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Posted on: September 2, 2016

Good morning folks.  We are coasting downhill into a long weekend.  It is my sincerest hope everyone has copious amounts of time to do absolutely nothing. The Purge

In preparing for the weekend we should aspire to the Zen state of Mushin. In sports circles, Mushin is often referred to as “being in the zone”.   Mushin is characterized by a mind that is empty of all thoughts and exists purely in the current moment. A mind in Mushin is free from worry, anger, ego, fear or any other emotions.

So in this silly season, how can we free our minds from anger when cable news continues to exist?  I find myself literally yelling at the teevee.  My use of words beginning with an “eff” is through the roof.  From overuse, I’ve worn out a blood pressure cuff.

Here’s my suggestion:  Let’s take a few minutes and purge ourselves of the prickliest issues angering us most. Here’s how we will proceed.  Paraphrase a typical question from a blather-head and then answer the way you would if you were Hillary’s spokesperson for the day.  There are no limits as to what you can say.

Here are a few examples:

Q:  Mr. Prolix, speaking on behalf of the campaign, how do you react to the latest Clinton email scandal or the Clinton Foundation scandal?

A:  Oh, I see you have again been hanging around the Ann Coulter and Breitbart litter box.  Let’s start here – can you form any question, any question at all, that doesn’t have as its subject the word “scandal” with the word Clinton just plugged in as a modifier.

Nothing can ever be an issue or a situation or a circumstance – if it involves the Clintons it has to be a scandal.  Really, get yourself a thesaurus and have someone read it to you.

HulkQ:  Well Prolix, can you tell us why Mrs. Clinton last held a press conference when the sainted press pool still used stone tablets?

A:  Well yes, I can, you fetid feculence with feet.  You see, and make sure and write this down, the reason we have elections is to declare a winner.  To become the winner you must have a strategy.  It is not now or has it ever been Hillary’s strategy to mollycoddle the media.  You see no one cares, not even a little bit, about how much respect you believe you are entitled since you are a bunch of privileged, spoiled, self-important arse-monkeys.

Q:  Another question Prolix, why are people so focused on Hillary’s honesty and trustworthiness?

A:  First, I have a question for you.  Does being this stupid hurt?  People aren’t focused on Hillary’s honesty.  You drive the issue in your corporate, for-profit polls.  You stack the results with a faulty question by increasing the qualifiers to drive down the favorable responses.  So your contrived narrative works except for people who are not now and have never been susceptible to twenty-five years of constant, unflagging assault from haters.  Because you know what, Hillary consistently scores above 75% favorability among Democrats.

Q:  One last question Prolix, why is limiting contributions to the Foundation mandated if Hillary is President and not when she was Secretary of State?Tom and Jerry

A:  Are you out on a day pass or are you monitored electronically?  Eleven and a half million people rely on the Foundation to give them the drugs that keep them alive.  We are not going to stop that tomorrow because you don’t understand this one fact:  We take rich people’s money and give it to poor people.  Most people think that’s a good idea.  We give people medicine and healthcare and clean water and food and shelter and a chance at a better life.  All the transactions are transparent.  Why don’t you ask for the Yam’s tax returns or how deep in hock he is to the Bank of China or Russian oligarchs?


I could go on for days, but I feel better.

Go ahead, purge your anger.

What’s on your mind?



62 Responses to "Purge-a-palooza…"

I would need some really serious medicine to get into the state of Mushin. But I’m not sure I can afford it…

@1, I just hang out on street corners and under the counters at pharmacies.

@1: I have a low co-pay. Life is good.

Prolix, you should have a wider audience; you’re every bit as good as Charles Pierce.
Signed, a fan.

Prolix, nice use of answering a question with a question in your post. We can add “Talmudic scholar” to your list of qualifications. I will follow your example.

Q. Beata, why do people hate Hillary?

A. So, how does it feel to be a moron?

I agree with Sue @4.

Prolix, you have a rare talent that should reach the masses!

@3 & 5, LOL. Very nicely done.

@4, if I were capable of blushing, I would be right now. Thank you Sue you’ve made my weekend.

@7, thanks so much Beata. I’m unworthy of such kind head patting.

Well, here’s a real shocker. Without nothing else to criticize, Mrs. Greenspan, wife of the economic crypt-creeper, is yammering on about Hillary’s health and wondering in her bottle-blonde way, “Why is she hiding?” Never mind that the ambulatory Cheeto is being measured for a 700-thread count white sheet.

My answer: Andrea, while you were running around in the shower this morning trying to get wet do you think about ways to make yourself less relevant than you already are? Just last week you were saying the time-honored tradition was to fundraise in August and hit the ground running after Labor Day. Come January Andrea, you can turn sideways and go through the White House fence and see how far you make it before you become a great lawn greasy spot because that is about as close you are going to come to an interview with Madam President.

@4: Well Sweet Sue, please help spread the word about Prolix.

While our numbers may be small, we’re like those folks from Lake Wobegon:

“where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average”

And I’ll add that we here at TW are also all extra-special folk too.

This is for Mrs. Greenspan.

@13, ROFL!

