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(Not so) Activist Monday

Posted on: August 29, 2016

Hell yeah they’re gonna be that stupid




Surprise – Fredster here.  Real life has called mb away from us so I’ll be handling the, as I called it, not so activist Monday.

If the picture above doesn’t give you a clue, I’ll fill you in.  The Republicans, realizing they are probably going to get their butts handed to them at the top of the ticket are making ready to once again prove that yes, they are the stupid party.

An article in Politico states that the Repubs are going to start working against Hillary…oh probably before she even gets all the furniture moved into the White House.  The way things look it appears Hillary is going to be the first Democratic President since Cleveland to assume the Presidency without also being in control of both

“Oh yeah we’re gonna mess her up!”

houses of Congress.  While it is true that yes, she has gotten some endorsements from some Republicans, and has even gotten that support without changing the progressive economic plan she spoke of at the convention, it seems that the making nice-nice will come to an end.  So what does that mean exactly?

That means the bipartisan show of support she has now — thanks to Donald Trump and the “alt-right,” conspiracy-driven campaign Clinton attacked Thursday in Reno, Nevada — is likely to evaporate as soon as the race is called.

Yes, once the election is over the regular order of business, i.e. partisan conflict, aka the status quo, is going to go right back to where it was in the Obama presidency.

If she wins the presidency, Clinton would likely enjoy the shortest honeymoon period of any incoming commander in chief in recent history, according to Washington strategists, confronting major roadblocks to enacting her ambitious agenda, as well as Republican attacks that have been muted courtesy of the GOP nominee.

As Annie Karni says in the article, Obama and Bill Clinton had at least two years of having the House and Senate in Democratic possession and that it was “a period during which they were able to enact major portions of their agendas. “.

The Democrats are feeling pretty confident that they’ve going to be able to get the Senate back, the House is looking like it will stay in the hands of the Republicans.  And since so much legislation begins in the House and even if bills are written and passed in the Senate, they still have to pass the House, this is going to leave Hillary with a problem.  As Jonathan Cowan, president of the moderate think tank Third Way said:

“What that would leave her with is an absolute imperative to govern from the center,” said Cowan, a former Bill Clinton White House official. “She will have no choice. There is no choice. Obama will have picked most of the low-hanging executive orders, and she’ll be in this Grover Cleveland moment.”

The Republicans meanwhile are keeping their mouths shut and though in a “normal” election they would tear into the Democratic nominee, they are “holding their fire” they say.

At the same time, many Republicans who have aligned themselves with Clinton say they feel as if they have been “holding their fire” — and that ends Nov. 9.

“In any other election, the majority of national security Republicans would be going after her, and I would be enthusiastically doing so,” said Kori Schake, a veteran of George W. Bush’s National Security Council and State Department, and an adviser to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. “She wasn’t a particularly good secretary of state; the lack of judgment on emails was a shock to a lot of us. She rightly criticized the Bush administration for its failures creating stability in Iraq — and made the exact same mistake herself on Libya.”

Glad i saved the tea bag stuff

Glad I saved the old tea bag stuff

Oh my, does that mean the possibility of Jason and Trey starting up the “hearings apparatus” again?  Oy vey!

“A lot of us would like to hold her accountable for the failures, but we are holding our fire,” Schake said. “It’s because all of us are afraid of Trump. If she wants to maintain our support after, she’s going to have to address our policy concerns about the economy and America’s role in the world.”

I can say this with some confidence:  fugget about it!  Don’t see that happening no way no how.  However, Tim Miller a Republican strategist and former Jeb! employee said:

Those Republicans are gonna do what? Again?

Those Republicans are gonna do what? Again?

“The cannons have been lowered against her because of our candidate. Hillary Clinton, being a multi-decade partisan who fought tooth and nail with Republicans and called them her

enemy, is uniquely ill-suited to having a honeymoon period if she wins.”

So I guess it’s “out with the old and wait minute – bring that old right back in here”.

There’s a lot more in the article that you should read, including the fact that the Republicans are already working on plans to target Democratic Senators in the 2018 election!  So check the article out.

