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Trump’s heterocephalus glabers…

Posted on: October 14, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.

Matt Taibbi’s analogy of Goldman Sachs to a vampire squid in 2010 has long been a favorite of mine.  It’s brilliantly simple and effective.  I’ve thought long and hard about something comparable for the metastasized garbage scow calling itself the Trump campaign. sinking-ship

The habitues of the campaign’s sanctum sanctorum are Steve Bannon, David Bossie, and Kellyanne Conway.  Some background is in order.  Bannon was the CEO of the one-holed outhouse calling itself before his peacock mating dance with the Manhattan Meerkat began.

David Bossie has never earned a dollar from a job that didn’t involve Clinton derangement.  Before becoming a tangerine nubbin sucker headquartered at Trump Tower, he was actually President of Citizen’s United (it’s a real thing, not just an abhorrent Supreme Court case).

And then there’s Chatty Kelly, the Todd Akin legitimate rape, Ted Cruz loving, Trump enabling, mother fudge-maker married to the man thought to have emailed Drudge about the shape of Bill Clinton’s penis.

These people have spent three decades living in a delusional world of an all-consuming, white-hot, hatred of the Clintons.  They loathe Bill, Hillary, and probably Charlotte and Aidan, too.  They arise fuming about them and go to bed hoping to dream of their demise.

If you believe the saying, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life,” these people have never turned in a day’s work in their lives.  Their lifeblood is one long Clinton delusional psychosis.


Bannon, Bossie, and Conway photo op…

So this Trumpian circle is comprised of creatures who live in the darkness of an over-arching abhorrence of the Clintons.  They are oblivious to anything but their hatred.  They have evolved to be the perfect denizens of the padded rooms of the darkest reaches of the internet where animosity is the coin of the realm.

They are the naked mole rats of politics.  Naked mole rats live in a harsh environment, but have evolved to be virtually indestructible.  They have long lives.  What is remarkable about them is that they have evolved to be extremely insensitive to pain.  They are born this way.  They live this way. You can pour acid on them and they won’t feel it.  They live in eusocial colonies like ants and bees.  The queen rat fights for dominance to the death.  She and her boy toy servicing rats are the only reproducing rats in the colony.

If this Trumpian triumvirate had a coat of arms, it would feature the crossed teeth of the naked mole rat.  They are virtually indestructible and oblivious to the pain they cause.  They live to support and sustain the hating colony.

Here’s an observation for what it’s worth.  All the talking heads point to the ignominy of what has become the orangeloupe’s campaign.  Here’s my bet.

The naked mole rats surrounding the orangeloupe could care less about the campaign.  They knew the toxicity of what they were selling from the get-go. Unburdened by actually trying to win, they now have free rein to engage in what they exist to do without feeling or care – spew unfounded bile on a national level against the Clintons.  The Republican Party is merely the hobby horse they rode to the party.

They have discovered political naked mole rat heaven.

They have a stooge they can wind-up with a teleprompter to touch all the erogenous zones of the critters of the fever swamp.  These naked mole rats have evolved to the point of the perfect, Clinton-hating vermin.  They have reached the pinnacle of their evolutionary journey.  Who would have thought that journey would end at Trump Tower?

What’s on your mind today?


38 Responses to "Trump’s heterocephalus glabers…"

Ah yes, the naked mole rats of politics! Love it.

I continue to think the CDS is only a part of what the Circus Peanut’s new network is going to sell. It’s going to hit all the low points: racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, white supremacy, misogyny…you name it. It will be a view into the alternate universe that 30% of America now occupies, thanks to the decades of brainwashing by the VRWC and its “mainstream” media enablers. Utterly terrifying.

On a more positive note, I really think this week, Michelle Obama, backed up brilliantly by the President and Vice President, has shamed the normalization out of the media. They don’t realize it yet, but they’re starting to have different conversations than just talking about the horse race and the way the latest polls are going. Instead, they’re talking about basic human decency, about violence against women. It’s a horrible and painful journey, but I do hope we will come out better for it.

