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TSA:  Trump Scatological Abatement

Posted on: October 6, 2016

Thirty-three days left.hillary-presidential

Officially, it has been 3,083 days since the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee back on May 31st, 2008.  You remember that meeting.  The ill-fated conclave of crotch fleas and eczema models who stole the nomination from Hillary.

Thirty-three days to go.

We here at TW are nothing if not helpful.  We think of ourselves as the typing personification of late night public service announcements.  Those PSAs coming on right after infomercials asking, “Do you poop enough?”

Here’s how I want to help you today.  If you are like me, through no fault of our own, a Orangeloupe supporter who poops out of their mouth is likely to confront us.  Invariably, the “genius” business acumen of the Trumpanzee will surface somewhere in the explosive diarrhea masquerading as communication.

So sit back, relax, and warm your cockles by the infrared radiation streaming through your nether regions courtesy of your laptop.  These next few paragraphs will give you plenty of ammunition to fight back against these Trumptanic zombies.

So our story begins, as so many of these stories do, in a simpler time.  It was a time when ketchup was considered a vegetable, when eating off thousand dollar plates was a sacrifice by our leaders, and matters of state were determined by astrologers and horoscopes.  It was a time of “young bucks feasting on T-bones and welfare queens joyriding in their food stamp Cadillacs.”

It was the 1980s.  A time of trickling down economics, an addlepated, early stage Alzheimer’s president, a savings and loan bailout bigger than 2008, and masterful tinkering with the tax code for the rich and infamous.reagan-years

One such example was the Tax Reform Act of 1984.  Getting all biblical, this Act became “great with loopholes, and unto this Act was born Section 108.  Throughout the land, there were great tidings of joy among real estate developers.”

I’m not going to get into the fine details because you, unlike me, have interesting lives.  The long and short of it is this:  This loophole was not conceived through Immaculate Conception.  This loophole was conceived through the real estate lobby’s unrelenting and ravenous appetite for Croesus-like profit without risk or danger.  This loophole allowed developers, like the Manhattan Mango, to claim losses of an entire project while only making a small fractional investment.

reagan-and-trumpFor example, say a project was going to cost $1.0 million.  If a developer put up $100,000 and a bank financed $900,000 and the project went belly up, this Section 108 loophole allowed the developer to claim the whole $1.0 million loss if it was held in an S Corporation.

Now that sounds complicated doesn’t it?  Well, I’m here to tell you it ain’t.  It’s tax law 101 kinda stuff.  It’s not rocket science, but it is Cialis for real estate tools.

It just took eighteen (18) years to kill this loophole.  Litigation all the way to the Supreme Court couldn’t do it.  Congress finally, in 2002, voted to kill it.  Voting with the majority to kill it, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So when your acquaintances start yammering about the brilliance of the herpetic orange tinted navel lint, cut them off at the knees with these facts.

  1. The net operating loss was not a one-year feat. The $916 Million Dollar loss is likely the culmination of paying way too much for assets and then being unable to service the debt.  Most notably, the NJ casinos, the Plaza Hotel, and a yacht that eventually had to be sold at a loss.  In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Orangesicle essentially financed at Payday Loan rates when he ought to have been shopping at Wal-Mart.reagan-hypocrisy
  2. More than 500,000 individual taxpayers took advantage of this same loophole in 1995. The average loss they claimed was just $97,600.  The clamorous Yam’s losses that year accounted for almost 2 percent of the national total.
  3. From what we have seen of the Yam’s earning power – it ain’t great. The 1995 partial return shows him earning $3,427,092.  A nice salary, but that is not the salary of a billionaire.  It isn’t really the salary of a successful New York developer.  It is the salary of someone who should be listening to investment advice, not giving it.
  4. When the Yam says, “He’s got a fiduciary duty to pay as few taxes as possible,” he doesn’t know what “fiduciary” means. A fiduciary is someone who acts for another with the best interests of the other person being foremost.  Trump works for himself.  He files his taxes as an individual.  All his entities, to our knowledge, roll up to him PERSONALLY.  He is not a fiduciary.  He is a money-grubbing, nubbin-fingered, orange tinted sloth – not a fiduciary.

