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Posted on: August 27, 2016

Donald pirouette

What a week!

Can you believe we lived through it?

How often do you get to see a Circus Peanut back pedal and then back pedal his back pedal? Or was it a ballet pirouette or fouette?

If you pivot fast enough and long enough, no one will know where you started on a particular issue.  For instance, this week we saw the clamoring Yam soften, then harden, then soften, then semi-harden his immigration palaver.

Man danceBefore that there was the “sarcasm” defense about the Kenyan Muslim and bigoted Hillary Clinton being the founders of ISIS. Before that he greased up the wording on his slippery Muslim ban.

Before that it was whether or not to tax the rich and what he meant by “taxes should go up a little bit.” Of course, there’s the big flopping fish about “self-funding” his campaign until Trump found out he could have unwitting contributors pay astronomical rent in the Trump Tower.

Add guns, abortion, the minimum wage, and Syrian refuges and you might have three weeks worth of his flipping and flopping.

Charlie Pierce said something that made a lot of sense to me, “Donald Trump isn’t really a new Republican, he’s just a Republican without the ability to have an interior monologue.”Hippo

That pretty much sums up the Manhattan Mango and his Trumpanzees.  He doesn’t have a restrictor plate on his thoughts – if he thinks it, he says it – circumstances be damned. If there is an audience for his Tourette act, you can bet there will be more spontaneous policy conjuring.

So in celebration of this week when the normalized behavior of having an “inside” voice became another characteristic separating the two candidates, I thought some “thinking” songs might be in order.

So let’s have some celebratory thinking about thinking.  Any other thinking can be registered as well.  What’s on your mind?








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Love the gifs, Prolix!

Fredster has had a couple of things come up in the last day or so that have placed him into his unhappy/angry place, and they have become time consuming. To put it simply, Fred got p.o.’d and couldn’t think straight, nor sit down long enough to concentrate on coming up with an idea for today’s post. So, Prolix, that noble son of the south, came to the rescue and I thank him profusely for that.

To quote Prolix quoting Charles Pierce:

“Donald Trump isn’t really a new Republican, he just a Republican without the ability to have an interior monologue.”

Perhaps we are giving Trump too much credit for even having a thinking “process”. Maybe he is just amoeba-like, simply plodding along. With that, here’s my contribution.

Nice selections Beata and GAga. And Beata, did you have any severe weather in your area? Looks like Indiana got slammed hard in some locations.

@6 Fredster, the same for me. I’ve had all these weird things coming at me from all sides and my thoughts have been completely scattered for a week. I’m finally feeling it straighten out some so maybe I can start to think again. 🙂

Everybody: Totally awesome selections. I “think” y’all are brilliant.

@7: Fredster, we had storms here and lost power for a while but the strong tornadoes were north of us. The big house my grandparents built many years ago had some damage. I lived there part of the time I was growing up. The shopping mall I used to go to as a teenager was badly hit. It’s a miracle no one was killed. The aftermath of the tornadoes brought Pence back to Indiana. He looked relieved to be here even though it was to tour damaged areas. I kinda feel sorry for him, except not really. LOL. He and Trump deserve each other.

Sorry to hear both you and GAgal are going through some bad stuff. It has been a really difficult month or so for me, too. In fact, it’s been really bad. My brain is confuzled and my body is worn out. Anyway, I hope things improve soon for all of us. I don’t know how much more I can take.

@10: Glad you didn’t have any serious damage where you are.

@8: GAgal, perhaps we need to check the lunar cycles and see what’s going on with that. LOL!

Wow. I’m so sorry to hear that all of us Widdershinners are having a sucky year. It’s been a horrendous year for my little family as well. We’re looking forward to a Hillary landslide and a better next year.

Trump calls #drunkmika crazy. Now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle teal, I don’t know what is.

Wow — we all are having a crappy year. Birds of a feather perhaps? We can stick together and migrate to better times next year in a Hillary Administration.

Things will be better. I promise.

Really cute and cheesy…

@17, I remember that song from grade school. I was a big Partridge Family fan — especially Laurie. I was sadly disappointed with Laurie when she grew up to be Grace Van Owen on LA Law. I knew Danny Partridge would grow up to be trouble.

@15, well said!

@18, LOL about Susan Dey. I liked the Partridge Family (& thought Keith was dreamy) when I was little but not The Bratty Bunch.

@16, great article, thanks GAgal!

I just had to include this. I found it while I was looking for the other gifs.

Lucy at the Ballet

@19, I didn’t like the Bratty Bunch either, but here’s one of my claims to fame. One summer in college, I was a beach lifeguard at Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake down in western KY. It was a rainy day and no one was at the beach — on some weekends we would have 1,500 – 2,000 people.

Well anyway, we were playing cards in the guardhouse and we heard this sports car roar up outside. It was a white Porsche. Who gets out other than Alice! It was Ann B. Davis. She came in and visited with us. She had been out in the sun so I gave her some Hawaiian Tropic Aloe Lotion for her skin.

She was very nice, loud and full of life.

@21 Hilarious!

@22 Alice always was the best one on the show.

@23, truth be told, Ann B. Davis and Alice weren’t all that dissimilar. At least from what I saw from her during the visit.

@12: A Saturn square Neptune transit began in November 2015. It can cause confusion, unclear thinking and depression among other fun things ( this is a nasty transit between stern Saturn and dreamy Neptune that is supposed to teach us karmic lessons we would rather not have to learn ) . Mutable signs ( Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces ) are most affected by the transit. That includes people who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the above signs. ( I have my Ascendant in Virgo. ) The good news is that the transit will end by mid-September 2016 so people should start to feel better.