BTW, no surprises here: Russia has been doctoring some of those stolen emails. No!! I totally thought we could trust them!

What an amazing post! Love the naked mole rats illustration, it is perfect to describe those creepy people. I have hated the evil David Bossie from back in the 90s, when he worked for that idiot Burton, and trying to bring down WJC. I remember when Congress released their sh*tty Starr report and was giving the bound volumes out to the press, there was Bossie (lives up to his name) flinging them out to the reporters there, like a carny barker. That whole sleazy event made me so angry.

MB, I totally agree. Trump-a-vision will be a dystopian panorama of Alec Jones and Steve Bannon casting more spells than a three-day weekend at Hogwarts. It will track an uptick in hate crimes against anyone who doesn’t fit into their “wayback” narrative.

It’s scary. Almost as scary as Megyn Kelly apologizing.

@2, Bossie is despicable. He is what gives politics such a bad name. It isn’t an exaggeration that he has never drawn a paycheck that didn’t involve CDS.

Pence or Dence, this morning on the Today show said, “Evidence of the lying of these accusing women is hours away.” Now, eight hours or so later, his aides are saying in response to where’s the evidence, “Ask the Trump campaign.”

This is my bet, last weekend, Dence’s Indiana politico mafia, I call them “Consultants of the Corn” put a quick poll in the field. In line with the public polls, it said about 2/3s of Republicans felt, “Stand by your candidate.” He did so as to solidify his place in 2020.

Now, I bet he’s regretting that decision. That Today clip will follow him for years to come.

@1, well said MB, am also happy to see how Michelle “has shamed the normalization out of the media.” I am also seeing the conversations around the internet changing. I used to look at a gossip site years ago, and went back to look at it earlier this year and was disgusted at how these (what I assume to be) Gen X and millennial women were trashing Hillary and going for Bernie. For some reason I decided to look at that site today, and there was a huge change in their attitudes. Almost all of them were for Hillary now, several mentioned how they “did [their] own research and realized now that all of the bad things [they] had believed about her were lies” and now supported her enthusiastically. Some of them admitted that Bernie could have never passed his ideas “for all the free stuff” through Congress anyway, and one said that Bernie never expected to win and accomplished his goal of moving the conversation left. I was amazed. They were talking like boomer feminists now. Hopefully, their new attitudes will spread.

LOL! I have always thought Russia or WikiLeaks was changing or just creating emails to say whatever asinine thing they wanted. I can’t imagine why anyone would give them any credence. WikiLeaks is just another propaganda tool.

“Consultants of the Corn!!!” Am shouting with laughter!

As hideous as this election season has been, I must admit, lots of hysterically funny moments!

Great post Prolix and thanks for the connect-the-dots with tRump’s troika of terror there.

I was really amazed at that WaPo piece by Jennifer Rubin. Rubin writes the conservative column for WaPo and that piece was breathtaking.

From the Bloomberg piece, this shows the egotism of those involved with the tRump campaign:

an adviser said that Trump himself will force the national media to focus on Clinton’s alleged intimidation of sexual assault victims. “Trump’s gonna force it into the system,” one adviser said. “By tweeting, by just moving it out there. The mainstream media will be embarrassed not to cover this.”

The national media will zoom in on alleged intimidation and then move on.

@9, Jennifer Rubin has turned into an adamant anti-Trumpster. She is just indefatigable in her loathing of him. I would usually treat her essays like George Will’s, but she is full of spit and vinegar about the Cheeto.

@10, Trump running around the country saying, “They are out to get me, they are mean to me, blah, blah, blah…” He sounds like some 7 year old on the playground running to his posse saying, “They were mean to me.”

His emotional maturity stopped right about seven or eight.

@11: You are totally right about Rubin. It wasn’t until I was several paragraphs into the piece that I even thought to scroll back up for the byline and was amazed.

The Three Naked Moles have been dragging around and using Bill Clinton’s “accusers” all these years waiting for just this moment. And it blew up in their faces. Bringing them to the debate got zero reaction from Hillary. None. The only reaction was from the media (and us) at the sleaziness of it all. Sure, his surrogates keep trying to talk about it but they just get swatted away now with – ‘You mean when Gennifer Flowers said Hillary attacked her by shaking her hand?’ All those years and it amounted to nothing.

