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Live Blog: Debate Night

Posted on: October 9, 2016

Good Debateday Widdershins!

Well, the clamorous Yam finally did it.cats-grabbing-trump

Yes, he did.

Insulting veterans didn’t do it.

Disrespecting a Gold Star Family didn’t do it.

Being an equal opportunity bigot and racist didn’t do it.

Being an imbecilic, bird-brained, cretinous moronic pretender as to policy, the military, and foreign affairs didn’t do it.

Being someone who incited violence against a citizen didn’t do it.

Being someone with a homoerotic fascination with Vladimir Putin didn’t do it.

Being someone who is accused of pedophile rape didn’t do it.

Being someone who stiffed workers, tradesmen, subcontractors, and vendors didn’t do it.

Six bankruptcies didn’t do it.trump-ass

Losing $916 Million Dollars didn’t do it.

Being a lewd, profane, sexist, misogynistic swine didn’t do it.

What grabbed the pusillanimous Republicans by their private parts enough to finally move them?  Knowing, without a doubt, the Cheeto-factory reject was doomed to failure one month from now with a certain, historic loss to our gal Hillary.  At long last, that knowledge was what gave certain Republicans pause to reconsider their support of a man who brags of white male privilege so ubiquitous and mundane as to allow carte blanche sexual assault of women.

There should no longer be even a scintilla of doubt that the Republican Party is now populated by a near majority of craven, sexist, racist, poltroons unworthy of consideration in the public square.  The one person sent out to speak on Trump’s behalf?  A man who informed one of his three wives on television their marriage was over.hillary-party

One personal note to my Widdershin friends:  On many progressive sites the brush painting all males, including those of us of the “librul” bent, is quite broad.  The accusation is that all men, even those of us who are feminists, are guilty of such abhorrent talk about women.

Without fear of contradiction – I have been on sports teams in high school, fraternities, graduate schools, male dominated law firms, and more bars than there are stars in the sky and I have NEVER heard anyone, friend or foe, speak of women like Trump did in that video recording.  NEVER.

I wanted to say thank you for not painting all of us with such a broad brush.  As with many things, Widdershins are exceptional.

With that, let’s enjoy Hillary’s victory tonight!


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I cannot believe Brian Williams made a statement about a parental warning for the debate. Really??? 😮

I want to say that I’ve heard several of my male friend saying, “WTF, I have never talked like that in a locker room.” And they are remembering themselves as high-school kids, not 59-year-old grandfathers!!!

I TOTALLY agree that real men don’t talk like this. I think he took CEO lessons from Dabney Coleman in “9 to 5.”

Madama B, I love this scene! Heck, I love the whole movie. So many great lines.

@3 – It is one of the best movies ever!!

Stepping away to cook some dinner for hubby. Will be back before the debate.. Hang tight, Widdershins!

Ok, I have to be somewhat productive, LOL. See you guys later!

Oh Christ! tRump appears with “Bill Clinton accusers” before the debate. I really, really don’t think he wants to go there.

I just read about his press conference. Holy cow, he’s unhinged.

@7 > I only recently found out Billy Bush is one of THE Bushes.

Anyone have a link for the debate where we don’t have to listen to commentators?

I’m guessing something like C-SPAN might be the only thing without commentators? (I assume C-SPAN will carry the debates.)

@9: Oh yeah. I think he has a little resemblance to Dubya.

@8: I heard one of the “tawkers” on MSNBC saying that Bannon was standing on the side when tRump was holding that presser.

edited to add and Bannon was smirking.

WOW, this political stunt that Trump just did, like when I thought it couldn’t get lower…he doesn’t care about these Clinton Accusers, he just cares about deflecting the conversation.

Hillary just tweeted FLOTUS’ “When the go low, we go high.” Living embodiment of CLASS AND COMPOSURE!

Thanks, Fredster! That one is better!

I’m here – barely. I wasn’t going to watch because I’m feeling lousy, but I’ll stick in there as long as I can. I definitely read y’alls comments!

The Tea Party, the Freedom Caucus, adulterer New Gingrich, adulterer Bob Livingston, pedophile Denny Hastert, Steve Bannon, Matt Drudge, and readers of their rags are all cheering for Trump’s little stunt.

