journalists seldom have strategic thinking skills, let’s help them out. The Orange Sexual Predator has support from somewhere between zero and 35% of the Republican base.  Where does that leave the “tea cozy” sniffers of the Tea Party and the flesh-eating Freedom Caucus members?  They will have to obey their new tangerine-hued overload, Darth Drumpf.

So the long and short of it:  All these gerrymandered districts of which the Republithugs have long been so proud will now officially bite them in their ample buttocks.  Of course, they could bite them anywhere since they are all buttocks, but I digress.  These Congress critters will be forced to take on such crazy positions they will look like yoga instructors who just snorted a new batch of bath salts.

Paul Ryan is about to be one of three things — powerless, without an ounce of principle, or retired.  The Rethug House Caucus is about to become the House Carcass Caucus.  If Hillary’s “tunic tails” are not enough to wrest control of the House, she understands well enough, unlike Obama, that the midterm election is another bite at that apple. She will not let it escape.

Two years of ape-crazy, biscuit-eaters will convince an overwhelming majority of the country that the Republican Party is a thing of the past worthy of being put down.  The conservodroids will be ensconced in their bunkers eating their Glenn Beck apocalypse provisions wringing their little hands to nubbins.

The nation’s Capitol will have one adult and she has come to clean the House.

What’s on your mind today?



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Yeah seriously, how is this even “news?” Hasn’t a media empire been basically presumed to be the end-goal for many months?

Earlier today John McCain, a man who lost his integrity and decency when he ran for President and is yet to find them again, today declared that the GOP will block all of Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees. These people have truly learned nothing.

Off topic and early in the comments but I just saw this on twitter and had to share.


@1 – Yeah – see, Hillary is not Obama. Good luck with that approach, McMaverick.

P.S., Great post, Prolix!

@1: If we flip the Senate McCain may not even be there. If we flip the Senate and he is still there, he can go sit in the corner.

@4 D*mn!!! That’s one powerful ad.

@2, I like that and one dog knows another.

@4, that is an awesome ad. It should become viral.

@5, thanks MB.

I couldn’t get beyond the paywall on F.T. but I’m assuming the NYT piece covered the important parts. I did notice that apparently tRump wouldn’t be investing much of his own money into the deal. That sounds typical.

@12, I think you can get behind the wall at F.T. by just signing up. You get a number of free articles per month just like all the other pay sites.

How appropriate!


@13: Oh okay, thanks for that info.

@14: What a lineup!!

Getting ready for MNF. Later!

A friend of mine edited that ad @ 4. The media department works very long hours and do amazing work.

@DYB: Then please tell that person they did a great job! 🙂

Mr. Pundit has a good piece over on his site.

John McCain is having a little tantrum because Hill’s campaign is going aggressive in AZ.

After the campaign announced over the weekend that both Chelsea Clinton and Bernie Sanders would be appearing there this week, campaign manager Robby Mook on Monday unveiled the Democrat’s next step: first lady Michelle Obama will be rallying in Phoenix on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters on a conference call, Mook said the push comes with new investment, too: $2 million in television, digital and mail advertising.

@20 Rude Pundit says it like it is!
Kirk Eichenwald -” My latest @Newsweek cover story on Trump will be posted online tomorrow morning on . Be sure to take a read”

Supposedly, Julian Assange’s internet has been cut off by Ecuador.


@23: Did you happen to see the statement Deplorable has on his twitter page:

The violence sown by the Left against the Right is going to bear fruit. A harvest comes.

These people are simply batshit crazy.

@22: Contrask, Mr. Pundit rarely holds back. Not for the faint of heart.

I have to say, things like this have me very concerned. And that talking yam azzhat is encouraging stuff like this.

I hate to be paranoid, but there’s no doubt in my mind that immigrants. especially Muslim, will be targeted after the election. Or should I say – attacks will be stepped up – after the election. Other minorities probably will be too.

@26, I saw footage of that guy. I’m not sure he has opposable thumbs, but those are the kinds of people you have to worry about when it comes to random acts of violence. I’m sure Timothy McVeigh wasn’t camera ready either.