@10, Prolix I read this article through RCP page and it has me laughing.

That trumptovirus has mutated from a repuglican strain. They spend years & millions to trash the Clintons, but when they have a bad day, dems are the perpetual smearmeisters, lol

@15: Oh contrask – that link. Bleh.

@14, you are absolutely right, they had been jonesing to parade those women on a national stage, they got to do it, and what did it get them — nutz, nothing, nada, nil and null. At some point, you have to wonder, will they ever get it? I’m doubtful.

@15, self-awareness seems to be what they are really allergic to.

I like the trumptovirus — I might have to steal that.

Trumptovirus came from Skydancing – I can’t take credit for it!
And I agree the RWNJ need a healthy dose of self-awareness. Amazes me how they championed all their other nominees and winners, but now they have capitulated to Trump and don’t even seem to remember those guys.

Tonight on Bill Maher’s show — this is going to be good:

Ann Coulter, Bernie Sanders, and Bob Kerrey

This is going to be epic.

@20: Oh yeah, that’s gonna be good.

I just realized that the three guys arrested in Kansas who were planning to blow up a Somali neighborhood and mosque were planning it for November 9th. How much more of this will we see?

@22, that’s truly disgusting.

Looking forward to Maher.

It turns out the anti-abortion people are not as anti-abortion (or numerous) as they’re made out to be. Or maybe they’re just confused.

Significantly, eight of these specific reproductive rights measures are favored by a majority of those voters who want to overturn Roe v. Wade. Anti-abortion voters are far more reasonable than their movement’s leaders.

@22, I hope I’m not the only one who sees the irony in this. Of the three men arrested, two lived in Liberal, KS, and the third lived in Wright, KS. You can’t make this stuff up.

@25 I saw that! I did a double take when I read “Liberal police”. But I missed the Wright part.

About 10 years ago my ex-brother in law tried to buy some ammonium nitrate to fertilize his horse pasture. This guy is as country as country can be – harmless, likeable and funny as hell – but he is hick, hick, hick. First he goes to the local hardware store and they said they don’t carry it. Then he goes to the farm supply place and they told him they didn’t have any.

So he goes to the garden center at Lowes and asks the clerk “Y’all got any ammonia nitrate?” The guy says “um… let me check and see”. A couple minutes later another guy walks up (probably a manager) and says “What is it you’re looking for, sir? He says, “Ammonia nitrate.” The guy says, “um… let me check and see”. Three minutes later he was surrounded by a wall of cops. I laugh so hard every time I think about that!

@27, omg! Poor dude! (it is funny though!)

@27 Poor guy – but I can just see that happening.

Here’s yet another reason Hillz must become president – to prevent this kind of supreme court impasse:

XKCD link, for the mouseover:

From Funny or Die:

Remember the creepy, menacing way Trump loomed over Hillary during the second presidential debate? Well, believe it or not – and this is 100% real – Danny Elfman, the guy who did the creepy, menacing music for Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tales From The Crypt, Dark Shadows, Hitchcock, the Psycho remake, Goosebumps, Frankenweenie, The Wolfman, Hellboy 2, Corpse Bride, Sleepy Hollow and tons more (the scene where the clowns destroy Pee-Wee’s bike in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, anyone?) has taken the footage of Trump stalking Hillary at the debate and composed for it a custom horror movie musical score. Check out the newly-scored clip (sorry – can’t embed)

Dang, I can’t get the link correct. I’ll try again


@27, that is a great story. Wish we had that on video.

@32, that might as well be the soundtrack for this whole campaign. One the one hand you have Hillary talking about the issues of a generation and their solutions. Then you have the clamorous Yam humping a chair like an oversexed chihuahua. 2016 in two sentences.

The link I was trying to put up was Putin photo-shopped in humping Trump hump the chair – it’s priceless

I think I might have found the picture:

Trump and Chair

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