GAgal, please feel better — we need you to keep us level-headed.

@17: I have it on MSNBS now but I’ll switch to Cspan in just a moment.

GAGal, please feel better! I feel lousy right now, had very salty foods over the weekend (which I shouldn’t have) and now I feel like my heart is in my throat.

SM, GREAT TO SEE YOU! I hope you had no damage on the Gulf side.

@18: I hate to say it but I’m not sure this is going to make you feel any better.

@19: Hi Prolix!! Newt Gingrich soiled his Regan Underoos at that stunt, he probably was the one who told him to do it.

Everyone, Fredster did a post for tonight, but was so kind to put my post up instead. We need to thank him for all his work and his gentlemanly act of putting my meager post up instead.

@23, Prolix, we got through it ok, it was a very windy day, we were in the “nice” quadrant of the storm, but Ft. Lauderdale all the way up to Jacksonville were pretty shaken up.

Melania looks very alone there.

@25, Steve Bannon and his Breitbart bros just had massive orgasms.

@27, that’s good news about how you came through it. You were in our thoughts around here.

Here’s another straight live feed, no commentary on Youtube, p.s. don’t read the comments.

@27: I still haven’t been able to make contact with my friend in Palm Beach county SM. I only have her cell number and either some of the towers are still down or the networks are just overwhelmed.

Oh boy, here we go. Scotch is at the ready. Hubby and I are ready for anything…

@30, I love you guys, thank you :)!!!!!

They are not shaking hands! LOL.

@26: Nah, you had better pictures than I did. LOL!


Love her outfit!

Hillary comes out strong right at the beginning. Setting a trap for Trump already.

@32, did you try texting? If WiFi is working, they may be able to get texts through there instead if they have it turned on.

Hillary looks refreshed and beaming!

Oooh, Trump has his low quiet voice going, LOL.

He’s not answering the question….LOL.

@39: Yes, I tried to send a text or two but haven’t heard back from her. In fact I told her that instead of trying to call, to text me because I know in the flooding in La, a lot of people couldn’t get calls thru but were able to text.

So how is Donald modeling appropriate behavior for today’s youth? I think he forgot the question. And he’s sniffing!

Trump…low energy, SAD!

Yam isn’t talking about whether or not he’s acting in a “G” rating.

There was the coke snort.

He’s sniffling again!

He sniffed about 6 times in that response.

Ohhhhhhh and it’s on!!! Anderson Cooper let it out.

I’m worried about Trump’s health. What is wrong with him?

Locker room talk no comparison to ISIS? Huh?

Oh the coke snorts.

Hillary is about to K.O. this orange rind.

Jesus be a Kleenex, I can’t stand hearing that snot sound.

Micro eye-roll going Hillary!

Oh my gawd. This is a sh*tshow. I’m embarrassed.

@49: Other than being batshit crazy and being an ego maniac?

He’s not answering the questions.

OOOOOOHHH!!! Hillary is answering!!!

Bring it home Hillary. Bring it home.

Uh oh, he’s pacing.

Look at him walk around….he’s getting restless!!

@55 – Yes Fredster. I think he may actually pass out.

No he keeps trying to avoid them.

Bring it back to his competency, that’s how you keep classy!

@60 & 61: Shouldn’t have tooted up before the debate.

Just words…

Someone told him to pivot to issues. Oh, Donald. You’re sooooooo screwed. [SNIFF]

Sniffling. Coke snort. Must be allergic to the truth.

Trump, Low Energy, Allergic to Facts, SAD!

Watch his legs as he’s standing there. He’s really antsy.

Wow, he went there. He’s imploding. And she’s very very angry.

WOW, he’s trotting the accusers.

Hillary is going to lay that bastard out.

You go, Hill! Get him!

When they go low, you go high. Bam.

She got so much more applause than he did. GO HILLARY!

What Michelle said: YAAAS!!


Oh my gosh. Is he for real?!

Trump trotting out the “accusers” and Alex Jones conspiracies, I just CAN’T. WIKILEAKS!!!!????


He is stoned or totally lost his mind OMG!