Okay!  That’s all I have for today.  What’s on your minds?  Everything is wide open for discussion.






50 Responses to "(Not so) Activist Monday"

Wiener-gate continues.

And in sad news, Gene Wilder passed away.

For one thing, I think Hillary, unlike Obama, will take it to the people. Address the nation, tell them why and how it needs to be done. Obama failed to do that so may times. Afterward, for every Republican pol who shows up on media to criticize it, Dems need to show up and push back. Fight back. Say why they’re wrong and lay it all out for the American people. That has been sorely lacking.

D: I was getting ready to add something about Gene Wilder.

Humph! Huma dumped Tony and he lost two jobs because of his infatuation with his penis.

@1 DYB About Weiner-gate. Earlier I heard Jake Tapper say, “When we come back, we’ll discuss the effect, if any, this will have on the campaign.” HAHAHA! I’m willing to predict not a ripple! But the media will just go on with their gossip. It’s what they do.

Sad about Gene Wilder. If there’s a heaven, he and Gilda are having a blast.

@2: Never intended to compare the actions of the two GAgal. Rather was just showing what the Repubs intend to do.

Address the nation, tell them why and how it needs to be done.

She’ll probably do that in her first S.O.T.U.. address.

@4: I was going to say something about Wilder and Gilda, but it might be a bit crowded.

He is survived by his fourth wife Karen Boyer, whom he married in 1991 and his nephew. His sister Corinne, predeceased him in January 2016.

Before Radner, Wilder was married to the actress-playwright Mary Mercier and Mary Joan Schutz (aka Jo Ayers).


@4: Why on earth would he even begin to think that’s going to effect the campaign? Eh, he was probably just babbling to fill 10 seconds of air time.

Fredster, did you see the next article in your link about Trump’s statement on Weiner?

““Huma is making a very wise decision. I know Anthony Weiner well, and she will be far better off without him,” Mr. Trump said in a statement.

“I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information,” he continued. “Who knows what he learned and who he told? It’s just another example of Hillary Clinton’s bad judgment. It is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this.”

Oh brother.

@8: Oh my. I tend to blot out or ignore it when I see the word Trump on a webpage. Geez, what an idiot.

I liked this from the article:

And murky, also, was the wisdom of a man who left his first wife for his second wife and then left his second wife and then married an Central European model drawing any attention at all to anyone else’s marriage.

@9, like that quote.

The publicity will be hard on Huma. Hopefully, any interest in this will die out soon with the campaign going into high gear.

Excellent post Fredster. Being the ever-optimist I can see a positive outcome. Let’s play this out. Hillary is elected and the Dems take the Senate. Mitch the Turtle reverts to his secondary spoiler role and the emphasis for major road blocks fall upon the Granny-starver and Russian atheist lover, Paul Ryan.

He’s not up to it. He’s a captive of the Freedom Caucus and there was an article today that the loons of the Freedom Caucus are going to boycott the Republican Study Group. Major chasm in the making there.

Finally, the climate will be right to keep the Democrats in an election mode for the mid-terms. First to protect the Senate and second, to try and take back the House. The suburb districts are going to go Democratic this year and that will dent the majority considerably.

Hillary will have a bully pulpit to call Ryan and the loons out. We all know that it is always a mistake to underestimate how much the Repubs will overestimate their hand. They will overshoot the runway like they always do. 2018 could be a good year. If anyone can mastermind it, it’s Hillary getting it done and Bill in the background providing the “touch” in the districts. There’s nothing he likes more than this type of thing and it might very well be what they are already thinking about for Bill’s role. Of course, it won’t be overtly political, but it will end up being politically beneficial.

@8 & 9, if we are going to drag spouses into the mix of the Presidential campaign at a staff level, let’s see: There’s Newt and his first, second, and third wives. Or that paragon of virtue Rudy Giuliani who bounced his wife on television and moved his girlfriend into Gracie Mansion. Or maybe we ought to interview the abused spouse of Steve Bannon? Or Roger Ailes who was involved in a sadomasochistic sexual predator role with an employee for 20 years and was paid over $3.0 million to go away.

