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Posted on: September 21, 2016

Good morning Widdershinners.  Only forty-eight days until this interminable election is over.   Try as the cable networks might, my confidence in Hillary’s election is increasing with each day.imagine

Even with this increasing confidence, it doesn’t stop me from imagining certain “what ifs.”  Since the political atmosphere is full of cyclonic turd-storms and I can’t think of any better way to organize these racing manic thoughts of mine, let’s just imagine.

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had illegally used $258,000 from the Clinton Foundation for her personal benefit.

Imagine if Trump were elected and the person who is in charge of vetting and selecting the 4,000 political appointees of a Trump Administration was the same man who knowingly endangered lives and property for backwoods, ward-heeling, political payback.  The same man who has shoehorned his former cronies into the taxpayer-funded transition office.  The same guy who denies Trump continued to spout his birther nonsense after 2011.

Imagine how a President Trump would negotiate a $14 Billion penalty with Deutsche Bank, a bank that happens to hold hundreds of millions in Trump loans.

gullibility_testImagine a world where the white evangelicals and working class voters were not this gullible:

Trump’s promises to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and to bring back manufacturing jobs are not just appeals to economic wellbeing. These appeals are often coupled with promises to restore power to the Christian churches, although that part of Trump’s appeal is not prominently reported. For many white evangelical Protestant and white working class voters, those appeals are about restoring a sense of place and a lost cultural world. Trump’s promise is that if he is elected, the factory gates will reopen, the boards will come down off the storefront windows, the pews will fill, different races and genders will be clearly defined and will know their place, and America will make sense again.

The emphasis is my own.  You can read this long interview here and here.

Imagine a journalistic profession where its loblolly coverage didn’t produce these facts based on over 30,000 interviews:

The type of information getting through to Americans varies significantly depending on whether the candidate in question is Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton. Americans’ daily reports about Mr. Trump are directly tied to what he is doing and saying. If Mr. Trump talks about Muslim parents and their son who was killed in action, that’s what the public remembers. If he goes to Mexico or Louisiana, that’s what they recall reading or hearing about him. If Mr. Trump calls President Obama the founder of the Islamic State, “ISIS” moves to the top of the list of what Americans tell us they are hearing about the Republican candidate.

What Americans recall hearing about Mrs. Clinton is significantly less varied. Specifically — and to an extraordinary degree — Americans have consistently told us that they are reading and hearing about her handling of emails while she was secretary of state during President Obama’s first term. In eight of the past 10 weeks, “emails” has been the most frequently recalled word in Americans’ reports of news about Mrs. Clinton — the exceptions being the week of the Democratic convention, when emails fell to second place, and this past week when “pneumonia” and “health” eclipsed emails.gary-johnson

Imagine if young voters, instead of wasting their “protest votes” on Gary “Hand me an atlas” Johnson or Jill “Find someone more bitter than me” Stein, actually knew this about their platforms:

[The Libertarian Platform] calls for abolition of the income tax and the privatization of almost everything the government does, including education. “We would restore authority to parents to determine the education of their children, without interference from government.” And if parents don’t want their children educated, or want them indoctrinated in a cult, or put them to work in a sweatshop instead of learning to read? Not our problem.

What really struck me, however, was what the platform says about the environment. It opposes any kind of regulation; instead, it argues that we can rely on the courts. Is a giant corporation poisoning the air you breathe or the water you drink? Just sue: “Where damages can be proven and quantified in a court of law, restitution to the injured parties must be required.” Ordinary citizens against teams of high-priced corporate lawyers — what could go wrong?

But Mr. Johnson and Ms. Stein have received essentially no media scrutiny, so that voters have no idea what they stand for.

Trump's Oval Office Throne ...

Trump’s Oval Office Throne …

Imagine Trump’s first full day in office where twenty-five Obama executive orders are rescinded.  Things like immigration, renouncing the Paris Agreement on greenhouse-gas emissions, restarting the Keystone Pipeline, suspending the Syrian refugee program, loosening restrictions on gun purchases, or further relaxing background checks.  Dante would add a tenth circle of hell to describe it.  (Although long, the link is a must read.)

Imagine a country where the Congress was not so hogtied by the NRA that real research and fact-finding could occur such as:

Around 50% of the guns in the US are owned by only 3% of its adults.

Imagine a Senate controlled by Democrats where the evisceration of the patricians of the corporate privileged class occurred with a little more regularity.

