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Lazy weekend music ~ seasonal changes

Posted on: September 24, 2016


Good Weekend Widdershins!

The calendar tells me (no it really doesn’t talk) that Thursday was the Autumnal Equinox, i.e. the start of Fall.  Now I’m not about to start donning sweaters, thinking of roaring fires, or having anything like pumpkin-spiced coffees or teas just yet when the high temps are still hitting the 90s.  And no, not really ever going to go for the pumpkin-spiced beverages.  Pie yes, pumpkin beverages no. Still though, it is time

Fall Trees on Lake Ozark Hill

to think of fall because if nothing else, football has started and it is really played best in fall-type weather.

There are many, oh so many, songs about fall and I’ll include mine below.  I encourage you to add yours in the comments.


separator-line(1) The Flaming Lips ~ My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

(2) September Song ~ Sarah Vaughn

(3) The Vines ~ Autumn Shade II

(4) John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman ~ Autumn Serenade

(5) Ella and Louis ~ Autumn in New York

(6) The Moody Blues ~ Forever Autumn


Alright Widdershins, that should be a break from this week’s political drama.  Feel free to add your own contributions below.

Of course it goes without saying that this is an open thread.

* * *

Monday night is the first of the debates.  If you are feeling a bit of angst or worry, feel free to post a tune about that.  But don’t worry, Hillary’s got this.



45 Responses to "Lazy weekend music ~ seasonal changes"

Of course I’m feeling angst! The debate is on Monday and

Regarding auttumn

Wouldn’t be a perfect party without EWF!

And some perfect harmony from S & G.

And some perfect simplicity from Ed.

@1: Contrask your comment (and excellent music choices) were in pending because there were two links in the comment. It’s released now.

I need to look at wordpress support to see if there is anything we can do about that two link issue.

Love EWF! I saw them once in Canada.

Fredster, looks like Chat’s Dawgs aren’t having a good game today.

@6: Nope, it looks like Hugh Freeze gave Kirby Smart a nice welcome to the world of being a head coach. I believe though that one of Georgia’s better players was out for most or all of the game also.

@5 No problem Fredster. Here’s a political link – posting since since it’s positive for Hill & will be buried soon:

Annie, since your first link decided not to link, I went in and replaced it with this one. Hope that is okay.

Here’s a nice jazz guitar version of Autumn Leaves:

Well, that one didn’t work out. Here’s one by Van the Man:

@8: Sadly you are probably right contrask. That endorsement will probably be buried by, say, a nasty article by MoDo. 👿

Welp, here we go at Auburn.

Allons les Tigres!

Oh boy..LSU Tigers down by 2 at the half. Puhleeze regroup in the 3rd quarter.

My alma matar OSU is tied with Baylor

Oh Gawd what a horrible game! LSU had no offense and they thought they had a t.d. with one second. Then in a replay review the officials said LSU did not get the snap off in time. Oh the agony.

@15: Awright contrast!! 🙂

@9, thanks Forester!

Sorry about your game. 😦

From the NY Times endorsement of Hillary.

She has evinced a lamentable penchant for secrecy and made a poor decision to rely on a private email server while at the State Department. That decision deserved scrutiny, and it’s had it. Now, considered alongside the real challenges that will occupy the next president, that email server, which has consumed so much of this campaign, looks like a matter for the help desk.

Reading that very sober analysis, one wonders what these people were drinking, smoking, snorting, huffing, and/or injecting while the myriad of overeager reporters phoned in stories from cramped rabbit holes and supposed mature editors wrote miserable hyperbolic headlines.

I suppose the fever from CDS can break leading to momentary flashes of sanity. I don’t expect it to last. I’m sure Monday’s promised lambasting of the Orange Marmadick by the Times will inspire a question at the debate — if you listen intently, that scraping you hear are fingernails trying to hold on to some semblance of relevance.

@18: annie, that wasn’t me. (looking around for spirits or haints!)

Okay some more musik. I really like the images this person used for the piece.

@18 & 20, that was me. Just call me a spirited haint who forgot to identify myself earlier. So officially, I’m sorry to say, we are not haunted.

“Autumn Leaves” with Paul Desmond & Chet Baker!

And another take on ….fall….

@19, aww, thanks Prolix! So the msm is now regretting their own trashing of Hillary to for clickbait? I hope this isn’t a case of too little too late.

@24: Interesting take on “fall”. 😉

Great selections by everybody today. Such a good variety of music.


@26 … I love good political/environmental protest songs. 😀

Annie, Hubs, Laker,

I tried to embed the video, but I couldn’t make it work. I’m technologically impaired. So here’s the link in case you missed it:

I like it that they call him the soundtrack to the lives of Los Angeles.

@31: Prolix that format wouldn’t have embedded anyway. There are just certain types that will work with WP.

@32, I tried both the (img) and (ins) buttons, then tried it like a youtube, but none of it worked. Now I don’t feel so stupid.

Does anyone else find it amazing the polls are “virtually tied” today, when Hillary was ahead by 3-5 points just yesterday?

@contrask: they’ll just say within the margin of error of the polls.

(sigh) In this case it seems that Les is no more.

annie: the interim head coach is Coach O. 😆

@34, contrask it is nothing more than how they are selecting their “likely voters” and against which model. Whether it is a 2008 or 2012 or 2012 plus models. I’ve seen some polling that has been a +9 Republican model, resulting in a turnout model that has never occurred. The emphasis on white, angry, under-educated, disaffected men — you know, the backbone of the Republican Party, the Alt-right, and worshipers of David Duke.

@36, Wow! Geez, amazing. It is amazing to see a program where a 2-2 season isn’t acceptable as compared to teams where it is a rip roaring start. Ain’t no foolin’ around with dem Les Tigres.

R.I.P. the first gentleman of golf, Mr. Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016.

@38: It’s really more than that. He’s paid $4.5 mill/yr. Now the money guys have to know that to get to the SEC championship, that road runs through Tuscaloosa. It’s hard (not impossible) to beat Saban, but Les hasn’t accomplished it. It’s that and having outstanding recruiting classes that haven’t shown the results.

Oh well, they’re paying him $10 million to go away. Hell, I’d go away too and laugh on my way to the bank. LOL

@39: Sad, but he had a great life.

@31, that’s exactly what it feels like, “the soundtrack of our lives”. I’ve been misty about it all weekend, having spent countless hours listening to Vin. It is truly the end of an era for us.

Fredster, we were wondering what you were thinking about Les. Funnily enough, hubs just said yesterday evening when watching the news, “I hope they don’t fire him.”

Will they keep Coach O, I wonder?

@44: Yes, Coach O is going to be the interim coach for the rest of the season. (see my comment @46).
What happens after that, who knows. That will probably depend on who they get as the new head coach. I hope they keep hm because he’s been a great recruiter and I would think the new guy would want someone with La. connections to be able to recruit.

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