His Breitbart friends are loving this…everyone else is like “WTF”

He’s completely lost his mind.

You acid wash jeans. Not computers.

@82 – That’s what I was saying! I don’t know what he’s talking about…

Just wanted to say that I’m glad to have Widdershins to sit through this with.

I knew this was going to be more painful, in a different and an existential way, than any other media event in this campaign. I knew I was going to need humans around me. I was going to a debate party, but didn’t want to worry about driving home.

So thank you all for being here. I’ll try to keep my sychro-challenged comments to a minimum.

I am glad that Trump is the candidate, because it unpeeled the rotting stench underneath the “party of Lincoln.”

Thank you for being with us, PDXPat!

PDXPat, OMG, we all need to hold hands, I might need therapy after this.

Robert De Niro’s face punch NOW (punch)!!

@84, we are glad to have you helping us through Pat.

Oh Trump, you’re so pathetic.

OMG, he’s becoming unhinged. Get him Hillary!

She is a complete professional. He is a total clown. Does he think no one sees this?

He’s doing fine on taking himself down, SM77, lol

He is absolutely insane.

WOW, Donald Trump is the most DISRESPECTFUL PIECE OF MANURE that ever, ever ran for president. He is a disgrace.

Look at him standing behind her looming. That is not a visual that will do well for him.

Hey Donald – You are the disaster. You know it. Everyone knows it.

$20 Trillion in Obamacare. He’s totally unhinged. The entire federal budget is just $3.8 Trillion.

He didn’t answer the question.

@97 – Math is not his strong suit. Lying and insulting people – that’s what he’s good at.

Hill walked right in front of him!

What a BULLY, how he hovered over her????? UGH. Was he going to grab her by the ….oooh he has not answered …. good Hillary!! Move in on that arrogant, jittery moron .

WTF is it with that frowny, mostly male (sorry, Prolix!) backdrop, CSPAN? Why are they there like a fscn Greek chorus?

(oh, heck, I didn’t even last one minute 😦 )

@92, Contrask, hello and you’re right 🙂

Who does Trump think will provide this magical free market competition in the absence of Obamacare? Insurance companies?! They’re the only ones who provide health insurance – and they’re already jacking up the prices with no price controls.

He’s going to bottom out any minute. He’s going to hit the wall and drain into a puddle.

WHOA, a Muslim-American woman, let’s see how he implodes.

Hahahaha – he is going there on Islamophobia. Oh my goodness. He is saying that good Germans should report on each other. He is Goebbels, Hitler and P.T. Barnum at the same time.

Is he answering a question?

@102, that’s fine Pat. They are a bunch of sad creatures.

Blaming Muslims for not reporting is how he’ll heal the hate he has stirred up.

Hillary talks with the town-hall attendees, Donald Trump ignores them.

Thank you, MadamaB, SM and Prolix! (breathe out, breathe out, it’ll be OK)

@84: You’re safe and in good company with us Pat!

PDXPat, aw!! We love you too :)!

Gawd she is so smart and amazing. How is she even in the same room with this evil *ssh0le?

He’s not answering your question Martha.

Hillary answered that question beautifully.

THAT IS TERRIBLE, that Capt. Khan would be alive today????

Jeez o Pete

If Republicans had engaged in a little extreme vetting, he would not be standing on that stage.

Donald proposes concentration camps for Muslims. Oh my f*cking gawd.

I LOVE that she’s moving in his space!! He has to move away!!! LMAO!!!

@119 – Amen Prolix!

@119: Maybe. But it seems that no one on that side could stop his carnival act. The Repubs ate it up.

THAT’s right Hillary, bring it back to the US Constitution!!!

@119, Prolix, BOOM BABY!


He’s gonna force them back to their countries? What’s he gonna do, kick them out of airplanes?

The Yam bullying Martha isn’t a good look.

Is Bernie Sanders Donald’s running mate? He’s mentioned him 3 times!

@120 OMG, he did, he did! You cannot do that now, at least not under the current set of laws. If (please god no) he ever gets in, it will be a fact.

Thank you, Fredster and SM (again!). I just hope I don’t need a keyboard intervention.