Imagine early morning television without someone sporting an ego so large he wanted the Google algorithm changed so searches would better reflect his awesomeness.

I imagine you have things on your mind today.  Please share them.



79 Responses to "Imagine…"

Imagine if Hillary fired her campaign manager, but kept him on severance pay until the end of the year, while he was simultaneously being paid by a national TV news organization as a political analyst to promote her?

Excellent post Prolix.

I’m glad to finally see the “media” being taken to task a bit on their coverage of the candidates and how they cover them.

My opinion is that the tide turned on the media with the Matt Lauer debacle and their hurt feelings about Hillary’s pneumonia and their expectation to know every little thing with her health.
***edited to take out an extra “finally”*** DUH!

@1: There should be a flashing banner over him that reads “paid shill” whenever Lewandowski is on camera.

I would hate to be so gullible that I could be brain washed by the media.

Few presidential candidates have been more fully prepared to assume the duties of the presidency than is Clinton. Yet, her many accomplishments as first lady, U.S. senator, and secretary of State barely surfaced in the news coverage of her candidacy at any point in the campaign. She may as well as have spent those years baking cookies.

How about her foreign, defense, social or economic policies? Don’t bother looking. Not a single one of Clinton’s policy proposals accounted for even 1% of her convention-period coverage; collectively, her policy stands accounted for a mere 4% of it. But she might be thankful for that: News reports about her stances were 71% negative to 29% positive in tone. Trump was quoted more often about her policies than she was. Trump’s claim that Clinton “created ISIS,” for example, got more news attention than her announcement of how she would handle Islamic State.

Imagine if Hillary refused to release her tax returns? Dems take the opportunity to question the IRS commissioner about Trump’s taxes and Foundation.

@1, Lewandowski is such a tool. He just isn’t a bright man. In one of Trump’s books he writes about not wanting people who are too smart around him. Seems like he got absolutely what he was looking for with Lewandowski.

@2, thanks Fredster. I think “Lauering the Bar” was a turning point. I think it has finally caught up with them that people are catching on about Trump flat out lying and not being called on it. The demographics they want to hit — people with money, educated, ages 18-49, particularly women, are with Hillary.

@4, that is an excellent article. Thanks for finding it GAgal.

@5, in the new Bloomberg Poll only 6% of Republicans say Tru’cheeto’s tax returns are important. How can you be a voter and not believe they are important? These are probably the same voters who don’t care whether he’s lying or telling the truth.

Prolix, spot on post. My thoughts have been aligned with everything you wrote. I just posted a response to Fredster over at Upps, which bears on your post and the comments about the ignorance that is rampant in this country. I will bring it over here.

My comment to Fredster, that I posted at Upps a little while ago:

Fredster, omg, Trump is like a bratty 9 year old. I cannot believe how stupid half of Americans are. Laker is taking poly sci this semester in an online class, and the students had to comment in their little blog about the 2nd amendment & the Heller decision. Laker asked me to review his comments to make sure he wasn’t too snarky, because he could get tossed if he’s not polite, which isn’t easy because this class, with the exception of laker and a couple of others are brain-dead troglodytes that exist in the Fox News bubble. These kids are so dumb, I don’t know how they graduated high school. They can’t think for themselves or reason, can’t write a coherent paragraph. Can’t s p e l l for chrissakes. You wouldn’t believe how many of them are “greatful to Justice Scalia” because “they have the right to bare arms”…I’m not kidding or exaggerating, over half of the comments had those silly statements and misspellings. They all piled on laker and the other two students who gave thoughtful and educated responses, but especially Laker. I told him not to bother responding to the little trump loving morons, although he did once, to a young woman who screeched that “NOone has the right to change the constition because its there rights!” Laker kindly suggested she read Article Five. None of them seemed to get it, or understand the differences between the amendments and the articles, or what the Bill of Rights has to do with the Constitution. It was unbelievable. I really wonder what the teacher thinks of his class. I think a year of college level English should be a prerequisite. Wouldn’t you think they would have studied US government in high school? My homeschooler did. Anyway, this was a couple of nights ago, and Laker then went on the funniest tear about the whole thing, his classmates snotty, stupid comments, and especially Scalia, and the comments he wished he could have posted about him. It was so funny, such pointed snark, it reminded me of Prolix & Uppity. Hubs & I were screaming with laughter and holding our sides. I had no idea laker knew so much about Scalia or that he remembered all the stuff I’ve read to him off these sites for the last several years, but apparently he does.

