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Lazy Weekend Music-Cry Me A River Edition

Posted on: October 15, 2016



Another week has passed and yet even more disgusting stories about Trump have made the news.  Not only have we learned he thought he could grab a woman by her genitalia, but he also felt free to try to get a woman to join him in the mile high club.  Another one of the Trumpian tidbits is that he referred to Marlee Matlin as “retarded” when she appeared on his show Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump, who was accused on Wednesday of making sexual comments to Marlee Matlin, an Oscar-winning actress who once competed on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, also apparently had a habit of insulting, mimicking, and demeaning as mentally handicapped his star female contestant—all because she was deaf.

In 2011, Matlin, who is still the only deaf actor or actress to win an Academy Award for best actress, appeared on Trump’s NBC reality-TV series. By the end of the season, she had come in second place and earned her fair share of compliments from Trump in the aired footage. crying-mask-2But according to three longtime staffers who worked on Matlin’s season of Celebrity Apprentice, Trump would regularly disrespect the actress and would even treat her as if she were mentally disabled.

I’m not totally sure who we should be crying a river for: we Americans for having to hear about all of this, the people who were the objects of his attacks and insults, or the Republicans who are getting their much deserved desserts for allowing this to grow in their body politic, with this foul fruit being the result.  It crying-clown-mimewill be extremely difficult to rid themselves of this and will be their legacy for some time to come.  Nah, to hell with the last one.

So along those lines let’s look at some songs about crying, tears, anything along those lines.  Now we all know some songs involving those things.  Here are mine.


(1) As Tears Go By ~ Marianne Faithfull

crying-female(2) No More Tears (Enough is Enough)~ Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand

(3) Lonely teardrops ~ Jackie Wilson

(4) Tears of a Clown ~ Smokey Robinson and the The Miracles

(5)  There’ll be no teardrops tonight ~ Tony Bennett

(6) Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall ~ Coldplay

(7) Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain ~ Willie Nelson (who else but??)


splash-page-separator-fade-lineOkay Widdershins I have barely scratched the surface of cryin’ and tears songs.  Please add yours in the comments below.  As always, it’s an open thread.




96 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music-Cry Me A River Edition"

Love the “Cry Me A River” theme. Too bad, Repubs, so sad you’re going down bigtime 🙂 🙂 🙂

They’ll need all those tearful songs you posted and then some! Here’s one from me:

@1: Thank ye Pat! I was sitting here trying to come up with a theme for the post. Thought of train wrecks and possible vid clips of those, but couldn’t really find enough of them. After that, songs about crying and an idea of cry me a river or low down cryin’ shame came to mind. It was obvious there were tons of songs in many genres with those ideas. And yes I do believe the tRump mess will wreck the Republicans for quite some time.

Thanks for your song! 🙂

I love me some Ella.

@2 Cryin’s always good, especially snarkily for the other side :>

Oh, my, haven’t heard Janis in ages – forgot how much I liked her, especially this one. So apropos – “all you gotta do is be a good man to one woman”. Obviously above their candidate’s pay grade.

And of course, the classic Ella with the theme song and its almost Ira Gershwinesque strained rhymes – still love it, though. These are going to get played a lot this weekend while I’m doing my geeky bit for the party.

@5: I think “back in the day” I almost wore out that lp Pearl when it came out. Consumed many bottles of Boone’s Farm and sometimes some Southern Comfort (in honor of Janis).

(Opens a little loud)

At least you had good taste at that age – well, at least in music, maybe not so much in wine? It took me -years- to appreciate Joplin, Jeff Beck, the blues, etc., etc.

Good choice Fredster! So many great songs about crying. I will add one later on.

Trojans are beating Arizona. What’s going on with Tigers & Dawgs?

@8: Oh well, what did I know about wine back then. It was just what everyone else drank then and c-h-e-a-p. And how the hell I was able to quaff that Southern Comfort is just beyond me now. Yech!

GAgal, thanks for the heads up on the volume. Sometimes I’ve actually jumped when the song starts because it’s so loud.

@9: I’m actually watching some of the USC game right now. LSU plays later tonight and the Dawgs lost their game to Vandy. 😦

@12: Her voice is just sheer joy to listen to.