@12: My thoughts were that yep the action has to fall to the granny starver in chief and he’s not running the House from a strong position because of the looney tunes Freedom Caucus.

If the Dems get a few more seats in the House it’s possible that in order to accomplish anything like the regular work of the House, Ryan would have to work with whatever “normal” Republicans are there plus the new, larger Democrat group. That grouping would work well to accomplish things like passing appropriations bills and the like.

However the minute he tried to pass anything that would affect Hillary’s possible initiatives and go against them, or say, try to pass a bill to eliminate the A.C.A., then the Dems would drop out. It’s possible under this scenario that legislation like this would never get enough votes to pass.

We all know that it is always a mistake to underestimate how much the Repubs will overestimate their hand.

Yep, they have had some winnable situations given to them and have f*cked them up.

@13: Yeah, they definitely have no platform to stand on and preach at others.

Thank you Fredster!!! Very interesting post. I think Hillary is making nice-nice too, because she is also terrified of the Rancid Cheeto scattering his orange dust all over the nice furniture in the Oval Office.

Remember, in 2008 she made fun of Obama because he assumed His Awesomeness would win over Republicans to his agenda. She won’t make that same mistake.

@16: Agreed. She knows full well what they’re capable of and what they probably have in store concerning any legislation the W.H. might propose.

I just loved the fact that they are already making their plans and, as the article said, working on possible vulnerable Senate Democrats for 2018. Just incredible!

Democrats are particularly enticed by Mr. Trump’s dwindling support in affluent suburban areas — including those near Kansas City, Kan.; San Diego; Orlando, Fla.; and Minneapolis — where Republicans ordinarily win with ease. Mr. Trump is so disliked among college-educated voters, especially white women, that he is at risk of losing by double digits in several districts that the 2012 Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, carried comfortably.

The question is whether Trump’s continued alienation of college educated whites and white women will end up putting more GOP-leaning seats into play. Trump shows no signs of turning that problem around.

@18: Saw something in email from WaPo that he’s also having problems with Catholics.

A new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute released this week shows him down 23 points, 55-32.

@12 Prolix, I like the way you think! If the Republicans were smart (heh) they would seriously start to primary these Tea Party guys out regardless of the backlash. They threw Boehner out and they may try to oust Ryan too. Why not go down fighting? Call ’em out for obstruction instead of blaming the Democrats for everything. The Freedom caucus doesn’t have the clout to appoint one of their own as speaker. They’d never get the votes. It shouldn’t be hard to explain to the voters these guys are worthless to actually getting things done since that’s their mission.

@18: Aww poop. I hit my limit on NYT articles.

In case you didn’t see this, Tim Kaine has a new assistant. If you watch HBO you’ll know who he is.

@20, GAgal, my thoughts were just feeding off yours.

Here are my thoughts on why the Repubs won’t try and primary these Tea Party poopers. First, the districts have been gerrymonstered to the point of having to bring back Genghis Khan in order to find someone suitable for the electorate. These are voter who ought to live in cages out back next to the hen house.

Second, have you ever walked across a creek or a small stream frozen over in the winter time? I have, but then again, I wasn’t a smart child. When you get about half way, you hear cracking sounds and the natural inclination is to stop walking and just stand there. You dare not move for fear of breaking through the ice. That is the Repub Party’s relationship with the Tea Party poopers. They are afraid they are going to blow the whole thing up and they are afraid of the results.

All the more reason they should be kept in cages.

@21, open up an incognito window and open the link in there. You have unlimited access that way.

I don’t know what you are using, but if you are using Chrome you can right click on the link and it will pop up, “Open in an Incognito Window” — click and you are all set.

Andrea Mitchell had Ann Coulter on today and tried to bait her into badmouthing Huma. It didn’t work.

Mitchell: We want to talk to you about your new book, but obviously, with the news that just broke about Huma Abedin … I don’t know if you want to comment….

Coulter: (bored) Um, no. Just that I’m surprised it took so long.


Mitchell: It’s hard to figure out what happens in anyone’s personal life, but it obviously has some political impact which is why we’re talking about it today… On immigration…

@23 Love Tony Hale. He won his own Emmy for Veep but did you see him follow Julia Louis Dreyfus onto the stage to accept hers?