I digress, as usual, but the point I was working up to is that I’m not as confident about election day as I was after reading that blog. It was hilarious at the time, but scary. These kids think Hillary will take away their guns.

For any of you who heard about the Brad and Angie breakup, their house in the French Quarter is up for sale, has been for awhile. However, they did cut the price by $800k last year. Look for a possible further price drop now with the d-i-v-o-r-c-e. I would not count on an owner-financing deal on this one.

@11 – Annie, I totally sympathize. I think it’s absolutely horrible how dumb and uneducated people are in this country. Remember that Raygun and the Rethugs have been defunding education for 36 years in the hopes of just this very occurrence – having a voting populace that is so ignorant and malleable, they believe whatever buzzwords the AEI think tanks produce. I don’t think even they predicted Drumpt, though – I think they were hoping for more gentlemanly (and I do mean male) racism, sexism and xenophobia from their Party.

Fabulous post, Prolix. The story about Scarborough was both hilarious and extremely disturbing. This guy did nothing but fluff The Donald for 8 months and pretended to be objective. It was completely dishonest and utterly reprehensible.

@12 – Annie, that article by Drew Magary channeled my inner primal scream. THANK YOU!

@14, MB, yes, agree with you 100%.

@15, exactly! That was posted at Upps today by Ivory Bill (to give credit where credit is due).

@13, Fredster, I saw a couple of the articles. The Brangeloonie’s heads are exploding all over the internet. Seriously, that couple have fans that would follow them over a cliff.

Annie, it’s not just the kids. (who I fear for their future) It’s the older adults who were educated before Repubs started cutting funding. It may have been a long time since I took a Government class, but even I know a Secretary of State doesn’t have the authority to order our military troops around the world. Even I know a SOS can’t possibly be held responsible for every action that happens at an obscure CIA outpost hundred of miles from a US Embassy. No teacher taught them that. Media “taught” them that. I would love to know what these teachers think of their students, too.

So Joe is doing a Trump musical and Megyn Kelly is producing “political comedy”.

@11, I’m glad Laker has a sense of humor about his tormentors. That in and of itself is both a great lesson and a testament to his eventual success. You and Hubs are candidates for parents of the millennium. Of course, I claim honorary uncle in absentia five times removed.

I’m humbled to have been mentioned in your post and in the same breath as Uppity. I’m not worthy and I’m sure Uppity would be the first to agree — LOL!

@14, thanks MB. Appreciate it.

What wasn’t covered in the GQ Morning Schmoe article was last Friday’s paparazzi news tidbit that Schmoe and Mrs. Schmoe in waiting went to Trump Tower to make nice with the 300 pound, fuzzy headed traffic cone.

Did you notice they didn’t have any problem whatsoever when they went to deliver those big old slobbery kisses on the Brothers Koch they climbed right on their plane? That is not just entitlement — that is actively thumbing their nose at even a semblance of journalistic ethics. Not that they would have them, but they are well-known within 30 Rock.

@20, why doesn’t Megyn just show reruns of Faux and Fiends? That’s political comedy each and every morning.

The sites are just abuzz about Mongo the Manhattan Mango switching it up and being critical of the police officer who shot Terence Crutcher in Oklahoma, with these words, ““I don’t know what she was thinking.”

One guess why Mongo the Mango found it within himself to criticize a woman unrelated to him or not a ten by his standards.

@22 Prolix said: that is actively thumbing their nose at even a semblance of journalistic ethics.

That’s a phrase I would never use with schmoe or Mika. Schmoe a has-been politician from the Redneck Riviera and Mika a…well what is Mika? Let’s look at wiki:

Brzezinski attended The Madeira School during her high school years. She graduated in 1989 from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where she majored in English, after transferring from Georgetown University as a junior

Transferred from Georgetown? Pourquoi ?

Well, three cheers for Joss Whedon who is starting a GOTV pac.

Oh my. There is stupid and then there is stoopid.

The coverage gap: A new study finds that Trump’s campaign garnered 822 minutes of screen time on the nightly news broadcasts of ABC, CBS and NBC between Jan. 1 and Labor Day – likely more than any presidential candidate in history. Clinton commanded just 386 minutes in the time, which includes 89 minutes spent on the investigation of her emails as secretary of state.

@27, that was a great clip. The Bill and Magic Johnson was my favorite theory.