Love Ronstadt! Not a Cash fan, but it fits

@14: Great choice contrask!

Sorry I’m late to the party, but RL got in the way today.

Here’s an oldie, but is so woeful it’ll make you cry.

PDXPat, please check your email when you have a chance. Thanks!

@16: That’s okay, better late than never.

Everyone’s choices are great.

I just edited myself here and I’m going to look for something less sad and depressing.

In honor of Halloween, I have to throw this one in. Cryin’ is in the lyrics. The late and so great Tim Curry.

And to increase my highbrow cred after Rocky Horror Picture Show, here’s our newest Nobel laureate, Bob Dylan:

The old rocker (and I mean old) in me remembers the line in this “Cry a Million Tears”

@22: Whoa! That goes back some.

@7 So -that’s- who did that song – Journey, huh? (I know, I’m a dinosaur). Always liked it when I heard it, but now I know how to find it.

@16 (sorry, hop scotching again) That kind of lonesome is what tRump will be once his fans have fled – and I’m sure most of them will when this election brings home just how unpopular he is.

@12 love, love, love Linda’s voice. Here’s another favorite – not tears, specifically, but so apropos for Donnie:

@22 that one brings back a lot of fond memories for me, too.

And that reminds me of Carly!

That Carly video is so good. It only has 367,000 views. That should be viral.

@26 I love it that she re-wrote just for Donny-boy.

@28 – ack! “rewrote it”

I’m laughing at Trump saying Hillary should be drug tested before the next debate. I’m not even sure there should be a debate. What’s the point? Even without his interruptions and distractions, how does anyone really talk about issues and policies in 2 minutes? But I guess I’ll watch it. Sigh.

@26: I saw she had done that but had not listened to it yet. Thanks for adding it.

@30: When I read about the drug testing thing I just did a l-o-l. Really Donnie? Who has the nose issue huh?

The LSU players must have gotten a Yuge butt-chewing by Coach O because they have definitely awakened in the 2nd half here.

@30 Projection much, Donnie boy? I swear that’s all he does.

That IS rich, GAgal, he had to have been high at both debates. I’m a little bit worried about the FOX new moderator. I know Trump will try some other stunt. Ugh

@34 It’s gotta be a weird election season when Hillary supporters are worried about a Fox moderator, but I’m right there with ya.

@4 Fredster, you and I have to do an Ella marathon 🙂 , this is one of my favorite of favorite singers…like Ella has to be proof to the outer alien life forms that we have evolved somewhat after listening to her.

So honor Ella and our girl Hillz, these no-nonsense women who cut through the BS and getting the job done and enjoying the simple things..just get it done. They don’t bother with people they hate, nope, not Ella nor Hillary:

@26, that is awesome! Why doesn’t that have 65 million hits?

The media needs to stop cover little bits and pieces of these “emails” in a way that can be taken out of context. And they need to stop calling them leaks – they are cyber hacks by a foreign government.

The Clinton campaign gathered its top national security advisers for a blistering conference call with reporters on Friday, framing the email dump as a provocative cyber-attack by foreign adversaries with ties to terror groups.

The advisers described the hacks as unprecedented interference in the U.S. election that threatens the nation’s sovereignty, and warned there would be “consequences” for the hackers and potentially the “Russian state actors” supporting them.

The campaign lashed out at Trump, arguing he is encouraging the behavior. They questioned whether he and his advisers, driven by their own foreign business interests, have conspired to aid the Russians.

@38 GAGal, with all these anti-Hillary news outlets having “come to Jesus” moments lately, I’m glad thehill gives me at least one still to hate on.

The facts they posted in your excerpt are true enough and need to get out there, but the negative spin- garrrrr. “Attacks wikileaks?” “Bashes media?” Really, thehill? *She’s* bashing *you*?

@19, Prolix, I thought of that song, but my mom said it was too sad. Then I thought of Aerosmith’s Cryin’, but somehow this seemed creepily appropriate for Trump:

@38 & 39 (kinda) Check this out from The Briefing. About a 5 min. clip.