5. When Trump and Chatty Kellyanne bray about him paying all kinds of taxes, they are either supremely ignorant or have graduated from the same school of world-class lying as Raygun impersonator Mike Pence. Here’s the little secret for real estate.  Every tax, every last cent of it for commercial property, is allocated into rents.  The owners pay virtually nothing.  Trump, being self-employed, pays no federal taxes other than a self-employment tax (which everyone does) and the federal unemployment tax which is only 6% on the first $7,000 in salary.  Trump just collects the taxes his employees pay and then remits them.  He doesn’t pay any real estate taxes.  He pays no property taxes other than on what he might personally own.  Long and short of it – Trump is lying like a snake in a wagon rut when he claims to pay this litany of taxes.  He collects the taxes other people are paying, stuffs them in an envelope, and sends them to the government.

While trying to explain these points to knuckle-dragging troglodytes who plan to grunt and use their own feces to make an “X” for the clamoring Yam on Election Day, remember to keep your hands away from the cage.  Just another helpful TSA hint.

What’s on your mind today?



95 Responses to "TSA:  Trump Scatological Abatement"

Fabulous post!

I heard a great story on CNN last night, that detailed exactly what happened when Drumpf declared that loss. It was really easy to understand, and supported exactly what you wrote – that the banks actually accepted the loss, in hopes that the mango-colored monkey would sell enough business to repay them. If he didn’t have such a good line of BS, they would have forced him to declare bankruptcy and take all the loss himself.

The other thing that was fascinating was that he was told at the time, by an actual smart person (who was giving the interview), that the amount of profit Drumpf was assuming he’d get per day from each casino ($1 million) was unprecedented at the time. He told Drumpf that his investment was hugely risky, and the Donald responded, “You have no vision.” Uh, yes he did – he had clear vision that wasn’t overlaid by testosterone and rose-colored glasses.

A shout-out to our Widdershins in the Southeast today. Be careful, be safe and evacuate!!!! Matthew is not one to be trifled with.

And yet…and yet, this is what The Hill seems to think is important. Oh the horror!!!

Everybody check out the little cartoon thing on the lower right.



@1, thanks MB. I saw Eichenwald on one of the shows talking about der Drumpf’s stated income — for all the years we have seen, it is either negative or really small numbers. His whole life is a con. He’s a scam on the loose.

@3, great cartoon. I think that quote should be the name of a taco truck franchise, “Whip out that Mexican thing.”

@5, it just goes to show how ignorant the Cheeto is if he can be outsmarted by Dence.

Ah, I was wondering how long this loophole existed before it was changed. It figures it started under the Reagan administration. I also wondered why the banks would be okay with these people taking losses on what was really their own losses.

When Trump says he has a fiduciary duty it means his left hand pocket has a fiduciary duty to his right hand pocket. Plus he may have a split personality so he considers that too.

@7: “Home of the YUGE burrito”.

Look, this one cracked me up too.

Trump would go into the store with his wife, his girlfriend, his…whatever (to use his vernacular). He would then buy her an expensive necklace or wristwatch. Normally, such a transaction would face the New York city and state sales tax, which would be pretty high on luxury jewelry.

In an illegal attempt to evade the tax, Trump “asked” the store to instead ship the jewelry to an out of state location, where no New York sales tax could be collected. In fact, the store would merely send an empty jewelry box to the location, while Trump and his lady friends walked out the door with the jewelry that very day.

The state and city tax collectors eventually caught onto this scheme, and Trump promptly testified against his erstwhile tax evasion colluding partners at the jewelry store in order to save his own skin.


Cancel an SEC football game?? Wait! What?? Just because of a little wind?

Wish SM would drop by to let us know how she’s doing.

@14: She’s in Tampa/St. Pete. They may get some wind there but nothing too strong. At least no storm surge or anything like that.

@9, the banks would take their ordinary loss as well. This whole mess finds its basis in the language about the S corporation. It was a great loophole — even the Supreme Court upheld it. That was another part of the brilliance. Something like this would be litigated up through the courts and in addition the U.S. Tax Court before it made it to the Supremes. It was a great scam while it lasted.

Trump was too big to fail with the banks during this time. The banks knew if he went totally under, they had no chance of making back any of their financing so the banks played along. Con man meets scam with enablers. The perfect storm.

