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Activist Monday: Nope. The Press Still Doesn’t Get It

Posted on: September 19, 2016

Good Monday, all! If you read the headlines these days, the press seems to be behaving much better when it comes to Der Trumperer, actually finding, somewhere deep within their ADD-impaired noggins, the capability to focus on his overall awfulness instead of pounding on Hillary incessantly for not paying enough attention to them while dizzy and passing out from pneumonia. (Mommy issues, anyone?) See this “Many Scandals of Donald Trump” article in The Atlantic as an example. Well, see it if you want to experience a degree of boiling rage and nausea you haven’t experienced since you realized that yes, the Republicans were really, truly, f*cking srlsly going to let that mango-colored monkey run against Hillary Clinton. It turns out that Drumpf’s scandals are so numerous, The Atlantic complains it doesn’t have enough space on its pages to write all of them down. Poor babies! If I were a journalist and not a blogger, I might suggest that The Atlantic report on one scandal a day until November 7th. I guess that is just too much Hard Work(TM) for those with journamalism degrees!

In any case, the press is starting to focus its relentlessly negative eye where it belongs, on Dangerous, Despotic, Deplorable Donald. Does this mean they finally get the seriousness of this race? That they have understood the perils of their stunning lack of objectivity and “grading on a curve” when it comes to the pseudo-billionaire who has the overwhelming hubris to think he’s got what it takes to run for President?

Um, no.

If the press “corpse” is to revive itself, it needs to do something it hasn’t yet done, and hasn’t been able to do for the past 40 years: Report objectively on Hillary Clinton. Report on her qualifications, her policies and whether or not they would be good for America; report on what she would do if/when in office. Maybe even cover one of her speeches every once in a while. You know – exactly what they do with Drumpf.

They are showing a few signs of being able to do this. From the article linked above:

The investigation [into his charitable giving] is a new political headache for Trump. The Republican has sought to make hay out of accusations against the Clinton Foundation, but so far that group has no legal troubles. Trump’s charity, however, now finds itself in legal jeopardy.

A truthful and factual comparison! The Clinton Foundation hasn’t done anything illegal, whereas Trump’s Foundation is now under investigation. Could it be The Atlantic has re-discovered what the word “objective” actually means? Not so fast:

The 2016 presidential election could be the most scandal-plagued match-up since James Blaine’s allegedly corrupt business deals squared off against Grover Cleveland’s alleged illegitimate child in 1884. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is the nominee, bringing with her a train-car’s worth of baggage. But the Republican candidate is at least as saddled with controversy as Clinton is—and while many of the Clinton cases involve suspicion and shadowy links, many of Trump’s are fully documented in court cases and legal proceedings.


No, no, NO. Here’s what’s wrong with this allegedly “fair and balanced” paragraph:

  1. Hillary is not bringing baggage with her. Here’s how I’d write this sentence: “The media is dumping sh*t on her daily, and Hillary has been forced to carry it for the past 40 years.” That is not remotely the same thing. Her worst sin is that she hasn’t found a way to get the media to stop lying about her, for which they, of course, blame her as well. (More on that a bit later.)
  2. Saying “many of the Clinton cases involve suspicion and shadowy links” does not pass the smell test. In fact, ALL of the Clinton cases are nothing but innuendo. I’m going to say that again. ALL OF THE CLINTON CASES ARE NOTHING BUT INNUENDO. There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton has ever done anything wrong or illegal. Ever. So despite the media’s gleeful daily exercise of picking apart every single participle she’s ever dangled, searching for evil conspiracies, corruption, and most likely a vagina dentata, there’s “no there there.” And I don’t think there ever will be, frankly. Hillary’s just not that kind of girl.

To follow up on #1, here is my favorite thing the media does when it comes to HRC: continue to talk about a non-story that originated out of some malarial Republican’s nightmare every day, no matter whether there are “new developments” or not, and then say something like this: “Why is it that she can’t stop us from talking about this?” For example: the “d*mned emails” Bernie Sanders complained about. She has been tried and convicted in the press for being reckless and careless and not trustworthy with national security because…she had a private email server from which she sent a grand total of zero emails which were correctly marked as classified. How utterly absurd. Yet because she hasn’t said some kind of magic word, given enough press conferences, and/or apologized on bended knee to the press while self-flagellating for being an uppity wimminz, the press feels justified in yammering about this bullsh*t as if it’s real, and comparing it to actual Dangerous, Despotic and Deplorable things The Donald has said and done.

So until the media purges itself of its toxic, misogynistic hatred of Hillary Clinton, they’re still never going to get it. And this pathetic farce of an election will continue to be reported as though two equally despicable candidates are running, with equal negatives, instead of one amazing, inspiring public servant versus a putrid pustule of a human being.

This is an open thread.


46 Responses to "Activist Monday: Nope. The Press Still Doesn’t Get It"

Excellent post! And the media rolls on…watching the live feed about the capture of bombing suspect and CBSN signs off with reading deplorable Donnies’ tweet on the subject.

Hah! Each kitteh is waiting for the other to put whiskers — or paw — around the door…

Great post especially this brilliant question:

“Why is it that she can’t stop us (the media) from talking about this?”