@128 Word

Fredster, they didn’t even try. They own this f*cktard, lock, stock and barrel. All of his sh8t was right out there, it is all on the record. They could have crushed him any time they wanted.

Trump gonna get his ass slammed for all his paces. Sit your ass down!

Wow, the WikiLeaks thing was so nothing! It was about Abraham Lincoln. Wow! No one mentioned that.

@132: Correct!

He is such a disgusting excuse for a human being. I’m so sick of him and his hideous face and his gross coke sniff.

This election is OVER.

And why are we even validating Wikileaks as a credible source? I would think a news org would be vetting these online polls…BOOM BABY, get him with the taxes!!

He’s bottoming out. He needs a toot.

He is so rude and disgusting, the way he points and says “YOU” and “HER.” Sexist pig.

“I’m so rich and my hotels are awesome”

He’s promoting his hotels…LOL. No loans with Russia…yet, he invites them to hack us.

Oh my gosh – he is on the topic of taxes now! He has gone there himself. Wow. He has NO CLUE AT ALL.

Uh, because she’s one of 100 senators? Creep

This is like every conspiracy theory from every nutjob RW site rolled into one.

Fact checkers are now hooked up to defibrillators.

@138, thank you SM. I’ve been thinking that all weekend.

He”s just rambling right now.

@140, The difference in tone is insane, Hillary addresses the person who asked the question, yet he gets so disrespectful, in her face and addresses her with the little puffy finger pointing and ….oooooh I’m so mad!!!!!!

She is making so much sense…how can people be undecided?!

Donald admits he didn’t pay any federal income taxes!

No one knows who George Soros is and you would think Trump is sleeping with him.

Has he answered the question about not paying taxes?

Bernie Sanders, Warren Buffett, and George Soros — Trump’s three stooges.

He doesn’t even understand how Congress works. It’s just f*cking embarrassing.

Oh he’s about to lose it right now. Just look at the way he’s hanging off the back of the chair.

This is it. She’s finally talking about her record. FINALLY. She should have done this a LONG TIME AGO.

“because I was a Dem Senator with a repub president” – good one, Hillary!

When she talks, he walks away, interrupts and sniffs, moans, is a disrespectful sh*t.

When Trump talks, she sits at her chair and has the patience of 10,000 heavens to not laugh.

Donald will be Rick Lazioed.

My husband and I are yelling at the teevee! Need more Scotch.

@161 – Word GAGal. WORD. I was there when it happened. He’s just digging himself a deeper and deeper grave.

Prediction: There will be no third debate. He will claim that everyone is against him and it will be rigged.

@162: Well as long as y’all down fall out of your chairs it’s okay.

@160 SM “the patience of 10,000 heavens”

Yes, she does have this!

@164 – 😀 We’ll try not to!

Donald, you stupid fuck – we’re spending two trillion dollars on our nuclear programs to update them. (I’m not apologizing)

Mr. Trump, let me repeat the question…BURN BABY BURN!!!

Mr Trump Let me repeat the question… everyone laughs!

Am I the only here thinking he’s trying to pull a debate1 on baiting her with all these wild charges?

Good for the moderator for the “let me repeat what I said”!

MARTHA! Keep saying it!

Don’t repeat the f’ing question! If he doesn’t answer it, say he didn’t answer it and move the fuck on. I am so pissed at the moderators lack of control over him. And I’m sad to say that Anderson is doing a better job than Martha.

“I disagree with my running mate” – Trump has just pre-dumped Pence before Trump dumps him.

Even Martha Radditz is schooling him!!! What a joke!!!!!

still not answering the humanitarian aspect…

What the hell is he talking about?

Martha has had enuf of the orange rind.

Hillary is loving this!

Hillary just laughed and looked at Martha like, “Good luck honey. Facts mean nothing to him.”

It’s incredibly stoopid to cross Martha on anything regarding the military and making dumb-ass statements. She embeds with the troops.

@172, Madama B: Pence got Trump-dumped.

Trump getting ready to French kiss that microphone

Donald Trump: President of pissed-off old white guys

@180 – 😀

OMG. The way he said Latino was a local racist’s way of saying African American.

