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Beware the idiot in a moving van…

Posted on: September 30, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.personal-privilege

Please indulge me as I invoke the little known, hidden caveat of “Poster Privilege.”  I promise to be as non-prolix as possible.

Early in my career I traded upon my Political Science degree and my political connections to actually work in politics.  I’ve run local, state, and U.S. Senate campaigns.  In every campaign I had two guiding principles.

The first principle was, “Good government is good politics.”  This is where the wonkiness meets the road.  It never failed.

The second principle was, “Every campaign is a teaching opportunity.  Treat it as such.”  Humans are rational beings for the most part.  Teach the issues and propose solutions.  Humans will vote accordingly.  It always worked.

It took me a dozen sentences, but it is this second principle upon which I want to focus.  It is my humble opinion that the media, in its lazy quest to spin false equivalencies, has normalized the Trumpanzee.  Normalized him just as you would an embarrassing uncle at Thanksgiving – “Yeah, he’s kinda crazy acting, but he says really funny stuff.  Just watch.”

The normalization of this herpetic orange phlegm has worked to make him a “crazy uncle” type of candidate.  He’s crazy acting, he says funny stuff, so let’s watch.  When criticism comes, it is criticism based upon this “crazy uncle” type normalization.  It is criticism based upon the clamorous Yam being a first time candidate – so he makes mistakes.  He makes so many mistakes they are like cross town buses, another one will be along in 15 minutes — pay no attention.

My simple point is this:  Donald Trump is not just a normal bad candidate.  Donald Trump is a bad man.

Analogizing to teaching, let’s say you heard your child’s teacher was a serial liar?  What if your child’s teacher had been caught stealing from a school charity?  What if the teacher fat shamed other teachers?  What if the teacher trafficked in racial stereotypes?  What if the teacher ran with an unsavory crowd of proven law breakers?

What if the teacher taught it was smart to be shallow?  What if he/she taught money gives you the right to demean those of lesser means?  What if the teacher objectified girls in his/her class?  What if this person could never, even when confronted with his/her lies, never apologize?  What if this teacher lacked the disciple or attention span to prepare for his/her classes?

If any of us were charged with the welfare of a child and that child faced just one of these scenarios, we would move heaven and earth to protect that child.hillary-at-debate

There are 73 million children in the United States.  In a political sense, they face not one of these scenarios, but all ten.  If only the media felt it had an obligation to the truth, to the future, and to these children.

These children will owe a debt of enduring lifelong gratitude, as we all will, to Hillary for protecting us from this abomination.  Of one thing I am sure:  In any village where child rearing is a priority, the village idiot is never elected to lead.

With that I cede my personal privilege and ask, “What’s on your mind today?”



45 Responses to "Beware the idiot in a moving van…"

A very powerful post, Prolix. Yes, Trump is a very bad man. I would go as far as to say he is evil.

This weekend begins the Jewish High Holy Days. Even those of us who are not Jewish could perhaps take a few moments to think about our lives. All of us have the power to hurt others in words and deeds; we also have the power to help bring healing to the world. Which path will we choose? Darkness or light?

At the end of this Leonard Cohen song, a cantor soloist sings the first part of the traditional Ashkenazi High Holy Days prayer – “Hineni” meaning “Here I am”.

@2, thank you Beata. And thanks for that reminder. I’m not Jewish, but I love the religion. I have often improved my life from things I have learned from Jewish friends. What you say is so important — all we have to do is listen, the lessons are out there waiting for us.

Please treat your computer nicely. It is hanging in there for you. Good to see you.

Hey, Beata, great to see you! Thanks for the music. Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana service music is very beautiful. Kol Nidre is my favorite.

Wonderful post, Prolix. I totally agree that Trump is a bad man. There’s not nearly enough emphasis on this, and the media keeps acting surprised that he does the things he does, when they’re the same things he’s always done.

Case in point: an unbelievably vulgar tweetstorm from Trump overnight. The man is incapable of any kind of restraint. He’s an evil, crazy person.

I caught a snippet of the yam saying to a reporter “I won the debate, it was clear. All of the polls afterwards showed that.”. But he was talking about snap polls. To make it worse one of his minions was on MTPD spewing that line to Chuckles Todd. Even Chuckles was incredulous with that.