@38, “And they need to stop calling them leaks – they are cyber hacks by a foreign government.”

Spot on GAgal!

@41, saw that earlier, its very well done.

@43: Sophie just put it up over at Uppity’s place.

@12, Loved that!

@44, Good, I retweeted it earlier.

Chicago Cubs beat the Dodgers today in Game 1 for the NL pennant. 😦

Oops! Forgot to add this earlier.

@49: Didn’t USC win their game too? Last time I saw it earlier today they were *way* ahead of Az.

@40, LakerWade, as my mother told me so many times, “Your mother is always right,” and your mother was right, that selection was too sad so I edited myself.

@48 Well, isn’t that the most inspiring anthem!

Just a wee bit different from that of Harvard (and liberal arts majors everywhere):

@52 “and liberal arts majors everywhere” of which I am one, I hasten to add.

@41 I was disgusted when I read today that Trump was told at his intelligence briefing that Russia was hacking the election. All this time he’s been saying Hillary herself has been making it up. I get it that he ignored the media reports, but his own intelligence briefing?

@52: LOL!

Pat, we used to have a thing when chat was here (sniff) that when our teams won we posted their fight songs. When they lost it was this:

@55 oh, duh! Now I remember. I thought you were just extra inspired by LSU.. That said, Yay, Les Tigres!

That Goom, Despair & Agony song is kinda appropriate for this thread, too, come to think of it…

@56: Point taken about the song. But that’s for them and not us.

Did anyone catch the cold opening for SNL tonight? I saw it on youtube but this thread is getting slow to load so I don’t want to add too much more to it. However, it was hysterical.

@41 Just switched to an operating system that plays Twitter videos – that report is very disturbing.

@54 I don’t know what more it will take to shake loose Trump’s remaining supporters that aren’t batshit crazy.

LSU did a great tribute to Mike VI at the game. I don’t think this will embed.

@58: And I don’t get how Flynn has not been called on the carpet for his shenanigans. He’s a retired military officer.

That guy is a meglomaniac just like the dumpster. Sheesh.

Whoa. A new NBC/WSJ national poll has Hillary with 11 point lead over Trump. It shows Trump back up with independents, which I find hard to believe. The bad news is Senate Dems are only up 3, as people want a split government to rein in Hillary’s agenda. Could someone tell these people a “split government” doesn’t mean both the Senate and House should be Republican. Have they not learned a thing from the last six years of obstruction? Do they want a SC justice ever seated? Are they gonna be sitting around four years from now scratching their heads and asking why this country is “on the wrong track”?

The Arizona Republic on threats they got after endorsing Hillary. Pretty cool (auto play) ad for Hillary, too.

This was put up over at Uppity’s place. Now, lots of adult words and things so be prepared. It’s from Bill Maher.

As a follow-up, here are more creative insults directed at the “used condom from the Jersey shore.” (Not original.)

@67: Those were pretty good.

LOL! TrumpTees – I’m sure those were approved by HRC campaign 😄

@69: “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved these tees”. 🙂

@71, oh, I hope its true!

Prolix, you didn’t have to remove your song! I did tell laker to come up with something snarky, but I like all the songs that were put up this weekend.

Fredster, yes, Trojans did win yesterday, rather easily in fact. I was too lazy to put up the Fight Song.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers just beat the Cubbies 1-0 in Game 2 of the NLCS! Now they’re coming home for the next three games. I know this is boring for you but I’ve been a Dodger fan since I was 3! The last time they went to the World Series was 1988, so I’m hoping my kid finally gets to see a Dodger WS.

@61, 62, Flynn is so sleazy.

@65, that was quite moving.

Have we heard from NW Luna? They had terrible storms in the NW the past few days.

I believe this tweet. My hubbies job was created by Big Dawg’s admin in the 90s and he moved up from there. It was life changing for us. One of the reasons why we are so devoted to Bill and Hillary.

imust just posted this @ Upps. What the what?!?!?

@72, I was hesitant about posting that to begin with. You and Laker were right and it just took you reminding me of what I should have done to begin with and that is going with my gut and not posting it.

It’s all good. I appreciate y’all mentioning it.

