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Lazy Weekend music ~ going cray-cray once again

Posted on: September 17, 2016

musical notes3

Good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins!

Yes, sadly once again we are going to have to go to our crazy places.  Did we really think we would not have to go here again?  Just yesterday, Trump suggested that Hillary’s security detail should be disarmed.  (Hint, you go first Donald) Then he finally admitted that yes, Barack Obama was “born in the U.S.A.”, but said Clinton stated the birther thing first.  Oy vey ist mir!!  And to add further to the comic, but sad and pathetic birther speech in DC, (which turned out to be more of an advert for his hotel) the backdrop falls apart after he speaks.

And no, you cannot make this stuff up.

Today we need more than a palate cleanser, we need a big ole honkin’ tongue scraper and plenty of eye bleach.  So once again we are going to look at and listen to some crazy songs.  They can be songs about being crazy, being crazy in love, being crazy however.  A quick use of the googling machine yielded three separate websites with lists of crazy songs so they’re out there folks.  I will list a number of them  and let’s see what you all can come up with.

horizontal-line-1d(1) Paul Simon ~ Still Crazy After All These Years

(2) Napoleon XIV ~  They’re coming to take me away

(3) Fine Young Cannibals ~ She Drives Me Crazy

(4) Patsy Cline ~ Crazy

(5) Anthrax ~ Mad House

(6) Dave Matthews Band ~ Crush

horizontal-line-1dOkay Widdershins, that’s a variety of musical genres up there.  Show me some of your choices below.

While this is football Saturday for me I’ll be around between quarters, at halftime and between games.  Have fun!




40 Responses to "Lazy Weekend music ~ going cray-cray once again"

I’m not crazy, just a little unwell…or at least that is what I wrote on my TSA application…

Okay, I’m going off the board for $500 in the category, “Michele Bachmann is Bat—t Crazy,” by Trae Crowder.

Warning: Lots of Adult Language, but it is funny.

It was ugly and almost not a win but they barely pull the game out.

Sorry Fredster. I’ve been browsing around trying to catch up to see if the media’s poor little feelings are still hurt. Guess not. Anyway, here’s Paul Begala’s translation of Trump’s birther remarks.

“My fellow oppressed, aggrieved, angry white folks: I truly do love the poorly-educated. Hillary is a witch, and a weak one at that. She lost to Obama and let that Kenyan Muslim become president. I am the only one who has stood up to the Great Imposter, and I cannot wait to see him moved out of our White House. I will replace his weak-kneed whimpering with a warrior’s battle cry. I have to say this crap about Obama’s birth because the media wants to crucify me. But watch my eyes: they’re blinking in Morse Code: K-E-N-Y-A-N. You get it. It’s like a hostage tape. I need you more than ever. We must not allow the coastal elites to replace a weak Kenyan with a weak woman. Thank you, thank you very much.”

@11: Oh it’s no biggie. I think we’re all beginning to get a bit tired.

Watching the coverage of the explosion (bomb?) in NYC.

@11, GAgal, how are you feeling?

@15: I’m thinking GAgal is still feeling a bit puny. Just remember GAgal: No Taco Tuesday for awhile. 😉

There is still college football on. God bless the west coast.

Fredster, sorry, I looked earlier for some songs but couldn’t find or think of any. I’m under the weather this weekend and spent most of the day in the sack.

I’m glad you put up Chat’s fight song, and glad LSU pulled it out. The Trojans are obviously going to suck this year, my dudes are already resigned to it.

GAgal, that was funny!

@18, Annie, tell Laker he has west coast correspondent duties until you feel better. All kidding aside, I hope you feel better soon.

I guess NYC has suffered a terrorist attack once again. So horrible! I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a deranged Trumpster. His rhetoric is just that dangerous.

I have a bit more to say on this topic. I’ll be posting tomorrow morning.

@20: Oh? Did de Blasio change his mind? Late last night and through the morning he was saying it was intentional but not a terrorist attack. I watched msnbc and cnn for hours but after a point there was nothing new and they just kept playing the same clips over and over.

Trump’s new hotel features all foreign made products. (Beware the video – no one wants to see Dana Milbank in a Trump bathrobe)

@18: Oh not to worry annie. It is almost a guess as to what is going to “work” for a post and what may not. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Prolix, I’m doing eh… I scrambled an egg yesterday and it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried to eat. I’m gonna just keep drinking my Boost until I can find something I can tolerate.

@25: Some oatmeal perhaps? Grits? Trying to think of something bland.

Yeah, grits are the only thing so far that’s not gross. I had some cheerios w/ banana, a bit of steamed broccoli and am now eating a cranberry orange muffin. Every little bit helps.

I see that Mike Pence wants to be a VP like his role model Dick Cheney. Does that mean he’ll be the one running things because like George Bush, Trump is too stupid to do it?

Also, Gary Johnson said he’s just grateful no one was hurt during the explosion in NY. ???

@27: Bless your heart with the broccoli. Never could stand it no matter how it was dressed up.

@28: Gary Johnson must have had some of his edible pot before he made that comment. 🙄

@25, GAgal, sorry you are still feeling poorly. I don’t know your tastes, but if you can tolerate toast, throw some honey and butter on it. Honey is the miracle food.

@28 & 30, I really think the NYT should begin an investigation and perhaps see if they could work scandal into another story other than one tangentially involving a Clinton. The investigation would center around whether the “optics” of the “transparency” involving Gary Johnson’s “access” to weed means that he lied when he said he was not going to smoke before the election. You know, he was making a sacrifice to forestall being stoned until the election. Obviously, there’s a scandal in there somewhere.

@32 I wonder if he has a prescription for medical marijuana. Recreational is still not legal in NM. Release your medical records, Gary!

@33, Gary knows a guy who knows a guy named Jesse Pinkman a NM native and former associate of one Walter White, formerly of NM now residing somewhere in hell. Mr. Pinkman has diversified into full service pharmaceutical sales since the market for the blue stuff has gone south just like Mr. White.

I think Johnson is saying here (Jul. 2016) that he hasn’t smoked but he’s had some pot snacks.

Mein Gott, the Dallas Morning News is going full throttle against Trump calling on 41 and 43 to support Hillary. 😝

@22, 23, all foreign made products?!? Of course it does. I hope the media blasts this around. I hope it gets brought up at the debates. I’m glad Wapo did the article anyway. I did watch the video btw, and yeah, Milbank in a bathrobe…pretty weird.

GAgal, hope you’re feeling better soon. I wonder if we had the same thing? I’ve had a stomach ailment for the past few days.

Fredster, I saw that about the Dallas paper! Good for them! The comment section was pretty nasty though.

@38: Yeah, the DNM is about as conservative as you can get. Their editorial board already endorsed her and for one of their writers to now call on the Bushes…well it’s pretty amazing, to say the least.

I had a week-end get away and came back to the fray late last night. Very heartening about the CMN editorial – I’ve been expecting the Bushx2 to endorse – it will help me save face for being a repug during that time. Catching up on all the other week-end crap. My musical contribution from a group I loved in the ’70’s:

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