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Activist Monday: Invisible Women

Posted on: October 3, 2016

Good Monday, all! As Big Daddy Deplorable continues his epic meltdown, we’ve seen an equally epic, and almost fatally overdue, avalanche of truthful, and thus negative, press about his lack of fitness to be President. This “Holy sh*t, what have we done?!” moment from the press corpse has been rather gratifying to us here at TW. Except for one, teeny, eeny little caveat: Where’s HRC?

It seems the collective media, despite a resounding and practically universal acknowledgement of her stellar debate performance last week, still cannot bring itself to cover any of Hillary’s events, or discuss any of her policies and plans for the country. To do this would be acknowledging that she is not actually an evil murderous robot, but a real, live human being who is 1000% prepared for her time in the Oval Office. This is, I suppose, not exciting or “sexy” enough for the media, especially when it comes from a girl. Sadly, when Stepford Spokesperson Kellyanne Conway says she never hears about any kind of policy from the Democratic side, she’s right – because it’s been utterly, completely invisible.

Oh, but Hillary’s “glaring weakness” is sure to be covered, even as her huge bump from the debate performance is minimized and caveatted as though its accuracy were going to be defended in a court of law. (On  September 30, according to, she led in all 11 swing states. Der Trumperer was ahead or close in several states before his, uh, “microphone issues.”) Do you know what this horrible Achilles heel is? That’s right – millennials! Bros in hoodies, baby. Oh, if only she could win them over, but they’re just too idealistic and lefty for her, and disagree with her on the issues. Writes Emmett Rensin of Newsweek, arguing his case:

The liberal punditry might be forgiven for underestimating the depth and seriousness of these differences had these young people not voted overwhelmingly and across all other demographic lines for a different candidate. The Clinton campaign might be forgiven for imagining these voters would “come home” had it not spent the weeks since the Democratic Convention fundraising and playing Bush administration endorsement bingo. The trouble is not that young people are insufficiently familiar with the neoconservative horror show of their own childhoods. The trouble is that the candidate they are meant to support does not appear to find that show particularly horrifying.

Indeed it is difficult not to imagine that the punditry has refused to endorse the maddeningly simple conclusion that young voters are reluctant to support a candidate who does not represent their policy preferences because such a conclusion might undermine the need for so much well-compensated armchair psychology on their part.

Bzzzzzt! Sorry, Mr. Rensin, but if that were true, Gary Johnson would not have blipped on their radar. A guy who favors the dismantling of the government so that the “invisible hand of the free market” can reach into their pockets and take everything they have, does not actually qualify as more liberal than HRC. And during the primaries, let’s not forget that the BernieBros swarmed the Interwebz with an avalanche of misogynistic rhetoric Drumpf would have approved of heartily. These malicious, misinformed sexists do not get a pass from me because they are young and easily led around by their teeny tiny pee-pees.  Nor does the typical Brogressive bullsh*t of calling HRC a neocon play well with me. That’s just an excuse for not voting for her because she’s a woman – they had no problem whatsoever with Obama’s foreign policy, which was no different than hers, except that he never had an opportunity to vote for the AUMF, and rode that fortuitous timing all the way to the White House.

Are we sensing a theme here?

Still, again and for as long as they can, men are pushing HRC and her supporters to the back of the bus. (Yes, I said it. Deal with it.) The fact that Republican and moderate women are going for her doesn’t help her – only those young, “idealistic” millennial men can take her to the White House? Except, not so much, since there are 69 million millennial voters (who vote in astonishingly low numbers), and in 2014, there were 76 million female registered voters. (This was 66% of the citizen population.) As we all know, especially after the latest Machado hatefilled tweetfest, women massively favor Clinton. Even if all the millennials came out and voted, there still wouldn’t be the potential there that 100% of registered female turnout would offer. And yet no one can believe that we should be as assiduously courted as those graced with that famous scrap of flesh between their legs. Why should anyone care about us? We’re only wimminz, just like Hillary. To quote New York’s Nosferatu, Rudy NineEleven:

Speaking of reports that Donald Trump claimed a $916 million loss on his 1995 income taxes, Giuliani said: “Don’t you think a man who has this kind of economic genius is a lot better for the United States than a woman, [bolding mine] and the only thing she’s ever produced is a lot of work for the FBI checking out her emails?”

