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Lazy Weekend Music – Lying Edition

Posted on: October 8, 2016


Good Saturday and Weekend to you Widdershins!

Well that was certainly an interesting vice-presidential debate we had the other night.  While Tim Kaine may have had a couple of exaggerations, Mike Pence just sat there calmly and lied his @ss off.  To quote Mr. Pundit:

he can say shit that is just demonstrably wrong with an eerie calmness


You can go through the various times that Pence claimed that Trump didn’t say something that Trump absolutely said. It was as if Pence thought he could play a Jedi mind trick on the nation, waving his hand and saying, as he really did to Kaine, “Most of the stuff you’ve said, he’s never said.”

In a similar manner Charles Pierce said this about Pence’s performance:

But, at the very least, and this is the lowest bar possible for a vice-presidential candidate, Kaine at least demonstrated that he and his running mate are on the same page as regards most of the issues. By halfway through the debate, you began to wonder whether or not on Inauguration Day, Mike Pence would have to be introduced formally to the president-elect.

So with all of that let’s look at some songs about lies, lying and all the rest.  It really does seem like we have to continue visiting the topic in this Presidential cycle doesn’t it?

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(1) Living the Lie ~ Dio

(2) Little Lies ~ Fleetwood Mac

(3) Policy of Truth ~ Depeche Mode

(4) A Beautiful Lie ~ 30 Seconds to Mars

(5) Don’t Tell A Lie About Me & I Won’t Tell the Truth on You ~ James Brown

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So there ya go Widdershins:  variations on what seems to be a recurring theme during this campaign.  Enjoy and contribute often in the comments below.

As for Fredster, he’s going to be busy today sticking pins into an effigy of the Florida Gator’s A.D. Jeremy Foley and wondering where he can get himself some good graveyard dirt and a live chicken.

Obviously, an open thread.


73 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music – Lying Edition"

Fredster, quite an apropos theme for today.

This is a bit obvious, but it is a great commentary.

Even though this next clip isn’t melodic, the theme of lyin’ Dence and Cheeto crumbs is covered quite nicely:

And while this isn’t exactly on point, I thought the debate prep regimen for Mike Dence was important to share:

Very apt post, Fredster, but I’m fresh out of songs about lying. Over the last year, the Repubs have pretty near exhausted the world supply!

I saw this over at Upps place and thought I’d share:

1950 Democrat, on October 8, 2016 at 1:25 PM said:

“Kalli Joy Gray on Twitter: Obviously, at this late stage, the GOP should be required to carry its nominee to term.”

@4: Oh Pat, allow me to give you some assistance with some lyin’songs. You can go here. 😜

@4, I like that.

Obviously I wrote this post after the debate but before the Trump video thing came out. And how clever was that reporter: to drop the video on the Friday of a long weekend, catching everyone off guard.

@6 Especially given Pence’s and the other Repub’s “sincerely held” forced-birthing beliefs.

@5 Thanks, Fredster, that makes it much easier. And there’s even my fav “Cry Me A River”. I used that one earlier, but had completely forgotten about this one – and their answer is always, of course, yes:

Another thing I wanted to expand on was the deal about the FL A.D.:

The game was scheduled for today and obviously talks were going on about the game being played in Gainesville considering Matthew was out there. The Gators were insistent that the game would go on, that it was going to be played in G’ville, yadda, yadda. They kept postponing a decision on it. The LSU A.D. offered to send the LSU chartered plane to G’ville to fly in the team, since it was already paid for. That’s what happened last year in the game with South Carolina when it flooded in Columbia. Flew them to B.R. and played there. “Nooooo” said Foley. It’s gonna be played here. The LSU A.D. said “okay, we’ll fly in on <i<Sunday, play the game and get back on the plane and leave”. “Nope” Foley said, not gonna happen.

Possibly, just maybe the fact that FL had a gimpy qb who might or might not play, plus 4 defense players who probably wouldn’t start factored into that thought process. They just didn’t want the loss in the game. 😡 Maybe I’ll work on a little gris-gris bag for him too.

@8: “Would I Lie to You?” Baby, you’d lie like a rug!