Right after that on schmoe, either Jeremy Peters or Sam Stein said that Trump looked at that info, bought it lock, stock and barrel and refused to accept that these were popularity contests and that they weren’t legitimate. He (Trump) was going with that line and so all of the minions going out to the press had to follow the same line.

Prolix, be warned ahead of time: if you watch this I’m not responsible if your b.p. shoots up and you fall over in a dead faint.

Now I can go check out all of Prolix’s links.

Prolix – very excellent post & framing it with the teacher scenario. Oh my, you are so right. I would love to use that argument on some of the beanheads converse with.

@4 Fredster, loved the MSNB clip. I think they are all setting up for the “foul” cry when Hillary wins in a landslide. So sick of lying dogs. Makes me that much more passionate to teach media literacy to these kids.

@4, I saw that interview. It is an alternative universe. It is the old sales trick — ignore the truth and repeat and repeat and repeat what you want the truth to be.

It’s also what happened in Europe immediately preceding WW II. I won’t dare fall victim to Godwin’s Law.

@6, the Yam best be quiet when he starts talking about Hillary and Bill’s marriage.

@7, thank you contrask. These people who are so high and mighty Repubs who go on and on trying to defend the Yam would be in the front row wanting to burn a teacher at the stake for one of his sins. The hypocrisy is so massive it has to be measured with a radio-telescope.

Fredster may enjoy this:

I looked up Kellyanne Conway’s Wikipedia bio to see where she went to law school ( George Washington University ) and her birthplace is listed as “Tuscaloosa, Alabama RollTide”. LOL. She’s really from New Jersey or so she says. Where’s that birth certificate, Kellyanne?

Wonderful read, Prolix! I didn’t know you were a poly sci major! And have run major campaigns! Besides a law degree!?! I am humbled to be learning from you! Laker is taking poly sci this semester and you will be pleased to hear that he’s has gotten an A on both tests and all of his writing assignments thus far. He’s a creative type, so I was just hoping he would pass. He’s picked up more than I expected from this site and Uppity’s.

Also, love the “Keep Calm” pic. Chat, we miss you!

Did you guys see the crazy orangutan’s early morning tweet storm about the former Miss Universe? He’s insane.

@11, Beata, I can’t stand her. Did you see this?

@12, Laker enjoying and succeeding at Political Science makes me happy. The world needs more people like him with his good heart and mind in government. Goodness knows we need more creative types in government.

As for my career, I would be the poster boy for “jack of all trades and master of none.” At least my father thought so.

@12: Annie, congratulations to Laker for doing so well in his political science class!

@14, Chatty Kellyanne is the Drum Majorette in the Parade of Horribles.

@14: My G-d. I hadn’t seen that comment until you posted it. Kellyanne has definitely reached a new low.

Great post Prolix. From the New Yorker link about Trump’s birther issue – this is something Trump and his supporters will never get because they don’t recognize it in themselves.

Yet Trump continued last night his self-congratulations for compelling the President to do this, along with the grotesquely racist notion that it was “good for him” (i.e., for the President). It slowly dawned on the listener that this was all of a piece with the rest of Trump’s racial attitudes: he believes that, as a rich white man, he had a right to stop and frisk the President of the United States and demand that the uppity black man show him his papers. Stop-and-frisk isn’t just a form of policing for Trump; it’s a whole way of life. The idea that he had a right to force a black man to go through what Obama rightly saw as the demeaning business of producing his birth certificate showed his fundamental contempt for any normal idea of racial equality. It was of a line with his equally bizarre notion that owning a country club that doesn’t actively discriminate against black people is not a minimal requirement of law but a positive achievement of the owner.

@15, me too! I was mild to moderately good at several things that I dabbled at, but never settled down enough to become expert at any of them. I always thought there would be more time later. I’m encouraging laker to avoid my mistakes anyway.

@16, thanks Beata!

@19, I thought that was a great paragraph of insight and writing. Trump believes he has the right, because of his station in life, to demand the rest of us justify ourselves to him.