Found this from John Oliver who did a long segment on third party candidates.

This is from the Joe Exotic 2016 Committee. Mr. Exotic is running for president, but will not cut his hair or wear a suit. Oh, and I almost forgot, he hangs out with lions and tigers. No comment on where the bears are since Mr. Exotic is now married.

Prolix, did you see the song Laker posted? It was popular on mtv in the 80s. About a young girl whose Father does disgusting things to her so she finally shoots him. He meant it as snark against tRump and his creepy daughter, but its pretty dark. I was hoping no one would be offended.

@79, Good lord. Still, he sounds better than Trump.

What do you make of Roger Stone’s tweet? Sounds threatening (rubbing my hands together)…heh heh.

@77, as usual, Stone is just acting as his own press agent. Since he got egg all over his face and most of his worthless soul, he’s trying to build up some suspense over his “tell all” book that is still “in his mind” or what little of a mind he might still have. This is from an hour ago.

@77 Annie, Stone is in hot water with the FBI. He went on Alex Jones show and said he had an “in” with someone who had been to London to see Julian Assange. He insinuated certain things would come from WikiLeaks before they were released. He also sent out a tweet that John Podesta would be “next in the barrel” long before Podesta’s emails were leaked to the media. He’s got the FBI on his ass. Oh, what sweet, sweet irony if Stone is marched off in handcuffs.

@80, I remember that song from way back when. Just about every Aerosmith wannabe did a cover of it. I am ashamed to admit I danced too many nights to it.

@79 Okay but I gotta know who Joe Exotic’s VP is gonna be. It seems really important in his case.

Did y’all know that Roger Stone has an almost life-size tattoo of Richard Nixon’s face on his back between his shoulders? I’m not lying. He’s very proud of it.

Oh I hope there can nail both Trump & Stone. I’m so disgusted with the things that have gone on and no one seems to call them on it. I hope they have really hung themselves. But the Trump faithful are really starting to worry me. I thought the Berniebots were going to be trouble. I’m almost certain the Trumpsters will raise hell. I loved it that Hillary & co set up a Go Fund Me for the GOP office that was trashed. That’s our girl!

@85, his Veep is Bob Boring, a former mud engineer from TX.

@86, that is just weird, but somehow it seems natural for Roger Stone. He might be proof that Darwin wasn’t right in all cases.

@82, 83, oh please, please let him be subpoenaed. He must be seriously warped to have a tattoo like that.

@84, Well, even tho I said the song was dark, I meant it in the sense of being kinda creepy for a fun blog. I think the song was good for addressing that issue, of parents abusing their children. When I was young, I thought my Dad was awful, because he blew all his money on himself and not his kids, but when I started working at a company at age 20, there were two young women there who had Dads who had raped them. I was so mortified. I realized my Dad wasn’t so bad after all! Anyway, good on ya for dancing during your youth! You must have spent so much time in school, I’m glad you had fun. I saw Aerosmith at California Jam 2 and was up at the fence, dancing away, but I don’t know if they had that song then. Laker got his picture taken with Brad Whitford and Derek St Holmes (Nugents singer) at NAMM Show in January. He likes Whitford’s playing and his special signature Les Paul, so it was exciting for him. Incidentally, I saw both Whitford and St. Holmes at that Cal Jam 2. That was an amazing show btw, and very peaceful.

Ack! I’m rambling!

Web extra from Samantha Bee. Only 56 seconds. LOL

These comments about Hillary’s menstrual cycle crack me up. Other than the obvious sexist idiocy about hormones, how do they not know that Hillary is post-menopausal?

socalannie, how kind of you to think about me up in the rainy NW! Turns out the worst-case scenario was hyped — the storm was smaller and less violent than it could have been. A few miles one way or the other a day offshore can make a big difference when the storm hits land. There were some injuries and power outages, but not major. Apparently the U.S.’s weather forecasting abilities and equipment are not as good as what Europe has, due to funding — or lack thereof — from Congress.

Luna, glad it much milder than the media said. They hype everything for ratings or click-bait.

@92, These halfwits probably take pride in their own stupidity. Scary people.

New post up top.

See you there.

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