@29: That just scared the sh!t out of me when I watched it. Those people were totally serious about what they were saying.

Here’s a long but good piece about Hilary’s wonky policy plans. Wonder if the millenials will have the attention span to read it.

@28 In what universe is an article, that covers (complete with statistics) the important fact that in an election in a democracy, the media put its weight against one candidate, put in THE FRICKIN LIFESTYLE/STYLE section????

Oh, yeah, when the disadvantaged candidate is a woman. Nothing to see here, folks, no sexism, nosiree.

@33, Pat, it is even tagged and captioned as “Style” — nope, nothin’ to see here.

The media: We sold you the Iraq war. Now we’re selling you Trump.

@21, Prolix, you are such a sweetie!

@35, The truth and nothin’ but the truth.

Great article Uncle Prolix! I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump really has a toilet like that. Also, I love that word “loblolly”. I looked it up and it means a pine tree or “thick oatmeal or gruel”! Haha! Hope I can find a way to use it. Maybe in my Poly Sci class blog.

Yesterday the main story was the protests and rioting in Charlotte. On CNN, they mentioned Trump and played his quotes at least twice an hour. Hillary barely rated a remark, and you never heard her speaking. It was as though she wasn’t even running.

On the positive side, all the mentions of Trump were negative, and they had senior members of the AA community on to discredit him. But there was never an affirmative case made for what Hillary would do instead. I’m not suggesting they argue for her, but just quote her and state her policy in the area of criminal justice. The millennials are staggeringly uninformed about her because of all of Bernie Sanders’ lies and smears. It would sure be nice if they had some truth to hold on to.

I had to go to MSNBS to even hear a word about Hillary. Jennifer Granholm was on and was fabulous.

Hillary sits down with Zach Galifianakis for an interview between two ferns. Hillary was dry-wit funny.

@37, Laker Dude! Good to hear from you. Yeah, “loblolly” is a favorite colloquialism around these parts. It’s use is popular in Appalachia because it is from middle English and that has influenced the language something fierce. The isolation of the region has preserved those types of dialectical peculiarities.

The way it is used around here is a take off of the thick porridge/mire part of the definition: loblolly — a unintentional screwed up mess when the initial intention was for the good.

I like that you are killing your tormentors with humor and kindness. It is the most intellectual way possible which just confuses them more. It’s like playing with a kitten with a laser pointer. They chase it and never quite catch it.

Good to hear from you.

@38, I agree MB, Jennifer Granholm is the most effective surrogate I think I’ve seen. As we say around here, “She would fight a running saw mill,” and she does it with a smile.

@39, Fredster, I shared that video with some of my Repub friends who are, let’s say, less than Hillary supporters. It was a little unscientific test. To a person, they dismissed any hint of deadpan humor on her part and immediately thought she was angry and dismissive. When these folks have listened to 25 years of “Hillary-hate” they are completely brainwashed.

@40, Contrask, from the article:

When one digs down in almost every poll, they can see problems for Donald Trump. Trump is running at levels that are lower than both Mitt Romney and John McCain with key Republican constituencies.

For context, at this point in 2012, Romney and Obama were tied. Hillary is in very good shape considering the ground game. Most professionals say that turnout and targeting can account for 1-3%. Obama only won Florida by 1% in 2012 and that was with less favorable demographics.

Thanks for posting this. It is a great thing for us to remember in the face of all the corporate media hype.

@40 – Contrask, that article is really heartening. I am sending it to my husband, who doesn’t believe me when I say Hillary is much farther ahead than the media says she is. 🙂

The news from Borowitz:

Trump Warns That Clinton Will Rig Debate by Using Facts

“You just watch, folks,” Trump told supporters. “Crooked Hillary is going to slip in little facts all night long.”

It’s official, Ted Cruz believes Hillary has won the election!

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has endorsed Donald Trump for president, a stunning reversal after Cruz for months refused to back the GOP presidential nominee.

The Clinton campaign has given Mark Cuban a front row seat at the debate. tee-hee

@47 Cruz’ tea party constituents must be turning on him.

@49, Cruz held out long enough to make sure his political future is best served. He’s sure Trump is going to lose so he can then say to the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus/Asylum Escapees, I was on the Trump Train.

If it looked like Trump was going to win, he would have taken the opposite tack. He doesn’t want anyone around in 2020 especially an incumbent. There might be enough Cruz slugs who could have made a difference in a few states if they stayed home.