Among his peers, I think that this a common belief.

@20, Annie, you and Hubs have been experts at the most important profession in life, parenting. Laker is the proof.

@22: Very well said, Prolix.

After college, I was on my way to graduate school at Yale Divinity. At the last minute, I decided not to go. Life had other plans for me. I try not to have regrets.

I concur with Prolix’s statement @ 22. You and hubs did a good job annie.

You people are sweet!

@11: Oh my. Well the wiki bio says Camden NJ but I’m not too sure I would want to claim that one. However I’m not sure that claiming Gump status is much of an improvement.

@26: I just checked and Kellyanne’s “Tuscaloosa, Alabama Rolltide” birthplace has been changed to Camden, NJ. All the more reason to demand her birth certificate!

Trump thought his claims there was something wrong with his mic were going to be validated by the Debate Commission. As it turns out…

But the debate commission partially validated Trump’s claim Friday. “Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall,” it said in a statement.

According to a source with knowledge of conversations with the debate commissioners, part of the issue rested with Trump touching his microphone, something candidates had been told not to do because the microphones were “calibrated exactly” to the candidate’s voices.

@23, Beata, life is nothing more than a roundabout with an infinite number of crossroads. The important thing is being happy on the one you are on at the moment. A smart person told me that.

Rachel Maddow is reporting a Buzzfeed story of Trump having a cameo appearance in a soft porn videotape in 2000.

Buzzfeed went looking for it after the clamorous Yam went after Alicia Machado for a “sex tape” that doesn’t exist.

When karma is looking for a home, best keep your doors and mouth buttoned up.

A different smart person told me that.

@30: Anderson Cooper must have spent about a half-hour on the Trump Twitter meltdown. Could it be that Hillary mentioning Alicia Machado has just sent him over the edge? As the tabloid says: Inquiring minds want to know

@31 As much as the media should talk about this, I hope they don’t stray from the Cuba story. If they do, they’re falling for another of Trump’s deflections. That’s one of the reasons he’s doing this.

I don’t know what to google or where to research this, but I’m wondering, just wondering mind you, what time do the coke dealers deliver through the week in New York? I know on the weekend it is about any time you want, but through the week, wonder if it is around 2-3 a.m.?

Seriously, I’ve known people who enjoyed the use of cocaine. Enjoyed it a lot! They talked in word salads. Their world was grandiose. They wouldn’t let things go. They were paranoid. No attention span. Manic in their likes and dislikes. Pretty much Trumpishness personified.

I’d like to see the service entrance videos of Trump Tower early yesterday morning.

@33: Watch High Maintenance tonight on HBO starting in about 10 minutes or so. The main character only deals in smoke but wonder if some of the same attributes apply?

@34, yeah, I was thinking about High Maintenance when I thought about Trump and the sniffling during the debate.

@35: It’s an interesting show. The one tonight with the dog was really kind of strange.

Oh my annie – Washington is tearing up Standford 37-6 in the 4th qtr. !!

@33: Try the book “Dealers” by Peter Madsen. He interviews a concierge at a “large luxury building” in NYC who lets “invited guests” (drug dealers) upstairs to visit tenants “after dark”.

I think its highly likely he was on coke during the debate. Prolix nails all the symptoms in @33.

@37, oh good!

@35: I knew you would like that news about the game. 😉

When you have a chance and some time (and I mean a serious amount of time, here is the link to Buzzfeed’s page that has the Donald Trump video depositions.

One of the videos is right at an hour so that’s why I say having some serious time to watch.

This is the funniest I’ve ever seen Bill Maher. Sorry for putting it in as a twitter, but youtube wouldn’t let me post it as normal, so I had to tweet it:

@42: I caught it on the replay and it was hysterical.

And the Republicans are none too happy with the way this week went.

@41 Don Jr. is just a shallower version of der Drumpf. Have you ever heard of an Executive VP of Development & Acquisitions that knew so little about a project or couldn’t even say what branch of the company his check (direct deposit) comes from?

And look at this. Trump would be impeachable on day 1, should he get elected:

@42 LOL! “Stamina! She was just getting warmed up after 90 minutes!”

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