All his bullsh*t is rolling off her back. @titanium_pantsuit

As always, I’ve snuck in to get the benefit of braver souls listening to The Jerk tawking so I don’t have to. Sounds like the cheeto-topped dogpile has lost it.

Best answer so far. Hit it out of the park.

(I don’t need to listen to Our Girl to know she was, is, and will be brilliant.)

OMG, that profile shot of Trump makes him look like a diseased warty toad.

He’s wandering around like someone who needs a Golden Alert called on him.

@188 – Quixote, this is so painful. My husband and I are cringing. But she looks amazing and is so gracious and incredible.


Trump – “If you elect her you’ll get more of that black guy, who by the way was not born in America.”

OMG, I just can’t anymore….my smart-awesome-kid said, “Yeah Trump, Hillary is a HATER OF THE HATERS like you.”

Cooper lets the Cheeto run on, don’t he?

He said he didn’t tweet sex tape… and he’s not “unproud” of it either

Trump – “I’m not unproud of my Twitter diarrhea. I have 25 million Twitter followers!”

I’m getting vertigo with Trump’s pacing like a caged animal.

Trump: I don’t believe they are Supreme — they are no more than a mediocre court.

Trump is that cartoon guy who’s been flattened by the HRC steamroller.

I’ve figured out why Trump is pacing around in circles — Harambe has come back and inhabiting his worthless soul so that he has one.

omg! He is so insane I can’t stand it!

@201 – Coke makes you restless 🙂

@201, Bring back Harambe!!!

@201, love that! Laker says that Harambe is better looking and smarter.

I don’t like “the optics” of the mods interrupting her so often with their “we are out of time”, but she does have to answer his lies. If they were doing their jobs, she wouldn’t have to.

@205, Laker is right.

Boom steel!

Hubs says lausd doesn’t allow Chinese steel.

“Donald is buying cheap steel from DGINA”

@206, Pat well said!

Trump’s pacing is giving me a migraine…notice how they stopped the split screen, the camera people can’t pan fast enough.

OMG, please don’t let that be that Becker!

@213 just have to add that was the world’s stupidest question, and she’s knocking it out of the park.

Trumps kids are mad..

OMG I am so happy this is over. Thank you Jeebus, Yahweh and Buddha.

He did a horrible job. He sounded like an 8-year-old boy and he lied like a rug.

It’s over!!! YES!!! He won no new voters…Hillary won a bit more of those uncommitted ones, I think, especially since her manner at addressing questions and engaging them was respectful.

Jared, the son-in-law, skulks out from under a rock, a direct quote from The New Yorker:

“Jared, the son-in-law, who is a snaky little motherfucker, a horrible human being, hated Corey, so Jared sided with Paul to get rid of Corey.”

MSNBC praising Trump and critical of Hillary

Good night folks, we made it through…ugh…this was gruesome to watch.

Criticizing Hillary for not pushing back when Trump said Captn Kahn would be alive if he had been President. What the hell was she supposed to say about a stupid statement like that? Really.

1996 called and they want Bob Dole instead of Donald Trump.

Night SM.

@216 You forgot Aquabuddha

Aaannnd they didn’t shake hands again. Good for her!

Another personal note here: I’ve been making up a hour or so of walking (given that dusk comes so soon on the forest trails here with the bears and all) at a local park. The weekday city employee, with all his truck’s full redneck regalia, has harassed me for over a year by following me around at dusk, shining his truck’s brights on me and telling me that he would just leave me to what men wanted to do to me when I told him to quit. The weekend employee, a mild mannered, normal sized, nice middle aged man, whom I’ve frequently seen with either a young daughter or granddaughter, has been pleasant, non threatening, and supportive. Today, he had a Trump/Pence sticker on his truck’s windshield. That’s how weird it’s been supporting Hillary in Western NC.

MSNBC says that the next 48 hours will be terrible for Trump. He said some things that will be absolutely terrifying to people.

Kellyanne Conway will be Satan’s handmaiden in the afterlife.

@228 – Why wait?

Chatty Kelly and Steve Bannon have been talking about Bill Clinton for 25 years. Their whole careers have been nothing more than hating Bill and Hillary and concocting imaginary scandals.