@27: I hate to be paranoid but I’m concerned she’s going to be targeted after she wins.

@4, OMG! I’ve heard of that psycho, but never seen him before. I’m going to have nightmares!

DYB, your friend did an amazing job. That ad is scary as hell.

LOL I just saw a news clip of people at a Trump rally. One woman had a sign that said Ryan (as in Paul). Across his name she had scrawled: TRADER!

Gary Johnson spoke at Liberty University and said his pick for a SC Justice would be someone like Clarence Thomas.

@32: LOL! Truly a low information voter there. 🙂

his pick for a SC Justice would be someone like Clarence Thomas.

My God, you mean there’s another one out there? 😵

@32, that’s a low information speller.

@32, I saw some footage from that Cheeto rally in Wisconsin. They were yelling, unbidden from anyone, “Paul Ryan sucks, Paul Ryan sucks, …” The guy at the microphone was asking for volunteers, but I don’t think it was that kind of volunteering.

From an A.P. piece:

9:30 p.m.

Donald Trump is suggesting that House Speaker Paul Ryan has been undermining his campaign because he may be plotting his own White House run in 2020.

Trump speculated in an interview Monday with ABC that Ryan either didn’t “know how to win” or “he wants to run in four years.”

The Republican nominee has been sharply critical of Ryan since the speaker suggested earlier this month that he would do little to help Trump’s campaign.

Trump appeared in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin on Monday, and many in the crowd chanted “Paul Ryan sucks.”

Trump also claimed Ryan has not been supportive in investigating voter fraud, which the celebrity businessman had deemed a widespread problem without producing any evidence.

@27 & @29 I have the same paranoias. And don’t laugh – but I snapped a picture of my voting credentials and date the data was updated at the election board site. Usually leave the silliness to the conspiracy folk, but I believe they will challenge Hillary’s presidency – there are some hating, sick people out there.

@40: LOL! I printed out my info from the La. S.o.S. website!

Lol! – @41 – I’m ready to elect our girl. Got my election night bottle of wine ready.

@43: I got my absentee ballot from La., filled my ovals and then sent it back by priority mail so I’d know when the parish registrar received it. La. will still be a red state but I”ll have my vote counted for our girl.

So remember that Naked Trump statue that popped around the country? Well, in NYC there was this morning a Naked Hillary statue. Ok…fair enough, you might say. If we can shame Trump, maybe it’s fair game. Except, of course, it’s not the same. Because this Hillary statue has hooves and is being fondled by a male figure. So, you got “Hillary is Satan” and she’s being sexually assaulted for good measure.

@44: That’s disgusting.

People magazine brings out some other individuals to back up the writer’s story about Trump.

AAAAnnnnd this is wy we need Hillary, part #1,784,734,900:

Tim Kaine visiting a Protestant Latino church in Miami and making a speech en español—not self-serving, but very humble and taking about how the good Samaritan parable in the New Testament is the nucleus of Hillary’s and Tim’s cause. I can detect the BS meter from miles away. George W. and Jeb! were quite self-serving in their español speeches, but Tim’s speech to the church felt authentic, humble and REAL:

@47: Hey SM!! I read that Kaine had done that. Good for him and the ticket!

Newest Randy Rainbow!

@49, that might be his best yet — M.T. — LOL!

@47, hey SM — great to see you!

Here’s the one Randy Rainbow did about *that phrase*.

From Raw Story. Oh my, if only! And I would love to add Mrs. Greenspan to that too. LOL

Love both the Randy Rainbow’s! He should create his own Broadway show!

@53, hear, hear!

I’m about ready to crash but saw this and wanted to share. It’s called “Pantsuit Power for Hillary”.

This is a billboard in Dearborn, MI. It reads: Donald Trump can’t read this, but he’s scared of it.


That Randy video is hysterical!

@57: I don’t foresee many tRump votes in Dearborn precincts in the election.

Live Blog Tonight at 8:01 p.m. EDT

@61 – if only…..

@62: Well he’s got his on 757 so he can just fly away.

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