Bravo, Prolix. It is good to laugh………..through my gritted teeth cuz the MSM is just so insane!! How can they keep a straight face and keep harping on the same damn things??? AArrgghh……..

Andrea: Is there anything to these rumors about Hillary’s health “problems”?

A: Is there anything to the rumors that, when you remove your makeup and wig, you and your husband are identical twins?

Did y’all see Trump has now hired David Bossie, president of Citizens United? Still searching for the bottom…

FBI tries to “trick” Hillary. Still, no one is mentioning the State Department said the (c) in the paragraphs should not have been there at all.

“Clinton stated she did not know what the ‘(C)’ meant at the beginning of the paragraphs and speculated it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order,” according to the FBI summary.

In addition, the paragraphs were not properly marked, lacking a header or footer indicating they contained classified information. But before their interview with Clinton, FBI agents placed the appropriate header on one of the emails to see how she would respond.

When confronted with the altered document, Clinton recognized the header and footer as indicating the presence of classified information, but she didn’t connect them to the “(C)” marking and said she didn’t think the email’s content was in fact classified. She questioned why it was marked as such, according to the FBI summary.

@15, thanks MsMass. It is so annoying, just as you point out, that they won’t take an answer. They just keep bringing the same old, same old up time and again. I’ve often thought someone should introduce them to Q-tips because they must be dizzy from the lack of proper ear maintenance.

@16, nice one. I bet they wear the same underwear too.

@17, I saw that. I’ve been doing a little reading about the evil, nasty, ill-mannered Bossie.

With his hiring, the temperature in the fever swamp just went up ten degrees. If Bannon and Bossie ever went grocery shopping together, I bet they would have simultaneous orgasms when they got to the checkout line with National Enquirers.

Q: How do you explain Hillary’s favorability ratings at just 46%?

A: How do you explain the media’s favorability ratings at just 22%?

Mrs. Greenspan: Is it true this is where you buy your cosmetics?

Back to purging my anger…

I detest Ron Fournier with a fury that burns like 10,000 suns. He has made a career from the Clintons as marketing himself as someone who followed them from Arkansas to D.C. He’s a twenty-seventh rate writer who I’m not sure knows there are 26 letters in the alphabet.

Fournier snarks and lives in a world of “what ifs” and every other sentence begins, “If she did…” How about this, “Ron, if you hadn’t ridden the coattails of the Clintons you would have been lucky to get a job as a turd taster at the cat litter factory.”

@24 And it’s on sale for only $259.00!

@27: Trowel not included. 😉

@26: I saw him today on morning schmoe and recognized the name but could not place him. Thanks for the info.

@26 Did I dream it or did the Morning Joe crew tell Fournier this morning how much they’re going to miss him when he moves to Detroit? Real journalism haven there.

@30 I must have missed that part (Praise Gawd!). And I was also flipping between that and TCM.

Roger’s Angels… It will be interesting to see.

Many people I spoke with believe that the current management arrangement is just a stopgap until the election. “As of November 9, there will be a bloodbath at Fox,” predicts one host. “After the election, the prime-time lineup could be eviscerated. O’Reilly’s been talking about retirement. Megyn could go to another network. And Hannity will go to Trump TV.”

@24, I’ve gotta get some of the “illusion creme” — boy howdy, what I could do with that!

@30 & 31, he’s going to help run Crain’s Detriot Business. It’s a business/local interest newspaper. His future is scooping the sales wars between Lowe’s and Home Depot. That just might be beyond his capabilities since he would obviously have to learn how to pronounce Depot.

@32, only, if only, please prayers to “Flying Hipster Uncle — I see what you did,” that Fox implodes. The new Fox lineup: 7:00 Carrot Top, 8:00 Huckabuck Home Shopping and Damnation Hour, 9:00 Mark Burns’ Black Face Revue, and 10:00 Hannity, but he has to smarten up to make it in this new lineup.

@32, GAgal, that is the article that Ailes’ forces have been preparing for all week with general slams against Gabriel Sherman. I saw a couple of days ago they were lobbing generalized salvos over the horizon at Sherman based on him continuing to breathe.

@32: That article was just devastating to Fox. That’s simply incredible what went on there.

@35: and 10:00 Hannity

Nah. he can sell Ginzu knives with Chris Hayes. And speaking of him, Joy is on tonight!!
It sounds just now like she’s going to cover something with the Ailes story.

Mr. Pundit has another great post over there, saying “Hey, there’s another campaign going on”. And he adds that she even has some serious type things to say, including:

For instance, Clinton proposed a “Comprehensive Agenda on Mental Health,” something you’d think Donald Trump’s family would want him to get in on. A chunk of it already has bipartisan support in that the GOP-controlled House passed some of what she is proposing. Her full plan is incredibly detailed, with projected costs included, in a way that you’d never see on that other guy’s website for his idiot hordes. It’s smart and insightful, and it has real reform and compassion behind it. So no one gives a shit. If she had said, “Lock up the calm nuts and shoot the criminal ones in the streets like they’re rabid dogs,” the media would have been all over it, discussing the merits of such an extreme action.