@12, that is INCREDIBLE! What billionaire participates in a crime to shield himself from sales tax? The billionaire who isn’t close to being a billionaire.

@17: Exactly! Ding-ding-ding!!

Prolix, thank you for this post. It explains in gratifyingly outrageous terms, in a way even us internet-addled can understand, just what tRump got away with on that taxes thing.

@10 That was funny! But sanctimonious Pence would just say his dear leader was just following Matthew 6:3: “let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth” – conveniently forgetting the “when thou doest alms” part.

@12 Oh, Fredster – not Mary Tyler Moore, too 😦 Not the creator of the MTM kitten! She did sin the least, but still… And it doesn’t surprise me one bit tRump grubbed after every little penny he could. Like Prolix said, what BILLIONAIRE (of which tRump ain’t any kind of) would do that?

@19: “Oh Mr. GRANT!!!” 😦

Planned Parenthood is working hard for Hillary and the Senate. People need to know who Pence really is.

@19, thanks Pat. One of the things I didn’t go into is that we don’t know what was allowed and what was disallowed by the IRS. In terms of the process, this was just the Cheetos opening bid. I’m sure this return was taken for several colonoscopies before it saw the light of day. While I don’t know this to be true, I would guess that these losses are cumulative losses after the S corporations failed.

And all this was over and above the public corporation where people who bought in at $35/share ended up with shares worth 17 cents. The Yam took home something like $40 million in salaries over the years. While I don’t know, the $3.0 million he is showing on this return might have come from the public corporation.

@23 Well, that may be the one thing tRump hasn’t lied about – looks like his returns really could have been under audit for the past umpty-ump years. But of course, the audits themselves would not have prevented their release, just the shameful facts contained therein.

@24 I was all set to warn you CorrectTheRecord had been hacked! That’s a pretty good imitation of the breathless tabloids, only this time it’s true.

@25: Oh no Pat, that was Brock and Correct the Record doing that. Here’s part of the email I got:


If Donald Trump wants to turn this election into a tabloid-style campaign rehashing already-debunked conspiracy theories of years ago, two can play that game. Introducing The American Enquirer, a true tabloid dedicated to Donald Trump.

See The Donald as you’ve never seen him before — but as he’s always been.

Donald Trump’s exploits, insults and business scams would fill a year’s worth of tabloid newspapers. But in this case, the stories and quotes are true. This tabloid practically wrote itself (there’s endless material to work with) and it shows the American people that Donald Trump is fit for the grocery store rags and completely unfit for the presidency.


32 days,


David Brock
Founder, Correct The Record

Oh, I got that – but it’s a very good imitation. H’mm, I wonder if I slipped a few copies into our local Ingle’s racks….

@27: Oh okay. I thought you were thinking by clicking on the link it was a hacked or spam link or something like that.

When I first clicked on the link in the email I thought “Whoa! What’s this?”.

Here is a really good article with a link embedded to another good article in defense of our girl. Shame it’s posted in sources the RWNJ folks never visit. They need to read and heed.

Kurt Eichenwald on threats he has received since reporting on Trump..

The video was some sort of strobe light, with flashing circles and images of Pepe flying toward the screen. It’s what’s called epileptogenic—something that triggers seizures. Fortunately, since I was standing, I simply dropped my iPad to the ground the second I realized what Mike had done. It landed face down on the bathroom floor.

The deplorables are real. The deplorables are dangerous.

@24 The American Enquirer is great. The tabloids are where Trump belongs.

Here’s some more interesting news. It looks like the independents are abandoning ship on the SS tRUMP.

@32: Yes, I got a few giggles and snorts out of the “articles”.

@31: That article is just frightening.

My apologies, but this is tomorrow’s NY Daily News cover:


Some of Hillary’s paid speeches released from WikiLeaks. It sounds like she’s being honest to me. I don’t see a single controversial thing here. (except for the Simpson-Bowles mention because that guy always gave me the creeps) But then again I’m not the RW nutjobs, BernieBro or the media.

@36 Donald Trump is not only admitting to sexual harassment, he’s admitting to sexual battery/assault.

My comment @33: if they indies were leaving tRUMP before, it should be a stampede to get away from him now.

Carville is going to be on Bill Maher in just a few. Since it’s live, this ought to be interesting.