Note that strategically placed comma, folks? Just like all of Clinton’s outstanding public service for the past 40 years, Hillary Clinton’s gender defines her in the eyes of a lot of American men of all political persuasions. And, it makes her invisible. How ironic that her ad of 2008, which I still remember today, is now applying to not just her supporters, but herself.

I can’t wait for November 8th. When all those non-existent women come out to vote for HRC, all this will change; not immediately, but irrevocably, and for all time.

This is an open thread.




27 Responses to "Activist Monday: Invisible Women"

the typical Brogressive bullsh*t of calling HRC a neocon

So true — Obama and Sanders get forgiven for votes that Hillary is damned for. Or when she is no longer working for Obama as SOS, and is then able to take an independent stand as a candidate against policies such as TPP, they accuse her of dishonesty. And they conveniently ignore the inconsistency of their opinions.

Ironically all this kerfluffle about the brogressive youngsters not voting for Hillary is so much more important than (yes, I’m going there) back in ’08 when they didn’t worry about Hillary die-hards refusing to vote for Obama.

From your mouth, madamab, to God’s ear.

It is amazing how we can get through an entire election season without anyone talking about the specifics of policies. We have to make an effort to search for Hillary’s speeches. I know there are million of voters out there who don’t have the time to do that. So what are they basing their vote on? It’s a little scary.

Great post MB. Your observations are absolutely right. What no one is talking about in these braying bro stories is the fact that these same voters were slow to commit to Obama in 2012 before coming home. These bros are always slow because of their outrageous entitlement complexes.

NWLuna -Oh yes!!! Remember how we were voting with our scary lady parts because we didn’t want to vote for Obama? Funny how no one accuses these sexist ass hats of voting with their pee pees. Because that, of course, is just fine.

GAGal – That’s a great and scary question. I think Prplix is right, and they’ll eventually get round to voting for Hillary. It’s just that they have all the time in the world. SIGH.

Drumpf is being cremated today in the media. That tax story is getting worse and worse…AND! LeBron James endorsed Hillary!!!

I laughed so hard at the media spinning for two days that Hillary’s remarks at the fundraiser back in February should piss off the Bernie supporters. Then they asked Bernie and he said ‘what she said is correct’. HA! Cut them all off at the knees! Poof! The story disappeared. (Did they ever figure out who leaked that?)

@7 – yes, as usual with a Hillary “scandal,” there’s really nothing there. This week was so bad for Drumpf that the media blinked, yawned and moved on.

I’m around!

Was having fun with Windows updates. I had over forty of the little buggers to d/l and install.

And now…Monday Night Football.

You know, all I have to say is I certainly hope those polls are wrong in the sense that Trump doesn’t even have support in the low 40’s.

And I too am freaking sick of the brogressives. they remind me of the guy that raped that girl and left her by a dumpster and then whined about how his light sentence was just too much.

Rude Pundit had an hysterical line in his post today.

It seems that knowledge about just about anything for Trump stopped sometime around 1985 or so. When he goes off script at rallies and starts riffing, he sounds like a poor man’s Don Rickles trying to make Peter Lawford laugh his ass off at a Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roast by insulting Phyllis Diller’s looks

GAGal, every election season I am amazed and appalled at the voters who are ignorant of a candidate’s policy stands. You can simply look at their website (granted, you have to be able to analyze written material) to see if details (or not, which also tells you something about the candidate), or look at their voting record history.

I had a reasonably intelligent co-worker who told me “Oh, I can’t figure out who to vote for. I decide based on people like you who follow it.” Flattering in a way, but also scary, as this is someone who wouldn’t hesitate to carefully research a new-car purchase.