Yeah, in a normal campaign, where we actually treated the candidates in a normal way, we’d have a discussion about some of these things and their implications should Clinton become president.

But when one thing sucks up all the oxygen in the room, the rest of us suffocate.

I like his last comment too but I’m not going to add it here.

@35: LOL. Hilarious! Especially the Huckabuck Home Shopping and Damnation Hour. I think that used to be on TBN back when the Lilac Wig Lady was hosting shows. Sadly, she has gone on to the Big Wig Shop in the Sky.

@39: Good post by Mr. Pundit. Oh, for the good old days of “normal campaigns”. We need serious discussions about mental heath and so many other issues. I keep telling myself that in a few weeks this nightmare election will be over.

Q: Is Huma Abedin involved with the Muslim Brotherhood?

A: No, but she is involved with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits. 😀

The New Yorker has started a series of articles calling out the chronic allergy the clamorous Yam has to the truth. They intend to run the series between now and election. This article is fascinating since the finding is certainly counter-intuitive for the gonzo-Trumpian world: If we want safer communities, we should increase immigration.

Prolix, another great post!

I loathe David Bossie down to my marrow. I remember his evil antics back in the 90s when he was one of the ringleaders trying to take down Bill. When the congress decided to release the Starr report in its ridiculous and irrelevant entirety, they had hundred of them printed up like books to give to the press (rethugs love wasting taxpayer $), and they had them delivered on pallets, and I remember Bossie tossing them to the reporters with a silly flourish, like he was tossing candy to little kids. I was so disgusted by the whole thing. Still am. I hope the modern rethug party will just implode. The country would be so much better off.

@45: Maddow had a good section tonight on him.

Headlines on memorandum;

Bloomberg: FBI says laptop that held Clinton’s emails has gone missing… the emails were deleted but the hard drive wasn’t wiped.

TheHill: Clinton’s emails wiped clean after NYT story (yes, they called it a story)

National Review: Hillary’s mind boggling FBI interview.. What was Cheryl Mills doing there?

WaPo: Karen Tumulty – Hillary was right about the vast right wing conspiracy but it’s her own damn fault…

I think I see a little media meltdown here.

@47: Amazing. So the FBI lost the laptop?

I read that WaPo Tumulty article. Yep, it’s all that damned hard-headed Hillary’s fault. (rolling eyes)

A link (courtesy The Rt Hon. Blamethrower at Wonkette) if you’ve already purged & want to skip the meltdown and just read the FBI report already:
PDFs here:

Pat, for some reason WP doesn’t like more than one link in a comment. It will send them to pending or sometimes spam.

Since they have the same info I’ll go ahead and delete one of them.

Thanks, Fredster. Thought that might be it. I’ll know next time.

Also? Allons, les Chiens!

Kasie Hunt asked Joe Biden: “Has the Clinton Foundation always been 100% ethical in your view?”

Biden: “Look, I think that the Clinton Foundation, like all foundations, have found themselves in the position where things are always changing and I think she’s going to adjust to the reality of uh, uh, how complicated it’s all uh, uh become…

Thanks Joe. For nothing. This guy’s going on the trail to stump for her? Go home Joe. You’re not helping. I wouldn’t miss him.

@51: Or: Allons les Tigres! I’ll go with either one cuz the Tigres are big cats.

Also thanks for those links. I’m going to d/l them and read later.

And…I’m going to call it a night/early a.m. My hours are so fubar it’s pathetic.

@53: I will have a heavy football day today. I’ve got 5 games marked for viewing. I especially want to watch the GA game to see how Kirby is going to do. I can switch between the end of the LSU game and the GA game. And naturally I’m hoping for a Bama embarrassment at the hands of USC. It would be too sweet. Bwahahahahaaaaa!

@54 The end of the dark times with a vengeance – happy viewing!

@52 Sigh – Biden just doesn’t change, does he?

@56 If anyone thinks, at this point, that Biden can bring in “white men who wouldn’t for Hillary otherwise” …. As I said. Go home Joe. Your services are not needed.

@47, the simple-mindedness of the press is what aggravates me the most. And it’s not just the reporters. Somewhere along the way an assistant editor, an editor, and eventually management had to say, “Yeah, there’s a story here.”

There isn’t!

All it is is a simple-minded adherence to “objective balance” by engaging in false equivalence since this is the only thing they have to counter the bug-craziness of the Yam. Hillary has run a perfect campaign. This email spittle is all they have.

@52, While Joe’s comments weren’t that helpful, Kasie Hunt acted like his comments were a Nuremberg indictment. She overran the runway by about ten miles on her story.

@54, Fredster don’t OD on football. Remember, you need to build up your tolerance for that much football all at once. You might want to check at CVS to see if they have an equivalent naloxone for football.

@60: The thing is so many of the teams are playing other teams that just aren’t in the same league (or at least conference) so the games turn into routs. When that happens I start switching channels.

@52: It should have been (hindsight is always 100%)

Kasie Hunt asked Joe Biden: “Has the Clinton Foundation always been 100% ethical in your view?”

Biden: Do you know something that I don’t?

Kasie has been basking waaay to much in the warm glow of schmoe and mika.

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