@37 & 38, the speech notes seem quite innocuous to me. Of course, by the surrogates, every talking point will be there. It all seems extremely vanilla. I think it may open the Russian hacking story to greater coverage than a Hillary speech story if anyone even talks about it.

First, even when I was a teenager and in locker rooms, NO one ever talked like Trump. No one, even then, talked like that. No one used those words and no one, I mean, no one thought it was alright to assault a woman because you had the power to think you could.

This might be hard to believe, but I have never in my life ever known anyone who talked like this much less be a presidential candidate. Who would believe that they had license to touch another human in such a manner? This is not a man, this is an animal — and not a well trained one.

They have disinvited Trump to the Wisconsin Repub hootenanny tomorrow. Ryan and Prince Rebus said, “Donald, you can stay home.”

@41 & 42: And supposedly the RNC is going to meet and probably be in full panic mode. Theoretically there’s no way they can remove him as nominee. He’d have to step down and that…ain’t…happening.

(too many supposedlys)

Okay, if there was any doubt that Hannity is not the dumbest person in this universe, he just asked the following — I am not making this up:

Doesn’t this open up Juanity Brodderick, Paula Jones, and others to be a subject of discussion and isn’t this really bad for Hillary Clinton and good for Donald Trump?

He asked that question — really he did. Both the people he posed it to — both long time Clinton haters, one who wrote a book against them, said, “If you believe this helps Trump, you are sadly wrong.”

Now both the conservodroid guests are in open revolt against Hannity. They are saying, “Trump can’t talk about Bill Clinton.”

Hannity isn’t having any of that. He’s trying his best to spin it and even the droids won’t bite.

Fox has got to fire him after tonight.

@44 & 45: Is the top of Hannity’s head still on, or has he blown it off yet?

New Hillary ad:

@46, I have been reading that the Murdoch boyz want him gone. This might be another arrow in their quiver to fire him.

The commenters on the link about Hillary’s leaked transcripts are taking her “open trade and open markets” completely out of context. (even the Hill supporters) But what do expect when this is all you have to go on.

*Hillary Clinton Said Her Dream Is A Hemispheric Common Market, With Open Trade And Open Markets. *

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.” [05162013 Remarks to Banco Itau.doc, p. 28]

I’ve heard Hillary make that remark before. It stuck with me. She was speaking of the market of alternative and renewable energy. Her point was that all nations should be sharing new technology when it comes to climate change. She was saying that while competition is good, when it comes to climate change, time is of the essence and this is one area we should all be working together on. We’ve got a planet to save!

@12, Wow! He is so utterly crooked, I can’t even begin to remember every crooked thing he does. My god, there’s no bottom, it gets worse and worse.

By the way, Billy Bush is just as big a pig as Trump. After listening to Trumps’ remarks, they climb down off the bus and he pushes that woman to give Trump a hug like he was conducting his own little experiment there. She looked in no way inclined to hug Trump until Billy pushed it. And he kept it up when they went inside and were walking down the hall. Pig.

The Utah worm has unendorsed Trump. First sitting member of Congress to do so.

@52: O’Donnell is on live right now. Apparently there’s been a large, YUGE order of Depends delivered to RNC Headquarters.

Also, there’s a banner on the MSNBC shot reading “Awaiting Trump Video Statement”.

I’m sure that right about now, Mike Pence is seriously getting on his knees. 😆

@53, evidently the film crew left Trump Tower. There will be some lame statement that Trump was possessed by the devil in 2005 because he was in California. The possession has been off and on for years now and there are other instances where he said untoward things while Satan had hold of him.

Either that or it was because of a blood sugar issue.

@54, if they took it from Trump, why would they give it to Pence? Someone that was a sniveling excuse maker for Trump up to and including today.

And, I wonder how Pence acts at home because Mrs. Pence says, “Trump is a true gentleman.”

They are so royally screwed.

@52 And why should Chaffetz even care? He’ll win his re election easily because… Utah.

@57, Chaffetz is protecting himself from the disapproval of the Mormans.

@56: The Falwell, right wing evangelicals will go for Pence.

Corey Lewandowski on Trump sex comments: ‘We’re electing a leader, not a Sunday school teacher’

Yeah, Corey, go on now.