@3: You know…I think there was something like that done one year at the Folsom Street Fair.

@9 I don’t know nuthin ’bout football, but just from your comment, it looks like the Gators took a page from the Repubs playbook? We’re going to lose anyway, so do what you can to sabotage the whole thing?

@10 Ha – you know “rug” is another term for toupee?

@12: Agreed. As of right now, at this minute, TN leads the SEC East at 5-0 and Floriduh is 4-1. TN is behind aTm right now in their game. If TN looses then Floriduh has a chance to take the SEC East lead. So if they avoid the loss to LSU then it’s all the better for them.

Looks like I’ll have to be rooting for GA when they play Floriduh at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

@14 Well, of course you will! For Chat, especially, but also for all the other Ga. girls here 🙂

@15: That’s true. I should have said really rooting.

I wasn’t happy with the way UGA handled Mark Richt. However he seems to have landed nicely at Mia.

Just have to say, given the latest tRump outrage, I’m very glad the debate’s tomorrow.

I’m sure Hillary’s not going to fall for the media’s “Squirrel!” tactics. She’ll hold his smelly feet to the fire about the tax bombshell before this, and the crooked foundation’s latest before that, and all the rest the media hopes we forgot about by now.

@17: Agreed. However I bet they are definitely going to give the audience questions more than a cursory glance. As it says over on the right side:

the moderators will have discretion on whether to accept them

Got this from Upp’s place. I look forward to voting for Booker for President someday.

These songs are going be great to play over tRump’s rambling and raving tomorrow.

@22: Better than that Pat, Vox had some debate bingo cards prepared for the first debate. Looking at them, they still seem valid so I’ll post the three of them here on the blog over on the right sometime tonight and we can play along. They are jpg images so I may resize them for downloading purposes.

Even though these were made for the first debate, as I said I think they’ll work for this one too. I really can’t imagine anyone is going to go there other than in the most generic of terms.

@23 Looks like we’re all set, then.

I’m going to go out and dodge a few falling trees before it gets dark. We didn’t the rain we needed from Matthew here in western NC, but sure did get the wind.

@24: Yep, should be set. Now if Prolix or GAgal want to put up the live blog post tomorrow we’ll be ready to go.

It has been very dry here also. I think the NWS put up one of those Red Flag Warning things for the area.

Okay folks, the bingo cards are over on the right. If you click on each link it will open in a new tab suitable to print out and play.

You’re welcome. 😝

Fredster, great post!

@9, so what happened/is happening with the game?

And thank ye for the cards!

@2, enjoyed that! Thanks!

The Knickerbockers: (not the Beatles!)

Cold opening from SNL tonight. Starts with what appears to be a a take-off on the veep candidates debate and goes from there. N O T E It does contain *that* word in it.

annie@27: No one knows right now what’s going to happen with that game. The SEC says it’s “postponed”, and the LSU A.D. says cancelled. Me being snarky I’m willing to bet now that Tenn. has lost that game, Floriduh will be much more agreeable to any suggestions as to how to makeup the game.

Oh my gawd! There’s even more cr@p that’s been dug up on that cretin. This time from Howard Stern shows.

We already knew Trump signaled the end of the GOP. I hope he takes them down completely. I just can’t talk politics with many of the people I work and socialize with. I see the hard core repugs of my social media circles have gone to sharing Hillary conspiracy stories and things that discredit fact-checker sites, etc while ignoring Trump completely. Anything to discredit what will surely be a massive Dem win Nov. Interesting points made in this

That SNL skit was hysterical. Alec Baldwin is great as Trump.

Can’t help thinking Giuliani looks a lot like Voldemort.

SHINNERS!!! New avatar, my little purple monster is gone :(, not sure why WordPress did away with it, but I’m here on the beach in this avatar.

The past three months have been absolutely non-stop nuts for me. Work (two jobs!) and volunteering for HRC has been eating away all my time. Today, I’m working from home catching up on the week to come and gearing up for the debate.

Just a little crude contribution from Dixie Chick, Natalie Maines, on Twitter. It’s GOLD. A play off of Beyoncé’s “Formation” song, and some defensive positioning:

Ok ladies now let's get in formation.— Natalie Maines (@1NatalieMaines) October 9, 2016


Hey SM!! Your comment got into spammy the moderator’s special place so I let freed it. LOL!