There’s nothing that Cruz does or ever has done or ever will do that doesn’t promote himself. I told someone once I thought Cruz wore contact lens with a reflective inner layer so that he could look into his own eyes.

@48, putting Cuban on the front row is brilliant. If there’s any hootin’ and hollerin’, you can bet Cuban will make sure he’s heard by Orange Mongo.

ACLU is suing Kentucky Kim and her county to recover their legal costs. Go ACLU!

@40, thanks for that, Contrask!

Jennifer Granholm is all-around awesome in my book.

@43, I keep meaning to watch the “Between the Ferns” bit. I’ve seen people say in various websites that Hillary was angry. These Clinton haters will be lying about her long after her 8 years as prez are over.

@45, MB, I’ve been saying that to my husband all summer also.

GAgal, I’ve never been a big fan of Cubans (for sports reasons); however, I must admit I’m really glad he’s on our (Hillary’s) side in this fight. I think its funny that he will be sitting in the first row! 🙂

I assume we’ll be liveblogging the debate?

@56, We will be liveblogging like beavers in a toothpick factory.

@56: You never know, but probably.

I’m trying to educate 7th graders in media literacy and politics. Oh Lord it’s hard to live in the reddest state in the union & listen to them parroting their parents views. I made them do policy comparisons from the platforms. They had a hard time finding anything in the GOP platform. Horrible website! Utterly lacking in content, lol. But I came across several links today of pundits predicting a Trump win. Depressed me again.

{{{Hugs}}} to contrask! Thanks for climbing that hill!

@59, contrask, you, along with all teachers, have my sincerest respect and admiration. Teaching, next to parenting, is the most important calling in world. Thank you.

Just a bit of context: Remember 2012. At this point in the polls, Romney and Obama were tied, but Romney had been trending ahead. Romney had large crowds. Romney had the “big mo” according to almost every pundit. Even to election night, there were those pundits who said, “We will be saying President Romney in January.”

When you “science” this election, Hillary is ahead, trending in the right direction, and the ambulatory orange creamsicle has a ceiling of about 41-42%. He has NEVER been above those numbers. Hillary has been at 48% nine times. So pay no attention to those puny pundits. Hillary has got this.

James Comey will not receive many Christmas party invites from the Hillary White House.

FBI releases interviews with Clinton aides

On Friday afternoon to fill the weekend pundit trough and before Monday night’s debate.

@62 I’m sure that will get all the media attention (except for the protests) over the weekend and this will get zero. Intelligence agency investigating Trump advisor ties to Russia.

Can Hillary ask for Comey’s resignation I wonder? He says he’s no longer a member of a party (he was rethug) but its obvious he’s playing games with Hillary to benefit the rethugs. I hope we’re not stuck with him til 2023.

@63, that’s good but they need to be investigating Trumps ties to Russia first and foremost.

@65, yep, Comey’s term runs until July 29, 2023. He was confirmed for the ten-years on July 29, 2013.

Tell me that this guy isn’t partaking in herb:

@68: Oh.My.God. 😱

annie, that was a heartbreaking loss to Utah. I can’t believe they were able to score like that.

@66 Annie, That IS another one of Trump’s ties to Russia. He’s been an advisor and our intelligence agencies think he is worth checking out enough that they informed Congress.

@68 What? OMG. That was unreal. Will the Busters still vote for him?

@71: GAgal, we probably won’t know until the day of the election.

@69, Fredster, laker says to tell you that he can’t stand the Trojan’s coach. They are obviously going to have a dismal season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are finishing up their season well, expected to clinch their division. But our beloved long time Dodger announcer, Vin Scully is stepping down after 67 years! (seriously…he started in 1950) Some of my earliest memories are falling asleep while listening to Vin. I think the whole county is melancholy. We’re really going to miss our Vin. 😦

@68, LOL! God, this dude is weird.

@70, GAgal, I get it, but he has more right? Like Manafort? Besides, I bet he has a line straight to Vlad.

Will Congress investigate this guy, I wonder?

annie@73: Tell Laker the Trojans have to work on their defense. They should have been able to keep the Utes to the field goal. Had they gotten the tie game I think USC could have won it.

@77: Yes, I was amazed at that. Now, are any of the Repub voters reading or listening?

Here’s something we’ve known around here, but it still makes you feel good to hear someone else say it.

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