@230 – And yet…they are nothing, and she is going to be the President of the United States.

Obviously, Chatty Kelly had a few bumps of coke along with the Yam.

I’ve got a question, why in the world is Chatty Kelly doing MSNBC?

I missed the very last of the debate and didn’t hear the Cheeto say this!

@233 – I’m not sure…Jake Tapper told her earlier that “talking over me doesn’t mean what you’re saying is true.” SNAP!

@234, I didn’t hear that either.

I heard it…it’s going to bite him in the *ss. Tomorrow and the next day are going to be awful for him.

Sigh – thank you MadamaB and all Widdershins for this breath of sanity. It would have been very hard to follow the symbiotically challenged without you.

LA Times: Across the board, all three analysts, say:

Hillary won the debate across the board.

Nicole Wallace said, “If you are going to judge Mike Pence as winning the debate by being Presidential, then let’s use the same standard and judge her the winner for being Presidential.” Amazing that the Republican woman was more objective than everyone else.

Wonder what James Comey thinks about Trump saying if he were elected he would appoint special prosecutor to look into Hillary’s emails.

Pat, we were better tonight with you helping us through.

I’m not watching the pundits right now. Are any of them talking about the fact that Trump said Hillary has “tremendous hatred in her heart”?

@244 – Yes. They are shaking their heads at that.

Signing off now. Night, Widdershins!

CNN is talking about the “jailing” comment.

Night MB. Thanks for making this a safe place.

GAgal – Huffington Post mentioned it & they also said Hill “turned in a less-than-inspiring performance” – I thought she was great! I can’t stand to listen to the pundits either.

Donald so egotistical he wouldn’t even share the limelight with a little baby gorilla.

@250 LOL.


I had to run to Publix before they closed so I missed maybe the last 15-20 minutes. Not sure it’s worth it to sit through it again unless I could youtube it and move it forward.

I am not turning the teevee on the newz channels and their autopsies of the debate. Besides, SNF is still on.

Okay changed my mind and went to MSNBS, and Nicolle Wallace (Bobby!) talking about how this was a “good” Trump tonight, i.e. on point?

Signing off here too.

Can I just say, this should have been a slaughter, less than a week after a candidate for the presidency of the United Stated has shown himself to be a predator of half its citizens? Less than two weeks after that same candidate has shown himself to pay nothing towards the maintenance of the country that depends on its citizens for its support?

American media is not the Fourth Estate of the French Revolution, they are the propaganda arms of their wealthy owners.



@257 Whoop! Whoop! Yay!

Just donated another lil bit to Hillz.

*Now* signing off (really!).

Both yougov and CNN have polls out that say Hillary won the debate.

@258: I did a contribution earlier.

I can still catch the repeat of The Strain.

You know, tRump makes the strigoi almost look nice. Well sorta.

Rachel saying something about tRump not doing the third debate?

@258: So maybe not so much.—-but-closely-watching-debate/91831456/

There is a video there that will autostart so be prepared to stop it.

@257, The law forbids late-term abortions. Must be carried to term.

@263: LOL! 😆

@263, LOL.

Trump says that Hillary is a fighter and won’t quit. He respects that. So obviously he doesn’t know what stamina means when he questions Hillary about it.

Pence cancels NJ fundraiser for tomorrow. No reason given. No comment from Trump campaign.

Ah the Daily News.

Prolix, great post tonight (I love the word poltroon); and Fredster, that was very sweet of you to put up Prolix’ post instead of your own–you big teddy bear, you!

Sorry I didn’t say so earlier. Got a late start to the debate and had to rush out afterwards.

I love all these comments, thanks all of you!

@228, bwahahaha!


@270, thank you Annie. Tell Laker and Hubs hello. Isn’t poltroon a great word?

annie said: Fredster, that was very sweet of you to put up Prolix’ post instead of your own

Nah, he had a better written post than I. I just wrote it in the event Prolix wouldn’t be able to get one written…real life and all that.

Thanks to Prolix and Fredster and everyone here tonight. I honestly would not have watched it if it wasn’t for this place. And now I’m so glad I did. I feel so much better I’m chowing down on leftover spaghetti which I would not have thought possible a few hours ago!