@25: Thanks! I forget about that little option being available.

@26: Note to Andrea, no one except for you is apparently that interested in Weiner’s, ah, wiener Andrea.

@27: Oh that was funny! 🙂

@27, I saw that when it happened and it is just as funny now as it was then.

@26, Is it me or is Mrs. Greenspan getting worse? She seems disjointed in her thinking and her speech. Her dislike of Hillary seems to be the only thing that is consistent.

@32: I have a feeling that if Mrs. Greenspan was interviewing either Big Frankie in Rome or the first extraterrestrial, whose landing was live on tv, her first question would be something like “What is your reaction to Hillary Clinton’s statement that…”.

@33, LOL, nicely done.

Welp, here we go. And from the piece:

For the next four-to-eight years, or until the Democratic party miraculously gains control of the House of Representatives again, we’re going to have Congresssional Investigation Theater again, this time aimed at the White House.

Of course, I’m sure if HRC just had a press conference, Chaffetz and his merry band of gumshoes would be satisfied and proceed to help govern the country in a sane and responsible manner. And I am the Tsar of all the Russias.

Fredster, meant to say earlier that this is a great post!

@20, agree they would primary the rwnj’s out of office if they were smart.

@24, haha! Good one Prolix. Well, its kinda funny if their gerrymandering is coming back to bite them in their own asses.

@26, god, I can’t stand Andrea Mitchell.

@32, yes, I think she’s getting worse!

@36: Thanks annie.

When I read that I was just gobsmacked. Apparently they just don’t learn.

OMG @ 27. I’d never seen that, that’s amazing!!!

Ann Coulter showed a little class about the Abedin/Wiener situation? And Andrea Mitchell didn’t?

@35 Charles Pierce is hilarious! Ya’ know what’s driving me nuts about Chaffetz and all those other a**holes? (#ALLofthem) They keep saying she should just release her calendars. Hillary has no control over the calendars! They belong to the State Department, not her. I have yet to see one pundit acknowledge the fact. THEY ARE NOT HERS TO RELEASE!! How hard is that? (By the way, if the State wants to take their time releasing them, too bad. They’re a little busy doing their real jobs)

@40: And you *know* that Chaffetz (and don’t forget Gowdy) knows that they aren’t Hillary’s to release, not release etc. And the media is just enabling their b.s.

Ruh roh. Trump Model Management has been using immigrant models for years without proper visas.

@42: Quick!! Call ICE. Oh this is too damned funny, right before his big speech. LOL!!

Seems that “biased” Judge Curiel is cutting Trump no slack on Trump U case. I like this last line, too.

Trump is also asking Curiel to undo class-action status in a second Trump University class action in San Diego in which the Republican presidential nominee is accused of racketeering.

Insisting that Hillary do a press conference is the height of narcissistic punditry. It’s like the lions insisting that the Christians aren’t playing fair unless they stop running away.

@45 Maybe Hillary should hold a press conference where she points out and insults them one by one. Oh wait… Only Trump can do that.

What happened with Colin Powells’ charity when he became Bush’s SOS?

So what about the charity? Well, Powell’s wife, Alma Powell, took it over. And it kept raking in donations from corporate America. Ken Lay, the chair of Enron, was a big donor. He also backed a literacy-related charity that was founded by the then-president’s mother. The US Department of State, at the time Powell was secretary, went to bat for Enron in a dispute the company was having with the Indian government.

Did Lay or any other Enron official attempt to use their connections with Alma Powell (or Barbara Bush, for that matter) to help secure access to State Department personnel in order to voice these concerns? Did any other donors to America’s Promise? I have no idea, because to the best of my knowledge nobody in the media ever launched an extensive investigation into these matters. That’s the value of the presumption of innocence, something Hillary Clinton has never been able to enjoy during her time in the national spotlight.

GAgal, just finished your motherjones link. Damn, that made me angry. Why isn’t the MSM talking about this shit? Those poor girls.

@47, wow.

@47: And that it of information will never be mentioned on the tv “tawk” shows.

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