That is what is so maddening. They do these innuendo stories, then do polling about the stories, then feign amazement the narratives they have driven show up in the polls they pay for. The embodiment of a snake eating its tail or Faux News — take your pick.

@3: Oh something like this:

Good piece over at shareblue on why this election is soooo important.

The media’s idea of bias is so skewed they don’t know what it means anymore. It’s not just equal time or their crazy false equivalencies or even the positive/negative ratio. It’s about how misguided they are when it comes to what the public wants to know – what the public finds to be important – instead of what THEY think is newsworthy.

I watched a few minutes of Wolf Blitzer the afternoon of 9/11. (It was reported he looped the video of Hillary being helped into the car 40 times in 10 minutes) He was practically in tears when he was forced to drag himself away from the Hillary story and back to the 9/11 memorial service. Later Trumpettes complained that Hillary should never had made that day about herself – as if she controlled the media. And not one pundit disagreed.

Another thing about 9/11… Hillary’s press pool whining because she left them in the dark for an hour and a half. That’s what it’s really all about. That what the media thinks the public wants to know – how Hillary treats the media. Guess what? It’s not. The media treats it as “The public wants to know”! BS The media can’t stand not having 24/7 access because for some reason, they think they deserve that. I’m beginning to see them as nothing more than the paparazzi vultures who chased around Princess Diana.

Then they thought it was a big story that Hillary had been taking antibiotics for pneumonia for two days and had “hidden it” from the public because the media didn’t know. Really? Do a poll media. Ask the question “How newsworthy is it to you that Hillary was taking antibiotics for pneumonia and you didn’t know?” I sincerely doubt anyone lost any sleep over it.

Forgot to compliment you for your great post, Madamab! My ire for the media had me a little distracted there!

@6, I swear I feel myself getting dumber when I watch Wolf Blitzkegger. Speaking of another “dumb maker,” this is one I heard Mrs. Greenspan pull today. As usual, she was breathless and clutching her pearls in full tilt.

She broke in with an interview with a young lady whose father owned a warehouse a block away from where the barely trainable bombmaker was caught sleeping in front of a bar.

Mrs. Greenspan breathlessly asked, “What did you see?” The reply, “It was down the block and I didn’t see much, but from what I have seen on the news reports, it looks like they caught him. I heard gun shots.”

Mrs. Greenspan, in all her great, exalted journalistic acumen asked, “From what you’ve seen, what else can you tell us? And how does it make you feel?”

Say what!!! Tell us what you have been watching on your teevee because we are breaking or “rebreaking” the news.

GAgal, how do you feel today?

@9: It’s so time for Mrs. Greenspan to retire.

Madamab, re: points 1 and 2 — Almost every article I read that has even a slightly positive bent toward Hillary contains some BS disclaimer or innuendo like that. I am so sick of it.

GAgal #7 — They have become paparazzi. You are right.

@10 I’m doing a lot better. I just have to be picky with my foods. For all my complaining about scrambled eggs the other day, someone brought me an egg biscuit from a local restaurant today and damn it was good!!

Thanks all…To GAGal’s point, I really think the media thinks they are the public now. It’s the other way around…the public are the media. (That was a bit of British English there. :-D) When anyone can blog or YouTube, it’s hard to give the Blitzer the respect we had for Dan Rather, or the late, great, Walter Cronkite. (Goddess rest him.)

BTW…the Post is going all out. They have one wacky partisan hack who is saying that Hillary is a dreadful liar, but 4 out of the 5 most-read WaPo articles are slamming Trump to the wall. Richard Cohen, no wild-eyed liberal, is comparing him to Hitler. And, like the Dallas Morning News, he is calling for Colin “Baking Soda izz Ricin” Powell to ovary up and tell the truth about Drumpf.

In a purloined email, Colin Powell called Trump’s birther fixation “racist.” But the former secretary of state has never done so publicly, and his hesitation about Hillary Clinton — “for good reason she comes across as sleazy” — is no excuse for being AWOL in this fight. Like Henry Kissinger, George P. Shultz and some other GOP grandees, he has retreated to a neutral corner, as if the fight is not his, too. They all have their qualms with Clinton, but not a single one of them can possibly believe that the United States and its values will not survive her presidency. A Trump presidency is a different matter.

It’s a mistake to make the unreasonable compatible with the reasonable — to think, say, that Trump cannot be serious about this birther stuff or building a wall or likening the difficulties of becoming a billionaire to the loss of a son in Iraq. That was the authentic Trump, a man totally unburdened by concern for anyone else.

What the f*ck took them so long?!!!

It’s like all of Trump’s corruption, which is so complex and widespread – none of it mattered. Until he made fools of them the other day. They pushed back because he insulted them. Do you think they give one shit how horrible he’s been to Obama with this birther thing? They could care less. He finally hurt their fee-fees and that’s all they know.

The problem is now that they waited so long, there is not much time to properly explain the depth of his corruption. There’s so much of it, it’s enough to make your head spin.