@33: Contrask I’ve been through almost the same thing on another blog I follow.

I made what I thought was a simple statement about the Repubs not even trying to work with the President and this RWNJ launched into to me. I just let the comment lay there – didn’t even bother to reply.

#protectyourp***y It’s GENIUS. And Aren’t we all at this point, especially from Rethuglicans—all they want to do is to control what we do with it, or grab it at their leisure. *blech!!!*


Fredster, I emailed you, just wanted to thank you again on looking out when that first storm happened, Matthew was tamer than the previous storm (at least in this area).

@36: Or with those bottom teeth, something like the Emperor from Star Wars.

Here’s my Lazy Weekend contribution for Hillary. This may be a little too pop-EDM for my taste, but in this genre, the best song that came out of this era is “Titatium” written and sung by Sia and David Guetta.

GO HILLZ, you’re stronger, better, proven, smarter, you’re Titanium.

SM77! So happy to see you here and sassy as ever, girl.

I am filled with a queasy anxiety about the debate. I know Hillary will crush him, I just don’t know what is going to be said. The poison in the air is making me feel very nervous.

@41: I got it and replied to you. 🙂 We know what those storm surges can do and were looking out for ya!!

Here’s the original EDM version of Titanium:

AND MY FAVORITE VERSION, NYC’s PS 22 version with the school choir:

@34 & 35: Hey D!!!

Someone needs to tell Rudy to go sit in the corner and STFU. He’s just been pathetic.

@44, MADAMA B!! Hugs and kisses to my sis!!! I’m nervous too. I’m more scared about what comes out of his mouth than hers. But she hasn’t let us down yet, so I’m hoping she aims high when he goes low, but not too high.

Hillz doesn’t have to grab his “whatever,” but at least give him a good punch in the face like Robert DeNiro said:


@42, or like Nosferatu.

@34: Well what do you know – Chuckles kind of stood up there for a few minutes. Amazing.

@Luna: True dat! That movie was on TCM the other night.

@44 and 48: I believe I read that they have provided a cattle prod to Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz in the event tRump gets out of control.

Hillary has been doing the homework, blocking attacks, and using diplomacy since forever, so she will be fine. And she’s doing it for us. I wish I knew how she does it!

@45 & 52 : thanks Fredster!!! Hugs to you and yours!!!

@52, we all know just where that cattle prod should be applied.

I hope this cartoon will resize when I put in here:

While Latin-Americans all over the USA are going to do this:

Let’s see if that fixes it.

ACK, please embed my image @58, it’s PG, I swear!

SM, glad to hear from you, that you’re safe and busy! Hurricane season is winding down, isn’t it? Guiiani is such a pig. I hope he disappears into oblivion after this.

@58, Awesome! Love it!

@58: There ya go SM. 🙂

Thank you Fredster!! :)!

Hi Socalannie :)! It was a blustery few days, but thank goodness nothing major. Lots of downed trees and power lines, though, but relatively dry on my side.

@58, oh yeah! Whip ’em all out!

@64: Hahahahahaaaa!!

Hillary’s campaign opened up a small volunteer office a few blocks from my house called Casa Clinton, and they gave me a bunch of yard signs 🙂 ! I waited for the storm to be over to put them up on my busy street :).

Okay, here’s what apparently happened to tRump earlier in his life and he just got the whole thing completely messed up.

We’re whipping it all out :)! BTW, here’s a good article and video on Latino voting in the 2016 election. We’re whipping out all of our Mexican Things even if we’re not Mexican :)!

Latino Centennials and Millenials are going to swing this election:

Live blog debate post coming up shortly.

LOL Fredster!

@70: For whatever reason SM, I was sitting here and thought “didn’t they do a phone commercial about reaching out or something”, so quickly to youtube and there it was. When I saw it had a clown in orange hair that was just purrrfect.

@71 LOL, it’s perfect!

Okay, live blog debate post is up!

Prolix had written one and so had I but his was the better post (as usual) 😉

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