@25 Thanks for that Beata. I’m Libra, the sign of balance. But sometimes, things aren’t balanced at all!!

Chris Christie was asked by a reporter if he agreed with Trump that Hillary was a bigot. Christie’s answer was “Next question.”

Oh, how I long for the day when Hillary has been asked the same thing over and over, to just say “Asked and answered. Next question”. You know that sound bite they like to use when Hillary said “What difference does it make at this point…” was because Hillary had been asked about the damn “video” so many times it was just ridiculous. She was frustrated with the lack of focus on the important issues they should have been discussing instead of wasting time re-wording the same question ten times. And that ending up being the only thing the Republicans could use against her from that hearing.

@22, ah, that’s funny! I grew up in an area that was loaded with actors, models & singers/musicians. There was always filming going on. A lot of the kids in my neighborhood were in tv shows or movies. I was on one tv show (it was a kiddie show and sorry I don’t remember the name) when I was little, and enjoyed it but my mom did not want that lifestyle and I don’t blame her.

We just got back from a club, and his lordship Edgar Winter was sitting next to us.

@25, thanks Beata, I hope you’re right!

I think I thought…

@25: Well I knew something was f*cked up! 😆

I had dozed some earlier and then woke completely up. So I just took a melatonin and I *think* I’ll see y’all later today. I have some more songs I’m going to add to the list.

Sooo… Chatty Kelly thinks Trump has the debates covered.

Conway said of Trump: “He’s an unconventional candidate, so debate prep in the classic sense doesn’t apply to him. That applies to the accoutrements that are usually associated with getting ready for debates: contrived gestures, lecterns, a group of consultants in belted khakis holed up in a cabin, the Socratic method of peppering questions. That’s not him.”

And let me just add this dumbass section from that article:

One potential hiccup: Each debate runs for 90 minutes, with no breaks. In the primary debates, Trump and Clinton both took advantage of frequent commercial breaks to use the restroom or collect their thoughts.

First of all, the primary debates were 2 or 2 1/2 hours with very few breaks. I only remember Trump whining about his (too long to stand on his feet and he dropped out of one so FOX gave him his own that night) and saying Peeew about the fact that women actually have pee coming out their ‘where ever’. In fact, I missed some important stuff in the Dem debates because I actually had to go the bathroom myself. So excuse the hell out of me.

Yes, I’m still of a mood. But it’s getting better.

Oh, great. I’m one of those mutable signs too. Well, looks like I’m in good company!

No, I’m not just waking up. Rather I’m just getting here.

@34 and 35: so I could probably say we’re all kind of feeling about like this? (warning: there are effs flying all over this clip)

Back to the thinking songs.

I’m using the version with the lyrics because even though “think” is in the title I didn’t hear it anywhere in here.

A cast of celebrities and comedians spared no expense when taking aim at Ann Coulter at Saturday night’s taping of Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe.

“The only person you will ever make happy is the Mexican who digs your grave,” comedian Nikki Glaser said, taking a dig at Coulter’s immigration stance.

“After seeing your set tonight, we’ve seen the first bombing you can’t blame on a Muslim,” Lowe said.

“Ann is against gay marriage. What is your thinking on that? If I can’t get a husband, they can’t, either?” comedian Jeff Ross added.

Comedian Jimmy Carr: “Ann is one of the most repugnant, hateful, hatchet-face bitches alive. It’s not too late to change, Ann. You could kill yourself.”

At one point, the conservative commentator made a joke at her own expense.

“I want to welcome everybody to the Ann Coulter roast with Rob Lowe,” she said.

Coulter joked that her appearance at the roast — she has no apparent connection to Lowe — had “nothing to do with the book I published four days ago.” It was the book where she said the only thing Trump couldn’t change was his immigration policy.

It was a rough week for Ms. Coulter.

The Roast will air Labor Day weekend.

APs Executive Editor:

Asked directly by Stelter if she would agree that the tweet is “inaccurate,” Carroll said the AP was better at “breaking stories and covering news… than we are on tweets.” She said the tweet needed “more precision.”

From the Thinkprogress link:

It is likely that far more people would read a “sloppy” 140-character tweet than a lengthy story about Clinton’s schedule. Dismissing the tweet as a side issue fails to recognize the importance of social media in the AP’s own reporting and distribution strategies.

That just says a lot about our news consumers doesn’t it?

@43: Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. And I don’t mean Lowe.

You know…you just know that Trump is gong to stick his nose and his tweets into this mess.

Beata, ah ha! I am a Virgo, and this has been one confusing and upsetting year in many respects. Come on, September!

@47, how could he not? All news is merely a vehicle for Trump to talk about himself.

@44, what they aren’t admitting and what Stelter isn’t asking about is the tweet was used as a promotion to the story. Meaning, they knew what they were doing with the tweet — driving traffic to the story with a knowingly false tweet.

That stinks and should be career ending for the editor.

should be career ending for the editor.

Editor? In the new journalism, what’s an editor? I truly don’t believe those critters exist anymore. Oh for the days of the person with the red pencil or even the digital equivalent of a red pencil.

That roast of Coulter is hilarious.

Meanwhile, Anthony Weiner has been sexting again and Huma Abedin is leaving him. This is the perfect time for this…. It also looks like the woman he was sexting is a Trump supporter.

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