I wish people had to pass a minimum analytical-thinking test before being allowed to vote. Yeah, that would open up a can of worms, but it’d disqualify most of the Trump followers.

Hey, Fredster! Good to know you’re up and about. Although messing with Windows updates would make anyone ill. Be careful!

Just once, I’d like to see the media sit down with a focus group of millennials and ask them specifically which of Hillary’s policies are not in line with their own. Ask the 30 year olds. “What do think of her plan to allow those struggling under college debt to refinance their loans? What about the deferrments for certain people?” Ask those younger “What do you think of her climate plans to ensure (however many) millions of solar panels will be installed before the end of her term? What about her plans to make college more affordable”. I’d love to see the looks on their faces when they realize they don’t even know anything about her plans.

@13: Yeah, that can do you in. I looked at the little notification and saw how many updates there were and muttered to myself: “Might as well get it over with cuz the number won’t get smaller”. (I muttered a lot during that hour and half!)

@14: Excellent point GAgal.

Remember Armstrong Williams? That sinless, upstanding, god-fearing man who was and is and for time everlasting Ben Carson’s BFF. That Armstrong Williams.

Well, Mr. Williams fails to understand what the word “mentor” means. He seems to think it is something along the lines of, “men to him.”

I wonder if the ever righteous Brother Carson will have a laying on of hands with Brother Williams. Brother Williams would like that.

The Hypocrisy Fairy’s little wings are worked to the nubbins this season.

@17: Why is it seemingly always the Repubs involved with this cr@p?

Here are two links about a local nola area politician.

First link here.

Second link here.

Apparently it’s going to get uglier out there all the way to election day.

Fredster, those updates installed for me on Sunday. It was so annoying! I sympathize. I think it took at least an hour, and the computer must have restarted 6 or 7 times. I was thinking the whole time, “Someone at Microsoft found a massive security problem.”

The problem we’re having with Drumpf is that the media is cramming 18 months of vetting into five weeks. It’s turning into an overwhelming sh*storm.

And did you all see that WikiLeaks was supposed to release an “October surprise” last night that would doom HRC? Turned out it was a publicity stunt. From the way it went down, and what Assange said afterwards, I don’t think they have anything. Not that I thought they did; the best they could do is leak something the DNC said/did and make it sound bad, but at this point, there’s too much bad out there for Drumpf.

Well, Fredster it seems that the GOP drudging up all that stuff is a huge sign of desperation and it seems to pretty much be making everybody laugh at the ones putting it out there.

Will we be live-blogging the VP debate? I think it will be livelier than we might expect. 🙂

@20, I stayed up to watch the Wiki-Leaks fiasco. These people could screw up a two car funeral.

I went over to Alex Jones’ site InfoWars. He was all serious, they had brought people in to fit Hillary’s death mask. It was the end of her political career according to him.

When the white haired freak show started, it turned into an infomercial to sell books and a general ego masturbation ceremony for Wiki-Leaks and Assange in particular.

Alex Jones went berserk. I’m not talking about being perturbed or angry — he went nine kinds of nuts. Screaming, ranting, his arms flailing.

If he hadn’t been suffering so much, I would have switched him off.

It was one of those priceless moments.

We will be live blogging the Veep debate tonight.

Come join us.

@23 Alex Jones went berserk because Assange failed to deliver the goods on Hillary? HAHAHA! They’ve been building this up for months! I’ll have to keep a lookout for a clip of that.

I’ll be here for the VP debate.

@25, there’s a long, long clip on youtube. There might be a shorter clip. He was saying that Assange was bought off by Hillary. That Assange had made a deal to be pardoned. That it was a deal cooked up by Hillary and Obama. He just kept screaming, “Git outta da way, b**ch! Git outta da way, b**ch!” I don’t know where that came from other than a video clip they kept playing. Then he just screamed a bunch of times that Assange was a loser and that everyone got trolled. It was a crap fest served in big family sized helpings.

@23,25,26: Oh I missed all of the drama. I don’t know if I have it in me for a long clip or not. Too much of the crazy gets old quickly.

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