Evidently because of Lewandowski’s comments, the campaign has asked the surrogates to stay off the air. They are a bit late.

I wonder if Romney is making calls saying, “I don’t have plans for the next 32 days.”

@61: Oh they’ve already had Ralph Reed quotes and one from one of the Ducky Guys.

His taped statement was just lame and pathetic.

Trump statement: This is a distraction and Bill Clinton is worse.

Don’t think that’s gonna cut it CheetoMan.

Finally this disgusting pig is being unmasked. You will note that the tape.was found by the same reporter who found the monkey’s charitable donation mess. Apparently he is the only journalist left in America at this point.

I wish O’Donnell would find another Repub to talk to. Chaffetz’s hypocrisy and sanctimony just work on my very last nerve.

He just could not stop himself. He had to bring up Bill. He probably refused to do it unless he could add that.

Scottie Hughes just asked Ana Navarro to stop saying p***y because her daughter might be watching. Woo boy, she chose the wrong person to say that to. That clip will be viral soon with Ana saying p***y over and over. Wait? You’re telling me to stop saying p***y while you’re defending your candidate that said p***y?

Just saw some must see TV on CNN. Ana Navarro and 4 others including one of the Trump surrogates, Scottie Nell Hughes. Of course Ms. Hughes was deflecting and she was stopped. Ana Navarro, who normally I would never listen to, used the “P” word talking about what Trump said.

Ms. Hughes gasped and said, “Please don’t use that word again. My daughter is watching.”

Ana Navarro exploded, “You have a problem with me saying p**** and you dare not to have a problem with the man you are supporting for President to use it. Is that what you are telling me?”

At that point, the whole scene had disassembled to a point they went to commercial.

@68, LOL, you type faster than I do GAgal.

@70 Did you notice Ana Navarro was gone when they came back from commercial?

@71, she used the word at least twice when I was watching. I am guessing they pulled her worrying about what she would say next.

She did have a great point though.

@31, too bad the FBI couldn’t track whoever sent these eleptogenics and file charges against them. That’s an assault, right?

@73, yes — there are also some new statutes on using the internet for intentional harmful acts. It should be easy enough to track down.

Prolix, excellent post, as always. Sorry I didn’t say so earlier. Am distracted by trumpzillas non-stop horrible doings.

From Nate Silver who says that the polling is beginning to look like just after the convention with Hillary’s wide national lead.


@75, thank you Annie. I know, it’s hard to keep up with the Mango Ape — they should call Animal Control and put him in a cage.

Anyone else experiencing some slow internet? Mine was fine earlier but now it’s c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g.

All of the political junkies must be facebooking, skyping, tweeting and all the rest. LOL!

@Prolix and GAgal: CNN is going to have to institute the 7 sec. delay from now on. (snicker)

I just watched the clip and I was wrong. Ana did not say it over and over to Hughes. I guess it’s because I saw her say it several times tonight and was a little shocked Don Lemon (or anyone) didn’t react.


bodaga cat

I’m here to tell you, Donald Trump tries to touch me there and I’ll scratch his orange eyeballs out.

@81, LOL!

@82: Hahahahaaaa!

@81, hahaha!

@85, laker says thanks for the maher clip, GAgal!

@88 No problem, Laker! Wish I’d seen the whole show, but I’ll catch it in clips.

Paul Ryan tweeted this not long before Trumps story broke.

GAgal, we watch it in clips also. Too cheap to pay for hbo.

This will come as no surprise to any woman who’s ever had to work with an a**hole like tRump.

He tried to have the woman he bragged about sexually harassing in that video, and who turned him down, fired from her job afterwards:

Wonder how Melania explained this to 10 year old Barron?

The Maher clip was awesome. I had no idea the average Trump voter makes $72,000 a year. HRC needs a bigger basket!!

@91 – that is so typical of these sexual predator types. He hired Roger Ailes, and the media yawned, giving him yet another pass for his deplorable judgment and behavior. Not yawning now, are you, @@sh0les?

Oh yes, I still remember May 31 2008.

And for the perfect response to Trump, h/t to JJ (if you haven’t seen it yet at SD or elsewherez:

I should have added: Moderators, feel free to delete above if you feel it’s too explicit. Must say that’s mild compared to some of the other explicitly unpleasant things I think about the orange bully.

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