@275, GAgal, you are the only person in America that has been healed from that crap fest called a debate.

Robert Kirkman has a new story line for the “Walking Dead” — one of the zombies runs for President and just saunters around the stage looming over the other candidate.

The Yam is a shoo in for the part — zombies don’t have brains, they are horribly discolored, and in the end, they eat their own. Making America Great Again starts with the First Zombie having brunch.

These Trump people, Bannon and Giuliani, are nothing more than anal phlegm found in the darkest, dankest sewers of the most prune-eating, laxative taking city in the country.

They were going to have the four women to sit in the family box, walk them in like family, confront Bill Clinton and start a fight on national teevee right before the debate and have it televised.

These people are scum. Worse than scum.

@277: I had started to put into my post something along the lines of would we see a debate or a WWE main event.

And don’t forget folks that it’s only a short time until the magic hour for tRump and his tweets. Lord only knows what he’ll do after he gets coked up post-debate.

@277: I hope those four women got cashier’s or certified checks (and not drawn on the Foundation’s accounts either).

@273 LOL! I remember trying to bleach my levis in the bathtub back in the 70s!

@274, you’re still a lovable teddy bear!

@275, GAgal, glad you’re feeling better!

@278, Juanita Broaddrick admitted to a reporter that Brietbart paid for her trip.

@283: Wonder if Brietfart (I meant that!) paid for travel for all of them and maybe some pocket change. 😛

@275, GAgal, you are the only person in America that has been healed from that crap fest called a debate.

What can I say? The Widdershins are Miracle Workers! 😀

@277, Trump actually wanted this famewhore floozy foursome to sit with his kids? Lowest of the low. From the wapo link:

“The commission officials warned that, if the Trump campaign tried to seat the accusers in the elevated family box, security officers would remove the women, according to the people involved, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the discussions were confidential.”

@284, Fredster, I bet they were well-paid for their nasty little sideshow.

@284, another few seconds to elongate that 15 minutes of the most relevant time of your life — priceless.

@285, we are the equivalent of Vick’s VapoRub and Windex.

@286, as usual, the least favorite daughter, Tiffany, didn’t get to sit with the “good kids”.

@288: LOL!

@290: Interesting. Wonder what she did? Or didn’t do?

@291, she wouldn’t kiss her “supposed Daddy” when he tried to kiss her. I’m sure she didn’t know where that hen’s ass of a mouth has been.

I’m impressed that Jonathan knew this:


@294: Jonathan knows fashion.

@292: She prolly would have given him a kiss, just…no tongue.

@295, LOL, she’s 22, which is a bit old for him in any event.

This week, the women Trump actually raped (there are two I know of who sued him) will start coming forward. There is no chance he didn’t assault women given what he said.

So sad to see this about Mike the Tiger. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer a few months back. His veterinary staff took him for two radiation treatments to give him a bit more time with some quality of life. I know the staff will not let him suffer.

Aww… Mike is a beautiful critter.

SHINNERS!! Had to post before going to bed (awful workday, yada, yada), Ms. Nancy O’Dell went HIGH went that dog, that mutt, went too low (too many times). GO HILLZ AND O’DELL!!

Went = went after …ugh… I’ll just let my New avatar, Mr. Robert De Niro speak for my northeastern MASSHOLE, at this point, it’s bleeding from its whatever at this asinine bullsh*t…the most experienced person ever to run for POTUS, against the least…blech….just let him speak for me (probably the only time I would let a man would) ….(the boyfriends and ex-husband are throwing daggers, eh…let it bleed from their whatevers…)

BTW, about their bleeding parts…it’s not admissible, right??

New voter registration had a yuuuge jumpe — broke a record — during and after the debate in my state. Hope this happened in all 50 states!

“jump” has no “e.” Sorry, I was too excited to proof-read.

@299: Oh my…guess who was watching MNF and then fell asleep, totally out of it.

Yes, Mike is a gorgeous animal. And they have never taken a tiger from the wild. The school usually gets them from habitats or some place similar. He even has his own “cement pond in his habitat.

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