@15 – I agree, it’s almost too late…but not quite. Honestly, one scandal a day. “Deplorable Donald’s Daily Disgrace.” How hard is this? MSNBC should be jumping on this bandwagon, baby.


A week before the first presidential debate, Donald Trump is putting moderators on notice that he’ll be watching to see if they get too rough on him.

Apologies for posting this same thing here and at SkyDancing, but it’s soooo funny! Trumptanic has no idea what “rough” is.

The press keeps pulling innuendos and suspicion out of nothing, while Trump’s history is littered with bankruptcies, nepotism, and bribes. The only “baggage” with Hillary is experience, intelligence, and a heart in the right place.

@18 They need to do a baggage claim check on what they keep calling hers. That’s not her name on it. I can picture a political cartoon with piles of suitcases next to Hillary with tags labeled Ken Starr, Daryl Issa, Jason Chaffetz, and on and on.

@19: Oh that would make a great cartoon.

Jeebus but this is creepy scary that such a thing is still on the books!

@13, good that you are feeling better — I’m glad. Just about anything on a biscuit is good, but growing up on them makes me kinda partial.

@21, let’s see, the west coast island would be Catalina and the east coast island would be one of the Outer Banks. For the south, they would just take over abandoned oil platforms. If anyone was going to be deported north, the Canadians are so polite, they would pay for their own nights at Motel 6.

@23: Then I’ll take the north. 😉

I mostly hate dealing with Politico but I wish 41 would just come out and say who he’s voting for.

I didn’t mention it before but I added the schedule of debates over on the right side.

I just added the format and topics for the first debate.

I’m sure we’ll be liveblogging these.

Jason Chafettz has now stooped so low as to investigate posts found on Reddit.

@27: I saw that. Amazing.

@26 Thanks for that. So yesterday Trump was crowing about all the moderators except Wallace were Democrats. Now the headlines today are Lester Holt is a registered Republican.

What’s the point in having no break at all in a 90 debate? That’s stupid. Even the viewing audience might like a break 45 minutes in. I know I would.

@29: I saw that about him kvetching over some thing. I just scanned it and moved on.

And I agree about the no breaks. I mean, don’t we need “station identification”, i.e. a tinkle break at some point? Won’t the candidates?

Early voting is a strategy Hill’s camp relied on in the primaries too. I’m sure they’re working hard on it. (it’s kinda weird that some states have early voting before the first debate!)

I so wish stuff like this would cause an uproar but why do I feel it won’t?

Will the media ever start calling Trump’s lies what they are – lies?

A certain etiquette has long governed the relationship between presidential candidates and the elite media. Candidates stretch the truth, but try not to be too blatant about it. Candidates appeal to bigotry, but subtly. In turn, journalists respond with a delicacy of their own. They quote partisans rather than saying things in their own words. They use euphemisms like “polarizing” and “incendiary,” instead of “racist” and “demagogic.”

Previous politicians have exploited this system. But Trump has done something unprecedented. He has so brazenly lied, so nakedly appealed to bigotry, and so frontally challenged the rule of law that he has made the elite media’s decorum absurd. He’s turned highbrow journalists into referees in a World Wrestling Entertainment match.

@32 CNN is talking about it at least. Then Trump will say or do something outrageous on purpose to distract and they will follow him down that rabbit hole like they always do.

@33: (sigh) I doubt it. Not gonna happen.

@34: They’re easily distracted by shiny objects.

Ha! Bret Beir (?) on FOX just asked Kelly Conway about the 258,000. She said, well let’s remember that Palm Beach, or whoever, was fining Trump for flying the American flag too high so they told him it would be fine if he donated $100,000 from his foundation. Um, no. She won’t get away with that if she shows up on New Day tomorrow.

Forgot to say donated $100,000 to a veterans charity…

@38: Here’s a hint Gagal: because you are a writer on the blog and special (wink), you can edit your comments and, say, add something you forgot to put in originally. Just wanted to let you know. I do it all the time.

Heh heh heh. Looks like Florida is back in Hillary’s column. What a non-surprise.

Meanwhile…there is no way those four-way polls, with Gary “What’s Aleppo” Johnson getting 9% of the national vote, are remotely accurate. It’s pathetic. The media is doing everything to make it seem like a close race, when it’s obviously not.

Elizabeth Warren chews up Wells Fargo Stumpf and spits him out.

GAGal, that was a beautiful thing. She sliced and diced him.

@38 – I don’t know. This is the kind of thing that could have legs. But there’s just so much awful sh*t every day. Skittles, forgetting about slavery, OMG. The guy is a complete nightmare.

Meanwhile, I just keep bursting into tears about that poor man in Tulsa. My gawd. There are just no words. It just never ends, and I don’t get it, I really, really don’t.

Randy Rainbow interviews Kellyanne Conway!!

MB, excellent post! I’m so frustrated with the media, I can hardly stand to watch them.

Fredster, loved the Randy Rainbow bit, and the other links also! That charity donation scam of Trumps is unbelievable. Can you imagine if it was Hillary’s issue? 24 hours a day coverage.

Randy Rainbow, you are my hero!! Now that is how the media should cover Drumpf. Thanks for posting, Fredster!!

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